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  1. " A balanced game that loses his balance can only be fixed by a decent study to figure out what is imbalanced with it. Because any mistake made in a certain unbalancedness will cause more inbalance but...


    it is not to forget that the players of the normaly balanced game should also be checked to see if they are not the root of the problem, making a balanced game look like it is inbalanced. If this is the case then the only possible fix is to wait until the players changed ideas or until you figure out a way to forcefully but gently change there attitude"


    Have a nice day !

    (Doper(3 april 2017)

    1. Doper


      (Seems the picture diden't get through :s)

    2. Spherical


      im still trying to translate the text :P

    3. Doper


      Tbh i find that it is quite understandable atleast if you know what i'm talking about :P

  2. Yay a new forum model to try out :P (all excited)


    QQ Time to start a new again with my 355 posts


  3. Started streaming https://www.twitch.tv/edm28

    1. Spherical


      i heard it was justin bloober dont do it haha

    2. Doper


      haha it's cause i'm setting stuff up xD


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