Winter Event 2018 NosVille has been turned into a Winter Wonderland, Bash has ticked off his naughty list. It's time for the Winter Event everybody! Raids You can enter both raids via NosVille. Enter the Snow Trail and choose the raid for your team that you wish to defeat! Maru Raid Obtain Maru's Raid Seal by defeating monsters in-game. Gather your team mates and Fight against Maru the Tiger! Snowmanhead Raid Complete the Viking Quest obtained at Flake the Snow Fairy to unlock access to this dungeon. Obtain Snowman Raid Seal by trading either x30 Fresh Cream Cake or x30 Chocolate Cake to Santa Claus. Gather your team mates and Fight against Snowmanhead! Quests Santa Claus, Flake the Snow Fairy, Slugg, Teodor, Malcolm, Soraya, Wanderer and Eva Energy all have Winter Themed quests available with great rewards! Santa Claus also has custom VGN raid themed quests for the 2 available raids throughout this event. Complete these quests and you can obtain "VGN Santa's Coupon (Event)". 
Custom Quests:
All custom quests can be obtained at the Santa NPC in NosVille!
NOTE: Players must be level 85 in order to do these quests. VGN Santa's Coupon (Event)
You can take this item to Santa Claus in NosVille where he will have his own Winter Themed Mystery Box requiring x1 of the VGN Santa's Coupon (Event). Win the following prizes from Santa's Coupon Mystery Box: Titles
We have 2 Legacy Titles available until the end of the event. Random Drops
Following items will drop on the [VGN: EVENT] channel: We hope everyone has a great winter and keep warm!