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  2. Update: The official server for Twin Saga (by Gamigo) is closing. Just throwing that out there because there might be an exodus of players looking for a new home.
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  4. Crystal Altar/Mystery Box - Mysterious Magic Princess Gown (Legendary) - Mysterious Flowery Spring Dress (Legendary) - Nightshade Scythe (Legendary) - Pure Sprite Star Gem Mystery Box - Black Flame Tiger (Legendary) - Mysterious White Goddess Feater (Legendary) Thank you!!!
  5. Adorable Nurse's Cap (Legendary) Mysterious Nurse's Uniform (Legendary) Poison Needle (Legendary)
  6. Hello . *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Would love to ask for : Royal Corset and Banneret Corset. RG and FK Jumpsuits. Kama Sutra Cooldown / Bashful Bloomers + Special one (if they're still available) 50 Shades. Commandos of all colors! Thank you! xx
  7. wow nice idea but idk if its possible xD, imagine pet prays are random and they have specific pray at end , if u fused many, imagine how many variation it can have. I've basic idea how does it work, and this is kinda hard to implement :c But still an nice idea! :3
  8. Idea is like turning any legendary pet into a book for its 3rd slot pray. Sacrifice a 4star pet with a 4th skill in Arcane Box to turn it into a skillbook for its 4th skill (or maybe at least a skillbook for Vicinity - 4 for a random 4th skill) which in turn can be fed to another 4star legendary. Pretty fringe, considering it takes a quite a bit to fuse a legendary pet into 4star in the first place, and it hardly provides any advantage aside from ensuring you have a 4th skill you want on the pet model you want, so I think it's a QoL thing at best? Understandable if you think this is not worth
  9. Man I used to have massive decks of Yu Gi Oh...
  10. Always the same answer. If one day we intend to open a GF server, I think you'll know. *Closing the topic*
  11. Never got into Yuigoh as much as others, but titties apparently always stay fun until ya hit like 60 years old.
  12. Yeah, no shit. Especially with this Link format. Special summon dozens of time Turn 1, establish insane field presence, End turn, "Break my board or you lose!" Drop a Maxx 'C' turn one = Fuck you! (A reason it got banned)
  13. It was fun till all that synchro shit and other stuffs like pendulum were added + all these weird themed decks 🤣 back in the days setting a monster in def position and a trap card is considered a good move, yugioh nowadays gonna destroy you on first turn lmfao 🤣
  14. Sadly yugioh isn't fun anymore. All those ban lists and that insane powercreep
  15. You should see her other Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7aFFgutP7GvTR8pq_G_r6g Not going to link SS to what it looks like, but she loves Yugioh and titties apprently.
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