Make Act 4 GREAT AGAIN ..

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i have a question can we maybe make Act4 to a good PvP Act because it was so great, the time where Angels Vs Demons fight each other... that was so much FUN! Maybe u guys work on the Raid that if we done the raid not Raidboxes drop rather it give us something with C-Level Eq or like that because nobody needs shells anymore. Or u Add some another cool stuff into act 4 but i realy want Act4 PvP back...

And i promise u i am not the only one who think like that About Act4 :D

Thank u and i hope we get some big Updates <3

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I think it just should be more attractive I mean sure, it's mainly for pvp nowdays, but if there just a few people i will rather go arena instead of crown. Back to what i wanted to say, i would change the current act 4 raids(Since they are literally useless even for low level players) and like make a pvp zone out of it like the "battlearena" in act 4 which was introduced some years ago.

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I don't mind people not going in Act4.
Not mentioning how partners are ebola nowadays, you can easily notice that the server hosting that channel is utterly meh. It happens a lot of times, even when it's not Caligor time, that you get stucked casting a spell because of the server lag.
Everytime I check my ping on that channel goes from 30 to 120ms and it's not only me having that specific issue in that specific channel.
If they really want to care about Act4, they should first upgrade the server hosting it.

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