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1° Feedback of the year, Rainbow Battle and Patches

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Good morning dear community!

As I did a couple of months ago, the staff wants to know their opinions from the last feedback and the changes that were made up to now.

Everything we want to communicate is perfect to improve each other and provide the well-being within the game.

Among the resulting changes were:
- Act 6.2
- Regular Events.
- Custom content
- Rainbow Battle.

We would like to know that you liked each one, that you think we should improve and that you would like to see a future.

I look forward to your comments!

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Act 6.2: In overall, I'd say that it was a good and balanced patch. The farming part (different anceollan maps) is nice IMO, the amount of gold (and exp) that you get here is slightly higher than what you get in 6.1, as monsters are a little bit stronger too. Regarding to the Fernon raid, this is something that its being discussed in the forums atm, but for me, it's good at it is. It's not a secure way to make gold as you can do a few marathons where you literally loose gold (but to make 'secure' money, we have 6.2 maps to lure) but there is also the chance to obtain grand prices. It's true that I'd prefer to rework the c45/8 equips. The idea of having some buffs in weapon/armour was interesting in my opinion (even the official buffs weren't good balanced) so maybe for some future equips, having this idea back could be interesting (other buffs/effects ofc, not the official ones).

Regular Events: Well, as I mentioned in Nayxa's post, im not really into these events cause I find them a bit boring (maybe is beacuse each year is the same, and we know what its comming, even event prices change a bit). But idk how to make them better.

Rainbow Battle: This game mode, is one of best features that has the game IMO. After the small changes that were made after its launch, I find it balanced and really enjoyable. The unique 'negative' things that I see in this game mode are that the match making is not rank based (This is something that can't be done due to the amount of players that this game has, as Bash mentioned before so I'm not gonna complain about it but making it +c48 could solve this somehow). Also, i'd change a bit the points system; it's good that even you loose a game, you still have the chance to obtain some points if you performed well but the amount of points are excessive IMO. I remember doing a really bad game (a score of 1-9 or smthing and took literally 0 points), and I only lost 7 points . Also, doing a really good game (winning it) I obtained up to ~80 points). Due to this, the ranking is almost about 'who played the most' rather than 'who is the best'.

Custom Content: The most important custom content that was out lately, was the RBB and I explained my opinion just above ^^.

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