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  2. some fun memories :)

    Hi Dude, long time I will PM you
  3. Missing channel number 5,6,7.

    Yet everyone is happy playing official with 1 channel lol.
  4. Gold in TSs

    I will consider this idea. I like it.
  5. Epic amazing suggestio x Fama

    Fame is still being abused so if we offer more rewards other than the aesthetics already provided then it's only going to promote more abuse in regards to this. I like the idea I really do but unless people start playing the game properly or we find solutions to resolve the abuse features like this can never be implemented.
  6. Next FC?

    Don't summon this..."man"
  7. [Idea] Normal Class PvP Idea

    This sounds really fun, I've been a player since the spanish server started way back in it's beta, and I kinda miss the original class pvp, I'm up for this!
  8. Altar suggestions

    could put some of these items in altar or box ... pls .. QwQ Thanks
  9. Halloween Art Event Entries

    Here is my entry, my character XxMANDYxX Hope you like it :3 -Are you sure this is the place? -No doubt about it, this region has more dark energy than ever before. -Sigh... Here we go then... I'd really have like to get at least this day off, I say to myself as I put my Blue Crystal in my bag, the symbol of my power and my connection to my mage. It can't be helped, even in halloween a hunter cannot wait. Witchcraft Forest, a mythical and ancient forest that goes on for miles, so full of pure mana that even the air feels full to the brim, manifestations of hundreds of spiris that have come and gone, lives lost and ended in this ground. Once, I had come here to stop the creation of horrible bio-weapons made from a mesh of humans and monsters, and to stop that terrible ancestral beast that slept sealed under the oldest tree inside this forest. -But never in a million years I'd expect to come back to see this... In the entrance to the deepest parts of the forest, hundreds of soldiers of the Toroto Empire lay scattered on the ground and trees. This forest was supposed to be uninhabited for decades, and while the corpses certainly show that age, these soldiers are wearing brande new uniforms. It couldn't have been a war nor a search party, the oracle would have called us, and this feeling of dread isn't normal either, it rivals the feeling one gets while being face to face with a Bane Prince. The normally bright sky, which shows the amount of mana present in the air, looks completely darkened, it's better that I don't lose time, one never knows what could be found under a sinister aura like this. Upon entering the fores a feeling of nausa washes over me, the light of dusk darkens and sounds comind seemingly out of nowhere can be heard from every angle, strange obscure lights dance in between the trees not letting me figure if they are real or not. It was like being hit by Etherworld Energy, but my resistence doesn't apply, as my worry only grows I ask myself, what could be the cause of this? Or who? As I keep finding more corpses, I notice they all seem extremely aged, as if they had been dead for centuries, but their uniforms looked as if they had ben polished yesterday. A strange voice enters my hearing, it sounds like a frail, scared cry. I walk towards the source to find a young girl, resembling a magician apprentice, still too young to have her own staff. -Are you okay? You're of the Toroto empire... what happened here? -Noo.. nooo... *sob* leave me... it'll find us...*sob* -Calm down, everything will be okay, just tell me what happened while we lea- I try to put my hand on her shoulder only to phase through her. This girl isn't alive. -NOOOO The spirit lets out a chilling shriek, a terrifier glare meets my eyes making my pulse almost stop, I feel a chill run down my spine and breathing becomes harder, I instinctively try to jump ahead grabbing the girl's hand, but I just phase through her incorporeal body, I try to look back to her as I see nothingness. A gigantic endless shadow, deep as the dark itself lunges towards us, as a milliar of screams, cries and sounds that I cannot describe assaults me, my body reacts running ahead as fast as it can looking for an escape, the girl disappears in an instant, her screams muffled by the dark. I run as fast as the mana charged winds can carry me, that deep dark is unlike anything I have seen so far, not even the Etherworld Energy compares to it, it's as if fear and chaos itself incarnated before me. Thousands of black strings follow me as if they knew every step I would take, whatever that thing is, I cannot let it catch me or it will be the last thi- I fall, something grabbed me ankle. -What the he- One of the corpses lying on the ground holds my ankle with unnatural strenght, I don't have time to think, the darkness lunges at me as I fire my Sickleshot in desperation, the strings are centimeters away from me. -ILLUSORY PHANTOM! I jump and run as fast as my skill will let me, shooting Zephyr's Tooths towards the darkness only for my shots to pass right through, I can't hurt this thing, I have to run. I take my Blue Crystal from my bag. -Alou! What is this shadow?! I can't hurt it! It's definitely not a- There's no answer, that's just what I needed, to not get signal here. As I kept trying to communicate, the shadow suddenly changed direction. Why would it stop following me? I break into a cold sweat realizing it's intention, as fear washes over me. -!!!! -If that thing covers the entrance, I'm not getting out alive! I run full speed towards where I remember the exit to be, but as I keep going I notice the fores has changed, I can't remember which way it was, I can only keep going forward hoping that I- My thoughts are stopped in their tracks, a strong hit from my right sends me flying away from my target, from the trees one of the corpses I found earlier is hanging, half of it's body missing and parts falling off, I hear steps all over me, voices in a language I cannot understand, tiny red lights in the dark. Before I could even react my body moves on it's own, I aim my Sickleshot and fire a Sanctioned Annihilation towards my front and keep running, bodies start falling all around me from atop the trees and the shadows, others coming out of the ground, black, transluscent hands homing in on me from the corners of my vision, but I can't stop to think what will happen if any of them catches me, this race against the dark is everything. Strings of shadows join the attack, and the shadow itself tries to move so that I run straight into it, every time I look into that deep darkness I can only see images of horrifying beasts and scenes, so fast that I can't fully understand all of them, but my body can feel them. This race that feels like forever barely leaves me mind time to think that I cannot let this shadow get me if it's the last thing I ever do. As I run a shoot the corpses and shadows following after me I hear voices ever calling me to join them, cries and insane laughs lacking any sanity, I keep running not even looking where I'm going, just hoping it to be the right direction, the dark seems to have completely surrounded me, following me after an endless amount of black strings and mindless corpses. The moment desperation takes over my vision, I notice a small light. Images of my magician take my mind. Of her sadness, never seeing her again. -Dying here... is the last thing I'll never do! With determination that rivaled Lucchese's, the eternally blue aura guided my movements and my heart. -There!! I change direction and jump towards the darkness that had surrounded me, with a Fearless Slash I break through it, confident in the way my light has shown, using all of my will to run full speed ahead, my senses returning to me allow me to see, the corpses looked even more ancient, covered in rags that were unrecognizable with their age, beasts similar to the bio-weapons I fought in the colossal cauldron, dyed in dark merged into an endless shadow. I could see blacked, corroded faces of people who died in terrible rituals -What? How did I- and experiments carried out in the very same grounds not long ago. All of them looking to take me into their amalgamated suffering. I see a light at the end of the path I've been following, with a final jump I break the branches keeping me from freedom, but I don't land outside the forest. I find myself in a sort of glade, a gigantic stone altar looming over me. Dyed in the same dark as the shadow that pursues me. Atop the high tower a Red Crystal acts as the center of an even deeper dark, a darkness every Eternal Guardian knows all too well. A piercing scream explodes around me, the shadows that were circling the glade all throw themselves towards me with pure killing intent, I don't have to think about what to do, my eternal resolution guiding me. I focus the eternal aura flowing within me, and jumping in the air, my faith in my senses, a single shot with the blue aura lands on the Red Crystal breaking it in a tousand pieces. The shadows that were ready to catch me from my fall shake violently, sharp cries and shrieks fill the air as the shadows disintegrate all around me. ..... As the dark aura begins to dissipate, I walk towards the exit. The forest returning to it's old serene self, the corpses that pursued me falling apart to the ground, some even turning to dust form their age, A small light makes it's way towards me. -Thank you... stranger, for saving us. -You are... that girl. Could you tell me what happened here? -For so long... we've been here, trapped in the endless dark of those who came before. The light touches my forehead, filling me with images of ancient rituals, sacrifices and tortures, experiments and murders. Hundreds of spirits appear all arund me, their suffering and sadness tangible. -I see... because of the magic ingrained in this region you all were trapped, your hate and sadness towards those who took your lives remained ever tied to this world because of that Red Crystal, and with the recent events in the cauldron fueling the Red Crystal, it tried to consume you all to fuel it's power. -That's right... had you not come here, all of our pain and suffering woudld have become... a new Bane Prince... we thank you... Eternal Guardian. With those last worlds, and the darkness completely gone, the small light and all of the spirits around me disappeared from this world. I reach the exit of the forest with a small smile on my lips. -There you are! Mandy, what happened? I tried to talk to you with my Blue Crystal but there was no answer. -Ah, don't worry Alou, everything is fine. Let's go back, I'll tell you on the way. -Sometimes you really worry me, you know dear? We leave the forest behind, a bit brighter than before, but never forgetting those spirits who were and still are trapped in our world, unable to move on. Saving them, too, is an Eternal Guardian's duty. The End.
  10. Halloween Art Event Entries

    This is my character Alouette My very late entry to the event :3 I don't have a scanner so bear with the quality Aven looks beautiful with this moon, halloween night, eh? It's been so long sice this tradition, originally somber, was changed for this festivale of masks and candy, laughs and games. Kids wantering from home to home searching for treats with masks of ancient beasts and princes of chaos. One can't help but think, what about those real monsters, those lost souls that had both doors closed at the end of their roads? -The view is quite amazing tonight... a fiery guild war? Some end under the earth, others searching in isolated places, others yet looking for a place of rest for their weary existence. But what happens to those who do not wish for a peaceful rest? -The little ones fighting again, ever spilling blood onto the earth, a ground fit for the dark to gather lamentful souls. Those who lived and died by their will of vengeance. Roaming the world causing chaos and pain, in the house of the living, slowly ticking away their sanity, other that over time only grow their hatred, wishing to take from others what was taken from themselves. That hate-filled dread unwavering in the dark of night. One drowned in poison, another succumber to flame, yet another slumbers in a prison of ice. A milliad of storys every year, but what about those that don't want vengeance, but simply chaos? -Young ones running through the forest, searching for treasue kept by the spirits. In this world of fragile beings, what can they do? Those who fear that which they do not understand, why do they search? Some cornered in the house of the black spirit of vengeance, every exit cutting off, other suffering the ire of the spirits in pain, that feeling of dread, ever looming in the back, that cannot be seen or heard, how can they defend against a shadow they cannot comprehend? Those spirits that attack in the most vulnerable moments. -Even in mid fight I can sense their shivering, they know full well what's over them, they can feel the glare of those beasts they know full well. In this day where the souls of those long gone are most connected to this world, preying, hunting those whose hearts have even the slightest dark, ever watching. Those souls full of black that simply enjoy the image of terror. That unknown that is their terriblei intentions, what can one other than escape? Ah, it's such a great night, I suppose I should have some fun too. -But I have other ways of having fun... Those warriors seem to be a step from ther glory. -... As the time closes, they felt it too. Their eyes fill with a sudden desperation they cannot understant, but know too well. -Greetings, you're late. -Late is the best time, don't you think so my lady? -That is true, when the most vulnerable moment... Fallen soldiers, in chaos and disarray, running and screaming. Those souls that onle wish chaos and terror, eh? -I wonder how my hunter is doing? I should get going too. Young ones who desire fortune, knights searching for glory, innocent ones that simply live, everyone meets teh same fate, ones sooner than others, but always by the same hand... That inescapable, truest dark... The beasts that feast on the dark of their hearts, leaving their terror behind. -Tell us your problems. The Alpacas will help you. The End. Hope you liked my story, and beware the beast that looms over every TW and GVG >:D
  11. Next FC?

    no u
  12. Next FC?

    lol wat
  13. Yesterday
  14. Halloween Art Event Entries

    Fanart #1 Ingame name ------- the one and only --- Mahakala
  15. Next FC?

    sit at mereholt 5 days per week, loot kasava
  16. Next FC?

  17. Next FC?

    @Daddy you gonna turn into Haikana and forum lurk while not playing?
  18. Halloween Art Event Entries

    Hey, this is my entry for the art-event. It shows my favourite halloween-themed things in NosTale, which is the seer, being my favourite specialist that can also be used in Foxy-Raid, and the Jack'o'Lantern as well as the pumpkin bushtale. I also added some vampires that fly towards the moon that represents the Alt+S Emote which is by far the best in this game (aside from the chewing gum ones!). Anyway I hope you like my picture and a belated Happy Halloween! (IGN: Senua)
  19. hii . after last 3 patches I got xigncode error same one many guys have got it before , its first time to me to get such error I read all forums about this error and nothing helped me . its gameguard error E0190304 / 0xE0191009
  20. GameGuard Error E0190304

    Please don't necro 7 month old threads. If you're still having issues with what was mentioned above, please make your own thread. Thread closed.
  21. Next FC?

    fc = force close
  22. xigncode error

  23. Next FC?

    U nvr play
  24. GameGuard Error E0190304

    I tried reinstall the game and made the defender and firewall off , also cleared cash from all browser and made all extensions disable . I use Nvidia card so I dont know what to do with this you said xigncode may stop cause some prog like nvidia interfaces
  25. Next FC?

    i nvr fc
  26. Server Info?

    there is a chance to drop from all the world bosses up to level 39 if i remember correctly plus there's usually some for sale in the auction house AH as some peeps farm them
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