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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion


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Mysterious Magic Princess Gown (legendary) Crystal altar ✔️Altar 02/14/19
Mysterious Militissa Ensemble (Legendary) Crystal altar ✔️Altar 02/17/19
Mysterious outback adventurer cutoffs (Legendary)Crystal altar 
Mysterious Beach Bikini (legendary) Crystal altar 
Mysterious Chic Shades (legendary) Crystal altar 
Pink Seraphic Wings (legendary) Crystal altar 
Vengful Seraph's Wings (legendry) Crystal altar 
Large White Angel Wings (legendary)  Crystal altar Altar 02/12/19
Dark Demon Drake Wing (Legendary) Crystal altar 
Vengeful Seraph's Wings (legendary) Crystal altar
Mount : Temple Pegasus (if possible)  Crystal altar 
Dark Sabretooth  Wings (legengdary) Crystal altar 
Pet :Cat maiden Fiona Crystal altar Added 01/29/19

Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Legendary)  Crystal altar  or  box Box 01/31/19
Mysterious Vixen dress (Legendary)  Crystal altar  or  box 
Hello Kitty Veil (F) box
Mysterious Joyful Wedding Dress box 
Metamorphosis dance hairdo box 
Hello Kitty English Dress  box
Hello Kitty Eyepatches box
Silvermoon skywing wheel (legendary) Crystal altar  or  box 
Glorious judgment wings (legendary) Crystal altar  or  box 
Flaming Uriel's Wings Crystal altar  or  box  Altar 02/07/19

Mysterious Deamon Horns (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar Altar 01/31/19
Mysterious black scottish fold ears (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar 
Pink Elf Ears (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar 
Mysterious potter round readers (legendary)Gem altar or Crystal altar 
Alpaca poker card (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar 
Mysterious sleepy owl (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar 
Nine Tail Shadowflame Fox (prime)  Gem altar Altar 02/07/19
Fork (legendary) or Knife (legendary) Gem altar or Crystal altar 

dyes :

Sassy Pink
Pale Peach
✔️Altar 02/16/19
Rose ✔️Altar 02/14/19

thanks :3

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Mysterious White Rabbit's Petticoat (Legendary)
Mysterious Cute Nightie (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19
Mysterious Tiger Stripe Day-off combo (Legendary)
Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legendary) Box 01/31/19
Mysterious Beach Bikini (Legendary)
Mysterious Men advanture cape(Legendary)

Mysterious Bubble Lolipop (Legendary) 
Blizzard Snow Goggles (Legendary)Altar 02/21/19


Sunstreaked Film Fins (Legendary)


Judgment Blade (Legendary)
Masamuna (Silver) Box 01/31/19


Arrakin Wolf (Legendary)
Snowy Shiba Inu (Legendary) Altar 02/07/19
Flushed Kitty (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19
Shadowwy Phoenix


Robust Shirley Box 02/07/19
Nerokas ✔️Box 02/14/19


Red Lotus Fire Star Stone star Altar 02/09/19

Purity Fire Star Stone Altar 01/31/19
Flame Goddess Star Ston ✔️Altar 02/17/19
Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️Altar 02/19/19


Thanks ! :D

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Mystery box i guess ?

Nhhem4A.png                                                                                                                 ✔️Box 02/14/19please ?

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Hello I have a suggestion for crystal altar/gem altar/mystery box 

Mount :

unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19


unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19

unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19

unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19

unknown.png✔️Altar 02/26/19

unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19

unknown.png✔️Box 02/21/19

unknown.png✔️Altar 02/21/19



unknown.png✔️Box 02/07/19

unknown.png✔️Box 02/14/19

unknown.png   ✔️Altar 02/23/19

unknown.png✔️Altar 02/17/19

unknown.pngAltar Gem 02/21/19






Those two wigs also

unknown.png✔️Box 02/14/19unknown.png

Thanks you in advance !


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