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PVP tournament (c48+)

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Hi all,

We're receiving a lot of requests for events in game so I thought you might like some pvp-based events. Don't worry if you won't be able to join this one, i'll (or any other GS) try to organize them on a weekly schedule with some variations!


Requirements needed to apply:

You must be at least level c48

You must have at least 2 usable sps

Apply form:

Comment with <Your nick in game> and only your nick in game under this thread

Please don't make any other comment since it would make harder to organize the brackets.


You win a match by winning 3 times

There are no sps bans

You must use at least 2 sps during the match (meaning that if you win 2 matches with one sp you will be forced to use another one)

You must wear draco/glace/phantom amulet/alternatively tower tarot.

Hiding for more than 20s will result in you losing that round.

Stun/healing hats/costumes are allowed.

Pets are allowed to be in safe (so you can get the buff)


This Friday at 16pm server time, registrations will close at 12pm .


It will be decided later on but the first 3 will receive event points!



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These are the brackets, good luck to everyone 

The matches will start in normal arena ch5 at 16 pm

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Thanks everyone for joining, hope you had fun!

Next time I promise we will have better organization, I tried my best but I was alone and it's hard to moderate 50+ people in arena.

I will PM the winners!

(scores are wrong I forgot to keep them in mind sorry)


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