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Content Suggestion 2

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1. New Battle Map (End Game)

  • Mobs be atleast level 115 (This is important so that DoS does not become obsolete, because 115-9 = 106, therefore players will have to be atleast level 106 to get Exp from the map. Therefore grinding in DoS will be necessary to be able to even get ExP on this map. This will also help having less fight for channels between lower level & new players to older ones, since it is very difficult for them to be able to get parts to run themselves. It also will make the effort people ran on other maps to level higher than 106 be worth it, rather than just be lazy and wait for new content.


  •  Add a buff to the mobs of the running areas , that gives more ExP the faster you kill them and making them harder than previous tiers. For example:

A tick of 15 seconds upon the monster being hit, if the monster is killed before the buff runs out the monster will give the player a bonus of +20 % EXP to its original EXP. This will make players want to try hard and kill the monsters faster, therefore Running builds will become a thing again, Effort will be rewarded with bonus ExP.

Add a buff to the monsters that prevents them to be affected by the Totem Master debuff, therefore being an end game map, it should not be just a no-brain afk run. People will have to be geared and find actual damage classes to kill the monsters.

2. Extreme Trial Battle Map

  • Following suggestion 1, from the new battle map, add a portal there which will be locked unless the following requirements are fulfiled:

Portal Opening Requirements:

-Kill Specific monsters on the map

-Obtain Specific items

-Obtain a buff

  • Once those requirements are met, players will be able to access the other part of the battle map, In this version there will be 4 Raid Tier bosses (like 25 man raid) will spawn at specific hours.

Killing these bosses will give specific items:

-Materials to craft Rare Weapons/Items/Armor

-Materials to complete specific daily quests, for example a daily quest that gives the player 5x Eden Crystal (NT)

-Blueprints of craftable Mounts which will require materials from both the first part of the battle map and these bosses This can be done in a same manner as the Ormormu mount in old EE days.

3. Adding a new crafting/gathering system while using the current available resources

  • Add new drops from lower level monsters and bosses or new rare monsters that spawn on maps. For example:

Instead of just gathering materials in Guild Town, use chests that have a drop rate like enchants from everywhere.

To craft xxx recipe you will need:

-Drop from Normal Monster Level 5 xx/xx

-Drop From Rare Monster Level 22

-Drop from Guild Boss Level 70

-Drop from Chest in xxx map

-Drop from Boss in xxx trial

-Gather xxx material from GT

You can also add random nodes like those small trees etc that give drops for quests. It could be used for future awaken armor/weapon

This would also create an economy in game where people would buy and sell materials more often rather than being a dead gather bear things for their own. They could sell it and make gold circulate more around the game, rather than just the usual things like EC. EP, Stardust, Legendaries etc etc.

From this same system, you can also add blueprints to craft costumes or anything that would please the players. You can also do it in depth into something like this:

-Collect xxx materials to craft ''Broken Outfit'', BP will be available on a specific way in game.

-Collect 10 Broken Outfits + Other materials to craft a new in game Legendary costume

Of course , this would take time to get, Let's say you can only get 1 Broken Outfit every 2 days, so it would take the player 20 days to get that specific Legendary, You can also make it more fun by altering in better ways you would like.

You can also increase guild level cap and add more things to Guild Town for this.

4. Make player Housing great again.

  • A gathering and crafting system should be diverse and huge. So i would suggest, remove the current housing item drops from monsters and implement them into the crafting system on no.3. This way people would go craft and fetch materials to craft housing items.

Add new types of banquets that will give different stat boosts after meeting a specific requirement like Rarity, Luxury etc These banquets could give the players buffs for things like PvP or PvE

Some examples you can add a banquet requiring xxx Rarity xxx Luxury and the banquet would give a buff of:

- Atk +3 %, Defense +3 %, Crit reduced by 2 %

-Matk +3 %, P-Resist +3 %, , M crit reduced by 2%

-Dmg +3%, Atk +3 %, but resistance reduced by 5 %

-Elemental resist + 5 %, Defense +5%, Parry +5 %, Block +5 %, Physical Resist + 3 %  Atk reduced by 5 %

-G Heal +5 % , P heal +5 %, All stats  + 5 %, but defense -7 %

These are rough examples of what you can add, it can be thought more into.

5. Removal of Arena enchants and Adding Rewards

  • Let's talk a bit more PvP wise, Arena has been dead for long time. People just do it for their dailies, or they just don't queue because of the overwhelming boosts arena enchants give.

So i would suggest completely remove those, or just rework them.

But this still will not be enough to make people queue for arena. This can be fixed by adding specific items that you get on arena. I know some people will still try to afk and queue farm for others. But it will still make those try to win. So you can add a quest that requires the players to win and that quest will give drops for awaken weapons and armor for future patches.

Those token rewards that you get from winning can also be increased, there people will not just go farm Honor Stars to get their things. Add more things that can be crafted using those class tokens. Example:

Awaken Weapon for Berserker would require xxx amount of Warrior Class Tokens.

You can also modify those Aven Dungeon dailies reward drops, so this will keep people busy doing all sorts of contents in order to acquire things and NOT just get things in 1 week and finish everything then bored until next patch. A bit like the first Content Suggestion i did to prolong patch lifetime.

6. Customize Wedding/Couple buffs

Add system that requires players that are coupled ONLY to be able to do a specific dungeon everyday.

These dungeon would give a new type of Love Token, which will be required  to use specific buff skills which will be added.

For Example:

-Daily Dungeon or Quest drops xxx amount of Love Shards. (limited daily)

Love Shards permit the use of new skills such as:

-Skill 1: Increases couples Defense by 5 % for 30 minutes

-Skill 2: Increase couples P-healing by 5 % for 30 minutes.

-Skill 3: Increases Couples Atk by 2 % for 30 minutes

And many more. But SINCE the Love Shards are limited daily. Players will have to save them for specific occasions for example PvP mostly. Or use it on PvE if they are not a PvP player. So lets say you can only get 2 per day per couple. They can only use 2 of the skills on that PvP occasion, or just save it for GvG occasions.

Its not a biggie but it is content to be added and done in game for people.

7. A new type of Aven

Since all these contents might be a mess to just implement in the current contents, you can also add a completely new map which has Aven like NPCs for fame etc. This new map will have the specific NPCs for future trials, contents etc.

It could also feature a new type of NPC that crafts special Blueprints unlike those FF/Alchemist/Craftsmen in GTs.

It could open more ideas and add a ''standard base'' to working for Level 100 + content.

You could add new ways to make fame, that uses specific items that are just not so readily available, it would also make an economy of new items. Or just simply use the old versions of will distribution, but can only be done at Level 105 +.

There is also this dead NPC alpaca that requires Jades etc etc from specific dungeons, you can add something like to that map and make a custom rare mount (like it will be an achievement for the player to have gotten that map, remember this is a mmorpg, players don't like everyone to have the same things as them. So adding contents that require work  and be unique will be great)


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1- Okay with it

2-Okay with it


4- I like it :D

5- I am okay with it

6- Okay for more cpl buff, tho need find to make more couple coin. Cuz when there is no achievement left to do it kind slow down

7- I asked for that multiple time, to mark a new beginning of EE, Specialy for Vendetta, so BIG YES.


Global : I'm almost favorable for everything. Nice and thanks for the suggestions. :)

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Totem stays all else can remain...Gears support classes cause needed now want me to invest in a dps just to run to remain relevant? nono.

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I agree with most of the things, but i dont think it makes a sense to gives more xp after killing the mobs in less or 15 seconds, because you have to pull all mobs first, and i dont think it will be possible in new or actual map to pull a whole wave and kill in 15 seconds.

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Very Nice, but don't kill totem for runs some ppl don't have good pc and can't run as another classes. Same for ppl whos have an ''Deficiency'' i know 2 ppl in game whos can't move both arms or don't have all fingers, an and they use totem.

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I don't really think jumping from 100 content to 115 content is a smart idea. Would just pressure us into running out of space and need to release a new level cap again. Also I don't want the players who can't run to be forced out until they go gear in content that people might not be even playing anymore, it will just make people feel more hopeless than they already do and just quit.

2nd idea could be a decent idea

3rd idea is abit of a hard task for me the developer cause I means going back and recreating drop tables for monsters just to make them relevant again. I kinda feel like the time I have would be better spent making new content for people to play than making content that makes people back tracking to content they have already played. Maybe if it's linked to say awaken quest or something it might be worth the trouble.

4th idea I'll have to check out once the latest balance changes settle down. I'm not sure if giving more stats is always a good idea. But we will see

5th something I don't mind doing asking as others want this.

6th don't think making them limited is a good idea, if we're going to add couple buff they will work the same way the current ones do.

7th was debating this but the one issue I see with this is that aven is iconic to eden, it's like the staple thing and taking that away or at least adding another option is quite a hard decision to make.

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