Rainbow Battle Welcome to the new and improved Rainbow Battle! Rainbow Battle has been revamped to be a more competitive based 3v3 Objective Based Battle Map for everyone (Level 99, Champion Level 30+) to participate in. How do I enter?
Announcements will be made throughout the server 5 minutes before Rainbow Battle opens. The announcement will be made each minute until the Icon appears. You will be required to enter "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel and wait until the icon appears to register. NOTE: It is essential that you turn up before registration opens. If you are late you will no doubt miss registration so try get onto "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel early don't wait till last minute! Teams are picked randomly for everyone who registers. You will have around 60 seconds once the application opens to register and then the teams are organised and moved to their map. NOTE: You can only enter Rainbow Battle as solo, expect to be fighting against friends and family members. Once you've entered the map you will be greeted by your team members and have 60 seconds to arrange your equipment and SP's. NOTE: You can equip items and SP's during the match as well. The main reason we hold the game back for 60 seconds is just for people to quickly arrange their team as the members chosen are random. What time is Rainbow Battle available?
Rainbow Battle opens on the following times: How do I win?
Winner of the match is decided upon the team with the most points at the end of the match time (10 minutes) or the first team to reach 99 points. You gain points by clearing objectives on the map. What are the objectives? There are 2 types of Objectives within Rainbow Battle: Crystal There are 3 Crystals located in the center of the map down all 3 lanes. The center most Crystal is the "Large Rainbow Crystal" and this gives 3 points upon conquering this objective for your team. The 2 outer Crystals are the "Medium Rainbow Crystal" which gives 2 points for your team upon conquering this objective. To conquer a Crystal you must click on the Crystal and wait until the timer finishes. The Crystal cannot be conquered for an additional 10 seconds after it has been conquered by a team. On the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th minute of the match the team that owns the Crystal will receive 2 additional points based on the amount of objectives (Rainbow Mandra excluded) you currently are defending. Rainbow Mandra The Rainbow Mandra is a new addition to Rainbow Battle. There are 2 Rainbow Mandra's located near the center of the map in each of their lanes (facing each team base). This boss respawns every 2 minutes and will reward the team that kills the Rainbow Mandra (via last hit) 5 points and one of the 2 following buffs: What happens when I die?
Anyone who is killed will be "Frozen" for 20 seconds and unable to move. Upon respawning you will be granted with the following Buff: Useful Information:
Error Message "Not enough players to create a match, please try later.": This error will only appear if there was not enough players to create your match. To create a match it requires 6 players so if there are 5 remaining after the matching has been organised then those 5 players will miss out for this round.

Kicked: Players who are not Level 99, Champion Level 30+ will be kicked from the channel at certain periods. If you're caught trying to plague the server with alts to affect matches you will be banned.