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  4. I find the changes that Matt moves very well, especially the new limits of participants thus also smaller golden simple have a chance to pass in PvP if the server becomes more active again. (I’m talking about PvP in general) Currently it is unfortunately only a pure “who can farm his alts the most from” what the meaning behind the PvP completely leaves out what really a pity for many is not able to play to every PvP type regarding the times when I would find the time adjustment for most very nice to adapt it. And hope that it will also be welcomed by others, as you can
  5. SenorBernd Im begging stop derailing every post to complain you dont even log in. your character is never online, you don't participate in anything in-game (or I would know about it, ask anybody I'm nosy as fuck) and you never give constructive criticism that is relevant to the post at hand or to classic in general. Im so sick of you showing up on every post to slather your whining all over it like a child finding the mayo jar unscrewed when some of us are genuinely trying to get feedback from players current and inactive to appeal to them more and create an enjoyable experience. I cant rememb
  6. So either my writing was 2000% off or you misunderstood completely through the clear hate-glasses you're wearing when reading any post of mine. 1. As stated in my post, i dropped the EC numbers to give a slight number on what people can expect. Ofc it's RNG and people that actually care for rolling will know that themselves. But thanks for shining light on the obvious. 2. You say it yourself, it's a MASSIIVE MULTIPLAYER game and i said that you need people to do everything(of current content at least, especially if you're not 100% geared), not that i wanted to solo something buddy, r
  7. Lv 9- is a few minutes Other Lvs is 2 months @Herakles can say me if I'm wrong
  8. I was just accounting for 21 day cycle non stop of full range of gem merchant, 7 x 1k for 20-55 cuz 7 cycles, 3 x2x 1k for 55+, so in total it would be 13k per 21 days. My proposal would make it 3 x 3k cycles, dropping the price for full range of gems down to 9k instead of 13k. Was planning to come up with numbers for each specific item type once I logged in and did some number crunching. I was trying not to alter the pricing too much. Ofc I would personally prefer to be as low as 500 for 1 week, but I dont think Jordan will like that idea very much, iirc, we alrdy protested the me
  9. These changes sound terrific for a more active server with 10+ members guilds to face each other. I understand that with this system going for group PvP is a better strategy than caping the crystal, which sounds terrific. Having the crystals on a higher level will increase the time to cap it so you have to be aware of the bombings and stuff which adds to the "strategy" side of this mode, it sounds good. I'm totally in to try this if this is possible. The only thing I have against it is basically the way EE pvp works. Basically with this system the guild with the highest num
  10. Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience while we complete our w
  11. STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Altars have been updated as well as mystery boxes. Preview of the mystery box items can be found in the forums as well as in the archive in-game. With this maintenance, ranking rewards shall be sent out! A small fix was also patched in with this maintenance: *Fixed the Mysterious Top Hat (Prime) from the weekend altar. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this peri
  12. STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! A small fix was also patched in with this maintenance: *Fixed the Fallen Angel Gorewings (Alpha) from the monday altar. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the
  13. There's plenty of things to spend gold on—achievements (especially), ranking, gearing, etc. I can pretty much say one way to essentially further decrease the amount of NPCs that people put up in game is by further increasing their price. To me, their price is a bit high and I've consulted a few other people who have the ability to put up merchants who actually don't either because of their pricing or they're simply too lazy to maintain it. As far as I know, the 20~55 gem merchant is a bit on the rare side and I personally don't know of any way to farm it so I am forced to purchase
  14. Can we just get custom npcs that sell all level range of a certain type of item? ex. 23-108 orange heavy/light/cloth, 20-115 gems, 20-115 enchants (Edit: something like this alrdy exists, such as the 1-90 wep merchants, just asking for the same treatment for other npcs as well) and make them last 7 days, but for 3k. I understand we need a gold sink somewhere to reduce inflation, but when the entire server relies on 1 person logging on to put a specific merchant up (yes, frequently there is not a single 20-55 gem merchant in GTs, only BlackMagic), its an extremely fragile balance and
  15. I like these changes. A new map (especially one that I don't think I've ever played on) would definitely make me more interested in actually playing GvG again instead of just farming it, assuming other players feel the same and would play it with me. Shifting the times an hour or two back from where they are now wouldn't affect me too much. I'm in America for reference, and I could still sleep in a little bit on the weekends until GvG time
  16. Hello there. Currently I run NPC upkeep in the Lv12 Guild BlackMagic. This guild is used quite frequently by our current gem crafters in-game so I like helping them out by keeping the gem merchants up. However, I have been slightly annoyed by the fact that THIS particular merchant is 1,000 GOLD and only lasts for 3 days?" ..It doesn't make sense to me why certain merchants cost so much, yet lasts for so little. ..Meanwhile the merchant right below it is available and acquirable through the little merchant boxes that literally drop from everywhere late game costs the same, yet l
  17. these changes/suggestions are good and should be implemented imo. smaller cap on numbers, smaller map, less crystals, and more focus on actual fighting is what would make pvp better overall. having a different map is also a good attraction and a breath of fresh air for gvg since guild vs guild pvp is fun, the current vessel for it just isn't satisfying unless there's a ton of people on each side. the original map is just outdated for the current playerbase of the game and something different would be really nice. the timeslot change is good too, the majority of the server has been euro for a w
  18. Last week
  19. Hello, Over the server's life we have seen guilds come and go. For an EE server to have a healthy life, there is a necessity for PvE and PvP. Currently, Classic's PvE health seems to be at an OK place, it could be better. For PvP, the health has been non-existent since fall of last year. I'm writing this thread with the intention of bringing the currently playing players back into PvP, to bring old players back to the game and potentially bringing new players from the recently closed down Aeria servers. While I have not been playing the game much for the last few months, I do occasional
  20. Anymore information about your crashing? What areas are you in? What are your graphics settings? I definitely know in PvP and Nemesis, you are more likely to crash more than anywhere else.
  21. @VoidIndigo Try switching the game to run in windows 7 compatibility if you are running windows 10
  22. tbh a change i want to see on lw if we keeping up the dynamic with ed & lw combo is have their holy skills have some interactions like with dance blessing if someone uses poem of protection they also get 10% m-dmg reduction but idk if that would be too over bearing
  23. I'm going to repeat myself again on behalf of the entire staff, we have no plans to open another server at this time. When we decide to do so, I think you will all know about it, but for the moment nothing is planned. *Closing for Necro*
  24. Grand fantasia's private server was considered again? I've made so many requests and posts that I've lost hope.
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