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  2. hello i hope everyone is doing fine today or night my question is where are all of the daily quests in scarlet blade right now im at level 0 and can only make 18 gold where are the daily quests for characters below level 30 there has to be more daily quests other then the 3 daily's i have right now it seems that you would have to do those 3 daily's then log out for the day if you wanted to have gold at all. does anyone have a list of the daily quests that are in the whole game its seems i should be able to make more gold but i guess that guy that originally mafe the game wanted everyone to take for ever to play and gain gold so if someone has a list that couls post would be appreciated thank you in advanced even if no one has a list have a nice day or night
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  4. lol, was about to say he didnt died lol just had to reopen the side http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/
  5. I’m not sure if you’ve actually gone full tank on whipper and looked at the stats at lvl 65? I’m not really exaggerating when the stats are fairly close it’s just whipper can’t go full tank or they kinda lose all their perks now the issue there is that DE is able to hold many plus sides when going full tank unlike whipper but when I brought up before that de prob needs way less movement speed and acc/chacc for being a main tank every 1 was angry but it’s pretty ridiculous for the huge buffs de gets to still be able to hit people on a tank build. Altho full tank de is much more costly than full tank WH. My de has like 1-4 attacks while whipper can have like 5-8 depending on build. max tank whipper is like 60k~ hp, 1600 defense, 5-15k crit void, 13-15k void. De and wh both meet the threshold of like 13,500 ch resist at lvl 54 to make all chakra damage equal 0. Now since DE is the actually real tank it does surpass whipper in hp, void, cheresist which are the 3 main protective stats. also whipper has the ability to stack cheva and has more crit eva which I think is funny. Now a lot of your argument is based off 29 cap where many things are unbalanced cus of +12 gear, uni jewels, spanners, 40 pets never being taken into consideration. Wh is still pretty dominating class in each cap afterward but becomes more balanced as other classes receive the necessary buffs to participate against medic/wh/de tankiness. The playing field leveling out seems to be where it is more annoying to play whipper for you honestly. I’ve literally tested every stat so this point you are trying to make isn’t true. Whipper used to be even more OP when they had roughly 40% more accuracy and chacc than a sw could even build eva/cheva prior to the last major skill patch cus of the huge accuracy buffs medic and whipper had. I’m not sure what void nerf you are talkin about as whippers tank stats actuallY got buffed and received way more tank stats when vendetta took over for 59 and 66 cap. noW whipper has incredibly strong dots they never had before with a pretty high damage output if you calculate it against all the targets it can hit as it’s damage is spread out rather than focused on one target. There are plus’s sides outside of the protective stats because of whippers secondary tank role. A defender is never as useful as a whipper and I have the tankiest de in the game. Most DEs are ignored in battle unlike whipper. cbs are more single target dps oriented than whipper and have better offensive skills than de. When we went 30+ in Aeria they seemed to start focusing whippers dmg output into more targets and place them as a off tank support altho some people still had the ability to play main tank whipper while losing out on some the perks of the class. So wh has the ability to pull, stun, immobilize, and dot way more than any other classes and can be played as a support role Very well. Lol I used to play a support max tank whipper for bikini to get all the kills for us. max tank builds are not very fun on either class. I play both wh and de as a main tank and they have like no attacks to play alone. The issues you may see on whipper are more of the de having the ability to do multiple things but that in itself is because DEs are often useless in pvp while whipper can help a team dominate more easily.
  6. Not quite dead apparently. The site is up again.
  7. http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/sim/?c=1&l=11&s=j0j000001126c8000403e97 To tank and see SW, although I don't know if that BUFF detects SW or has to be accompanied by MEDIC BUFF With that you should last longer in the zerg 1 VS 1 If it is better to go with DOT and for defense use CRIT-EVA or CRIT-VOID, WH+SW and SE have CRIT-EVA buffs on their BUFF CB and DE don't benefit from CRIT-EVA only VOID+DEF+CRIT-VOID and CH-DEF on their BUFF Well, CB only has VOID+DEF and CH-DEF doesn't have the CRIT-VOID or CRIT-EVA buff, so CRIT-VOID or CRIT-EVA works, but not quite, since it doesn't have a BUFF to improve that statistics. So to speak, DE WH and CB are the best TANKS in that order, but DE is double sided v: Eye SW and SE are also TANK xdxdxd In massive pvp the DOT also works but only if they are equal to the rival something that is difficult to achieve today I remember that in ASB the WH used to sweep with the MECH doing a lot of damage around it, in cap 29 later I have no idea I played it very little when taking out the unique item I deleted it :v
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  9. Not sure if I agree about the "sand in the butt" comment. Though I agree with not killing much by herself. Pulls by themselves tend to be devastating for the one getting pulled. Doesn't matter if it's the WH killing them.
  10. Test HP+DEF on Passive FULL DISABLE+STUN+PULL waives DOT You won't kill much, but you'll be like sand in the butt :v
  11. Hello Today I'm here to announce the winners and all the squares! Your reward will be sent in your Item Mall.
  12. Hello Today I'm here to announce the winners and all the squares! Your reward will be sent in your Item Mall.
  13. I am running windows 10 on a new system. Finally got the game up and running. This is my sound config: Need advice to get game sound working, no sound at all Windows 10 / AMD ROG Realtek Audio Control / standard equalizer settings 96000Hz 24Bit Digital Optical Audio Cable from Motherboard to soundbar No Surround Sound / Left-Right Balance only maybe more info than needed
  14. again the fact that WH as tanky as DE on 29 due to their def stat so close as big as ppl min atk stat and void as big as ppl max atk x3 ..aka triple max atk stat ..cheer if you comparing wh on 65 with DE and CB tanky stats ofc wh bellow them thx to the nerf on def and void that is ..cheers
  15. hmm CB got steel metabolism and hp regeneration skill bro cheers
  16. so far curaja only attacking my 29 with medic class yet not alone hehe ..that didnt count .. cheers
  17. well I'm talking both def and void on WH beyond 29 are far from suffice aka nerfed , please DE and WH are on same tankiness to begin with but on cap 39 to 65 only DE stay tanky and wh fall behind .. you dont believe it ? come try my def and void on 29 lot have tried and died .. so give back lvl 39 to 65 wh pasive def close to ppl min atk and void triple ppl max atk .. then let me see your theory of void on DE by comparing wh on unnerfed state ..cos so far you only attacking nerfed wh up there ofc it wiull seems DE much tankier since DE not nerfed up there lmao curaja hehehe ..cheers
  18. pvp def indeed better but their value too small and main tank stat for physical is def and void then pvp def/ pvp void for secondary deduction damage since they are so small ..but if the main and def unable to deduct much damage what small stats pvp def + pvp void can do ? ..I'm talking bout tank class cos dps main def is evasion so dps class out of this topic ..cheers
  19. hmm can your wh tank zerg like DE and cb on 65 without 2 medics on your ass ? you should put aside your hatred on savager cos I'm talking bout WH nerfed is fact
  20. 1k def against other class min/max atk beyond 4k ? is it even can tank 3k - 4k min atk other classes had ? not to mention 6k void pasive against 5-7k other classes max atk stats ? the fact wh cant survive zerg only DE and cb can tank properly and survive ..on 65 arent you said you good at basic knowledge or play dumb ? only god knows ..cheers
  21. lol over powered on 65 ? which whipper on 65 can tank RG zerg + medics without die fast ? only other tank like DE and CB can really tank zerg and escape survive lol , yet rg always zerg wh with sw nasty debuff + pu firing squad who are you fooling at ? hehe , wh is tank class without regeneration hp skill nor healing skill they deserve big def and void to survive 20 rg zerg + medics .. cheers
  22. Hi all, I've been trying to grind REP quests for region fame but it's starting to become a little tedious. Some maps for example, Skyreach Jungle doesn't have many story line quests. They usually give 200 fame but after that's done you're left with doing the REP quest to farm the rest of the fame points. These REP quests only give 50 fame and to farm 9000 fame, you have to do the quest 100+ times. Is it possible so that we get like 100 fames per REP quests, so the amount of times we have to complete can be halved or am I asking for too much? Thanks
  23. Violet Reaper Luna Rock for the crystal altar o/ thanks
  24. Hello, I assume that you are on Eden Eternal then, You can change the game resolution in the client before even booting it up. Go to the folder Vendetta Gaming Network\Eden Eternal Vendetta (root folder of the installed game) and find the file: client.ini Open this file up with Notepad and you'll see the first few options: [Option] // ¥þ¿Ã¹õ¼Ò¦¡ 0 §_ / 1 ¬O FullScreenMode=0 // ¿Ã¹õ¼e«× ScreenWidth=1768 // ¿Ã¹õ°ª«× ScreenHeight=992 // ¿Ã¹õÀW²v Change the Screenwidth, Screenheight to your desired resolution, or change it to full screen by changing the 0 to 1. Save the file and run the client again, it should now be in a different resolution.
  25. I can't click the next button because the screen is not full.help me.
  26. So anytime I minimize eden or alt+tab the game has a 50% chance to get stuck or become a black screen. Cannot be fixed, have to close and reopen the game. Anyway idea as to what can fix this?
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