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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion


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3 hours ago, Yukani said:

Hello, could be possible to put gathering tools in every altar like before? its really annoying for ppl that rely on racials to make good and stuff when there's no prime gathering tools.


The Crystal / Pickave and Gloves are allready on Altars, just today was buged hwhw

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Back Gear - Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary)

Weapons - Azure Night Bow (Black) (Legendary)

Head Gear - Mysterious Rosy Blush (Legendary) ✔️

Body Gear - Hello Kitty: Gloden Kimono (F)Box 02/21/19

Body Gear - Mysterious Bunny Jacket (Legendary) ✔️


- Magic Fina ✔️Box 02/21/19

- Robust Fina ✔️Box 02/21/19

Star Stone

- Halcyon Dream Star Stone Altar 02/26/19

- Inky Dream Star Stone Altar 02/21/19

- Lavender Dream Star Stone

- Pink Dream Star Stone✔️Altar 02/19/19

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I want in altar/box this fashion : 

- Mysterious Swim Team Uniform
Mysterious Ninja Treads (Legendary)✔️ 04/09/19
- BlazeBlight Cestus (blue) (Legendary) ✔️ Box 02/21/19

And Maybe if u can too : 

- Hello Kitty : Red Kimono ✔️
Box 02/21/19
- Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Legendary)
- Mysterious Day-Off Combo (Legendary) ✔️Altar 02/21/19
- Mysterious Outback Adventurer Cutoffs (Legendary)

The old very pretty fashion are often left behind, it would be cool to put them back ! As well as the blazeblight... Thanks for ur job in game

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CP  Pet

Legendary Tan elf tears (Legendary) - ✔️Gem Altar 03/19/19

Darkly cunning Panda Sleep Mask (Legendary)

Mysterious Tweety Lipstick (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Heart Sticker(Legendary) ✔️Gem Altar 03/28/19

Mysterious Cat Ear Beanie (Legendary)

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