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Patch v38

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  • Added Transmog System to the game.
    This system will allow you to modify the appearance of an item.


    NOTE: You can only modify the appearance of Wings right now. We will add more in the future.

    Applied Wing Transmogs are applied to the SP not the wing. So if you change wings the appearance will remain as Transmog and not the new wings. You will have to remove the Transmog from the SP.

    Transmog Crystals can be purchased at the NosMall.

  • Added Historical Bushi Box to the game.
  • Added Football Bushi Box to the game.
  • Added Pegasus & Friends Box to the game.
  • "Supporting Fire" buff can no longer be stolen by Eliza.
  • NosMall has been revamped!
    NosMall has received a total revamp! We have added sub categories, modified the appearance of how items and Mystery Boxes are displayed. Descriptions have been added to all items (if necessary). We've removed/added more items and adjusted the prices of certain items to fit the current standards of our game.
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