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Game Sage Applications

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Hello everyone!


We are currently in the process of looking for Game Sages for Scarlet Blade (pending how many are received), and Eden Eternal.


Game Sages are the staff most closest to the Game Masters and the ones who help facilitate requests of the players to us!

We're looking for motivated people willing and active to step up to the plate in order to assist the Game Masters and players in their respective game.


A general rundown of what a game sage does or can do:

(This is not all inclusive)

  • Help with patch work. Whether it be assisting in planning it or help testing it
  • Assist players in-game with general questions and inquires
  • Assist GMs in general activities and other requests they may have
  • Work with other GS's in order to plan events for each or all games
  • Moderate chat and other functions (e.g: bot hunting) in their respective game


Some things a Game Sage cannot do:

  • A Game Sage cannot answer tickets nor can they even see them
    • There is the exception of the Head GS of each game
  • A Game Sage cannot get account information or any personal information from a player.
    • Should they try to message you for it, submit a ticket with proof.
  • A Game Sage cannot spawn items in for themselves. Most event items are provided to them from Game Masters.


What is required of a Game Sage?

Anyone is able to apply for whichever game they like, assuming they're active on it, but there are a few regulations:

  • You MUST be fluent in English
    • If your application is in a language other than English, it will be removed
  • You must not have been permanently banned on any account
  • You must be active on the forums as well as in-game. Anyone who is inactive and applying will not be chosen
  • You must be willing to make a discord and be active on said discord. Anyone who fails to be active on discord will be removed from staff.


How do I apply to be a Game Sage?

I will be doing things a bit different this time and will be opening my mailbox for applications.



I want staff who can follow instructions the first time they're given. If you cannot follow these very simple instructions, then I do not want you on the team.

You get 1 chance to submit this application. If you cannot follow instructions on your first apply, I will ignore any apply attempts after.


The questions for the application and what you should include in your message will be listed in a reply to this post below.



How should I set up my application?

  • In the 'Subject' line of the message, make it for which ever game your applying for:
    • [Scarlet Blade] GS Application
    • [Eden Eternal] GS Application


  • In the message, copy the question and your answer directly below it. It's a simple copy and paste from the question's reply below. Example:

What is your in-game name?



  • Submit only 1 application only. You can edit it after you submit it should you need to, but I can see any edits you make, so keep that in mind.
    • Submitting multiple messages/applications or spamming your application with replies will get it deleted and your forum account possibly banned.


Please do not message me regarding tickets or any other situation that is not an application. I will just ignore and delete them from my inbox. There are proper means to get a question solved, and 9/10 your question may have already been solved on the forums if you search for it.


I take your application as seriously as you do. If you give me 1 word responses, do not expect to get past this application period.

I will not comment on applications and you may not receive a response to your application. So should an application just be left at the notification of me having just read it, does not mean to spam me asking what I think.



I will leave my messages open till May 6th at the latest.


Any application sent after that period will not be considered.



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Questions to answer in your application:

Please do not skip any questions or change them.

What is your in-game name?

What timezone/region are you in?

What languages, if any, do you speak?

Do you have anything that you think may interfere with your position as a GS should you be hired? (College, school, work, etc.)

What, if any, alt accounts do you have? (I verify this, so if you account share with someone, even that in-game name should be included.)

How long have you been playing EE/NT/SB?

How long have you been playing EE/NT/SB on VGN?

What makes you different from the other applicants and why should I hire you?

What do you think you can bring to the team?

Why do you think you're suitable for this job?

Give an example where you've had to work under pressure and what you did.

Describe an occasion when you've had to communicate complex information to another person or group of people.

Have you ever been banned or muted, if so, why?

Do you have any issues with any of the current staff members I should know about?

What's your discord name?

Is there any other information you would like to include in this application?

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Thank you to everyone who applied for the position!

The people have been decided and will be contacted on Friday with more information about the position!

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