Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

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Hello :D 

Suggestion for altar or mysterious box :

Lavarlord Axe (Legendary)

Ornate cross pendant (Legendary) 

Angel wing rapier (Legendary)

Mysterious desert rose dress (Legendary)

Apocalypse demon cross (Legendary)

Dawn frost silver cross (Legendary)

Mysterious royal floret hairpin (Legendary)

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(.OwO)/ Hello Again

before i asked for the items i want ill like to say ( Thank you for putting all the items i asked ) \(.>w<.)/

so there 3 item i would like to ask m(_ _)m

1 is a ( Back Legendary ) name is ( Sunset Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear ) and ( Dark Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear ) This Back Legendary is the best ones i could ask for they are super cool! i would love to have them! pls

2 is a ( Star Stone ) name is ( Claret E-Field Star Stone ) the ( Red Color )

3 is a ( Luna Rock ) name is ( Pink  Bubble Luna Rock ) the ( Pink Color )

and thats will be my 3 Suggestions ( Please take your time and look at my Suggestion  ~(TwT)~

thats about it Thank you again!!! and have a nice day * vivi-senpai notice me * Please joke haha Cat out! owo

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- Pink Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Grey Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Natural Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Brown Elf Ears (Legendary)
- Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask (Legendary)
- Mysterious Vanilla Oh Sheep Costume (Legendary)


- Metal Heart of Fate (Legendary)
- Eternal Ironblade (Legendary)
- Galaxial Void Wings (Legendary)
- Divine Wings of Austerity (Legendary)
- Milky Way Wings (Legendary)


- Mysterious Royal Guard Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Royal Guard Robe (Legendary)
- Mysterious Floral Sprite (Legendary) & Mysterious Floral Messenger (Legendary)
- Mysterious Aristocrat Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Aristocrat Apparel (Legendary)
- Mysterious Phoenix Martial Dress (Legendary) & Mysterious Dragon Martial Uniform (Legendary)
- Mysterious Day-off Combo (Legendary) & Mysterious Hoodie (Legendary)


- Strawberry Umbrella (Legendary)
- Winged Gunblade (Legendary)
- Phoenix Fan (Legendary)
- Buttermilk Silk Umbrella (Legendary)
- Carnation Cane (Legendary)
- Dream Monarch Staff (Legendary)
- Royal Guard Pike (Legendary)
- Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary)



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Hi! I'd like to suggest "Stalwart Razorback (Legendary)" mount. I think it's a cute mount and it's been ages since I saw someone with it. 


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