Monster Spawn Mondays

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Monday Monday Monday!

I will be turning the day into Monday Spawn Mondays!

Every Monday at 4:30am Server time, I will be hosting a monster spawn event.

It will be located in Enocia, channel 1, in the Enocia Highlands. That's right outside of the base, if you've found Festering Boar mobs, you're at the right spot.


I will be spawning various world bosses for your killing, and looting, pleasures. At the end, I will spawn some balls for exp/gold/rank points.

Each faction will receive 30mins of fun. I will start with the Royal Guards first and then FK will be 30mins afterwards.


A couple of notes for people:

1. Balls need to be popped with Cluster 1s (NOT cluster 2s)

2. Please allow the lower level (max L63) people to pop balls, and we don't quite have a high level ball ready yet for these events.

3. If you're a medic, and you can't pop a ball with a cluster, remove your weapon and you will have no issues, this is an old bug from ASB days.

4. For all that is holy, watch your exp %. If you accidentally level a toon you didn't want to, oh well, we cannot lower your level back down for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. If you get DC'd during balls and you relog, you will probably be on channel 2. Do NOT immediately switch to Ch1 or you will get stuck with the "Synchronizing, please wait" message. Move to base, THEN change to Ch1, then go back to balls.

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