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  2. Lemme just spam the topic rq. Ty ! :3
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  4. Altar Body Gear Mysterious Soft Kitty Nightie (Legendary) Mysterious Black Hoodie (Legendary) Weapons Crystal Wand (Legendary) Pets White Snow Sprite Watery Snow Sprite Mystery Box Midnight Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) Sakura Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) Cloud Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) Maize Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) Azure Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) Ty :)!
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  6. I can confirm that the offgamers method of buying a mint card worked for me. 1. went to offgamers / signed up 2. bought a 30$ usd mint card 3. after they verified go to order page and the code will be there 4. copy it 5. go to pixel gaming website, login, go to purchase, click paymentwall/MINT clicked 30$ usd 6. It will ask for a mint pin and you paste 7. done (I tried buying a Mint card right from the Mint website but they said they didn't have any for my region (US).
  7. Hello again, Psions here! ♥ After a bit of extreme, insane PvE testing of Dragonside Ridge (CAMP).. I've noticed that the gem "Runner" from Daylight Forest isn't The idea of it is great, I love it! Effects: HP +500 (Green), Your Attacks and Casts have a 1% chance to increase Movement SPD +1% for 5 seconds. *Stacks 20 Times* It seems like a decent gem for running if you want a little speed boost during it, sure, but the "proc" or Activation rate for this gem is incredibly low! I'm unsure if it was mean't to be this way, but the insanely low activation rate makes this gem relatively worthless to socket. *SUGGESTIONS?!* Perhaps increase the Activation rate to 3~5%, but keep the "increase Movement SPD +1% for 5 seconds" the same. (This seems albeit more reasonable since the only thing this gem really affects is movement speed, not other stats) Perhaps change the stats of the gem to 1% chance to increase Movement SPD by 10% for 5 seconds and not stack (or maybe stack twice, if the 20% was still the achieving goal!) (This way, the gem won't be all that useless and the proc (Activation) rate can remain the same) Perhaps keep the activation rate at 1%, but instead change the stacking increments to "4% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Stacks 5 times." (This is to provide a bit of a more balanced way of stacking while also making the gem albeit more socket worthy!) - Credit for this suggestion goes to BattlefieldPoet_Main69 I feel as though not many will use this gem for PvP so for PvE it'd be really nice to have for that little speed boost that it gives when fighting those bad, bad monsters. Thank you!~ 😛
  8. Hello. Recently I have had some issues with launching the game, and whenever I launch the game, I get the Xigncode error stated in the title. It was stated that this xigncode error occurs from detection of program usage irrelevant to the game. I lurked in forum a bit and found this following post But this just made it so the game didn't even start. Might this file be outdated?
  9. Ok, let's go. Imagine this for Daylight Forest: - 0/2 ; - Defenses for bosses buffed. Same HP as of those WB in 110 trials, immune to Demonfire (yes, same HP for all bosses) and some gains in defense / resists in general; - Damage for bosses buffed. Full area attack capable of hitting around 35~45k dmg (if you got capped resistances) and some buff skills to increase it even higher; - Around 85~100% chance to drop the quest items at least once (which would be still a problem for those parties where the 5 members have quests for the item. anyways its still a party issue, not a game system issue) So, this way, you'd need an actual prepared party to do a hard quest, instead of just going in, invi around the boss, charge him with whichever classes you'd want (since it is really easy to do) and hope luck is on your side Edit: and ofc this is no way to say the patch and awakened armors are bad, on the other way around, I love this server and Jordan's work and this is just my personal opinion on how Daylight Forest should work :3
  10. Thats our point, it shouldnt be random, it should be hard, its an Awakened Armor, not a badge of luck
  11. I'll answer this as player, i know awaken sets are 200% than other sets , but imagine if that was easy, ppl will just awaken then in 1 week than jordan work for long time and we finished it that fast, ppl was going to ask for new content and his enegy will down fast. I waited 4 days to awaken my set and spend 100k gold to do it faster, Daylight drop is really annoying cause isn't 100% and sometimes u just see ppl showing their sets, u should be happy by seeing someone getting this as i remember aeria had 3 entrances for 80T and we need 3k coins for each awaken lv80 set (Light Armor is 6k, each trial is 50 coins) so 3k coins u will need to wait 5 days, if doing light p dps 10 days and now we need to spam this dng which takes only 15-20 min to do, so i don't think we need 0/2 or anything like , the only thing we need is 100% drop from Daylight stuff, i saw my boss 3 times before get it. Keep Working isn't hard, its just random.
  12. It's been resolved, thank you
  13. I really don't know if its possible but i wish it be. Change Top Class of 1v1 arena Emblem into our head, its possible to change it and able to see without FX effect? cause looks good and i can't play with FX :c
  14. Meh, Pixel Game Card responded with "Use Payment Wall." even after I had explained in the ORIGINAL ticket that it did not work for everyone. (Alipay is either in Chinese or translated to a barely readable Pidgin English or cajun "French," Mint does NOT work in certain countries at the moment, both CVS options and Dollar General require me to go to a physical store that does not exist where I live. WeChat just keeps coming up as system error.) Then they suggested I do their job for them and contact Payment Wall. So, I did and asked PW to add Paypal or how about a freaking option to use a Bank-issued Credit Card, like an adult and not some tween with a 5 Euro gift card or whatever from Dollar General or CVS, whatever those are. How about this: I'll mail Vivi 10 Euros and maybe she can put some warehouses and backpacks in my AP List? Just need more of those. The 30 Day Ones have a bad habit of expiring every 30 days.
  15. Can't enter the game. The login screen keeps appearing. Re-installed many times.
  16. Shadow


    But it's easy Sand....ok, easy for google translator ;). The login account password is normal. When entering the game, the red frame ATL100 is displayed directly.
  17. Coronas heartflame 120 on altar if possible, cap is raising to 110-120 so i dont see the resson of still having some altars with lvl 100 heartflames only.
  18. 15days with everything boost and no farming just online forever in Suer may b ...but we can't miss farming n pvp
  19. You need to use English on the Forum, it will also help you out better.
  20. Since PGC has lost it's most popular buying option(s) and the others are a bit lack luster when compared, I've decided to ask around for suggestions on decent replacements and will be sharing some of them. #1: Offgamers is a website where you can purchase mint cards and turn them into PGC cards (via PGC's Mint option). They have Sales! #2: Mint Yep, the original site of the Mint cards. You can buy and sell cards here. #3: Alipay is a mobile payment app which you can download to purchase cards with (it's a chinese app, it is secured). #4: Dundle Similar to Offgamers you can purchase Mint cards here. I recommend using offgamers for ease of access and slightly less hassle than downloading an app and going back and forth with codes. Please keep in mind when you purchase a Mint card for VGN, Vendetta's website only allows a certain amount of money. Make sure to reference amounts before you buy so you don't buy a card that vendetta cannot accept on their website. Thank you to @Jordan for giving me information to some alternatives.
  21. 登入帳密 都正常 進入遊戲時 直接顯示 紅色框框 ATL100
  22. If I didn't know Sand very well, I would've assumed Armpit was him. lol.
  23. Start with PvE 101, I don't think PvP 101 is offered at that level.
  24. does suer give higher pet xp boost than vip room?
  25. I used to play back in aria days then to vendetta I haven't played for awhile but would play from time to time .a week ago tried to log in to play not work tried a lot of times to log in but same error account info was incorrect . I change pass word not fix I can log in vendetta web site as before always but not game same error account info was incorrect what change
  26. honestly takes prob 15 days or so ive done it like 5-6 times now and thats my rough estimate since I miss or run out of hacks or pet food lol. I just use glass of love (lasts 3 hours) and a pet boost chip.
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