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  1. 27 minutes ago, Jordan said:

    The item mall will only be updated when it needs to be i believe, and the astral puzzle i think is planned to be changed once per week.

    The 63 dungeon i don't think will be changed as many players have beaten it when they improved their gears and made potions or completed more achievements etc etc.

    As for your last question this should answer.


    Any insight on what the plans are for the CBT rewards? Just curious, I know it states 'will be announced in the coming days' - But maybe Vendetta Staff could come up with a few ideas in regards to the CBT reward/s, and whether or not it will be a 'package' or 'singular' reward?

    And maybe post the discussed ideas on the forums, and get a response from the community in terms of what they would like to see within the CBT reward/s? [If that makes sense]

    This in itself allows the community to lead a portion of the final decision regarding the rewards themselves.

    Edit: Bugging you again with questions, just one last one! :P 

    • Is there any plan in perhaps making a Tier Spending Award's Program? Whereas members spend/buy a certain amount of AP and get rewards within each Tier? Again, rewards are dependent on however much AP was purchased?
  2. A couple of questions; 9_9

    • How frequently will the Item Mall be updated, alongside the Astral Puzzle? 
    • Have we any more information on the level 63 dungeon? And will the boss be nerfed/looked into as many people have labeled solo mode bugged?
    • During the Q&A event you hosted today, I noticed nobody questioned whether or not OBT date's will be announced? Would be nice to get an idea of when Vendetta will be releasing TS fully?
  3. Will you be releasing the VIP 7 day & 30 day tokens anytime soon :o, Would love to see them in the AP shop! :x

    Edit I: Other things to suggest; 

    • Auction House Expansion's
    • Stall Expansion's
    • Increase the listing time on the Auction house to around 7 days? After 24 hours, with nothing being sold the messages & re-listing become irritating.
    • Weapon Skins [Blue/Orange] On the Astral Puzzle, once its been updated.
  4. 1 hour ago, Shiranui said:


    just a little question, can we transfer our fortification ? (i mean from one piece to another ?)

    Don't quite understand what you mean?

    • Some, if not all scrolls bought from the AP/LP shop are character bound, and cannot be transferred/traded between characters.
    • If your implying creating advanced scrolls from x amount of standard scrolls, Its impossible. 

    Not sure what else to say, As stated above, I'm slightly confused with your question, haha.

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