Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

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Hello a other suggestion for altar (crystal or gems)


Thanks for reading and i hope they will be in altar soon

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Would it be possible to swap the alphas from gem altar (Row 6) with the Level 70/85/95 Gathering tools from Row 3 Crystal altar?

Most players (myself included) really hate to take gathering tools from crystal altar which has caused a massive shortage in the mentioned tools, we could even keep the rows where they would place the same, would just make it so the people who roll for tools have a different place to look for. This is more of a longterm altar thought vs short term, Eden Crystals currently go for 300g each, MOST gathering tools go for 150-250g each, which causes it to hurt the likelihood of them being taken even further.

(The suggestion would be the row 6 gem altar alpha's becoming row 3 crystal altar rewards While the row 3 gathering tools 70/85/95 Would then become the row 6 Gem Altar rewards (Which would then not interfere with the 30/45/60 gathering tools being row 3 of gem altar as well.)

If possible cool!

If not would we be able to get an explanation why?

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~★~★~★~★~★ Costumes@Mystery Boxes or Crystal Altar ★~★~★~★~★~

zRbKG.png zRbKN.png


~★~★~★~★~★ Head, Face, Mouth, Back@CrystalAltar, GemAltar ,MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~


A0ITS.png A0IU0.png



~★~★~★~★~★ Mount, WeaponsStones@CrystalAltar or MysteryBoxes ★~★~★~★~★~

A0J0D.png zRbeq.png


~★~★~★~★~★ Prime - to - Legendary ★~★~★~★~★~


Unless im blind i don't see this as legendary in Archive (>_< ;  )

~★~★~★~★~★ Dye Altar(different colors +Black n White) ★~★~★~★~★~



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