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Discussion on Balance of Life Worshipper vs Other Awakened Healing Classes

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Hello everyone, my name is Aya and I’m a fairly new player to the server (but long time player of EE) and my favorite class in the game is Bard. I was very excited when I first unlocked the awakened bard classes, and I’ve been maining the dps spec, Battlefield Poet, for most of my time playing. Poet is perhaps not the strongest of the dps classes, but I enjoy it a lot and have been having a lot of fun playing and gearing it. However, I am not here to talk about the viability of Battlefield Poet. Aside from Poet, I also like to play the other awakened support classes, including the healing and dps specs. I would like to discuss the balance between the healing/support specs of the blue classes, and why I believe that Life Worshipper (support awakened bard spec) feels very underwhelming to play in comparison to some of the other options, particularly Holy Sage and Totem Master, as they are currently implemented on the server.


Before I begin I will offer some disclaimers:

  • I am mostly a PvE player, and an undergeared one at that 
  • I haven’t unlocked all of the holy skills yet for every class, so some of my comments on them are speculation
  • I do have experience in PvP on the official server (from a long time ago), but little on this server due to my lack of gear (I pretty much get 1 shot constantly in my attempts to participate)
  • I’m not an expert in game design or class balance, I just really enjoy the bard class and the concept of Life Worshipper and would like to feel like I am not actively hindering my team by playing it
  • I don’t expect any sort of changes to happen to the class, but I will suggest some ideas I have that could possibly improve the class and make it more like the ideal that I (and hopefully the admins in charge of class balance?) envision the class to be
  • I'm not here to argue with anyone or claim that I know how to best balance Life Worshipper, only to promote positive, respectful, and constructive discussion on how the class might be improved


To start off, I would like to break down what each of the healing classes (Adjudicator, Life Worshipper, Totem Master, and Holy Sage) seems to be capable of in my eyes. All of the classes can provide aoe healing to the party, so the major differentiating factors between the classes for me, lie in their supportive capabilities, as all of them seem to be able to output adequate amounts of healing to survive at a basic level in PvE. I have enclosed this information in spoilers so that people already familiar with the classes can skip this section if they wish:



  • Has a heal over time that buffs party def and some elemental resists, can have 100% uptime
  • Can remove debuffs from the party and buff party p-heal (received healing) by 50% with no cooldown
  • Can buff team’s HP by 20-25% as well as buff team’s Int, Wis, Luck, and Cast speed permanently
  • Has an extremely strong single target heal that is instant cast
  • Has the ability to force themselves out of combat
  • Has a spammable aoe damage skill for farming/damaging mobs
  • With holy skills, either gains a 2nd spammable aoe that increases enemy damage taken by up to 15%, or a healing zone that heals and buffs enemies while also debuffing enemies
  • Can potentially buff the team’s resists further if they meet certain conditions while equipping a glyph

Life Worshipper

  • Has buffs attached to its aoe heals that can buff team’s patk/matk, attack speed/cast speed, and evasion and has a small heal over time but must spam the skills to upkeep the buffs permanently
  • Can buff the team’s HP by 20% and movespeed by 20-30% permanently (and additionally buffs the team’s move/atk/cast speed a bit more if they take damage)
  • Can permanently buff the team’s physical crit rate by 10% if they have mana
  • Has the potential to combo with Elegant Dancer (a class that nobody seems to play…) for very powerful buffs
  • Has a unique skill “Soul Chaser’s Song” that I’ll describe more in detail later
  • With holy skills, can either buff team’s defense + reduce magic dmg taken, or make the team immune to sleep while reducing physical damage taken (but the buffs cannot be combined)



Totem Master

  • Has totems that can be placed and last for 30-120 seconds, providing the longest buffs and debuffs as long as they are on the ground, all entirely passively
  • Totems have the potential to buff team’s defense, evasion, elemental resistances, and physical resistances permanently, or to offer % healing over time + % damage reduction permanently
  • Has a silence totem that seems like it would have good potential in pvp
  • Has a permanent buff that buffs team’s core stats (str/int/wis/agi/luck) by a large amount (200+ at levels 100+)
  • Can reduce enemy’s elemental resistances by up to 50 permanently as long as the boss doesn’t remove the debuff, as well as reducing enemy’s attack/cast/move speed
  • Has a temporary buff to the totem that can increase the team’s patk and matk
  • Their holy skill allows their aoe heal to heal for more, become instant cast, and potentially buff the team’s movespeed by 15%



Holy Sage

  • Their aoe “Cure” skill can interact with a trophy that increases the team’s Max HP
  • Can choose between reducing the damage the enemy deals by 30% or being able to remove eight (8!) debuffs from party members in an aoe every 5 seconds
  • Has a heal that heals party members by doing damage to the boss
  • Has auras that last up to 30 seconds can give various buffs to the team while also making everyone permanently immune to crowd control
  • Passively takes reduced damage while channeling the auras
  • Is the only healer with the ability to heal the team’s mana (by an amount strong enough to counteract the mp drain most classes have on their buffs, including themselves)
  • Has a temporary buff that increases the team’s Max HP and P-Heal by 20%
  • With the holy skill, can give themselves a buff that heals them when taking damage


Given this information, all of the healers seem strong on paper, but in my experience, Totem Master and Holy Sage especially seem to massively outshine Life Worshipper in terms of healing and supportive capability. To me, bard’s niche was always that it was meant to be the king of buffing the team, provided you were able to upkeep the buffs. However, Totem Master and Holy Sage seem to be able to provide better buffs than Life Worshipper, while also healing the team. Most importantly, these two classes provide PASSIVE buffs that last 30 seconds or more. Meaning, that after you turn on the buff, you are then free to do whatever you want, be it spamming heals, adding some dps, or even tabbing out to browse social media, because these buffs will still be going, while Life Worshipper has to constantly refresh their songs to keep up their buffs. In addition, Life Worshippers buffs seem overall WEAKER than the buffs provided by the other healing classes, even if you were to keep all of them up. The only justification for using Life Worshipper seems to be if you want their unique movespeed buff (which you can pop and then change class), if you already have a Holy Sage or Totem Master in the party (in which case, you probably don’t need a 2nd healer), or if you have an Elegant Dancer partner in the party (a class that nobody seems to play). I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Angel of Justice (the dps sage counterpart) has debuffs strong enough to massively outdo Life Worshipper in terms of buffing the team’s dps as well.


I will now go over Life Worshipper specifically and what I like about the class and what I think should be changed about it. I will go over all of its skills specifically, but I would like to get a few things out of the way first about what I see as good and bad things about the class that affect the class’s kit as a whole.



  • The buffs are tied to the heals – this is an amazing upgrade over original bard and by far my favorite feature of the class
  • They have the highest potential base movespeed out of all the healers that gets even more ridiculous with their buff, giving the class a unique niche of “gotta go fast”
  • They are the only support class that combos with another class (blade dancer). This is both a pro and a con, as it feels like you rely on having a partner for this to be effective whereas the other healers are effective by themselves. I don’t want to see this feature removed, but it would be nice to feel like Life Worshipper doesn’t require a partner to even begin to compete with the other healers. Perhaps the combination buffs for the 2 classes could be made stronger, to encourage people to actually play them together.



  • Their KP only gives them 10% HP at max, whereas Holy Sage and Totem Master can both get 20% with the same amount of investment. Their KP also gives them only 5 of type of each resistance at most, whereas the other healers can get up to 20 of either type (elemental for Totem Master and physical for Holy Sage). I don’t know how advisable it is to invest into these stats for end-game builds, but as a player who is still gearing up, investing in these stats is very important for my survivability. I would like to see Life Worshiper be able to at least get 10 of each type of resistance at the cost of more points. I would also like to see Life Worshipper get the same amount of HP investment per point of KP, but I can understand if both of these changes would be asking for too much.
  • Life Worshipper’s buffs last 5-15 seconds depending on the song. This is absolutely unacceptable to me considering that Totem Master and Holy Sage seem to get stronger buffs that last at minimum 30 seconds. One of the nice things about original bard was that you had the option to invest KP into songs to increase their duration, as well as utilize equipment to increase them further. I would love to see the KP for Life Worshipper not only increase healing for the songs, but to also increase the amount of time that the buffs last to allow for less constant buff management. Alternatively, it would be nice if the class had some KP to increase some or all of the buffs duration separately from the healing, so that I could choose between less buff management or stronger heals if I wanted to.
  • Life Worshipper requires a guitar to use their skills. Since a guitar is a 2-handed weapon, this means that the class loses the option to block, whereas the other healers can use a mace and shield if they want to for increased survivability. I am not trying to discount the value of parry (and I am aware that you can always equip a shield if you need it) but I feel like if you are getting focused in PvP, being able to block attacks while still having access to your skills can be pretty huge. It would be nice if the healing guitars got some kind of bonus to them (perhaps to buff duration?) to make the trade-off more worth it.
  • Life Worshipper cannot combine their holy skills, meaning that you must choose one and if you happen to somehow group with another life worshipper who uses the other skill, you will conflict with each other. I would like to at least see this conflict removed, as neither of the skills seems strong enough to me that using both at once would create some kind of massive imbalance to the game.
  • Life Worshipper currently has no way to increase the team’s p-healing (which original bard had) or defense (without a potentially conflicting holy skill, and original bard also had this ability), whereas all three of the other healers can boost these stats without sacrificing their holy skill. Original bard also had the niche of being the only class that could make the party immune to sleep, but Life Worshipper relies on having its holy skill for this as well.
  • Life Worshipper’s permanent buffs, the 20% HP and 20% movespeed buffs, last 20 minutes and 10 minutes respectively for seemingly no reason. I don’t see the harm in making these skills last 30 minutes and 15 minutes to at least match the other healers with permanent group buffs.
  • Life Worshipper has no debuffing capability. Original bard was able to use their skill “Burning Metal” to lower enemies’ defense, but Life Worshipper lost this capability. All of the other healers have some kind of way to debuff the enemy: Adjudicator can increase enemy damage taken by up to 15% with their holy skill, Totem Master can reduce enemy elemental resists by up to 50 (+ reducing attack/cast/move speed), and Holy Sage can choose to reduce enemy damage dealt by 30% if they don’t need to remove debuffs. Angel of Justice, again, is also a debuffing monster. Having Burning Metal as a skill meant that Bard had something to do in between managing buffs for the team, so I think having at least 1 debuffing skill for the enemy would be nice so that Life Worshipper can play as something more than “just spam these 4 songs over and over" as well as have something to do when healing or buffing is not needed right away.


I’ll now talk about all of Life Worshipper’s individual skills more specifically, and what I think could be done to improve them. My Life Worshipper is currently level 90, so I’ll be rounding the exact numerical values of the skills to an approximate number based on that level in my descriptions. Comparatively, a level 90 “Cure” heals for about +4k HP at base. Seeing as this is what Holy Sage uses as its casted aoe heal (Totem Master’s Rain and Adjudicator’s Light of Truth seem to heal for even more), I think this is a good comparison for the base healing values of Life Worshipper’s heals.


  • Battle Hymn – Heals all party members for 3k HP and increases their Patk by 10k for 15 seconds. Buff’s elegant dancer’s “Samba” skill. Healing can be increased by up to 15% with KP.
  • Forceful Rhythm - Heals all party members for 2.8k HP and increases their Matk by 12.5k for 15 seconds. If combined with an Elegant dancer’s buff, increases party members Patk by an additional 15%. Healing can be increased by up to 30% with KP.


Let’s talk about these two skills first, as they are perhaps the most unique buffs that Life Worshipper can provide as opposed to the other healers; they buff patk/matk by a flat amount. Right now, I feel like even with these buffs, Holy Sage and Totem Master still do a better job of buffing the team offensively. The flat patk/matk values are not a lot at base in my opinion to make it worth bringing the class over the other healers that can heal for more, buff the team’s defenses better, and in the case of Holy Sage, make the team immune to fear while also restoring the team’s hp and mp constantly. Not to mention that if Holy Sage really wanted to, it could turn on an aura that buffs the team’s patk, matk, pcrit rate, and mcrit by 10% ALL at once. Totem Master also gets a buff that it can upkeep for 20 seconds out of every minute (more if you have glyphs and such) that buffs the team’s patk/matk by 30% (something Life Worshipper requires an elegant dancer friend to accomplish) while also debuffing the enemy’s resistances, -- all without having to spam the skills.

This is where I think Life Worshipper’s niche should be vs the other healers. If the other healers get stronger healing while also having passive buffs that buff the team’s defenses by a large amount and offense by a decent amount, Life Worshipper should get the best offensive buffs by a landslide, so that if you are willing to trade in the defensive capabilities of the other healers, you are rewarded with more damage for your team. Please bear with me as I am pretty bad at math, but here is an observation I was able to make with my noob gear as far as the effects of these buffs go:

  • With no achievements to matk with weapons, no matk kp/certs/pet/hero trait (but with fire meteor), and a +14 level 90 staff, my totem master has about 83k base matk. When buffing myself with my 30% matk buff from the totem, my matk went up to over 103k. That is a difference of over 20k actual matk, making the skill nearly twice as strong as the flat amount you can get from Life Worshipper’s skill. I can only imagine that the difference is much higher for an end-game player.

I don't feel qualified to suggest an exact value that these skills should give, but it would be nice to see them do more than just boost patk/matk by a flat amount. Perhaps they could additionally increase ally skill damage dealt by a small percentage or buff ally double/triple hit rate, anything to differentiate them from the better buffs that the other healers can give.


Now let’s talk about Life Worshipper’s other songs:

  • Melody of Lightness – Heals allies for about 3.7k HP and increases their evasion by about 400 for 15 seconds. Can be combined with elegant dancer’s skill for an additional 20% increase to evasion. Healing can be increased with KP up to 20%.
  • Thunderous Voice – Heals allies for about 3.9k HP and increases their attack and cast speed by up to 10% for 5 seconds. Healing can be increased with KP up to 20%.

Melody of Lightness lost the defense that the original bard’s skill had in exchange for more evasion. Now, I personally love evasion as a stat. However, evasion’s usefulness is somewhat up for debate in various cases. In PvE vs trial bosses and such, it can be great to have, but I am unsure if a boss’s skills can be dodged entirely with evasion. In PvP, evasion can also be nice I think, but if this server is anything like the official server, all serious PvP players stack loads of accuracy anyway to counter it. Despite these things, I am happy with this portion of the skill as it is now. However, I would like to see the skill either regain the defense boost it originally had or gain a buff for allies to their resistances/reducing damage taken/etc. so that the skill isn’t totally useless in situations where evasion can’t help you.

Thunderous Voice is probably bard’s most useless song in my opinion. Attack and cast speed are some of the easiest stats to cap, and not every class even values having them capped. Additionally, even if you do care, this buff only lasts a measly 5 seconds, so you have to constantly spam the skill to keep the buff. I would like to ideally see this buff totally replaced, either with a more defensive one (like the resists in my previous suggestion) or with perhaps by simply directly buffing agi and maybe one other core stat instead, such as luck. If not a buff to core stats, this skill could instead be made into the skill that Life Worshipper has to increase allies’ p-healing or even g-healing so that it can compete with the other healers who all have some kind of way to increase the amount of healing they can give to their team. Another idea is to add a small amount of lightning damage onto the buff, so that Life Worshipper can regain what original bard had in demonic symphony/war rhyme to some extent. I would also like to see this buff’s duration extended to at least 15 seconds to match the other buffs that Life Worshipper has.


Next, let’s talk about Life Worshipper’s permanent buffs:

  • Song of Life – Increases party members’ max HP by 20% for 20 minutes and recovers 1.5k HP per second for 15 seconds.
  • Wind of Impatience – Increases party members’ movespeed by 20-30% for 10 minutes. When attacked while this skill is active, additionally increases attack/cast/move speed by 10% for 5 seconds.
  • Song of Light – reduces the caster’s damage taken by 10% and increases allies’ physical crit rate by 10%, but drains 3% of MP per second. Can be combined with an elegant dancer’s skill to increase party’s patk/matk by 30% and crit/mcrit rate by 5%

Firstly, I would change the duration of the base component of these skills to match the duration of their counterparts that the other healers have, as I mentioned before. As for the heal over time component of Song of Life, I would like to see it either last longer, heal for a % of allies’ HP, or heal for a small amount of HP and MP instead. This skill wouldn’t have to match the mana output of Holy Sage if that is to be its niche, but it would be nice if Life Worshipper had at least some mana support for the team. At the very least, I would like for Life Worshipper to be able to output enough mana to at least upkeep its own mp draining buff to better provide support for the team without relying on having some kind of mana battery present.

Additionally, I would like to see song of light buff physical and magical crit rate. I understand that Elegant Dancer is meant to be the mcrit rate counterpart, but again, I don’t see any Elegant Dancers running around literally ever. This would also make it so that the class had a bit of an easier time gearing up for healing, seeing as healing is affected by mcrit rate. If nothing else, I would like to see the two skills swapped between Life Worshipper and Elegant Dancer, so that those classes can benefit from their own buffs. If Song of Life was changed to heal a small amount of MP, I would like to perhaps see the cost of Song of Light reduced to maybe 1 or 2%, so that Life Worshipper could afford to upkeep its own buff, but wasn’t outputting enough mana to totally shore up the mana problems of all the other classes.


Now, I will discuss Life Worshipper’s most unique skill:

  • Soul Chaser’s Song – applies a buff to party members that lasts 20-25 seconds. If party HP drops below 40% during this time, their HP is healed to 100% when hit. Also removes Knocked Down status and grants immunity to it for 8 seconds.

I saved this skill for last, as it is very weird and clunky in my opinion. In my experience, if a boss or player’s attack reduces my HP to below 40%, it is usually either outright killing me and the buff doesn’t activate, or I am healed up to full (or above 40%) before I take the next hit, rendering the healing portion worthless. I also find that since this skill requires you to take some kind of damage to trigger the heal, that if I take damage when my HP is already lower than 40%, I am almost certainly dying to that damage. In short, I have almost never encountered a situation where I can get this skill to work as intended. I would like to either see the HP threshold for this skill increased (to maybe 50%-70%?) or for it to simply grant damage reduction instead after your HP drops to the 40% threshold. In my opinion, an effect similar to “if HP drops below 40%, reduce incoming damage by x% for y seconds, then heal z% HP” would be more effective in accomplishing what this skill is trying to do. It still might not prevent my noob self from getting 1-shot by things, but at least it would give the skill a better chance at helping me survive when it is active. The knockdown effect is probably fine as it is now, although seeing how Holy Sage is able to make people immune to the status entirely, I think that the Knockdown Immunity increase could maybe stand to be increased by just a little bit (and maybe the duration could be reduced in PvP if that would be too strong).


Finally, I will discuss Life Worshipper’s two Holy Skills:

  • Melody of Protection – Increases party members’ defense by 8k and reduces their magic damage taken by about 900 for 15 seconds.
  • Sleep is for the Weak – Reduces party members’ physical damage taken by about 900 and grants them immunity to sleep for 15 seconds

I previously mentioned that I would like for these skills to no longer conflict, which is true. However, I would like to do this by combining them together into one skill. The defense portion of Melody of Protection could be combined into Melody of Lightness (similar to how original bard had it) and the overall skill would simply be “reduces party members’ damage taken by 900 and grants immunity to sleep for 15 seconds.” If the damage reduction portion would be too strong, the number could of course be tweaked, but Sleep Immunity was a very significant niche that original bard had, and it sucks to have to use the Holy skill slot to get that back. Additionally, this skill wouldn’t have to be buffed by any increases to Life Worshipper song duration as a way to balance it by forcing the bard to pay attention to keep it up. A combined skill like this would be an upgrade to the original “Musical Encouragement” that makes it worth it to use your Holy Slot on. The other option for a Holy Skill could then be to make a brand new debuffing skill, similar to how Adjudicator has to choose between an extra heal/buff or a debuff for their holy skill. This skill could reduce enemy defenses in some way, similar to what burning metal did for the original bard. I think this would still fit with the overall theme of Life Worshipper buffing their team’s damage while healing by playing music, as well as present players with a significant choice to make for their Holy Skill.


In conclusion, I think that Life Worshipper in its current state is very underwhelming as both a healer and support compared to its other awakened counterparts. I’ve presented my issues with the class and how I think it could potentially be changed while still maintaining balance. Thank you to anyone who managed to read all of this, and I would love for others to also present their thoughts and ideas on what they think of Life Worshipper and what changes they might make to it. If nothing else, I would also enjoy hearing some of the reasoning behind why Life Worshipper is currently balanced the way it is from the admins or more experienced players if they believe the class is fine as it is.



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Good and interesting i visions of things


As concerning the holy skill that heals you 100% of your hp you are the only heal to do that, it might be pleasent to play around that, if you get os, this mean you still have stuff to work on (Gears, resistance, hp and other) 

For me LW is not a healer but more a buffer that is supposed to give the advantages against the ennemy team (in pvp) by making a lot of buffs, removing chances to get the "important" buff debuffed, and give a tiny bit of stats bonus against the ennemy team 

in my oppinions it's more the buff that should be buffed, more than the heals, when geared you will see that you wont get os, and able to make proc your 100% heal way more often than if you get os (and that's normal)


I may be wrong , but that's a good thing! thanks !

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Idk if anyone tried it yet but the holy skills can become a gem now and what if they put both the holy skills?

Will it override the other? Or perhaps u can't equip the same holy skill of the same awaken class?

I agree to add more time for about 5 - 10 secs duration of each buff but idk if it will be broken or not

And LW is a strong buffer when partnered with ED I think that was the design for the class

Burning Metal in bard was given to BP as it was on the Dps side

Yeah as Nippa said LW is more a buffer than a healer

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So after grinding out ten levels on LW (and honestly losing the will to live from it), there needs to be more than just increasing the value of their buffs given that those buffs are really all LW gets.  What also makes it feel worse is that the buffs are tied to heals for what seems to be no reason whatsoever and given cast times that feel excessive and far too punishing.  The end result is a class that seems too punishing for what little reward it provides as an awakened class, and less efficient than the baseline bard class when it comes to buffs and healing.

If I were in a position to make changes to LW, I would increase the buffs, keep the heals where they are now (maybe nerf them a bit) and then make all those "heal & buff" spells properly instant cast.  If it's meant to be a buffer, fine, but they need to be the absolute best in the game and vastly more powerful than anything that any other awakened healer brings to the table.  If it's meant to be a healer with buffs, that's fine too, but it needs tweaks to make it a more viable healer.

Lastly, I feel that someone needs to point out that if a particular class specifically requires being geared to the teeth to be of any value to a group, then it's a poorly designed class.  LW seems to fit this description all too well.

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With bards I purposely split them into a DPS/Debuffer and a Healer/Buffer rather than it being similar to normal bard where it was just a Buffer/Debuffer with a tad of DPS built into it, I'm sorry if I come across as a bit rude for this statement but you can't really expect me to keep stacking more and more things into the class or it becomes a case of having too much on the class. The class has the potential of being just as wanted as the other healers but because of the following factors it will never be as valued as its counter parts:

  • People care less about buffs and their values and only care about the additional bonuses the skills give. People don't care for the P-ATK/M-ATK value. You could match Holy Sage's buff and it still being less desirable because people don't pick Holy Sage for that reason, they pick it to remove CC. You can't just match this with Life Worshipper because then its just the same class over again right?
  • People like having a shield for block. Yes you mentioned this point but quite honestly what do you expect from this? Parry is already considered too good in PvP especially PDPS players complain about it the most so increasing its worth isn't really going to solve the problem of 2HD vs 1HD and you cant make it a Mace Shield class because that takes away from the whole point of the class.
  • Players see what someone calls the best class and then anything other than that class is unacceptable. Look at Glacier Knight as a perfect example. People saw the patch notes for that class and called it the stupidist thing ever that no one will ever use. They called it all sorts and since that class was released I've never buffed it only nerfed it and yet its still the most popular healer class in the game while Paladin which I predicted would become a top contender for the healer class throne is almost never played even after several buffs to it. Right now Life Worshipper can compete with the other healer classes its just not the best possible one so people don't give it the time of day.


There's a lot of truths to your post and yes although mentioned above the buffs can feel a little underwhelming especially because the class's purpose is to buff as its primiary job. However, this post is far too Life Worshipper focused and feels like the classes you mentioned aspects that they excel in are very lightly mentioned which may be down to your experiance with them and isn't really a clear example. I mean looking at Totem Master as one of your comparrisions. Yes its totem buffs are nice and its heal is the strongest in the game but to be quite honest if you take this class in to PvP your totems are almost instantly killed and the Time Totem and Rebellion totem don't actually work vs players at all so I mean the class is very hard to even use in PvP because its very inconsistant which is something that Life Worshipper has very little issues asside from buff removing trophies which all buffs suffer with. Asside from the Holy Skill's on Life Worshipper this class has the power to up keep all its buffs at once where as both Holy Sage and Totem Master lack in this department.

One skill you mentioned was the Soul Chasers Song. This skill is largely unchanged from its original version and was one of the biggest selling points of this class back when Awaken Classes where released to begin with. This skill is one of the only things that would make me as an ex-player who was a guild leader of very successful PvP guilds in many servers would tell someone to play this class. The clunkyness is just how buffs work in Eden so apologies that will always be the case but I see zero problems with this skill and if the class ever became meta this will be the first thing PvP players will cry is too OP I guarentee it.

I wouldn't change anything to do with the Combo buffs either as in the past a couple people have run Elegant Dancers for the specific reason of this combination. Although this post is out-dated abit now here is an example of some party setups people have considered and tried in the past and as you can see both classes are in one of these parties atleast.

However, it's an Elegant Dancer problem not a Life Worshipper problem which many will agree with me on. So I'd much rather spend the time improving Elegant Dancer over Life Worshipper as naturally if Elegant Dancer becomes a desired class Life Worshipper will join it. Which again is a unique factor of the class that should not be changed.

Holy Skills, I'll be breif with this one but Holy Skills my design was to not make them useful at all on most classes but for them to be a "nice" addition to the class. The problem with the original Holy Weapons was that they make or break the class. Very few classes could function without having the Holy Skill and if the class didn't have a good Holy Skill then it just wasn't worth playing the class. My design was much better in my eyes as it still was an option but it wasn't required and now that you can make them in a gem the only arguement left is "Should I put a resistance gem here or get another skill" rather than "Should I use this weapon cause its better or this other weapon because I get a free skill" which I think is a much better option.


To summerise my response I will honestly say your opinion is quite based of your current experiance of the class as an undergeared PvE focused player. Life Worshipper honestly is a lot better when geared and played in a party in a PvP location where it can make use of its 100% heal. It's much better than the original bard as now it can be played as a support and a healer which one of the biggest complaints for many years was that bard is in the healer category but cannot heal more than a couple hunder points a second or single target cure spam. Then comparing it to the last iteration of Life Worshipper before the big rebalance patch I would also consider it higher in quality and in purpose because again it has the option to heal a party without having windows of time where all its heals are on cooldown and not just a Soul Chasers Song and Winds of Impatience bot. I understand its numbers could be improved to make it slightly better but the fundamental reason its not picked nearly as much as the other classes is mainly down to player preferance, ease of use and generally it not doing the thing people want the most from the class "Anti-CC". Adding to the durations wont matter for anything other than making it easier for the players as right now anyone worth their salt will likely have all buffs up at all times unless gated by a cooldown like Soul Chasers Song (As with 26% cast speed I can put them all up without the first running out and anyone who has the class geared should already have enough cast speed for instant cast). I can look into doing these 2 changes at a later date though (Holy Skills included on the numbers changes). I can however say unless the buffs are made OP there is still going to be no change in how many people will play this class nore the reaction you will get from players when you join a party on this class as its a mentality problem from the players of "This isn't Adjudicator or Glacier Knight" and in PvE Totem Master is just so easy to play and is rewarding to play so why would anyone not like it.



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58 minutes ago, Raarsi said:

So after grinding out ten levels on LW (and honestly losing the will to live from it), there needs to be more than just increasing the value of their buffs given that those buffs are really all LW gets.  What also makes it feel worse is that the buffs are tied to heals for what seems to be no reason whatsoever and given cast times that feel excessive and far too punishing.  The end result is a class that seems too punishing for what little reward it provides as an awakened class, and less efficient than the baseline bard class when it comes to buffs and healing.

If I were in a position to make changes to LW, I would increase the buffs, keep the heals where they are now (maybe nerf them a bit) and then make all those "heal & buff" spells properly instant cast.  If it's meant to be a buffer, fine, but they need to be the absolute best in the game and vastly more powerful than anything that any other awakened healer brings to the table.  If it's meant to be a healer with buffs, that's fine too, but it needs tweaks to make it a more viable healer.

Lastly, I feel that someone needs to point out that if a particular class specifically requires being geared to the teeth to be of any value to a group, then it's a poorly designed class.  LW seems to fit this description all too well.

I don't see any problem with the buffs and heals being tied together, I see 0 problem with this. Would you rather the buffs have no heal and just be buffs like original bard? Like I said in my above response the biggest complaint about regular bard was it couldn't heal now it can. Cast times are not excessive at all every other healer class has the same or longer times on its healing skills and anyone worth their salt will have instant cast especially because 2HD weapons require less cast speed and from achievements alone you basically get what a 15% free cast speed and if you wanted to be easy mode all it takes it the 2 certs to get another free 20% and then legendaries costumes give another 5%. If you cannot get instant cast then you should work on your build and not blame the class.

Making it's skills instant cast is just one way to make the stat in the game useless. Lets not just make stats useless because you don't like it. I agree it needs tweaks to make it a more viable healer but without turning it into another class which what is the point of that, it will never be viable unless the combination of Elegant Dancer and Life Worshipper is desired.

This statement is very inaccurate lol. If you're playing PvE then you can just stack it out the ass with cast speed certs and mcrit certs and disregard a lot of -DMG and resistance as you don't need to overcap that stuff for PvE. If on the other hand your playing PvE and want to be usefull on a an Undergeared class then don't be daft, if you're undergeared vs geared people you're going to be stepped on and there is nothing wrong with people being rewarded for putting time into their gear. Quite honeslty with the new Guitar you can just cap cast speed and just spam proc it to heal in PvE lol.

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