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  1. It has come to my attention that many people don't know where to farm gold...so here you go :D.

    Gold is currency. Gold is items. Gold is life. Don't run out of gold, this guide is here to show you how to keep that gold coming in!

    Specific dungeons, namely the dungeons that have many floors, give out more gold than others due to their higher amount of mob density. Farming these dungeons is bound to net you enough gold to get by.

    Dungeons to farm:

    s5ccJ.pngAurora Sanctums5caQ.pngObsidian Fortresss5cie.pngPhantom's Palace

    s5crj.pngWhite Magic Research Offices5cjW.pngAquamarine Waterfall

    All of these dungeons reset once every 4 hours. If you are capped on any of these dungeons or are unable to run later game dungeons, running solos of dungeons around your level will give you a decent amount of gold too, just not as much as these.

    Good luck and Happy Farming!

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  2. 2 hours ago, Concerns said:

    4.) I'll use this as an example. There was a raid that was recently released within TW and I believe this server has the ability to queue for it. I think it was some type of space dgn that people queue for? I wanted to know if this and all of the PvPs are working properly.

    I found the raid that I was referring to -


    Alright so you're talking about Fantasy Star, and yes we do have the ability to do it. We haven't quite completed a run yet due to a lot of people being undergeared coming in, but it's definitely functional.

  3. I'm going to do my best to address each of your concerns regarding this server:

    First Concern: Yes, this server does have less players than the other, but that doesn't mean it's dead, it's far from it. You will probably have problems finding parties for dungeons, but not because of the low population. Most people on this server tend to stick to guild parties, and I don't blame them. I can't tell you how many times a player that I have taken from trade chat to an endgame party dungeon has been severely undergeared and needed to be carried. In a Dungeon like White Magic Research Office, you simply do not have the time to wait around for a player that dies on nearly every floor, since the time constraint is 25 minutes. 

    Second Concern: Mystery Boxes are simply better for a diversified market. Of course, the rates here are MUCH better in these boxes than that of mainserver. I've bought 10 boxes and got 30 senshi books one time, so on a good day, you can defnitely grab quite a few items. The reason for the boxes is more of circulation of other items. This allows the distribution of Badges, Charms, and Scrolls without having to directly purchase them. This encourages selling rather than hoarding items for yourself because you only buy precisely what you need. It's just very hard to maintain a stable ingame economy while having items that can be bought directly from the item mall. It encourages donating too much, or if placed in the LP shop, encourages donation too little.

    Third Concern : I find it very funny that the other server is around starting rumors of servers closing when they abandoned their eden eternal server, leaving it with no staff and then eventually leaving the players in limbo before the website disappeared, with no formal server closing announcement. Either way, yes, servers here have closed, mostly due to playerbase complications, or staff/lack of. If you would like a good comparison for Twin Saga, you might want to look at Vendetta's EE private server. We are currently 4 awakened classes ahead of the mainserver, with custom content, bosses, maps, dungeons, and events. Twin Saga is just starting out and getting its footing still, the main focus is translations and QoL changes so players can more enjoy the game as it is now. In the future, custom content is most definitely a possibility, where as on the other server they'll release a "Custom mount" that was already in the game files anyway just for a bit of hype.

    Fourth Concern: If anything here is bugged, then it's bugged on the TW server as well, our content is just about exactly the same. Lately we've been experiencing a bit of server complications which really blows, but it seems like we're at the tail end of these problems. A couple of rollbacks did happen, but this is not something regular. It just happened that the server's database ended up corrupting and needed to be replaced.

    As for the large donations, there aren't any perks other than the additional VGN points you get from donating, pretty much a bonus for donating more. A character's name that has been taken is pretty much final unless it is deleted, nothing much can be done about that. It wouldn't be quite right to remove someone's name because they don't have much time to play for a while, or they need to take a break, so you'd simply have to find a new name to use.

  4. I would actually recommend getting someone to give you Lv73 blue armor pieces, most guilds have someone that has a ton of boxes and is willing to share. I'm going to start putting a bunch in the Auction House to help out the leveling community, now that you've brought it to my attention. Also, the Lv78 gold sets are your endgame sets, so if you want something worth investing in, and you have an idea of the class/build you want, then I'd suggest buying the piece if it fits your build.

    The Purple colored set focuses on EVA and Critical hit rate, while the Green colored set focuses on defense and HP.  When the server goes back up, I'll make a post regarding their translations until we get a hard ingame translation.

    Occultist Quest items haven't been on the market much with so many people farming endgame dungeons,  but when they are, they go for about 1k each.

  5. We actually managed to pull off a Fantasy Star run, you only need 10 people so it's not the community population at a cap of only 10. People just don't quite know what it is, or don't feel quite geared enough for it.

    Spread the word of Fantasy Star! The only thing that does suck is 1 run a day, I do agree. Hopefully the debuff timer can be edited to 45 minutes or something like that, just so you can't join the same session twice, because that'd be a little too much.

  6. Welcome to Desert Canyon! Where giant red dragons give their power to anything that asks nicely, and green swirling tornados will make you cry yourself to sleep at night!

    Desert Canyon has two modes, Solo, and Party.


    This dungeon, you will battle zombies, lizards, a giant insect with scythe blade hands, a once petrified knight, a Charizard, and most importantly, the Tornados of Tears. There are three bosses in this dungeon, each having the chance to drop pieces of the Lv78 Legendary Armor Helmet, and Chest piece.

    Notable Drops:

    rhuw3.png  Lv78 Legendary Armor Dust :

    This item can be obtained from any of the three bosses inside Desert Canyon. It can be used to craft both the Helmet, and Chest piece of either set at the cost of 3 pieces for the Helmet, and 5 for the Chest piece.

    rhwO7.png Lv78 Legendary Helmet, and Chest :

    Both of these pieces can be obtained from the final boss of Desert Canyon. This is the more offensive of the two sets, granting a 3% boost to Evasion, and a  10% chance on Critical hits to raise Critical Damage by 5%, stacking up to three times, and lasting for 10 seconds.

    rhx1w.png Lv78 Legendary Helmet and Chest :

    These pieces drop from the first and second bosses inside of Desert Canyon, the helmet from the angry insect, and the chest piece from the petrified knight. This is the defensive set, granting -8% damage taken from Critical Hits, and a 8% chance to reduce damage taken by 25% for 10 seconds upon being attacked.

    Both of these dungeons reset once every 4 hours, which is at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and 2am servertime. If you don't have a party to run them with, be sure to sneak in those solo runs whenever you can!

    Good luck everyone and happy farming! :D

  7. Welcome to White Magic Research Office! Mickey's Master has gone mad with power and has taken over the Laboratory, causing destruction and letting loose his experiments to destroy any trespassers!

    There are two modes for this dungeon, Solo, and Party mode.


    Much like Aurora Sanctum, this tower-like dungeon requires you to venture deep into the basement of the lab to stop Luka. There are a total of 40 floors, each 5th floor being a mini boss, and each 10th floor being Luka, who gets stronger each time you best him.

    Notable Drops:

    rhvVe.png Chaos Energy Crystal :

    This item can be obtained from any mini boss, or Luka inside of both Solo and Party modes of White Magic Research Office. You can use 6 of them to craft one of six different Lv75 Legendary Accessories at your crafting table (no blueprint required) , Luka's items being the more defensive option, while Nutelia's being more offensive.

    rhvTF.png Lv75 Legendary Jewelry Chest

    This item can only be obtained by killing Luka on each 10th floor inside of both Solo and Party modes of White Magic Research Office. This chest contains one of six different Lv75 Legendary Accessories, given to you at random. If you don't get the one you want, try trading for a piece you need!

    Both of these dungeons reset once every 4 hours, which is at 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and 2am servertime. If you don't have a party to run them with, be sure to sneak in those solo runs whenever you can!

    Good luck everyone and happy farming! :D

  8. Welcome to City of Flames! Where you can play Chess with a strange Jester and the pieces... spit fire at you? Either way, let's get into the guide.

    City of Flames has 4 different party modes, two solo, and two party.


    This dungeon, as I said earlier, is a flaming chess board. Your goal is to defeat the bosses that spawn on the board while taking at little collateral damage from the environment around you (the pieces) as possible. Each piece has their own way of attacking/supporting, similar to what they'd do in an actual game of chess... except the fire part.

    Pawn- Moves forward aimlessly.

    Rook- Shoots out fire in vertical and horizontal directions depending on positioning

    Knight- Shoots meteors down at you from the sky in random places

    Bishop- Moves diagonally and heals any bosses he comes across

    Queen- Shoots fire out in all directions at once

    King- Stands there and looks stupid ,but has a strong damage reflect. If killed, bosses on the map will be temporarily unable to attack, or move.

    Notable Drops:

    rhuZ2.png  Epic Rank Ancient Starstone Crystal :

    This piece can be obtained by killing bosses inside City of Flames Solo, or Party, but not inside the Metarealm versions (currently untranslated ones). You can fuse 5 of these together using a formula from Exotic Merchant Sebastian in Arcadia to make a Level 70 Epic rank  Ancient Starstone.

    rhts8.png  Lv78 Legendary Armor Fragment :

    This piece can be obtained by killing bosses inside of City of Flames(Metarealm) Solo, or Party. You can use these to create the Level 78 Legendary Armor Gloves, Boots, and Belt inside your Terracottage crafting table. (You do not need a blueprint drop) The belt and boots both require 4 fragments, and the gloves require 5, making a total of 13 fragments for the endgame set.

    rhtsS.png Legendary Rank Ancient Starstone Crystal :

    This piece can be obtained by killing bosses inside of City of Flames(Metarealm) Solo, or Party. You can fuse 5 of these together using a formula from Exotic Merchant Sebastian in Arcadia to make a Level 75 Legendary rank  Ancient Starstone.

    rhvng.png Level 78 Legendary Armor Box :

    These three boxes are only obtainable inside of the party mode of City of Flames( Metarealm). They contain gear that is already crafted, and have an equal chance of giving you the defensive set (green one) or the offensive set (purple one).

    All 4 of these dungeons reset once every 8 hours, which is at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm servertime. If you don't have a party to run them with, be sure to sneak in those solo runs whenever you can!

    Good luck everyone and happy farming! :D

  9. If what you want is a game that is so free there is never a point in time that you want to actually farm, then by all means, just go to .to instead of whining on these forums about how we're not .to.

    As Bash already said, the other Vendetta server games aren't ran that way, and Twin Saga won't be either. Their servers have always ran the way they currently run their games, far too easy and short lived. It's cool for players who want to just play dress-up, sure, but in the long term game life, it's a terrible plan. Why do you think their EE server up and vanished? Items being too cheap along with a couple market screw ups allowed people around at the time to establish themselves forever in-game, funding them, all their friends, and even whole guilds. this is the safer way to keep a game alive, make it so items that are supposed to be rare aren't worth 5 gold each. The model of the game isn't going to change, so let me reiterate this for everyone pointing fingers at other servers and using them as the template for this server.




    And on the topic of Aeria... if you've really ever played an Aeria game, you should know that this seemingly "fair" market will not last for long. All it takes is a couple exclusive AP releases in boxes with horrendous rates to break their market, and it WILL happen, even if not immediately.

    As far as overpriced items, the AP rate is honestly the most fair in terms of money to item ratio. Now I'm going to use fair meaning balanced for both the server's life, and the player's input. boxes here are only 199 ap each, and TONS of people have opened 10 boxes or so and have got their epic piece, and even if you don't, you can craft it through the formulas, or buy it from other players in-game, now that sellers are starting to pop up.

    As for the LP struggle you're talking about, I'd honestly recommend you spend less time whining on the forums, and more time actually playing the game. Maybe you don't know how to get LP so you're upset that you're not getting enough, or maybe your level is too low, or your gear isn't good enough for you to farm as much LP as you'd like. Either way, crying about the LP shop being too expensive because you don't know how to make a lot of LP is pointless. Run 8 LP dungeons per 4 hours, Furval's Utopia resets every 3 hours, there's another 6 runs there, you get 400 from Bashington's quests, you get 150 from the Furval transport quests, 200 from Astral Adventures, and a ton from Daily achievments. Do some exploring, you'd be surprised how much LP you can actually farm.

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  10. The 8x loot rate has actually been abandoned for a custom loot rate system. I don't know the exact rates for these items obviously, but it is definitely much better than it used to be. There are still more items that do need some tweaking that we have missed, or not seen as a problem yet, but they become recognized, they will be addressed.

  11.  Apparently some people say we don't have as many people as the other private server according to some people, but I don't think it's true at all. People on our server seem a lot more guild-centric, is the difference, so while you don't see a lot of talk in the main server chat at times, settle down in a nice active guild and you'll always see someone around.


    There aren't currently any gamebreaking bugs. Some people like to say the 63 dungeon is a "bug" because Nerokas is a bit strong, but once you have a handle on the game and how to play it, you should be fine. Some of the translations are a bit confusing, or non existent, but they are being worked on. There's a hell of a lot more content here, so it's gonna be a while before the game is fully translated, and even then, with us constantly updating the server, reaching full english will be a struggle.

    Other than MH we don't have much planned as of now for events. Right now we're in a state of endgame limbo(kinda) where farming the final dungeons in the game for gear is a bit impractical. Fixing issues like that is our current priority. Expect events from me in the future, though. :D

     Astral Puzzle updates once a week so people have time to buy AP or farm Lp and grab the items they may want off it. Grab bags don't have a current cycle, but once they do it should be fairly stable, most likely matching the Puzzle's.

    As of now, the closed beta reward is the best example of custom content. We currently have a NPC that gives out high exp and cp quests to help with class leveling at 70~80, as well as an imported pet from Eden Eternal (the Abracapaca) to please the high amount of players here that have played EE in the past, as well as a Terracottage decoration of it. Of course there will be more to come in the future.


    Hope to see you ingame!

  12. If you have problems getting LP, you're either too used to TS.to's broken "Let's throw everything in the air so people will play here" mentality, or you don't know how to farm LP.

    Keep in mind, LP dungeons have TWO modes, party, and solo. If you actually have a party for them, you'd be shocked at how much LP you can amass in those 8 runs, it's an easy 2k if you don't get lucky with any of the big drops.

    Furval's Utopia is another great way to farm LP, the mobs inside hit harder, but are more generous with higher LP drops. You get 6 runs every 3 hours, and if you have a party(once again) you'll be in a good place with LP.

    If you can only do solo runs, then run the Loyalty Training Grounds, and hope you get good drops, do all of the Furval Transport quests each day, and all 10 astral adventures for an easy 1~1.5k

    Also remember running a party mode dungeon once a day nets you 80 LP, and a solo nets you 50, that's another 130.

    If you happen to do guild quests often, then you can get a "Contribution Chest" from the special merchant (Moomoo) inside your guild town! (if your leader put it up) and for 40 Guild coins(personal) you have a good chance of getting a 50/100 LP coupon. 

    There are tons of ways to get LP and we're finding more all the time. Instead of complaining about the LP shop and how hard it is to get LP, try playing the game. Maybe you'll realize that it isn't that bad then. :D

  13. I already told you that this issue is being looked into.

    As it is only the Blueprints that have such a terrible drop rate, it might just do us more to manually edit the drop rate of that specific item, rather than reducing the drop rate for everything else.

    Please do keep in mind that we are still in beta and we're doing out best to iron out issues like these that cause problems for players.

  14. If you've got any other antivirus software/firewalls on your computer, you'll have to whitelist the game.bin(in the Twin Saga Vendetta folder), the patcher, and the installer on that program too.

    EDIT: Also, if you've had to uninstall, or still have McAfee on your computer as your antivirus, I recommend using the McAfee removal tool to get rid of it. It likes planting itself in folders that you can't edit even after being uninstalled and running as a background process.

  15. Hey guys, I've been hearing quite a few people and their friends having the same problem with the patcher not opening the game when "Play" is clicked, so I'll share what fixed it for me. Each picture is accompanied by directions on what to do below it.


    1. Find your Vendetta Gaming Network folder on your computer and delete it.


    2. Open your Control Panel and click on "System and Security". This might not be exactly the same on Windows 7 or 8, but as long as you can find your way to Windows Firewall, you should be okay.


    3. Click "Allow an app through Windows Firewall".


    4. Click on "Allow another app". We're going to be allowing the Installer for Vendetta TS through the Firewall.


    5. Find your "TSV Install Files" Folder (The folder that you extracted from the client download) and select the program "install" to let it bypass the firewall.


    6. The installer will show up as "MFC" on the list of programs. Make sure both of those boxes off to the right are checked in case your home network is marked as a Public Network to your computer. 

    7. Run the Installer in the TSV Install files folder. 


    Hopefully this works for you too, if you're experiencing this problem. If anything in this guide is unclear to you, post below and I'll try to help you as much as I can.

    Hope to see you in-game players! :D

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  16. 7 minutes ago, Nekochan said:

    Could someone please tell me why the items in the AP shop are so expensive? I remember seeing those Advanced Gear Evolution Scrolls at a price of 28AP but now they are at 120AP? Also the prices of those grab bags are riduculous; Head, Face accessories are at the same price as Body, Weapon, Mount, Senshi but they offer inferior stats. If i recall, those grab bags were priced at 18 (Head, Face) and 28AP (Body, Weapon). Hey why don't you guys try to open 100s of grab bags and see what the rates are? If the rates of getting an Orange fashion item are increased then i have no complains. 

    I bet everyone is gonna say you get more AP per dollar in a private server but that doesn't mean the prices of items in the AP shop has to go up as well. I was thinking about donating when the server is out of beta but i have to reconsider now.

    The prices in the shop was based off of the Taiwanese version of the game's currency, not the US server, so the conversion rate was a lot lower. You got like 250 AP for $5 there, so as the conversion rate increased, so did the item prices. The grab bags have not been edited yet, so I honestly do not recommend investing in them as of now.

  17. Hi, here are my suggestions for changes to the shop systems, along with explanations:


    LP Shop

    Green Scrolls - 25 LP each and Unlimited

    Players NEED these scrolls in order to gear. Starting at Lv63, dungeons get absolutely brutal for those playing tanky classes, and near impossible for those playing squishier classes. Having Green scrolls cheap and unlimited keeps players who aren't endgame yet farming and interested in the game. The fact that these scrolls fail VERY FREQUENTLY does not help matters much either. On average, it takes around 40~60 scrolls to reach a +20. A maximum of 9000 LP to fort one piece is insanely high for a fort level of 20.

    Blue Scrolls- 300 LP each and Unlimited

    This is your real market, blue scrolls. They fail just as often as as green scrolls, and people need them all the way from +21~+50 on 9 different items. However, because of how often the fail on the higher fort levels, I do believe they should be adjusted. You can fail 10+ in a row quite easily at +35~50, which is at a minimum 6000 LP for the chance to fort a few stages. With the amount that are needed on server, and their inavailability ingame other than through the storyline quests, they definitely need to be lowered in price so that gearing is more practical.

    Regen Pots - change to 25 LP for 10

    The potions you buy from npcs suck terribly, but you use them because you can. Later down, most classes don't have a healing skill, and when the dungeon difficulty spikes, classes that can't heal (everything but cleric and paladin) become way too squishy to even contend. Having these potions at a price that isn't insane actually lets people play the classes they want without dying terribly in solo modes.

    Astral Fragments/Starstone Crystals - Remove them

    You get more than enough just playing the game.


    AP shop

    Green Scrolls - Remove or Change to 10 AP each

    Keep green scrolls in the LP shop only so they become a solid LP sink as well as being farmable ingame, or give them to paying players at a low fair price.

    Blue Scrolls - 100 AP each

    Same concept as above.

    Costume Reshuffling Scroll/Outfit Reshuffling Scroll/Star Stone Reshuffling Scroll - 75 AP each

    You are going to need A LOT of these to really optimize your build considering the random factor of costume stats. The price of the scroll should be kept cheap, but not too cheap, like the Outfit scroll in the same section.

    Ascending Star Party Pack - 1AP

    There is just no downside of having these items be 1 AP each. The set contains a Legacy set for new characters, and although it is already in the starter pack, you can't trade it to a new character to level that one. Having this item just promotes having multiple characters and playing the game more, which is never a terrible idea.

    Class/Character/Lucky Badges - 50 AP each

    These are just nice little boosts to your already high server rates, they should be a nice cheap little boost for paying players.

    Bonus Shop

    Green Scrolls - Removed

    Same concept as above.

    Blue Scrolls - 100

    Bonus Currency is really very small currency-wise, you get about 20% of AP spent, so it's essentially a buy 5 get 1 free deal, which isn't bad for people who choose to invest in scrolls.

    Costume/Starstone/Outfit Reshuffling Scrolls- 75

    Same concept as Blue Scrolls above.

    Class/Character/Lucky badges- 20

    The boosts are extremely small for the price that the bonus shop offers these items at. A nice little boost for a nice little price benefits the server more, and will push people to actually invest in them.


    Astral Puzzle

    Green Scrolls- Remove

    These are just worthless on the Astral Puzzle, you should not have to spend real money to win green rank scrolls on the altar.

    Astral fragments/Starstone Crystals - Remove

    You get a ton from just playing the game.

    Repair kit - Move to 1st row

    This items is nice ...kinda? It's just not worth a spot on the 3rd row at all when it usually costs 300s to repair.

    Costume/Outfit/Star Stone Reshuffle- Move the Costume reshuffle down to the third row, and add the other two scrolls next to it.

    People are going to need a TON of these in order to finalize their builds, having more chances at one only helps, and motivates people to sink money and lp into the puzzle.

    Character/Class EXP Books- Remove

    The boosts from these books is so minimal that they don't even really matter. You also get a ton from just doing quests daily.

    Regen potions- Make it x10 or remove

    Claiming x2 regen potions off of the first row is just not worth it at all when they're gone in 10 seconds. having more might make LP sink a little less, but it'll make them much simpler to obtain.

    Blue Scrolls - On the Second or Third row , add both Advanced Scrolls x2.

    People are going to need a ton of these, easily over a thousand. Being able to win them on the Puzzle will make people much more willing to sink money and LP into it.


    If you've got any comments, suggestions, or additions, leave them below. :D


    EDIT: Add the VIP-7 day Premium Contract to the Bonus Shop, having it as a reward for donating players is a great idea, but the HP+10% and Movespd +5% should be removed as they can influence class builds a little too positively.

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