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  2. It was. This thread can be closed.
  3. ehh sad vendetta was the best :((
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  5. When you download the installer this is the file you download. So if you download the installer you will have a new Patcher.exe
  6. Welcome and enjoy🙂/) :
  7. i wanna know if theres a back up or any quick fix for this... instead of dowloading again the installer.
  8. naru

    General Suggestions

    next time read what tutti said and then read what i said ^^
  9. MaD2210

    Bard Skill

    @Jordan Look the video TROLOLOLO
  10. Purple weapons can have MAX 160%, they don't appear with less than 101%. Also, purple weapons don't have the effect, so a 100% Magic Skeleton is still better than any purple weapon at 160% due to the special effect. Not that it's important, but Purple weapons break too often aswell due to half durability.
  11. Are you Royal Guard (RG) or Free Knight (FK)?
  12. Farm dungeons is always a good stuff. If you feel weak in 30-39, you can still run Bitterstone Core. But I think Sub-Factory is an easy dungeon too. From 38+ start think about Ignis Vortex.
  13. Filomena

    Dg or quests?

    The avatar sounds a lot Free Knigh.
  14. Awwww, thats a big shame... Ive read some of the posts in this forum, and Im one of those players who just want to play at the cap (65-75) and run the trials, do some pvp and stuff.. so having to go through all the lvling again and with no higher rates is sad Thanks for the replies :)! Best of success on this server!
  15. I believe that changing the % of items is very complicated, not only for development but too for players that already have items with a good %. Regarding the change to a limit of 10 entries per day, I think it is not a good idea. In cap 60, there are many trials that need to farm. Its 24 entries for all 55/60 trial. My suggestion is to increase the drop rate, at a rate worth keep farming and keep %. I believe that the rate needs to be readjusted to a rate that is not even close to the class drop but is too far from the current. Something that keeps me farming for better items.
  16. Characters cannot be transfered through server as there is many things disabled on classic to give it the classic feeling. There for you'd have to restart your character
  17. Bump... 2020. Everyone's in quarantine.. perfect time if you ask me.. we are practically begging for this
  18. They all drop in the Game. In BG and DG. Depend in the class, maybe u get a cheap one in Gloria If you dont want wait till it drop. :V
  19. Thank you for the reply I see so i will get a cap increase, say, if i leave my character at lvl 60, would it be possible to transfer it to classic once the beta is over? So i dont lose the progress?
  20. Classic is currently restricted to 55 for beta and will be advanced to 60 in a few weeks when we launch. The cap is different and a lot of the disliked updates of the game have been removed. The awaken server will still get custom updates and further content but the classic will follow a similar release pattern to the old days with some things tweaked or removed.
  21. Hello, Im new around here so I was wondering whats the difference between the classic and the awaken? Is the classic going to have another cap? like 65 or 70? It because i created a character before this server came to be, so my main is in awaken now, its currently lvl 60, but I would very much like to enjoy mainly the lvl 65 to 70 content, or even 60, instead of going all the way to lvl 120 Thats because I used to play on that cap, and it was so much fun! The reason i lvled to 60 is because of templar too, my fav class. That being said, whats in for this classic server? and if its gonna be restricted to a 60, 65 or 70 cap, would it be possible to transfer my character from awaken to the classic one? My goal in this is to have fun like back in the days of 60/70 cap so it would be amazing if this new server only goes up to that lvl and i could transfer my character, its a shame I created it before this server went up..Guess thats what i get for being new to this haha
  22. hi, i'm fairly new to this game and was wondering if and how i can join someone's guild
  23. I used like 20 Times i didnt see that only Icon is on CD XD
  24. We understand that you're against the class drop, but we just can't have % system without class drop. If you are okay with removing % system I'm fine with that, it just brings up another few questions like: What about current % weapons? How purple level 60 mace will work if you fix Lv60 weapon to 100%? Will we have ways to reset % on 50/55 weapons? Because I feel like we need. Obviously we wont have time to grind 200 bosses for one item before cap 60 is released, but you can farm a boss every day to get one drop and get it 101% while someone else gets it on first try with 120%. On some weapons that's like 1.8k p/m-atk without even forts. I know that's how RNG works, but Weapon % makes it unfair because someone who got a 120% lucky drop will just laugh at someone who took days to get a low % weapon drop and there's nothing we will be able to do about it besides grinding and grinding and grinding again with a huge chance of never reaching same stats as someone else because will only get another shit % weapon, so I really think that even if you remove % for next caps we need a way (a easy one) to reset our current weapons. And I need to add that most of current players who are looking for a classic experience now have college, jobs, some even wifes/kids. Things shouldn't be easy to get, to gear, but also can't be too much hard because we just don't have same time as before. 10 runs instead of 3 is a must if we keep this drop or even if it's increased but not much.
  25. No class drops? then no % at gears. the point is that we cant deal with % if we have not class drops, its booring to spam trials to get a item and then in the 35 try we drop a 102% weap
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