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  2. on the first key bar, you have a small + click on it to display your bar
  3. I feel I should elaborate on that last sentence. Back in Aeria days, the doldrums of Babirion strangled to death the guild I was in, member by member. That wasn't just my observation; I was Captain in a Guild whose Guildmaster expressed despondency over it on a regular basis. I foresaw what was happening and begged him not to make me Guildmaster. He did that anyway when he ditched the game completely. Within 2 weeks of entering Nemesis, I quit without bothering to transfer leadership. Scylla wasn't implemented then, but that would have been the reward and cooldown period I needed to keep me motivated in the game. Even that wouldn't have been necessary if Babarion wasn't so shit boring. And you assholes had to create a daily mission to bring players back there. Good fucking job.
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  5. Hey people! I accidentally closed one of my hotkey bars. How do I bring it back? Resetting the ui doesn't work.
  6. CRYSTAL ALTAR: Seraphic Wings (Legendary) (that v) Large White Angel Wings (Legendary) (or that ^ ) Mysterious Fashionable Wig (Legendary) Mysterious Frost Sorceress Robe (Legendary) / Mysterious Frost Sorcerer Robe (Legendary) Mysterious Black/Brown Scottish Fold Ears (Legendary)
  7. Herakles

    Starter Pack

    *Close this thread, help on Discord, to submit a ticket.*
  8. Erickk

    Starter Pack

    Hi, i selected my starter pack from the Vendetta gaming network and it said to relog and see after one minute in the shop but i had nothing at all in it, even after 20 minutes had passed. Someone help please?
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  10. Face Paints Android Face Paints: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bandaid: ------------------------------------------------------------- Queen of Hearts: ------------------------------------------------------------- Sunscreen/Sunburnt: ------------------------------------------------------------- Halloween: ------------------------------------------------------------- Christmas: ------------------------------------------------------------- Easter: ------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Masquerade Mask: ------------------------------------------------------------- Depressed: ------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Diamond:
  11. I actually have majority of the costume pictures on the Vendetta Facebook along with the bikes (Still some missing though!) I will ask Vivi if I can have permission to update the Vendetta forum visual guides to make things easier on her, but for now, people can click on the Facebook link I have in my signature to see costumes until I have those permissions. ^ _ ^ EDIT: If you decide to go to the Vendetta Scarlet Blade FB page, the only thing I ask is to not treat the Facebook page like it's a support ticketing service, It is 100% not that. I and BananaHand are the only GS's who are willing to admin this page and nothing will happen and no responses or you will just be directed to the forums or support page will be made if you are going to message the page with those issues. (Sorry to add this part, I just keep getting players messaging the page like it's a ticketing system when it's 100% not.)
  12. PLEASE BRING UP THE Diner Derby Dress! :C I know its only available through event system and you need event point for it. BUT we dont had any event and chances that give points for it, over 1 year now the last 1 happend . >.< please please please please add it even when its more then 249 VGN BOX T-T
  13. This is what Dark Recon looks like actually. I'll go through the guides today and start updating them/cleaning them up actually.
  14. 😱 😂 hi i'm Pan, You can ask me anytime if some pic broke and you want to see them :e
  15. Depending on what is the content of the box, here are some visual guides provided by Vivi and the team: Note: some of the pictures are broken, and need some updating, they need to follow up on this. @Vivi @KawaiiNyanNyan for the meantime you can ask players in-game players like Pan and Kyoko are costume enthusiast they probably have every kind of costume in game. thank you for supporting the server. --> mail me in-game, RG side: "Yevon". If you are selling AP, I'll probably buy some. Bikes: Lingeries: Comstumes: Pets:
  16. Hello I just started getting back into the game after many years, I recently bought some vgn points and had a few extra so I spent some on the mystery boxes and won dark recon after a few tries! I’d like to buy other mystery boxes but I don’t know what all the loot looks like in game is there a way to view them before purchasing and gambling for the various prizes? If someone could send me a link of pictures that would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  18. Speaking from the perspective of being a newbie here twice, many years apart, the base gear sets are a generous gift. You get a serviceable set of equipment so you don't have to invest deeply in gear that will go obsolete, which is not something you want to do until after you're farming enough gold to lavish your alt with gifts. Granted you probably won't be soloing many dungeon bosses or competing well against later generation alts, but it'll get you far enough to learn the game. At least until Babiron, when plot and quests become so sparse that advancement becomes drudgery.
  19. Thank you so much for the feedback and it will be looked at, but it may take a bit for the changes due to us making changes for the level 60+ cap. I will however bookmark this post so once we get done with the 60+ things, we can try to come back and see what we can do to change Baby Bunker to be more enjoyable for you guys.
  20. They look hot on a special SB way if you ask , me. I luv the CB.
  21. Boxes: Magic Ghostblade Ren Robust Floral Haruka Altar: (if they can go there.) Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Legendary) Mysterious Olympics Cheerio Skirt (Legendary) Thanks! 😺
  22. Fix urka again. He already up when AK Starts.
  23. Was viledon xp increased together with end game xp adjustments? I don’t remember it giving so much. I also noticed Ellis rp mobs giving more xp
  24. Too high? Lower tier bunker is growing pot?
  25. Sounds like Abba in both bunkers are too high to deal with.
  26. They have more than 1 event each year. This event, Christmas, and Easter. I wouldn't expect anything spectacular for Christmas, because of working on new content. Though Daddy did say that they will make it enjoyable for all levels. I feel that they need to do something to get more people playing together.
  27. very nice Filo need a min to wipe the tears out of my eyes another person sticking up for the lower levels And the most important and main reasons why my toons are not in baby bunker cause there is nothing there of value to help other players out thats the main reason y i play all levels to be able with items ap answers and just companionship in zones that are for the most part void of all real people cause there is zero things of value even rank point farming in vile is extremely taxing on the exp with on my cb toon 25k rp = 25% exp soloing asmo almost knocked my cb out of vile with the death of many of the guards that spawn at asmo s lower hp ranges and asmos eventual death i acquired 38 % exp on that boss alone with his little minions but it would be nice to see in addition to filo s suggestions for items to drop from baby bunker bosses delta unique earrings permanent unique delta rings and delta unique lingerie unique delta cyberskins and zeta cyberskins Cro
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