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Halloween Event!


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Hi guys! Since Halloween is coming up I decided to host an event here on forum! Let's see what you have to do.


So,the event consists of creating a Halloween costume or mount. You will have to draw and create a story/description for it. Winners will be chosen based on their drawing's ideas ( I don't expect you guys to draw like Picasso,but I wanna see some good ideas on your items) and the creativity of the description. Make sure to read everything to guarantee you won't make anything wrong.  


1. You can only submit your drawing once,anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
2. Do not sell artwork for people on the event,let them do this by their selves.
3. If you don't want to draw, I will allow fotoshopping/editing an image from the internet,but the description/story must be original.
4. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name),so I can mail you with your prize.


1st place(1 winner) - A legendary of winner's choice.
2nd place (2 winners) - 50 Eden Crystal's 
3rd place (3 winners) - 30 Eden Crystal's

Some things to winners keep in mind:

•If you choose a 1h weapon,you will only win one of it,not 2.
•You can't choose mystery boxes,diamond altar or anniversary event exclusive items.
•We have the right to deny your legendary requested,if it can't be given.
•The amount of Eden Crystals will depends of the number of participants.
•The winner will receive a message here to tell me which legendary you want,so keep an eye on the forum if you win!

Event starts today,10/26, and ends at friday 11/04.

Well,that's it guys! I expect to see some good ideas here.

Cya and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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IGN: Ochie


Mysterious Devil Mistress

Mysterious Devil mini hat

''Being the devil's right hand woman isn't easy, but wearing these threads will certainly make it easier. Sometimes, looking like sin itself makes dragging unfortunate souls down much, much easier.''




Concept art:




If the images get cropped here's an imgur album o/ http://imgur.com/a/VKCAL


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"What? Senpai will never notice you? NO problems dear!! Now he want to be noticed by you !1! Now he gonna look for you with knife, just cuz you're so hot,mystical n cool! Hide everywhere nobody will find you ! This looks good on you in battle or if u just lazy sitting in aven . Good for hunting candy too every alpaca would fall for you !"

(see that crying face in corner? thats me )

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"So killer clowns are on a rampage again in your town? Fear not I will take care of it."
Really into cosplay and the like but not really artistic or imaginative tbh, did this in class when i saw this event this morning and thought... why not enter and have fun with it?~ Kinda my dream for my in game character tbh and using the sword to emphasize my love for pdps 1h classes xD

Want to act cool and collected this Halloween season?
We got the costume just for you!

IGN: Shihou

Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/yume_shihou/

~~ill delete my instagram link if need to Q w Q~~



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~~.. This was a doll who used to sing to her master everyday, for it was the only way for her to show him love; Time and days passed and the doll prayed for the opportunity to sing for her master, it was her desire, her only hope. Until one day the doll accomplished her dream but when her master saw her, he felt horrified so the doll cried and left his side, so she remained alone waiting for the day when she can sing for loved on. ^_^


Koega~~  C:


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[Boo!!Am I scary enough to you!? Treats for me,and tricks for kids! You will not sleep well because of me! I have three heads more then you do! I'm the Cerberus Alpaca! The Hell Gate is mine,you cannot pass through it unless you beat me down...Wait,is that your sword?Erm...I let you go,and.. we are friends,don't we? (>.<) 

Don't ever run too fast... heads will drop...]


IGN: ChocoPuppy

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”Oh...my lovely sister, Snow White. Although you are the most beautiful princess in the world, but you‘ve destroyed my everything. EVERYTHING that belong to me!! Because of you...my family and my lover...they're leaving away from me. HOW DARE YOU!!

Oh...my beautiful sister, please don't blame me, this is all your fault...

Snow White...your time has come. Goodbye my sister."


IGN: Choffy


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                                                               :xDark Blood Dress(HISTORY):x

This is the story of the dress that leads to death;  its owner was Lily, a shinigami who loved killing humans. One Halloween night Lily was looking for victims as she always did. Uh !! Today there are many "preys" (She thought).

"All together to be butchered for me."  There were many people near a lake, Lily looked at a girl who was somewhat apart, she approached her and killed her cruelly. Carl (a shinigami senior)  He observed what Lily did, approached her and asked: Why did you do that?  It was not her time to die! Lily replied:

ALL humans there are for me to play with their lives! When I want to kill!  Carl looked at her with disappointment, He took her neck and made ashes (whispering: You do not deserve to be a shinigami).  Time passed and every Halloween night the dress appears with all the hatred of Lily, attracting girls, and every time it one of them wears it , these are killed in a gruesome manner. For this reason it is known as the dress that leads to death (Dark Blood Dress).


:x BlackQueen



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            Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞

IGN: Mikotato 

"As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."


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5 hours ago, Miko said:

            Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞

IGN: Mikotato 

"As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."


reminds me of Ruby Rose from RWBY! :D so jelly so cute QWQ

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Skeleton-Wings Dragon's Armor

Español: Después de que todos los dragones fueron derrotados por los guardianes de Edén Eternal, se construyó de sus huesos y alas una armadura que solo llevará el guardián que tenga el poder de purificar la maldad continua recorriendo cada parte de la armadura. Sin embargo, la leyenda relata que muy cerca de las noches de Halloween, el día en el que el mundo de las almas oscuras se fortalece y el mundo humano se debilita, las almas oscuras de los dragones que están dentro armadura aumentan su poder y hacen posesión de la mente de quien la este usando, así sacian su sed de vendetta, asesinando a todas las almas puras del mundo humano.

English (Google Translate): After all dragons were defeated by the guardians of Eden Eternal, was built of their bones and wings an armor that only the guardian will have the power to purify the evil continues through each piece of armor. However, the legend relates that very close to Halloween nights, the day when the world of dark souls is strengthened and the human world is weakened, the dark souls of dragons that are within armor increase their power and make possession of the mind of whoever is using it and quench their thirst for vendetta, killing all pure souls of the human world.

PD: i don't speak english T-T-_-

IGN: Katze


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Candy Child Concept

An adventurer’s notes

“As we landed on the mysterious island we came across a lost spirit of a child wondering on the king’s regal castle. I observed that it wears a cupcake like armor with an eerie hook on its right hand. It emits an aura of colorful candy sprinkles but when we approached, it suddenly changes into a dark vengeful aura. We back-off and let her alone.

According to the surviving watchers, it is the daughter of a Watcher who abandoned his post to look for his missing daughter.

After that incident we never return back to the castle.”

IGN: bebegerl


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        The soul of the dark dragon


En lo mas profundo del bosque oscuro yace un portal al inframundo.
Un dragon salido del portal arrasado todo en el lugar, muertes, asesinatos,
cadaveres hallan en todo el lugar. Guardianes eternos derrotados y despedazados se ven al pasar, un guardian fue al lugar, vomito a tal drama encontrar, Lucharon dias, semanas destrozando todo a su paso. Termino la guerra meses duros, el alma del dragon en el traje del guardian se encerro, el guardian en leyenda se convirtio, y cada halloween a media noche
una sombra aparece, llantos de desesperacion y el rugido del dragon se escucha a lo lejos,
y un portal oscuro y tenebroso re aparece.


In the depths of the dark forest is a portal to the underworld.
A dragon swept out everything in the place, deaths, murders, corpses are everywhere. The eternal guardians are defeated and dismembered passing. A guardian went to the place, vomited to the drama find, fought days, weeks, destroying everything in its path. The war ended, difficult months, the soul of the dragon in the costume of the guardian was captured, the guardian in legend became, and every Halloween at midnight a shadow appears, cries of despair and the dragon's roar is heard in the distance,
And a dark and gloomy door appears.



IGN: Kirito



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Dark Doll

Do not close your eyes in the dark, have you ever fallen in love with someone who did not make you? Wear this dress and kill you will not know who made it the dark will accompany you and end the silence of your broken heart, but beware if you do not have enough madness you will not be able to use the wonderful power of darkness.




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9 hours ago, Julietta said:

Stylish Rag doll

If u don't wanna look spooky but u wanna have that halloween vibe this is the perfect costume for u buddy!
U can look cute n classy in halloween without problems!

I'm really bad at these things tbh :P

IGN: Lizzie



aww,looks like Alice Madness returns owo cute




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Eternal Beauty

'The eyes are the windows to the soul' said the mad doctor with a wicked grin.

She was once a passionate optician who helped thousands of people overcome their sight difficulties. One day, during one of her operations, she suddenly became crazy, screaming obscenities and killing her patient with a scalpel right through his heart. She then proceeded to kill the shocked nurses and doctors in the surgery room. It was a bloody sight.

Since then, every Halloween, the mad optician would make her appearance and go on a killing spree throughout the night. She claimed that the fear displayed in the eyes of her victims before they were murdered was the most beautiful thing on Earth. Thus, she kept an eye from each of her victims as a symbol of eternal beauty





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Well,winners were chosen. If you didn't win,don't worry,you will have another chance :D I will try host another event like this real soon.

I'm really excited to say that winners are:

  • 1st Place: Koega!
  • 2nd Place: Miko and Kirito!
  • 3rd Place: Shihou,Connielim1001 and NyanBoo66!

Congratz to winners and thank you all for participating! Was really fun to host this event and as I said I will be hosting another really soon. Prizes will be sent as soon as possible,so don't worry,if you won you will receive them. Well,that's it guys.

Cya and may the odds be ever in your favor! ~

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