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Server Side Patch

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General Changes:
 - The following skills have been disabled in the new raid:


Imp Hat
Advanced Blockade
Thunderous Anchor
Umbrella Shield
Group Healing

 - Disabled Fafnir's Fried Dinner from being used inside the new raid.
 - Reduced the stun rate for Evil Magician.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed bug where your job level would go higher than 20 when an adventurer.
 - Fixed bug where you could not change your job.
 - Fixed bug where you could not level your character once job has been changed.
 - Fixed bug where if successful when upgrading a Summer 2019 Raidbox it would not charge you the 1,000,000 gold.
 - Fixed a bug with the following boxes related to the "Extra Item" stat:


Ibrahim's Treasure
Caligor's Treasure Chest
Caligor's Regular Treasure Chest
Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest

NOTE: The bug was related to giving a NULL item instead of a real item. The workaround was to just give another of the box (if successfully proc'd) but remove the "Farmed Item" flag so it won't proc again.

 - Rates for the Minor Trophy inside Raidbox was checked and everything was reported as fine.
 - The new Trophy stats have also been tested thoroughly, they are working as intended.

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