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[FIX EE] Game does not run after hitting "Play"


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  • VGN GM

If you are still experiencing this issue or suddenly start, a small work around has been added to the client.



1. Run the patcher and allow it to patch if need be

2. Close out of the patcher

3. Open the folder where the game is downloaded and where the patcher.exe is located (should be something along the lines of: \Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta (Or Twin Saga Vendetta))

4. Find the file named "run_game.bat"

5. Double click it



The game should then start up without needing to go through the patcher.






If you do not run the patcher first, your client may be behind on patches and could cause issues in-game.


You do NOT need to re-download the client in order to get this fix. Open up your patcher and it will patch over the fix.

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