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Client and Network Encrypted

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Hey all,

We've decided to begin taking further steps to counter against malicious activity going on in-game. One of the biggest complaints we have are those who abuse packets, hacks and those who use clientless bots.

We've now added protection to our client and our network to further prevent such activity. We hope this is a great step into cleaning up the community here at NosTale Vendetta as we are proud to be hosting such a game on our network.

We have plenty more methods incoming over this year to prevent further abuse of the game. It will be a clean NosVille someday!

NOTE: With the change will come issues with our client. If you have problems loading our client or your anti-virus detects our client, then please whitelist the application to proceed. The detection is a false positive and is only triggering because we have not assigned a trusted certificate to the executable.

I'm sure some conspiracy theories will float around but I can assure you all the application is safe it is only encrypted.



Please check your Nostale install folder to see if Nostale.exe is still there. If you do not see it, it means that your anti-virus program has already removed it. You will need to go into your a/v quarantine section, restore the file and THEN add it to your exceptions list (though many anti-virus programs automatically ask if you want to do that since you are restoring the file).


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