Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

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Crystal / Gem altar   -  either is fine:
-Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage (legendary)
-Blazing Eye (legendary)
-Stealthy Assassin Dagger (legendary)

Pretty please.

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HI, my suggestion for the Crystal Altar or Mysterious Box  :P  Thx !

Body :

Mysterious Bunny Jacket (legendary)
Charmed Exorcist Gown (Legendary)

Mysterious Guerilla Threads (Legendary)

Mysterious Soft Kitty Nightie (Legendary)

Weapons :

Tedde Bare (Legendary)

Head :

Mysterious Whistle (Legendary)

Secret Treasure Hand-Deyd hair Bow

Cuckoo for Coconut Chocolat (Legendary) ? 

Delicate Alpaca bandage (Legendary)

Mounts :

Pudding Bunny (Legendary)

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Crystal Altar :

1526030039822382337.png     Mysterious Sylver Ares Garb (Legendary)

15260303691473515798.png     Mysterious White Goddess Threads (Legendary)


Mystery Box :

  •  Pack Ironblade Wings :
  1.   15260336441018706263.png Navy Blue Ironblade Wings (Legendary)
  2.   1526033713870549446.png Black Ironblade Ironblade Wings (Legendary)
  3.   1526033679261154043.png White Ironblade Ironblade Wings (Legendary)

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Doesnt matter if they're in boxes, crystal altar or eden gem one. :^)



Sea blue


Star stones and Luna rocks:


Pure sprite star gem

Dark sprite star gem

Purity fire star stone

Purple bubble luna rock

Purpure Aquadancer luna rock

Ocean's orchid Dream star stone


Head costumes: 


Hibiscus hair clasp

Mysterious crystal earring

Mysterious wings headwear

Mysterious alpaca ushanka

Mysterious bunny hat

Mysterious Cat-Ear headphones

Sleek kitsu ears set

Mysterious bubble lollipop

Mysterious cheshire hat

Mystertious dainty beach hat

Scottish fold ears (brown or black)

Elegant white bunny ears

Exquisite plume earrings

Mysterious crown

Mysterious spectacles

Back costume:


Purple judgement wings

Periwinkle pixie wings

Reverie's sprite wings

twilight seraph wings

Pure fairy wings

Body costume:


Mysterious beguiling cheongsam

Whimsical saiolrette dress

Christmas fur dress

Mysterious ruffle two-piece

Mysterious summer kimono

Mysterious pastry chef

Mysterious pirate tank top

Mysterious pirate vest

Mysterious female mecha pilot suit

Delicate cruel death frock

Mysterious everyday uniform dress

Mysterious knight armor dress

Mysterious magic princess gown

Mysterious summer dress

Mysterious miko dress

Mysterious fitted pea coat

Mysterious prep girl and prep guy

Mysterious bandit queen gear

Mysterious luscious kimono

Mysterious soft kitty nightie and Mysterious black hoodie

Mysterious candy sweetheart

VIP pop star gown

Legendary butler and maid

Mysterious swordswoman threads

Mysterious white rabbit's petticoat

Mysterious Alpaca swimsuit !!!

Mysterious joyful wedding dress

Mysterious flowery spring dress

Mysterious lone wolf gunslinger garb

Mysterious singer's school uniform

Mysterious woman's adventure cape

Mysterious starlight princess dress

Mysterious sultry bunny costume and Suave bartender !!!

Mysterious kunoichi costume

Mysterios sakura kimono !!!

Mysterious high school threads and high school garb

Mysterious pirate captain threads

Mysterious striped kimono (needs leg. version)

Playful sailor gal skirt (needs leg. version)

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