Exp bugged in DOS?

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Hi, I have a random question or just plain curiosity since this is very weird and I see nothing at all in Patches about this being changed.

But, recently (maybe even more), while running in Dimension of Souls in the Frog section, I noticed something weird... I'm trying to level a Character from lvl 92 via taunt or I'm helping someone out of same level, now normally each run from 92-94 would aprox. give 7-10%, now it's giving 3% with all charms, pet buff, and Jewel's equipped...And normally for 94-95(ish) it would aprox. give at least 5%, but now, it's giving 1% per run (this is Character exp I'm talking about, no problem with Class).

That's not normal at all, and it's not only me being affected by this, even some ppl from my guild are also having this issue..Not sure if other ppl have noticed this, or not, but it's really strange, and it makes it hard to level characters now.

It can't be the Taunt option, since the other members use the Normal option, so I'm just curious, did it change, or is it some kind of bug?

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Make sure the player taunting has enough accuracy to hit all the mobs before the killer hits them, also make sure that the killer isn't using reflect gear as that will count as the kill taunting and not the person being taunted.

EDIT: Usually when I used to taunt people we used magician hellfire with the glyph as its 100% accuracy you just have to wait for 1 tick of the dot first.

With Normal option the level is also factored in so if people are running someone with a greater level difference the EXP will be less.

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Technically I do that but with the Snow Storm skill, and it hits every mob, and not a single miss appears. I use the same technique I used back in the past months and everything was fine, just now, it's not working.

But I'll get that accuracy to see if maybe that's my problem.

ty for replying ^^

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