Martial Artist Requirement

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It is made like that to ensure that none of gold buyers /bots can trade freely like in the past, which if it wasnt for bash doing that...

This server might be full of gold buyers and bot users , trying to sell 999x 14 feathers of angel from their low leveled bots 

Anything else u wanna know about this? @haselnus223, @nicolasramon1?

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32 minutes ago, nicolasramon1 said:

I know and its a good idea but we need lv C30  ? is so boring..

You can just buy stuff in your main character and transfer via warehouse  to your MA , quite simple thing? 

Also if u need to sell something u can always pass it via warehouse.

So its not necessarily to remove such restriction , gold buyers tended to use the MA after the other three clases requirements were added,which made those who didnt complete the act one to not be able to trade, rendering majority of the gold buyers useless.

In order to stop such people they put requirements to the MA which made those who were gold buying with the previous no requirements MA(MA didnt have any trade requirements during a time) to cease and disappear completely almost.

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2 hours ago, nicolasramon1 said:

Yes, i know, its necessary but any gold buyers leveling hero lv, C30 is so exaggerated, why not C15 ?


Cause it proves also how much you love the game :D people who are just so dedicated to go that way up again

Also you say "but any gold buyers leveling hero level, 30 is so exaggerated" are you saying that you might buy or sell gold?

Just in case i ask this xD

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