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Infrastructure Changes

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Hey all,

We have some infrastructure changes being applied (week commensing 10th December) that will impact the services we provide here at VGN. Some necessary and much needed changes in our back end systems are required in order for us to continue providing the best service we can for everyone.

We will be attempting to minimalize the downtime as much as possible by planning ahead and ensuring all tasks are done so it is a safe and quick transition into the new infrastructure.

The following changes are being applied:

  • Scarlet Blade (Login): We have to update some parts of the login system, this will affect the status of the game and will be required to be offline during the process. Some bugs have been found with the login service as well so we will be focusing on fixing that during this downtime as well.
  • Website: We are updating a lot of the back end services, so expect frequent downtimes to our entire website. It may not be noticable for some but if you experience issues with the site this is why. Password resets and other systems will also be affected by this so again please have patience if they do not appear to work immediately.
  • Eden Eternal (New Server): We will be moving Eden Eternal to NA. Expect a lengthy downtime during the transition it may be a case of plug and play but we will need to further test some of the new services to ensure it all works and we do not experience further downtime afterwards.

We hope everyone is happy with our service we provide as we continue to better ourselves and your experience here at VGN.

Thanks again and have a great week!

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We've decided to do these changes early January. The machines are ordered (were ordered in advance) but some of them are new and have a 14 day turn-around for delivery. I have contacted the support team and they've requested we wait until the new year for the new machines to arrive so we will do this early January.

Sorry for the inconvenience I did not see this happening but I will inform everyone on when to expect this.

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Some of the processes have been completed:

  • Back end services have been complete for the website and databases.
  • Updated Scarlet Blade Login System and also fixed a few other back end stability bugs.
    NOTE: An issue with Item Mall has been addressed where it would not refresh your VGN value properly if you close your window after purchasing (This sometimes still does not fully refresh for a short while but you won't need to relog any more).

    The changes to our stability does not mean you will not be DC'd the DC'ing is a totally unrelated issue to what we have done today.

We hope to begin working on the NA Eden Eternal server soon for everyone, please be patient whilst we arrange a date.

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