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Patch v12

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Arena Changes:
Please note the following changes are a test run to see what you guys think. Please leave feedback on the forums as to whether you enjoyed it or not and obviously if we should change then how should we change it. If it does not work out the way we'd like it to then we can revert these changes.
 - Stronghold Battle. Golden Desert now only requires 5 people per team.
 - All Class based arenas have been set to 1v1 arenas.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed the Cool Kitty Eyepatch, Bad Kitty Eyepatch & Kitty Eyepatch missing stats.

Item Mall Changes:
 - Astral Puzzle has been updated for this week.

This weeks Grab Bags!

Here are some of the items you can win from this week's grab bags!




We're still working out kinks for the next big patch we're sorry for the wait but the bug is game breaking and it must be addressed before we can proceed.

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