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Patch v32

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Season One Rainbow Battle has Begun!

Rainbow Battle Changes:
 - You will now gain x2 "Rainbow Penny" when winning a match additional to your box.
Rainbow Penny can be sold for 1,000,000 gold at a Shop NPC.
NOTE: You can only obtain a max of 3 "Rainbow Penny" per day. You will still obtain the box each win though.

 - Disabled the use of Sacrifice in Rainbow Battle.
This skill was causing a lot of problems including the new buff bug we had. The issue with the spawn to Krem is a big problem as well so we figured disable it for now until we find a new solution.

General Changes:
 - Removed the additional portals that appear after Caligor is complete until further testing has been done.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed cursors missing from the game.

 - It is possible due to how late this patch is the RBB schedule is slightly bugged. If it is bugged I will fix it when I return a few hours later (it needs a few hours to sync it's time properly).

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