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Crystal Cross Medals


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For someone who doesnt want to power level, its really hard to get CCM
im trying to awaken 65 Weaponds with mi 1st char. some people say its a waste of time, i dont really care i just want those weps for my colection
we need a easy way to collect CCM
my suggestion is proly more rate in both altar, or put CCM in the 1st round, or  b4 gold crystals bc its almost 80% of the time gold and not CCM
i hope you guys took my suggestion and help me with my CCM problem, thanks !

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  • VGN GM

Considering from questing alone will take you a day to get to 105 i don't really see the problem with that.

As for other ways? Do dungeons and break down the weapons, kill rare monsters in your level bracket to get CCM, go to Territory War and leech of a killing party. The best and easist ways have been made for the newer content. It's not going to kill you to work on leveling first before working on your awakens now.

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bro Best form ls from PoD by mayland at lvl95-100
only u need is a instant dps=BA-Reaver
use ExP x2 for POD
use ToF for change the pod

use yellow bag for restart you options 
blue cube for more mov

U need to taqe the Exp unspected GReen Color 
u can get alot of that  items can help you :)




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