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Patch v35

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  • Gold Rate has been reduced to x3.
  • Minigames Channel has been removed.
    Channel has returned back to channel 9. There will no longer be mini-games running on this channel for now. We have plans to revamp it in the future.
  • NosBasaar has been wiped.
    NOTE: All items and gold have been returned to those who either bought or sold an item. This does not include any expired sales, they have just been deleted.

    Anyone who went above the max value has had their gold added to their cuarry bank.

    Some gold may have been lost in the process, we cannot return anything more than we have. We apologise in advance for this.

  • Use of all Trade features are now locked until the following goals have been met:

    Mage, Swordsman and Archer
    *Must reach level 83.
    *Must complete Act 1-6 (This means Act 1.1 -> 1.6 also includes Quests not just Time Space).
    *Must have 1,000,000 reputation.

    This applies to the following trade features:
    Player -> Player Trade
    Personal Shops (buy and sell)
    Cuarry Bank
    Drop Item
    Pick Up Item (If dropped by another player)
    Access Family Stash

    NOTE: The above restrictions do not apply to a Martial Artist. Adventurers are unable to trade at all.

  • Analysis of the entire game code has been performed and any issues that we located have been fixed.
    NOTE: This does not mean we have 110% removed/fixed all exploits. Exploits can always pop up so do not hold this against us if any issues arise in the future.
  • Removed 20% of the entire gold economy in-game.
    NOTE: This is so we can ensure any of the gold that has leaked through to other players has took a hit. We understand innocent people are affected by this but the economy could do with a small purge if you ask me.
  • Deleted all duplicated items from the game.
    NOTE: If you're missing an item this was a duped item, we do not return duped items and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.
  • Added a new "Level Package" option to Armored Bash NPC in NosVille.
    This option is available for Mage, Swordsman and Archer characters. You will obtain a "Level Package" which can be opened Level 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90. The package will provide equipment and consumables to help you with your journey.

    You must select the option each time to receive each package in their respective order.

    NOTE: Existing players can also obtain this package, just go to the NPC and speak to him.
  • Level requirement for creating a Martial Artist has been changed to the following 99+30 -> 93+30.
  • Reduced the sale prices of the following items:

    Shining Blue Soul: 200,000 -> 160,000
    Sealed Heavy Heavenly Armour: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Robe: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Leather Armour: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Heavy Armour: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Robe: 15,000,000 -> 4953: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Leather Armour: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Crossbow: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Spell Gun: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Dagger: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Sword: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Staff: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Heavenly Bow: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Crossbow: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Spell Gun: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Dagger: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Sword: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Wand: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Hellord Bow: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Goddess Fist: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Rumial's Holiness: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000
    Sealed Elkaim's Wrath: 15,000,000 -> 12,000,000

  • Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following:

    Attack Enhancement Potion x5
    Armor Enhancement Potion x5
    Wings of Friendship x10
    Speaker x20
    Airwaves Blackcurrant x10
    Airwaves Eucalyptus x10
    Airwaves Strawberry x10
    Airwaves Menthol x10
    Airwaves Lemon x10
    Airwaves Orange x10
    Airwaves Sweets x10
    Airwaves Cherry x10
    Sealed Tarot Card (The Sun)
    Sealed Tarot Card (The Devil)

    Potion of Dignity
    Wing of angel x5
    Sealed Vessel x3
    Huge Recovery Potion(Limited) x50

    Wing of angel x20
    Point Initialisation Potion
    Lv. 8 Cellon x3

    Polar Bear Snarl Bead
    Viking Costume Set (Permanent)
    Colourful Jeep Box
    Fibi Frosty (This will be removed 14th June 2019)


  • Fixed bug with Snarl's passive doing an opposite effect.
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