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Patch v36

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  • Trade Limit has returned:

    Mage, Swordsman and Archer
    *Must reach level 83.
    *Must complete Act 1, Scene 6. (This includes the Quest Line not just Time Space).
    *Must have 1,000,000 reputation.

    This applies to the following trade features:
    Player -> Player Trade
    Personal Shops (buy and sell)
    Cuarry Bank
    Drop Item
    Pick Up Item (If dropped by another player)
    Access Family Stash

    NOTE: The above restrictions do not apply to a Martial Artist. Adventurers are unable to trade at all.

  • All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements.
    NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals.
  • Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash.
  • Increased the drop rate of the following items:

    Old Pickaxe
    Blue Herb
    Vampie Pellet
    Cereal Grains

  • Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items:

    Blossom Tree Fruit
    Fragrant Grass
    Iron Ore
    Deep Well
    Sniffer's Nest
    Fragrant Grass

  • Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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