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Rainbow Battle (Season One)

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Season One of Rainbow Battle has begun. This season we've decided to keep the same format from the Beta Season but we've made some changes to how the Rank System rewards points.

Season will end: April 4th 2019

How it Works
You will have to attend Rainbow Battle on the "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel. Announcements will be made 10 minutes prior to the system beginning. You will have to compete in 5 matches in order to gain your rank and then it is up to you how far you go in terms of where you wish to finish in the Season.

You gain points based on your teams end result and also your performance towards Kills/Deaths(KDA) and Objectives during the match.
NOTE: Preliminary matches do not count your kills/deaths or objectives it is strictly based on your team's result only.

Season One Rank Point Changes:
 - When you lose a game you will lose a lot more points than the previous season.
To reduce this deficit you will have to perform well enough by killing players and objectives.

The following Ranks can be obtained:


Bronze: 1 - 300 Points
Silver: 301 - 700 Points
Gold: 701 - 1500 Points
Platinum: 1501 - 2500 Points
Diamond: 2501+ Points
Diamond 3rd: 3rd out of all Diamond players.
Diamond 2nd: 2nd out of all Diamond players.
Diamond 1st: 1st out of all Diamond players.

You will lose your rank if your points drop to the bracket they belong in. Also players will lose 50 points each day they do not participate in Rainbow Battle.

NOTE: We do show your "Max Rank". This however does not reflect your reward you must maintain your rank in order to be rewarded. If you have Diamond Rank as max but finish in Gold then your reward will be Gold.

How can I view my Rank?
You will be able to view your rank on the website: by logging in and viewing the page.
Seasonal Rewards will be updated each season. For this season you will receive the following rewards:


In order to receive a Reward you will have to gain a rank placement.

Bronze: Season One Bronze Title
Silver:  Season One Silver Title, 25 Rainbow Coins.
Gold:  Season One Gold Title, 50 Rainbow Coins.
Platinum:  Season One Platinum Title, 100 Rainbow Coins, Season Minor Prize.
Diamond:  Season One Diamond Title, 200 Rainbow Coins, Season Main Prize.
Diamond 3rd: Season One Unique 3rd Place Diamond Title, 250 Rainbow Coins, Season Main Prize.
Diamond 2nd: Season One Unique 2nd Place Diamond Title, 300 Rainbow Coins, Season Main Prize.
Diamond 1st: Season One Unique 1st Place Diamond Title, 350 Rainbow Coins, Season Main Prize.

NOTE: Rainbow Coins can be sold for 2,500,000 gold in-game at any Merchant.

Season Minor & Main Prize
This Season's Minor prize is the Tier 1 Divine Rainbow Crystal. The Main prize is the Tier 3 Divine Rainbow Crystal:


How does Rainbow Battle work?
Please view the following thread on how the new Rainbow Battle works.

All standard rules apply as normal:

No Boosting - Anyone caught boosting or being boosted expect to be banned from the game altogether.

No Intentional Throwing - If you're caught throwing a game expect point deductions from your rank. If you're caught with repeat offenses expect a Rainbow Battle ban indefinitely.

Leaving/DC'ing - If a player leaves the match they will receive a 3 match ban from Rainbow Battle and a deduction of 100 points off their rank.

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