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  2. Hello When you want to reset, try to aim status like crit damage, crit rate, acc, and eva first. These stats are harder to get compared to base stats such as str, agi, int, etc2. So my suggestion rather than you spending 120 resets on + 14 for crit damage. Its better to use normal reset and get crit rate and crit damage first. Then sort out the base stats that you need (probably str, agi,luck). Next, try to reset based on scroll prices. For examples, if you get + 6 and + 12 fort right ( crit rate and crit damage.). The the next fort that you should aim is + 14, followed by + 8 and then + 10. The basis for this is prioritise resetting stats based on the scroll prices, starting from expansive to cheaper. * stats above are only assumed based on the most typical dps setting. What you really want might varies, I'm just throwing it as examples. *this setting hardly work if your aiming for full hybrid settings - luck, crit rate, crit damage, mcrit rate, mcrit damage. For this type of forting, there is no clear strategies besides abandoning luck while resetting and hoping rng god is on your side
  3. Hi from this thread you can see al the time of the lod hope it helps you!
  4. @Denstiy1 Thank you very kindly for the warm welcome!
  5. janus best bg, once ur done with the nobo towers theres only pvp. Turnpike is too big, it was cool back in 29 cap we had 80x80 but nowdays all bgs are less than 8x8
  6. Hey! Anyone knows when lod is open and in what channels?
  7. Hi and welcome to VGN.Hope you enjoy it here
  8. I would rather pvp in Janus and tp cus they have better battling areas
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  10. Up Just wanted to know if there is some news regarding the mining..?
  11. @DrakkarUlfsark Pfew, that's quite a lot of money if I think about it... I'm not really sure if I can ever complete the Achievement List, but of course I understand that certain prices for Shop Items needed to be raised for running the Private Servers for the MMO-RPG Games that VGN is currently having here.
  12. Thank you very kindly, @LionSin, I surely will~!
  13. the item mall in game still says AP (Aeria Points), but its actually the VGN that u receive for donate
  14. @limeox Okay, that is quite a lot of things that have been improved/changed in comparison to the Aeria Games Servers. Thank you very kindly for taking your time explaining everything and giving examples. @DrakkarUlfsark Thank you kindly for this addition of information! I'm not sure if "AP" was standing for "Aeria Points" or for "Achievement Points". It REALLY has been quite a while since I played it, so excuse me if I sound a little bit like a n00b in that regard. Sincerely, KakaoMinze
  15. biggest issue is the missing items: pet slot spanner, jewel fusion safeguard, watcher's potion, ellis conquest token maybe they add to game someday, but who knows... also the price of some AP items is higher, Wanted List Reg Item for example, 4050 ap for 10, so if u want to complete the Wanted achievements u will need 121500 AP for Bounty Hunter and 202500 AP for Headhunter (400$)
  16. Can we add a reset scroll that lets you pick which bonus to get? :'c I'm over 120+ resets +14 and can't get freaking crit dmg, I wouldn't mind paying 1k ap for a single scroll, it'll be cheaper than trying to get it with normal scrolls :'v
  17. Update Hey everyone, just a small update on the current workings of this patch. Time really hasn't been my friend while I was away so I haven't really had much chance to work on the PvP balancing things, mainly just planning and project 2 and 3 work. This week being my last week I will be away more so as its my last week away to make the most of it before I head back. However I will update on Blade Master being finished, just needing the KP fixing to match the new kit / standard I have been following so all classes will have matching percentages across the board (or at least percentages that make sense to the class itself). I just would like to reiterate what I've said multiple times as people still do not seem to understand, these class suggestions are all in beta so values will change likely on my second run through, also classes changes that are super negatively received can be reverted so it's not the end of the world if a mess something up. Also without playing the class please refrain from judging the class's as it's not cool just makes you look silly. Life Worshipper & Elegant Dance What is one without the other. Create the ultimate concert. Skill combinations can be the key to a successful party. But sometimes you have to have uniqueness or efficient buffs as a support for your party.
  18. Eden Eternal has similar mechanics and is very good.
  19. Nope sorry. The guys who have this pig, they did something for it. It wasnt just a free gift.
  20. It's true, are any of these games the same or close to PWI?
  21. More events,Give all pet`s pig because this buff in pvp its op and this buff need all players no 20% ....
  22. This is a good idea and something I will consider in the patches to come.
  23. Just not feasible anymore. Game isn't so good and well... people are just wanting the nostalgia like many times before it doesn't work it's a good memory.
  24. I'm fine with you opinion. On the other hand you have to see the side of worthiness of questin. You are not gaining a good amount of gold/exp/items for the time you are investing into all quests between Act 2 - 5.1 If there would be any Quest rewards which are worth the time, I'd quest them all. For Example the 5.2 Dailys, are giving on lv 93 about 2% and a Bag which could contain 20/100k gold (already earned them) These Quests are for me worth it, cause killing the monsters gives me Gold, Res and Rep too.
  25. I'm against that idea since quest's are still main progress of NosTale and in my opinion if people do not want to do the rest of the quest line which takes time but is easy then they should not be able to do the level 90's aswell just because they're too lazy . Greetings Pandemonia.
  26. @Vivi Hey is there any way we can get Premium Medallion ( 3 ) day and ( 7 ) day back in the game?
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