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Class/Race question

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When I played years ago I only played on my human character.

Instead of making 1 character to use all the classes, I am gonna make a character for each race to excel in a class.

What is the best race for each class?

I am using a halfkin for my mage. 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, from my point of view, no matter what your race is, you can play all classes, even if some races are more practical with race bonuses or racials skills. But to answer your question, and this remains only my point of view I would say: Human: Samurai / Luminary / Warrior / Knight / Templar
Halfkin: Bard / Dragon Knight / Ranger
Anuran: DPS Magic and Physical DPS / Healer
Zumi: Sage / Physical DPS (orange)
Ursun: All
I hope this helps you.

you can always consult the Wiki to get your own idea.

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There isn't really a best race for each class as its arguable down to to what you prefer for example.

Most people like Halfkin for Illusionist because it grants 1% Double Hit, I however prefer Zumi as it gives some -DMG for PDPS classes which due to the low defense is really nice.

Similarly with Luminary some people again like Halfkin for the 1% Double Hit and others like Human for the Anti-KD.

If you're going to make a character of every race then you might be best just trying out each class on each race to see which ones you seem to prefer. Some races are clearly suprior than others on certain classes such as Zumi Martial Artist / Zumi Samurai or Anuran / Human Clerics. However, this late into the games life to be perfectly honest Asside from the Zumi Martial Artist and Zumi Samurai there really isn't anything that stands out as this race is 1000% better as 95% of racial skills have kinda been overshadowed.

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