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Request for the G key

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Ok, I'll be brief.
How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily?
How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time?
As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600.
Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want.
I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command.

Like this:¬†5TmGrFl.jpg(Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)ūüėá

In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities)

What do you think?

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Maximum of 600? excuse me but you tried using archmage? its way more than that xD the other day 941 seconds yayyy.

And yes, I totally agree with the Idea, but for me its something not super needed I feel like theres way more things to fix or update in the server rather than this, but Bash should definitely take a look on this for further updates.

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On 7/17/2019 at 9:27 AM, rafakanex said:

Hahahaha, I think you ask too much.

I did not understand if you refer to my message or to Konata's.

In any case @Bash is it possible to apply this suggestion?

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