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Problem with some items

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This items are scarce in the server (the potions): 

Large recovery potion  (mandragora)

Large  health potion (red fruit)

Large mana potion ( blue herb) ( this is not very scarce )

* red glass for raid castra ( best solution: put in npc bash style slade and spider there are in npc.  price aprox. 50k-100k/u) 

Possible solutions:  

- ( the most easy add npc bash)

- dark energy stone items A6 can crafting for do new potion:  Black Guradian Potion
Efect: give only 1k of hp to yuor pet and partener. (no to player)

20 energy stone = 10 black guardian potion (npc on A6)

( i say this because i use potions for my pet and  partnet (for me i use mp potion and fulls no need hp potion)

- update of drop in any pts or ts hunter for low lv can farm 

- update and change drop final boss in raid cuby to slade for drop only potions, gold and stones pts: 

x10packs  of  x5 large heal potion          

x10packs of  x5 large recovery potion   

x10pack of x5 large mana potion 

and the same gold that now and stones pts 

- update rewards chicken raid ( this raid is a little annoying and the rewards are ridiculous:  fairies chicken that not work and useless snaks) i propose this rewards : 

(thropy are include) 

- x50 large heal potion

- x50 large recovery potion 

- sp chicken 

- fairy little 

- fairy medium

- fairy high

- any gem  


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1 hour ago, JevilChaos said:

What do you mean by 

- fairy little 

- fairy medium

- fairy high

Do you mean the 50% 70% and 80% fairy's? 

yes, i don't know name of fairies chicken xD

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