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  2. Hello ! Altar : Sprite's Miraculous Star Stone Pristine Spirit Luna Rock White Bubble Luna Rock Mystery Box : Spirit of Glossy Black Alpaca (Legendary) Spirit of 24K Gold Alpaca (Legendary) Thank you !
  3. Hello! ^-^ Here's my list: Altar: Body Delicate Beach Swim Shorts (Legendary) Mysterious Tai Chi Robe (Legendary) Mysterious Beach Shorts (Legendary) Tropical Beachwear (Legendary) Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts (Legendary) Ronin Kimono (Legendary) Back Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Legendary) Blue Blaze Wings (Legendary) Face Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage (Legendary) Natural Elf Ears (Legendary) Head Shadow Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) Sleek Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) Mysterious Tarragon Horns (Legendary) Special Mysterious Faux Pipe (Legendary) Heart of the Ocean (Legendary) Weapon Azure Night Bow (Black) <--- maybe this is a mystery box? not sure Thank you!
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  5. Could maybe try to increase them a bit if this is still the case. But I will add the game is a bit iffy with reset ranges and it either has them or doesn't in most cases. These mobs I found to be better with a reset range to kinda force the intention of completition (The pigs more so than the slashers). After investigating the lag it would appear that a lot of the lag comes from too many people doing things in the same location. Now I am unable to finger point the exact solution but we may need to either upgrade the server machine or maybe look into making a channel thats similar to the Territory War channel where the raid takes place on. I have noticed though and I assume you have by now that doing it on the less popular channels and with around 15-20 people is more ideal to combat the lag at the current moment. But we are looking into fixes for this. Well its always on a timer when his core changes. But with how the game is designed the countdown skills are between 1 and 3 skills that are all on seporate cooldowns based on his HP %. So sometimes you can catch the countdown skills between cooldowns. This is how the game works and there isn't a lot I can do about this other than play with the delays. You may have noticed a similar feeling with the Abyss boss Leonic and his stone activations. ------------- People will get faster as time goes on and maybe after the hype dies down and people are less inclined to do it maybe some HP nerfs can come in. Most people in the entire history of EE have never really taken 25 people to the 25 man dungeon except for maybe 75 cap on official when Borsey was done for no reason other than fun. The dungeon was designed to be done in groups of maybe 15 and more people just make it faster. The mechanics are a lot simpler in this dungeon and are mostly focused on being player gated and not difficulty for the very purpose of being doable by anyone who has a decent set of gear. This dungeon has the added bonus of having no RNG to the statue where as the Level 95 does. So if you do the math interms of statues you need 20 people per legendary statue per week. So with 10 active players and some other peer players thats twice a week you have to do the dungeon to get a statue. I put a lot of thought into guild sizes and how to balance the statues around this. But in the end if people want to take the route of 95 statues then I have nothing against that either. Yes this did worry me a fair bit. But then I realised that one fault of the run was that it was done on channel 1 like 1hour-2hours after maintenance with a big patch. So the amount of players online and the channel being one of the more popular channels was probebly a big factor in this. I will say this though. If any more runs are laggy make sure to note down the details of the run such as classes people playing, and the channel. As there could also be other factors at play that could be assisting in creating the lag.
  6. Awaken has the bigger playerbase as of the moment, which if you where playing back in 2017 that will likely be where you already have a character.
  7. it could have happened a long time ago said by herself and GS also but NO other things more important or they forgot what ever. give it another year or more till any of the things we suggested or so happen. people just give it up. completly.
  8. Crytal Altar: Mysterious Ronin Garb Mysterious Ronin Threads Legendary Butler Legendary Maid Box Myster: Stellar Glowstick Judgment Blade 1h - 2h Magic and Robust Scarlet Vandra Steel Maiden Azusa Rose Maiden Azusa Icy Maiden Azusa
  9. Last week
  10. Altar: Flower-feathered Chickadee (prime) or Cotton Candy Pegasus Foal (prime) Archangel Angelica or Fox Priestess Rika Sakura Alpaca BackPack (Legendary) / Mysterious Tigar Strip Day-off combo (Legendary) Cupid's Bow (Legendary) or White Cherry Blossom Staff (Legendary) Box: Pink Bunny Chainsaw Massacre or Fluffy Kitty Claws
  11. I said, if you 40+, they will stay forever in your quest tracker. But if you are 39 (and RG) call me, I'll be glad to help. No other way than completing them.
  12. I dont want to complete this quests. Cause it's obvious I can't handle it. I just want to get rid of them from my quest list. Is there any way? Or this 10 quests are eternal in my jouranl?
  13. Haze blooms have changed apparence and name, but the quest still works, just follow the auto travel and kill the mobs you find. I think their name now are Scrabs or something.
  14. Every quest aimed for Viledon (there is 1 main, 4 side each level and many dailies) can be done in Viledon map only, so you must be level 30 to 39. If you go level 40+, you can't complete them any more. Referring to the Strange Transmitter, it asks to destroy both the towers in south Viledon called Nexus of Fury and Nexus of Dominion. Nevermind if you have ten of those quests, once you destroyed the two towers, you istantly completed all the quests. If you are a Royal guard, I have a 39 I can help you. Usually we meet a little problem: one of the towers is usually already Royal Guard. In this case, we need to wait some FK destroy our tower so it will respawns in Free Knight mood and we can destroy it.
  15. How to get rid of these quests: lv 30 Strange Transmitter [Daily] ... 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38 lv 39 Strange Transmitter [Daily] (its about tower capture on Viledon) ? "On Hold" button is not avaliable with them And I cant find "Haze Blooms" in Viledon. Quest "lv 35 A slice of Paradise"
  16. I started playing a few days ago and I only see a few people on when I was playing. Also, I also checked the auction and there is only 1 item that is up for sale. Plus I also asked the peer chat and onr of them said that the majority of the English-speaking guilds are all dead. That's my personal experience though.
  17. For the Costumes Body, we can not, but I must look for the rest
  18. Hi! Is it possible to bring these AK costumes to EE? https://imgur.com/a/Ek4gYjl
  19. Hi! I used to play back in 2017, I was wondering how big the population is right now which is bigger EE or EE Classic?
  20. GoddessSand

    NB AI

    and why do WHs and DEs need to be tanks against them and others do not? might as well make them do no damage to tanks than kill others that rely on evasion type skills in 2 shots.
  21. Filomena

    NB AI

    Against whippers and defenders those guards make 1+1 damage only. So they are class specific.
  22. Hello, is there any way you guys could reduce the size of the wig costumes for male halfkins? All of the female wigs are the right size for female halfkins, but male halfkins can't really wear most of the wig legendaries due to how large and wonky they look on them. By wigs I'm referring to the Head Legendaries such as Male Ghostblade Hairdo, Hyperfrost's Hairdo, Royal/Loyal Spirit Hairdos, and the others like them. It seems to me that if these wigs were a bit smaller they would look fine. Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider making this change! -Psyche
  23. GoddessSand

    NB AI

    the BG that needs guards to be adjusted are in AK. tired of getting 2 shotted by them.
  24. I tried to tell them that the times needed to be placed an hour earlier not later in the spring because the DLS goes forwards so you need to move the time forward. They are horrible times along with NB, but it is what it is till somebody wants to really do something about it. I would suggest to move AK on the weekend to 12 or 14 hours later, but who knows what they will do. I also suggest moving NBs so that they start 2 hours before the AK battles. But that's just my opinion and idea.
  25. The same can be said of making the Jewel replicubes from the epoxy glue. I get stacks of 200 epoxy glue and have to do that one at a time. So long for that.
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