[GM Christmas Wish] Twin Saga

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Hi guys!

Since this is the month of giving, we would like to host an event that most of you guys might be familiar with. GM Christmas Wish!



From now (December 7th, 2016), to the end of the month (December 31st, 2016), you may request VGN-Only Items that you would like to have a chance at receiving! You will only get to choose 1 type of item, but depending on said item, you will be able to get more of said item. Asking for more than what was stated or items that we deem may be too much will be denied. We will let you know prior to the end of the event that you will need to change what you have asked for, so don't worry! If you don't tell us and your item(s) was denied/asked to change, then you cannot win.

Items that can be asked for, but not limited to these VGN-Only items range from costumes, mounts, Astral Crystals, Senshi, etc. You will only be able to pick one item, so for example, either 1 Epic-grade costume or, 25 Senshi books of one Senshi of your choice. If you ask for Astral Crystals, the max amount you will get will be 50. Also, items asked MUST have been released in-game or by Grab Bags.

Just a reminder that since this event is specifically for Twin Saga, only Twin Saga-related items will be allowed. You CANNOT get VGN from this event, there is a corresponding event running currently for such.



Firstly, please go here, then come here and fill in what item(s) you would want.  We will remind you if the item or items were denied. If you only submit the entry and not tell us a prize, we WILL NOT pick a prize for you. It's your responsibility to do both requests. As always, we log big events like this, so don't try to use multiple accounts, otherwise you will be banned from any event like this in the future.   


The event will close on December 31st, 2016 @ 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), or 4:59am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). 

The winners will be announced first thing in the morning on January 1st, 2017. So keep your eye out on this thread!



There will be two winners for this event. Any person submitting more than once will have their entry tossed and will be banned from future events like this.



I will leave this thread open just in case if you all have any questions to ask me, but please do not go off topic, otherwise your post will be removed and warning points will be issued.

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So far we have quite a few people signing up for the event, but haven't asked for what item they wanted.




Anyways, keep posting and signing up for the event. :)

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