Removing old broken dust

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Hi, Its been a while since I go back to nostalgia EE game where the stats, class, gear, and everything is still better than other most MMORPG I play now days. Not to mention Vendetta GM doing good work towards content keeping this game compact with features and lively.

I have notice some player still using old theme that I made for EE long time ago. Please discard those theme (image below) since its not updated and it might ruin your game play experience.




If you still want to experience last bit of my work, I have updated 1 theme based on latest EE Vendeta structure. You can find the preview and download link below.


Download here .Paste the file in (replace current Coffee)-> Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta\themes

I know not everyone like dark mode, hence I do have WIP Day mode theme, but its going to take a while since I am lazy.



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Yeet, here the Day/Light theme. Enjoy it while it last. Special thanks and credit to Delicious from pixel joint for monster art.


Download here .Paste the file in (replace current Blue)-> Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta\themes

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