Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions

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Hello :D 

Suggestion for altar or mysterious box :

Lavarlord Axe (Legendary)

Ornate cross pendant (Legendary) 

Angel wing rapier (Legendary)

Mysterious desert rose dress (Legendary)

Apocalypse demon cross (Legendary)

Dawn frost silver cross (Legendary)

Mysterious royal floret hairpin (Legendary)

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A other post for pets since have many i want

unknown.png Magic/Physic unknown.pngMagic/Physicunknown.pngMagicunknown.pngMagic onlyunknown.pngMagic/Physic

unknown.pngMagic onlyunknown.pngMagic/Physicunknown.pngMagic/Physicunknown.pngMagic/Physicunknown.pngPhysic

unknown.pngPhysic onlyunknown.pngMagic onlyunknown.pngMagic only unknown.png 


Those pets also are in x2 in archives and i want exactly those


I have already the reverse of them


Make sure that they are tradable not like unknown.png

I did this suggestion cus we have usually the same pets in altar same as luna rocks and star stones, so i wanted something new :P

Star Stone:

Ice Galaxy, Ruby Rock.

Luna Rock:

Crimson PhoenixLively SpiritAmethyst LovePink Bubble

They are all classified from oldest to newest in the archives

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Needed to remove something i got

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