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  3. I just feel this won't solve this problem entirely cause the rounds are quite rng so if 2 active guilds draw each other round 1 or 2 then one will lose out
  4. Bikini can not only survive SWs, he tanks like a WH now.
  5. So without a doubt a lot of the skill stones in the game that are released are pretty .. well terrible to say the least, With 1 skill stone really showing the dominance in players choice. That Skill stone being Collapse. But it had me thinking Collapse is the only Defense reducing skill stone. What if we got some new ones affecting Eva, Ch-Eva, Ch Resistances and Crit void and crit Eva ? Especially since right now those stat values on some classes are scaling quite high. It would atleast bring some diversity to the game in skill stone choices. Edit, actually I just remembered there's already a ch resistance skill stone that exists it just doesn't drop as loot
  6. It's just a question of management, delete those who arent connected for days straight? If u have friends all day online, it can be a problem. So yeah kinda agree and disagree.
  7. Hey, I think the title is enough to understand what my suggestion is. I just noticed that i have to delete friends all the time to invite new friends.
  8. Yeah, i was thinking the same. But the rate was straight up lowered because bots took much over that zone and it became a problem, so its the rate of the normal server, after that pain you will eventually get faster after that until the quest with wigglers(which zone got also lowered) But now that bots are mostly gone(i think?) it will be a good idea to make these maps return the drop rate But seriously considering how it was before, this is a improvement... Btw u can get the wiggler in a ts
  9. I think the idea of getting drops directly into ur inventory is great! But id say, that it should be calculated what u would get per winning player on average considering what dropped before the update. So for example lets imagine in total there would drop 200 feathers and u win the IC win 5 people, everyone should get 40 feathers then, same for gold, full moon, etc. ofc.
  10. Could you please make a higher drop rate for the different SP3 Quest Drops? I know grinding is sometimes part of the fun, but killing around 15-20 skeleton Warriors for 1 Stone is kind of boring.
  11. So, the concern is about the 10 seconds a SW can't be killed and the OP atks of the PU. I agree 10 seconds is pretty bad, needs to be more like 15seconds just like other players. The SW can still be killed in 10 seconds and they really shouldn't be. If you are WH and you build like QueenPepper, then SW's 10 seconds has nothing on you. If you are Bikini, then your SE can survive SWs. There are several PU's that can take down a SW as well as survive them. The CB can survive and kill a SW if they know how to use their buffs. The DE can survive the SW if they don't try to debuff the SW which nerfs them at the same time. The ME I think could survive a SW if they build their defenses right as well as kill them if they weren't so concerned about being a support medic, but a support medic also has to have support too. I would like fade to go back to 3 skill points instead of 5 to max that out. I would also like several skills go back down to the original skill point value for max value as well as spreading the Ch-eva values back into the Miss Misery instead of keeping them all on Escape artist. The PU is pretty OP with their atks, I agree, but that's the way players build it just like the players build the SW. Many players forgo using certain skills, like smoke screen, to put points on other attacks on purpose. Try utilizing your character better, not all skills are useful and others make you harder to kill than you might think. I'm not going to tell you how to build to kill the SW, but there are several characters who have figured it out from several different classes. Same with keeping the PU from killing you.
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  13. But that doesn't mean that we can't use this later on(if they dont release one and gives up on nostale) But thanks for the compliment, sir !
  14. This is mostly unlike to not happen, not because it's too broken, but just because we are going to wait gameforge/entwell for the release of sps, and see where they move on, before doing changes/creating new sps.
  15. I tested that option for a long time: It only work for mons with the "monster" type. For example, bacooms are low society monster, so it works on it. Rement, are devil, so it doesn't work. Fernons, erenias and zenas, are high society monsters, so it also works. It works exactly like the s dmg on these monsters.
  16. yea but the question is it is possible for bash to start with sth like that or even think about it
  17. Hello all , its me Nayxa This might not be implemented or anything but if @Bash wants he can use this to create a new sp I have made some concepts and i picked finally one of them(this is only skills until now), please give a bit of feedback(if you have) on what could maybe be changed or anything if so. This is a full suggestion about the SP , which maybe needs a bit of balance but i will keep as close as i can with balance And u can see that some of the text is in like this thats because its a new effect and the description under what it does, but it will be repeated sometimes This sp will be mainly focused on delivering fists from distances and close distances. Note: If this idea gets accepted by Bash(unlikely to happen), i will try to describe how it will look in the game. Demonic Fist(Shadow element) Basic attack Increases melee attacks by 210 Increases Shadow element by 140 Range 6 cells Can do the effect of Blackout with a chance of 1% Skill 1 Fist of shadow Becomes a shadow and dashes to the targets delivering a fist to all nearby Cooldown 8 sec Increases melee attacks by 320 Increases shadow element by 290 Range 7 cells (dash) Enemies around 2 cells Has chance of short blackout by 25%(enemy) Has chance of Fist of shadow 40%(self) Fist of shadow(effect) Lv.3 Good effect Duration 5 sec Increases defense by (6*player level) Increases Shadow element by (3*player level) Skill 2 Cursed Fist Makes appear an fist(like seer) and hits the target Cooldown 9 sec Range 9 cells Increases Melee attack by 200 Increases Shadow element by 500 Has chance of causing Cursed fist by 60% Cursed fist(debuff) Lv.4 Bad effect Duration 4 sec Decreases attack by(3*player level) Decreases dodge by (4*player level) Movement is decreased by 1 Skill 3 Shadow assault Hits multiple times the target with shadow fists from different angles Cooldown 13 Range 5 cells Increases melee attack by 750 Increases shadow element by 320 Skill 4 Demonic ascension(buff) Makes a demonic aura appear to empower his skills and capabilities in combat Cooldown 90 sec Range self Has chance of Demonic ascension by 100% Demonic ascension(buff) Lv.10 Good effect Duration 45 sec Increases melee attacks by (2*player level) Increases attack in PvP by 10% Increases defense in PvP by 10% Decreases Health by (5*player level) each 2 sec Skill 5 Hellfire fist Punches a target with the dark fires of hell Cooldown 17 Range 3 cells Increases melee attacks by 900 Increases Shadow element by 700 Has chance of causing Hellfire Burn by 35% Hellfire Burn(debuff) Lv. 5 Bad Effect Duration 7 sec Decreases the shadow resistance by 30 Increases the likelyhood of doing a critical on this target by 20% Skill 6 Hellfire Rush Dashes in dark hellfire to a location and damaging targets in your path Cooldown 9 sec Range 4(dash) cells Enemies around in a special cell Increases melee attack by 230 Increases Shadow element by 100 Has chance of Hellfire burn by 70% Skill 7 Soulstealer Fist Launches a fist which rips off the soul of the target Cooldown 24 Range 11 cells Increases melee attack by 800 Increases shadow energy by 1200 Has chance to cause Broken Soul by 70%(enemy) Broken Soul(debuff) Duration 16 Lv. 7 Bad effect Decreases melee defense by(2*player level) Decreases the amount healed by 50% Has 100% of granting the caster Soul power(self)(doesnt apply when hitting) Soul Power(buff) Duration 8 sec Lv.6 Good effect Increases all attacks by(4*player level ) Increases all defenses by (4*player level) Recovers HP by 2% of max(like archmage ult) Increases Movement speed by 3 Skill 8 Hell Descent The target gets hit by a giant fist which opens a gate to hell Cooldown 31 Range 9 cells Enemies around 5 cells Increases melee attack by 1500 Increases shadow element by 1200 Has chance to cause Fatal Hellfire Burn by 35% Fatal Hellfire Burn(Debuff)(if the target is affected by Hellfire Burn, this effect will replace it ) Lv.7 bad effect Decreases shadow resistance by 50 Increases the likelyhood of getting a critical hit by 40% Decreases all defenses by (2*player level) Decreases movement speed by 2 Skill 9 Infernal Raid Summons Demon like shadows around the target and they deliver each a fist Cooldown 16 Range 7 cells Enemies around 3 cells Increases melee attack by 1400 Increases shadow element by 1200 Chance to cause Blackout by 80% Skill 10 Infernal Fists Cooldown 300 sec Range self Has chance to cause with 100% Infernal fists Infernal fists(buff) Lv. 8 Good effect Duration 300 Increases hit by (5*player level) Increases Critial hits by 40% Increases Shadow element by (5*player level) Skill 11 Demonic Massacre (Last) Teleports to target and sends clones/shadows to the others and fists them without mercy twelve times Cooldown 410 sec Range 6 cells(Dash) Enemies around 9 cells Increases Melee attack by 2900 Increases Shadow element by 1900 Has a chance to cause Deadly blackout by 60% Has chance to cause destroy weapon power by 30% Has chance to cause a critical hit with 20%
  18. Yes we need more unique looking players & not everyone that looks the same xD!!
  19. Does the equipment drop in the same boxes as official? Just wondering as I opened a lot of Glacerus and didn't recieve anything new, maybe just unlucky, :x.
  20. The new IC is good. It just needs an adjustment of the rewards.
  21. I'd like to suggest to change the old GvG system to only reward the top 3 players with the Glory Gift Bags, that will both prevent alt guilds to spam/farm it, and will help to keep them tuned with the server economy. With the adition of the new Guild Arena, there will be a new source of income from those bags and it would be good to solve the alt-guild stuff. About the rest of the patch: Still testing the alpacas/soul guardians. Thanks for the patch, Jordan.
  22. Do you like new ic system? lets vote guys
  23. well maybe @Bash could tell us if it's even possible to add stuff like that
  24. nvr forget major mechs pls make lvl 60 cyberskin the lvl 20aesthetic ty
  25. Theres a max quantity of enemies that can follow you , i ve tried it in a ts where i killed 17k monsters and idk because it was stacked but i think that its around 20~30 or so And it is only by the player , not adding the partner and pet cause it will make you actually waste more dolls than anything
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