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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

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Geuss whos BACK! (OwO.)/ Hello GMs i come to ask for a item that ill love to have for my Alt but before that i would like to say Thank you for ( Putting the Prime Mounts i asked long time ag

Hi Vivi Queen ! Cerberus or Magic Phoenix or Robust Aelius or Magic Shadow Von or Robust Cerberus or Magic Alucard in Box & Magic Santa or Snow Sprite or Magic Aoandon or Magic Tyr

Body Mysterious White Rabbit's Petticoat (Legendary) Mysterious Cute Nightie (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19 Mysterious Tiger Stripe Day-off combo (Legendary) Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legenda

I would like to see this pet in the Crystal Altar or Magic Box. Thanks!Magic-Hebe.jpg

Thank you so much for the addition to the boxes Vivi:3. My friend is shy that's why she didn't post the suggestion up. o/

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Good Day, Everyone!  Please see my suggestions - wish list below (Happy Vendetta Gaming)!!

Mysterious Suave Incubus Wig (Legendary)
Starlight Crystal Wings (Legendary)
Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary)
Whimsical Summer Stroll Suit (Legendary)
Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary)
Holy Magic Crystal Frost Axe (Legendary)
Shadowy Scythe of Judgement (Legendary)
Scythe of Judgement (Legendary)

Best regards,

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  • VGN GM
6 minutes ago, Eizenrose said:

didnt get put in this week so im requesting it again
- Starlight Crystal Wings (Legendary)
- Draconic Rime Scythe (Legendary)
- Purity Fire Star Stone
- Silver Star Luna Rock


Though it's not on this altar, altars do rotate 3 times a week, so it may be on later!

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