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Summer Event (Back in Time)

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Summer Event 2019

Event will end: September 12th 2019

MoJo JoJo is hearing voices from the past. They are asking him to return to the time where his Village was destroyed. You must go back in time with MoJo JoJo and figure out the cause to why his Village was destroyed.


Go to MoJo JoJo in NosVille to enter the Event Map.
NOTE: You must be at least level 83 in order to access this event.

"Back in Time" Questline
In order to access all of the features with this event you must complete the "Back in Time" Questline in the Event Map.


Daily Quests (Soul Collector)
Work for the Keeper of Souls and collect Souls for him.


Complete the daily quests and be rewarded Raid Seals and Ducat's Treasure!
NOTE: You can do a maximum of 5 Daily Quests per day, the Daily Quest you receive will be random each time.

Daniel Ducats' (Treasure Hunt)


This drunken pirate has lost his treasure. He will reward you a prize each time you return his treasure.

You can gain one of the following items:


Lagoon Pet Bead
Divine Fairy Random Box
Adventurer's Knapsack (10 Days)
Glacerus' Mane x5
Draco's Claw x5
Partner's Backpack (10 Days)
Sealed Vessel x10
Partner Skill Ticket (Single)
Divine Recovery Potion x15
Pirate SP Upgrade Scroll x3

Amulet of Greed


This is an Event Exclusive Trophy added to the Raid Box: Summer 2019. This Trophy cannot be upgraded. In order to acquire this Trophy you will need an R8 version of the Raid Box: Summer 2019. It will not drop from an R7 and lower Raid Box: Summer 2019.
NOTE: "Event Exclusive Trophy" means it could return in future events.

Raid (Hard Mode: Pete O'Peng)


We have taken an old raid and made it much more difficult! Accept the challenge and win a Raid Box: Summer 2019!

Level: 83-99
All players are required to have a Raid Seal to attend the Raid.

Raid Box: Summer 2019 Rewards


Amulet of Greed (Can only be obtained in R8 Raidbox)
Straw Hat (Permanent)
Daniel Ducats
Pirate Specialist Card
Navy Bushtail
Navy Hat (Permanent)
Navy Costume (Permanent)
Pirate Bushi (Water)
Pirate Bushi (Fire)
Pirate Bushi (Light)
Pirate Bushi (Shadow)
Mini Kangpen
Pirate SP Upgrade Scroll x5
Pirate Pet Trainer (Event) x3
Divine Health Potion x15
Delicious Watermelon x99
Pirate SP Upgrade Scroll x3
Attack Potion x15
Defence Potion x15
Pirate Pet Trainer (Event)
Divine Health Potion x7

Raidbox Upgrade


You can upgrade your Raid Box: Summer 2019 at MoJo JoJo in the event map. In order to obtain the Amulet of Greed you will need an R8 Raid Box: Summer 2019. This action will cost you 1,000,000 gold each attempt.

Minor Trophy Exchange


If you've ran out of Raid Seals but want more and have already completed all your Daily Quests. Then you can exchange your Minor Trophies to MoJo JoJo (Future MoJo) in the Event Map for x3 Hard Mode: Pete O'Peng raid seals!

The following Summer 2019 exclusive Titles can be won by doing the following:


Time Traveller - Obtained by completing the "Back in Time" questline.
Soulkeeper - Obtained by completing 30 Daily Quests for the Soul Collector.
Get Greedy! - Obtained by obtaining the Amulet of Greed from the Raidbox.

This event is entirely custom and we've placed a lot of hard work and planning to go into this event. We hope you all enjoy this event and we decided to take a different approach on how events are done with NosTale.

NOTE: As always remember, all event related items (i.e. Raidbox, Potions, etc) will be removed from everyone's inventory the day the event is over.


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This event will be extended until next week, we're working on a few things and need some more time sorry.

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