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  2. It got removed and it won't be added again.
  3. Someone to tell me if you find a balance in this result? . In my opinion, I prefer the tw as they were before, because if it continues like this, the little pvp that remains will disappear completely and all thanks to a guild that over time has only looked for ways to benefit themselves. Do not get upset but that's my opinion. If it's about dissolving the guild to make the PVP more entertaining, we'll do it. - Imminent-
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  5. Its possible, i dont want to have any problem in forums but theres a dll you can inject in game and removes this dmg cap, but as i mentioned this doesnt come from a trustable source, is just a tool somebody developed in his house.
  6. Hello Im currently stuck at quest which requires me to get 30 high quality rags. I am currently lv 83 and I can't really progress further as I can't obtain those materials. I can't use bazaar or trade with anyone yet because my reputation is too low (250k). I know you usually farm them in PTS but I can't do them alone. How does one get past this quest?
  7. I think that points/ranks should only be aviable on each season; but would be nice to have a section to check our global k/d (all seasons+off season) and other section to check k/d-points of each season (already implemented)
  8. Some of us who raid are at a point that speed is not an issue wether we use alts or fill the remaining spaces with players, if speed is the issue then yes by all means the raid host can look for players as they have that option, I rather have majority players then rest alts as we'd at least get raids full on time, mob the bar on time, each player can get triple, and then finish on time and have better loot which is a win-win for all players involved. You replied to what I said about pve nerfing from the wrong sentence, the reason it's another nerf is because the loot obtained per player will simply be a fixed value again, and based on Instant Combat I'm guessing that value will be quite low in Erenia & Zenas as well, I rather have the floor loot be competitive in raids then have it majorly decreased. Overall I'm not really bothered about accounts that do or don't do damage or activity before looting from the boss, the raid host should be the one to deal with that issue in the first place, I just don't want a decrease as everything in PvE has been getting decreased lately in patches such as blue souls & gold rate, would prefer if raids weren't also affected further then they already have been.
  9. It's a bit extra but it would be nice to have a ranking section on the leaderboards that is global, meaning it's our overall score which continues to rise even during off-seasons.
  10. Adding a % dmg factor to zenas / erenia to get a box is just dumb. you need buff chars etc. and zerks will never get a box, that just doesn't make any sense at all. And I didn't bother reading because I disagreed with it in the first place and didn't really feel the need to see through 50 lines justifying it when i already made a decision
  11. Of course im'talking about the pg without nothing but just for buff(they die in 1 hit by everything). About the box I would also agree to implement a system that is based on damage but in this case I believe that no one would be willing to approve the request (since many people earn so much money just use 2 characters). I believe that staying on the ground gold factor is ideal. But tell me what comments to make if you don't even dare to read what the others write? I mean if you yourself say you don't want to read how can I take your opinions seriously? No offense, but this is what a classic strong person is. This suggestion works precisely to believe that it is slower for the funds than reserved. Come on I said if they did it in the IC why not here? After all, the IC is one of the most remunerative and rapid methods(in the original nos) as here are the raid act 6. About the host we dont have nothing to say, infact as i said the motto is: "The raid is mine and I decide. If you don't like it, open your personal raid" About the stystem point I agreed to apply it only with regard to little damage. Let me explain. A semi-empty character will take 50k from the boss. The limit will be just 20k. This would only serve to discourage those who want to use 2 characters. In fact, as @Rippes has said, even the secondary characters do damage. If you set a limit then anyone would think twice about using a second character. But in any case my suggestion is about gold and equal distribution without advantages for those who have too many speed instruments. Precisely because it is an extra of the raids we try to balance it lightly so as to guarantee a fair quantity between rich, fast and poor people.
  12. Making this system work would help a lot with raids, and it wouldn't be a nerf at all for "PVE CONTENT" it would be for people that just use alts lvl 90 with +0 sps to leech and get 1 more box, so instead of a nerf it would be a buff since it would mean more people would be active in the raid and you could go faster. I would implement this gold system not only for the gold, but also for the box where if you don't do enough dmg you can't get the raidbox. About sps like war/sader/holy, they do dmg. Don't try to say they don't. An holy mage can even relog act 6.1 monsters with basic hits, so i doubt they wouldn't do enough dmg.
  13. First of all damage can't be tested at danders. Second of all in order to have damage in pve you need to lower res and have an high sl set. The must have things to have a lot of dmg in pve are (in order of importance) 1) s dmg in the shell + dmg to evil (dmg to evil works like s dmg against bacoom/ any act 6.2 monster+ erenia/zenas/fernon) 2) high sl set (like 100 att 80 element and yeah i think 100-80 is better for mages too) 3) Ibrahim trophy or even better shadow gem trophy 4) steampunk costume weapon/reindeer costume/ any costume hat giving +5% attack/fibi/bally/erze (any pet increasing attack) 5) 80% fairy and not 50% one 6) Laurena accessories 7) books Those are the things that increase damage in pve. Of course i didn't include the buffs from alts account needed, the tarot, attack potion, the fairy booster, but those help too.
  14. Mage 93(+27), Archmage+14 Greetings I have such a problem.with a friend we tried damage to the danders. I had Archmage + 14 and he Tide Lord +13. He gave 23k damage and I 12k At the same time we had the same eq r7 + 8. And he told me there was a problem in the shell, with SL, etc .. And since he did not have time to explain it to me so I want to ask people here whether they would not be willing to advise me and write what to do to increase the damage. I watched YouTube and various forums, etc .. But I need to know if 100 elements are needed on PvE archmage and if it somehow increases the damage when I am currently in element 85. Then whether the fairy 80% is able to increase the damage compared to 50%. If the jewelry can also increase damage and what should I get. I just bought a skin for a weapon that helped little bit. And the last thing I can do here to earn a larger amount of money I spent about 9 hours a day on the game last week and I didn't earn much to see that people have more characters for IC and raids, which is more money but still doesn't make sense where people with c30 they have SP + 15 and EQ r7 + 10. I'll be glad if you can advise me and write what to do
  15. Probably you remember the rare Zeta suit of medic. It's hard to see now, cause everyone use uniqs, and uniqs don't have wings.
  16. Compared to official server this server is way better. In al senses, in all content. About the time to get to +28 i would say starting from 0 maybe about 1 month? A lvl 90 can do about 5-10kk per hour by doing raids of act 5.2 or luring in maple woods or places like that. Then you can pass to 5.2 exp, about 10kk + the guy you level up, and to 30kk+ in act 6.1-2 and erenia raids. Usualy a well geared player with 2 account gets abou 70-80kk per hour in 1 erenia marathon, and about 60kk in 6.2 (depending on luck you can get way more) About nosmaill yeah every scroll that is needed for upgrades can be found at npcs.
  17. In the old Vendetta website we could see it. There is no way to get that info back? It was just a number, near the "offline" or "online" server lamp.
  18. Hi, i'm currently downloading nos vendetta, but since my internet conection is really bad and it will take some time, i've decided to ask you guys the thinks that I really wanna know about this, in order to decide if it's worth for me to play here ^^ Im currently at 92+20 on nostale,org, I'm really lazy about thinking on leveling another character and SP's, and simple questions: 1. How much time (aprox) it will take to level to...92+30? lets say 2.How much time will take to get an SP upgraded to+15, or better asked, it is as hard as in official server? 3.We all know .org is a bad server due to it's brutally expensive economy, it is that expensive on vendetta? How much gold can a lvl, lets say 90 without champion level, farm in a regular day? Making IC, some act 4 raids, etc. 4. last but not least, i have read that most of the payment system is for fashion only, so I'm assuming that eq and SP scrolls are buyable in game? I've been playing in official server for a LOT of freakin time, and now I just want some chill and easy server to get all I ever wanted, but wasn't rich enough to get on official, so if you could answer this to me, I will apreciate it so much! ^^
  19. When i get time to look at pets, all pets will be looked at not just DT.
  20. I'm against any change that could potentially nerf pve even further, changing things because a few players aren't able to do something others can is obsurd, just save up untill you can eventually buy what you need to be on the same speed as everyone else, the gold loot is just an extra and isn't what you mainly raid for but it's nice to have. Then I also disagree on an action point system for raids, not everyone's role has to be based on dps, if a raid host has trash equipment and asks for people with stronger equipment, who cares, no one is entitled to join that players raid, and he's not entitled to add anyone who doesn't meet his requirements just because he has an alt account that's useless or not.
  21. That's really a lot of reading so i just read the first part about a slow c28 sader. If you can't afford to use certain wings / shoes for move speed, don't expect to easily pick up items, it is what it is.
  22. press P, go to Family>Family Menagment>Rank and Titles and there you change them.
  23. Yeah i am.... its not impossible but hard to recode the game into a higher than 16 bit if im wrong?
  24. I think it got denied before because its impossible , it was the engine/something(im not a technician or anything) of the game itself that was doing this impossible... But yeah it could been great if im wrong here
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