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Patch v27

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Event Changes:
 - Halloween Event has now ended!
NOTE: All Halloween Event related items have now been removed from the game.

System Changes:
 - Reduced the maximum amount of players each channel can hold from 500 -> 300.
NOTE: Frozen Crown channel is not affected by this change.

 - Channel 8 is now the "[VGN: MINIGAMES]" channel.
This channel will act as a normal channel except mini-games will only be accessible here.

 - Channel 9 is now the "[VGN: NO EXP]" channel.

 - Added Channel 10 "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel.
This channel is a very restricted channel, all functions despite the necessary required functions are not functional. This channel is strictly used for Rainbow Battle only and players will be teleported into the "Waiting Room" upon logging in.

Rainbow Battle Changes:
We've decided to re-design the Rainbow Battle System. Rainbow Battle is an old feature that is unused by the community but is an enjoyable system in-game. We decided to take a competitive based approach when re-designing the System.
 - Rainbow Battle can only be accessed on "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel.
 - Rainbow Battle runs on the following times:



NOTE: For the current server time please visit:

 - Rainbow Battle no longer requires a Family in order to participate.
 - Rainbow Battle is now a 3v3 objective based PVP Map.


 - You are no longer required to purchase an application in order to apply for Rainbow Battle.
 - You now access Rainbow Battle via the Event Popup section on the UI.


 - Only players Level 99 and Champion Level 30 or higher can enter Rainbow Battle.
 - You can only apply for Rainbow Battle as a Solo Player (Teams are created randomly based on everyone who applied).
 - Rainbow Battle now lasts 10 minutes instead of 7 minutes.

Rainbow Battle Balance Changes:
 - You can no longer use any items inside Rainbow Battle.
 - You can no longer use Pets or Partners inside Rainbow Battle.

Rainbow Battle (Beta Season)
Please view the following thread to find out information on the Beta Season of Rainbow Battle.

Land of Death Changes:
 - Land of Death has been disabled on Channels 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
 - Land of Death schedule has been changed as so:


Time is in 24 hour format (00:00 -> 23:59).
Channel 2
    Begins: 00:00
    DH: 00:30
    Ends: 01:30

    Begins: 02:00
    DH: 02:30
    Ends: 03:30

Channel 3
    Begins: 05:00
    DH: 05:30
    Ends: 06:30

    Begins: 07:00
    DH: 07:30
    Ends: 08:30

Channel 4
    Begins: 10:00
    DH: 10:30
    Ends: 11:30

    Begins: 12:00
    DH: 12:30
    Ends: 13:30

Channel 5
    Begins: 15:00
    DH: 15:30
    Ends: 16:30

    Begins: 17:00
    DH: 17:30
    Ends: 18:30

Channel 6
    Begins: 20:00
    DH: 20:30
    Ends: 21:30

    Begins: 22:00
    DH: 22:30
    Ends: 23:30

NOTE: For the current server time please visit:

 - Drops have been disabled in Land of Death.
 - Added an announcement for when the Land of Death opens.
 - Added a status check when logging into a channel for Land of Death.
Where the server rates appear upon entering the channel you will see the status of Land of Death added there as well.

General Changes:
 - Speakers are now global.
 - Blacklisting a player no longer disables their chat in Speaker Chat.
NOTE: Unfortunately we've had to do this in order for the Speakers to work globally.

 - Multi-Client has been enabled.
Since a lot of the public programs for using this are generally infected by key loggers and such, we believe it's best to just enable it and cut out that problem.

NOTE: This isn't an indication to start alt abusing every single thing, Multi-Client is overlooked by us as we know some people use alts for the right reasons but we will gladly restrict the server if necessary if this gets out of hand.

 - Added Title/Achievement System to the game!
Players will now be able to wear a Title to represent their efforts displayed in-game.

Titles are just a cosmetic item and will appear below your family name (or player name if you're not in a Family).


For more information and how to acquire a Title please view the following thread:

NOTE: All titles can only be obtained from now. It doesn't matter if you've already achieved the goal.

 - You can now purchase "Potion of Salvation" from Bash NPC in NosVille.
 - Price of "Potion of Salvation" has been set from 8500 -> 500 gold each.
 - You can now purchase the following items from Armored Bash in NosVille:


Noble Orichalcum Necklace
Ancient Orichalcum Necklace
Noble Orichalcum Ring
Ancient Orichalcum Ring
Noble Orichalcum Bracelet
Ancient Orichalcum Bracelet

 - Mini-Games now have character cooldown of 15 minutes instead of 1 hour.
 - Mini-Games can only be done 10 times per day per character.
 - Mini-Games will run every 15 minutes switching between Sheep Farm and Bushi King.
NOTE: If the server has been restarted it will always skip the first event so do not report it as a bug please. (Example: if the server was restarted at 12:10 then the next event will be 12:30 not 12:15).

 - Instant Combat is now only accessible on Channels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
 - Instant Combat will now activate on the following times (Server Time):



 - Removed Rainbow Battle Registration from all merchants in-game.
 - Removed option to apply for Rainbow Battle on all NPC's in-game.
 - Added "Rainbow Battle Chest" to the game.
This item is used to reward winners of a Rainbow Battle match.
The chest contains one of the following items:


Jennifer's Feathered Hat
Shining Blue Soul x10
Dragon Heart x3
Angel's Feather x70
Full Moon Crystal x40
Shining Blue Soul x5
Dragon Heart
Dragon Blood x2
Amulet of Attack Power
Angel's Feather x35
Full Moon Crystal x21
Lightning Rune
Wave Rune
Cloud Rune
Wind Rune
Fire Rune
Shining Blue Soul x3
Dragon Skin x5
Divine Recovery Potion x7
Angel's Feather x20
Full Moon Crystal x14
Divine Health Potion x7
Divine Mana Potion x7
Full Moon Crystal x7
Shining Blue Soul x2
Angel's Feather x10

 - Added VGN Park Day Costume (Permanent) to the game.


 - Changed the major prize inside Mini-Game Treasure Chest from Jennifer's Feathered Hat to VGN Park Day Costume (Permanent).
 - Updated the stats of the following items:


Mega Titan Wings
    [removed] Increases PvP attack power by 3%.
    [removed] Titan Transformation occurs, in releasing at the probability of 20%.
    [added] There is a 20% chance that damage from melee attacks is reduced by 50%.
    [added] There is a 20% chance that damage from ranged attacks is reduced by 50%.
    [added] There is a 20% chance that damage from magic attacks is reduced by 50%.

NOTE: We only mention the stats that have been changed. If the existing stats have not been mentioned then this will indicate the stats still remain on the said item.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed several bugs causing the server to crash.
 - Fixed a bug where players would be able to capture a Crystal inside Rainbow Battle when Frozen.
 - Fixed a bug causing players gold to reset when selling items in a personal shop.
 - Fixed Erenia boss room invisible wall bug.
 - Fixed item description of Blazing Fire Wings and Frosty Ice Wings.

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