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  2. If you're playing on the highest graphical settings then I don't really see anything wrong with how it is now. But no we cannot update the graphics. We could update the shaders and stuff for visual quality but its not reallty something that I believe is necessary.
  3. M-Crit's do effect healing by as you stated 300% = 3x. If you have 100% M-Crit Rate then you always crit.
  4. I'm talking about upgrading the graphics, the world/characters and stuff.... i know that its probably going to be impossible, but i really just want to know if it is
  5. Hi i am curious whether the M-crit rate and M-crit dmg relatives the healing effect of a healer?I have seen may healers ( GK and TM) make their relative stats to 100% and 300%.Does it mean every heal of the player will make 3x original healing certainly?Not found any information from my own searching in Forum or game inside about this. Thank you!
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  7. I think a sooner release would be better for the game's longevity but there should be content that connects the two caps to each other or changes to help alleviate the issues free to play players will have with new content/gear. The biggest issue I can see with releasing new content is for the free to play players is the need for new gear. While most of the level 70 gear isn't necessary (mainly looking at armor sets, most weapons (with the exception to gun and a few others)), people will feel the need to upgrade to them. A lot of focus lately has been on draining gold from the server and making stones more accessible and/or cheaper. All of these things have been accomplished but we will see how effective it really is after the wipe when the influx of stones from the diamond altars and people spending money vanish. There needs to be some sort of daily or weekly quest that encourages players to do PvE content that we currently have. You could implement this PvE encouragement sooner rather than later or with the introduction of the new cap. There needs to be something, like a daily or weekly quest, that free players can utilize to close the gap between the players who can afford to spend money to accomplish their goals. These dailies or weeklies can reward players via AP items like EC, 129 coins (I'd lean more toward EC, since they are the primary driver of the economy and to make them non-tradable). You could create these quests with the dungeons or trials in mind, maybe both; the normal dungeon one being less rewarding than the trial quest. You could also make the dungeons and trials increased in difficulty by adding either more health, more damage from the bosses, making a timed version of the dungeon so you have X amount of minutes to complete it. Without something like this, I don't see a reason to update to 70 cap because it'll just be an endless cycle of what we've seen in the last two caps. People will do the content, get their drops, complain they cannot afford to fort it until something happens, people fort too easily because of the new changes then PvE content is boring again and the game dwindles in activity. While this game is a business and I do understand that, the community will not survive without the free to play playerbase being happy. As a customer myself, I have no incentive to spend any money on the game if there is not even players to play it with me.
  8. I agree with this, I think that releasing regular 70 trials first then 70 S trials later is a good format to go by. Regular 70 trials are definitely interesting enough and can sustain things to do on their own before introducing an entire new set. S trials came before awakened armor however, so that isn't right. Pretty sure they came before the 25man expedition actually, but I'm too lazy to check. :'D There is no need to upgrade to level 70 gears until awakened armor is out, which would be months down the line and not immediately judging by how prior releases of content have been. The beginning of 70 cap will be farming trophies and trials to prepare for awakened sets. All level 65 sets are sustainable and up to date, it isn't like the 60 sets where they were missing an entire bonus piece effect (along with bad bonuses overall). Players would not be held back by keeping the armor they have right now. Awakened weapons are also well up to date, and there are only a few classes that would have to consider replacing what they are using. The m-atk/p-atk differences are very minor damage-wise.
  9. I think it is a good time to implement new things, I hope they are things that can benefit f2p players, the current state of the server is too noticeable, it would be great to be able to attract back those players who left the game because of how almost impossible it was equating itself to p2w players, with fewer active players, is less and less attractive for those who want to start in this game. There are only arenas, 10vs10 is the most salvageable, 3vs3 is too repetitive, TW is dead if it is not JaT vs 911, and only the first 3 days, GvsG with only 4 guilds that can fight but only 2 can last more than 10 min the event. In short, we need more players, I hope that changes are implemented that bring back those players who were never bored with the game, but are angry with the current system, as well as attract new players. .
  10. The game is not boring because of the little content of cap 65, it is because it depends a lot on p2w, in cap 60 the opportunity to make gold was greater, make dgn and kill bears in the highland with your same level cap gave a good drop. They put cap 65 with new maps that give practically nothing and you go to highland bears or dgn 60 that previously gave a good drop and these no longer give as much for having a higher level. At the end of the day it was the f2p player that gave the flavor to this server, and the p2w complements it, we are in which I include myself. A new cap will cause several to leave the server in which I am included, spend a lot of us to get my set and weapons +10 so that they put me cap 70 soon? no thanks. And I emphasize for the f2p player it will be even less attractive. What they should do is put more PVE events, since the pvp is honestly dead by the same community and the grabbing of characters in 1 or 2 guilds. This weekend it will be gvg from alts. Now if the concern is to continue making money for vendetta as before, I think that cap 70 is not the solution. I translated some words, my English is not very fluent.
  11. My opinion is we should wait a bit more: As some people said, it's not the optimal time to add new content for students and yound adults. Plus, this kind of players can't enjoy a full farm day online, so some of them might not have reach the finality of lvl 65 (getting at least one awaken weapon and maybe fortify it +10). Also, there are players that started the game during summer and didn't have the time to catch up. I can't speak for F2P players because I contributed a bit, but since their progression is slower, server would be more F2P friendly if you release later the new content... I don't know. That's why I say we should wait a bit, but maybe not wait next year! Actually, pvp is waiting a major updates so player can enjoy arena, at my knowledge, it should come in the next few weeks. (And fix TW (I promise Jordan I'll stop harassing you one day 😋)) November could be a good schedule to release new content. I want to also discuss the schedule of releasing lvl 70 content: I think releasing 70 trials 1 or 2 week after increasing the cap level is good. But not the S trials. Then, maybe release 25 players expedition, Rose Knight Tales,... And later, 70 awaken armor and 70 S trials (if I remember correctly, they came a bit after, so players were encouraged to do 70 trials to get stuff and blueprints, that are a bit harder than S trials that came to help low-time players). Maybe we splitting all of these on 2 months like you did on 65 content. Anyway, asking community is really nice and I want to thank everyone that will contribute do make this server playable on long-term.
  12. The truth is that the server has been worse than boring, advancing a chapter is what should have been done a long time ago, I hope people return, because there is no PvP and there is hardly any PvE. With no content, no decent events, I feel like this server will die of nothing.
  13. As far as I remember, that discord was made with the purporse to show you guys how many people wanted a VGN Grand Fantasia Server, I joined only to show my support for that reason. I'm really looking forward to see you guys work in this project. The way you guys worked on EE its the only reason I'm waiting as long as it takes to see this GF thing come true. Saludos.
  14. i would say in the next few weeks. the server got boring because there isn't anymore content in cap 65.
  15. I feel with school starting again and most of the young adults busy, perhaps it'd be wise to postpone it some until christmas time, providing everyone with the opportunity to gear and catch up consistently. That being said, if the votes ultimately end up bringing the next cap sooner than that, it'd be best we only get the LV70 trials (non-S) as well as DK and Sage. No such thing as awaken sets or Vingot
  16. You're going to have to be a little more specific on what exactly are you asking for here.
  17. Im sorry for my ignorance I know its hard but my question here is is it actually possible or is just hard?
  18. this cap has been fun, there just isn't really much to do for it so 70 cap soon would be a breath of fresh air. 70 cap has a lot to offer and it would be a good thing for it to come sooner than later as there is little to do right now except for farming rankings.
  19. Boxes: Yellow/Pink Blazeblight Cestus Silver Fireworks Koi Pinwheel Stellar Blue Glowstick Dark Sky Koi Pinwheel
  20. Last week
  21. I say the next few week, cap 65 its already enough for many in the server, was fun but not enough, idk if in the plan there news perfect dungeons like awak (DS/GoP) in a classic version but gonna be perfect if you implement into classic!
  22. I say in the next few weeks. Almost 3 months of 65 cap was a long enough time, and it was fun, but the PvE has become repetitive. Honestly I feel a lot of people are bored of logging on if not for random PvP matches. Awakened weapons definitely gave a second wind for this cap but its dwindling quickly. 70 trials and S trials will give us a lot to do at this cap, and DK and Sage are capable of changing the PvP meta so that they are new and exciting for that demographic too. Thankfully I don't think that adding this cap so quickly after awakened weapons is overwhelming for people either, because stones are more available than ever and also most people don't need to upgrade anything new yet anyway.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm opening this discussion to see peoples thoughts on when the next set of content should be released. The next content will be the level 70 cap which will include the Dragon Knight and Sage class. The level 70 trials will come either one or two weeks after the level cap depending on my time. There will also be a poll attached to the thread to get some visual results on what people are thinking. Please note we will be checking for alt abuse interms of poll results and comments will be weighed heavier than poll results (I will also appreciate keeping the discussion pleasant).
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