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Patch v40

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General Changes:
 - The following stat has had a rework:


When a hunted monster drops an item, there's a %s%% chance that it drops the item a second time.

This will now apply whenever an item is dropped by a monster.
There will be an effect that is displayed on your character if the stat is successful.
This does not apply to Raid drops.
This stat is applied also to the VGN Custom Drop System so enjoy act6 farming!

 - "Sales" type items will now give 80% of the gold when sold to an NPC.
 - Amulet of Greed has been made tradeable.
In the future other Event related Trophies will be made tradeable.

NOTE: You will not gain the Title by trading this item, it is only obtained when gaining the item from the Raidbox.

 - Added "Farm Claim" item to the game.
New item being added to the Mystery Box common item pool.

This item can be used to mark a Raidbox as "Farmed" which, will allow you to reap the benefits of the Amulet of Greed stats further.

NOTE: The same rules apply, if you've marked an item as Farmed use it soon as you've done it as trading, dropping, relogging etc will remove the flag.

 - Whenever the new Amulet of Greed gifts you an extra item from a Raidbox an effect will appear.
 - Modified the text from when you gain an extra item from a Raidbox.
 - Added "Trophy" category in the Equipment category of NosBazaar.
 - Slightly increased the Minor Trophy rate when you have Amulet of Greed equipped.
 - Added Spiky Hair Box to the game.

NosMall Changes:
 - Updated Mystery Box common items:

NOTE: The addition of items will not affect Mystery Box rates at all.

 - Added Cuarry Bank Debit Card.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed Titles that went missing.
 - Fixed a bug where if you dropped an item the "You Farmed" status would remain on the item.

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