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Patch v28

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General Changes:
 - Players can no longer move during the beginning 60 second period of Rainbow Battle.
NOTE: It is now considered an exploit if players find a way around this, so expect to be banned if you do this.

 - Timer for conquering a Crystal is reduced to 2 seconds for all crystals.
 - Updated Rainbow Blessing buff.


 - Reduced Rainbow Mandra's HP by 50%.
 - Drops inside Land of Death should now be disabled.
 - HP/MP will now be fully regenerated when teleported to Rainbow Battle.
 - Every 2 minutes during Rainbow Battle the team that owns a Crystal will receive additional points (3 Large Crystal, 1 Medium Crystal).
NOTE This check only occurs on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th minute.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed a crash on Mini-Game channel.
 - Fixed a bug with Mini-Game cooldown timer.
 - Fixed a bug where random messages would appear inside Rainbow Battle.
 - Fixed a bug where the box reward would be given randomly if the teams drew on Rainbow Battle.
NOTE: No box reward is given for a draw.

 - Fixed minimap bug in Rainbow Battle for Large Rainbow Crystal.

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