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Rainbow battle Matchmaking

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Hello my fellows,

I am really excited about the rbb and I am really happy about the new remake. 
The Vendetta Team did a really good job.

But I have one thing, I would like to get changed: the Matchmaking.
I waited with this thread after the release from the ranked website to see, how the matchmaking works.
And the resolution wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.

I got ranked in Gold with 1100 points (atm the third place on this server). Thats quite good.


But why do I get matched with the second worst placed player on this server (Stalker) + a low silver player against 3 gold players?


Shouldn't it be that u get matched against a Team with nearly the same points?
Like: I've got 1100 points + Stalker 159 points + 500 points silver player = 1759 points Team.
        On other Team the 3 players has to get combined 1700~1800 points. Not like 2100.

Just think u will get Diamond, with 2800 points. And u get 2 bronze players in your team with each 200 points, so ur team has 3200 points.
U can't win against 3 players with 1050+ points alone with 2 players wich cant even get up to silver.

So it would be good, if u get in your team/as enemy team players that has +-1 rank difference.
Like: Gold players get only matched with silver/gold/platin players, platin players only with gold/platin/diamond players and so on.

Would be great if the matchmaking could get changed like this. So u wont need as much luck as now for upranking. If u get 2 bronzes against 3 gold, u can't win. No one can win like this.

Thanks for reading this and thanks to all of you, who helped at this huge update.

Best regarts,

Your soulless boy.

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Welp, it would be nice, but there is one problem - amount of the player is not as high as in lol for example. You just wouldn't get a team for ages as a highe rank player or as the low rank player.

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58 minutes ago, Squizzy said:

Yeah I had this discussion with my brother as well, It would be nice if the match making system was based around your rank like in league of legends

AAHAAH like league 

"If u're good you'll climb".. sure..

Would agree to make the system fair for everyone, but better don't take as example games like League D:

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