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  1. Look at Jordan's response. There has been MANY people who have beat this boss. It all just depends on your gear, KP, starstones etc etc. Use Regen potions and the res potions that will help you. If you do have scrolls, fort your weapon, gear and as well as your accessories. 

  2. The dungeon is not bugged or anything. All you need to do is get better gear (I have been farming 58 boxes for 58 blue gear to kill it) and fort your stuff but at the moment if you don't have green scrolls it's hard to get them when they're at 150 LP each and LIMITED weekly. Honestly that's the biggest issue we have at the moment since players can't advance and get forward.

    Also another tip is to buy regen, melee and elemental potions.

  3. 5 hours ago, Par said:

    LP Shop

    Green Scrolls - 25 LP each and Unlimited

    Players NEED these scrolls in order to gear. Starting at Lv63, dungeons get absolutely brutal for those playing tanky classes, and near impossible for those playing squishier classes. Having Green scrolls cheap and unlimited keeps players who aren't endgame yet farming and interested in the game. The fact that these scrolls fail VERY FREQUENTLY does not help matters much either. On average, it takes around 40~60 scrolls to reach a +20. A maximum of 9000 LP to fort one piece is insanely high for a fort level of 20.

    This pls. ^^^ The amount of times you fail on the green scrolls just trying to get to plus 20 is so ridiculous and the fact that atm green scrolls are 150 LP each and limiting to 20 WEEKLY is just.. sad. ;-; I cry forting.

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