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Hiiiii GM (OwO)

Im Cat Aka.( lv33 player ) nice to meet you

this will be my frist Suggestion so please! hear me out

1.( Mysterous Brown Bone Ornament ) ~ (Legendary) ~ (Crystal Altar)

2.( Mysterous Bitten Scroll of Ninjutsu ) ~ (Legendary) ~ (Crystal Altar)

3.( Dark Grey ) ~ (Dyes) ~ (Both) ~ (Crystal Altar) 

Thank you and have a Great Day

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Head Costume: Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Legendary),Mysterious Feisty Noble's Wig (Legendary), Mysterious Sultry Succubus Wig (Legendary),Mysterious Winged Goddess Wig (Legendary),Mysterious Sakura Hairpin (Legendary).

Body Costume: Mysterious Wedding Dress (Legendary),Mysterious Flowery Spring Dress (Legendary),Mysterious Chastity's Hood (Legendary),Mysterious Starlight Princess Dress (Legendary),Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (Legendary),Mysterious Sakura Kimono (Legendary).

Mounts: Flushed Kitty (Legendary),Strawberry Bunny(Legendary)

Weapon Costume: Multihue Bubble (Legendary)

Back Costume: Rainbow Shard Wings (Legendary),Purple/Pink Fae Wings (Legendary)

Star Stones/Luna Rocks: Silver Nightfall Luna Rock,Guardian Frosted Star Stone,Violet Starlight Luna Rock.

Doesn't matter if Crystal or Gem ^-^

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If at all possible Sparkler (Legendary) Someone I know really really REALLY would love them and have been looking for over a month for them. It'd mean a lot if they could possibly be in alter or boxes. Thank you. 

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Hello Can i Suggest for Crystal Altar or Gem Altar Thanks

Mysterious Crystal Earrings and Mysterious Chic Earrings Legendary :D

And I would like to ask why all the new pets are Slash type? 

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- Pink Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Grey Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Natural Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Brown Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Tan Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Mysterious Dog Hat (Legendary)
- Mysterious Floral Updo (Legendary) & Mysterious Floral Hood (Legendary)
- Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask (Legendary)
- Mysterious Vanilla Oh Sheep Costume (Legendary)
- Mysterious Velvet Headband (Legendary)


- Metal Heart of Fate (Legendary)
- Eternal Ironblade (Legendary)
- Galaxial Void Wings (Legendary)
- Divine Wings of Austerity (Legendary)
- Milky Way Wings (Legendary)


- Mysterious Swim Team Uniform (Legendary) & Mysterious Tennis Team Uniform (Legendary)
- VIP Pop Star Gown (Legendary) & VIP Pop Star Ensemble (Legendary)
- Mysterious Royal Guard Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Royal Guard Robe (Legendary)
- Mysterious Floral Sprite (Legendary) & Mysterious Floral Messenger (Legendary)
- Mysterious Eagle Threads (Legendary) & Mysterious Eagle Garb (Legendary)
- Mysterious Women's Kimono (Legendary) & Mysterious Men's Yukata (Legendary)
- Mysterious Aristocrat Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Aristocrat Apparel (Legendary)
- Mysterious Whipped Cream Dream Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit (Legendary)
- Mysterious Combat Mage Grab (Legendary) & Mysterious Shadow Hunter Grab (Legendary)


- Strawberry Umbrella (Legendary)
- Winged Gunblade (Legendary)
- Phoenix Fan (Legendary)
- Multihue Bubble (Legendary)
- Buttermilk Silk Umbrella (Legendary)
- Carnation Cane (Legendary)
- Lake Laku Lobster Lopper (Legendary)
- Dream Monarch Staff (Legendary)
- Royal Guard Pike (Legendary)
- Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary)



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If possible I'd like to see the Crystal Wand (Blue) <Legendary> On crystal altar again, 

That and the Peppy Mersprite. 

Would also be nice to see:
Pink Dream Star Stone (7% Str)
Fire Galaxy Star Stone (7% Str)
Golden Idol Star Stone (7% Str)
Nightfall Shield Luna Rock (3% Str/Lck)
Purple Aquadancer Luna Rock (3% Str/Lck)
Golden Bubble Luna Rock (3% Str/Lck)

Thank you for your time~

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