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[Eden Eternal]Common Issues and Solutions


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Common Issues and Fixes


All seemingly common issues that are found both in-game and during installation will be posted here along with there solutions.



Unable to login/Incorrect Password


  • Be sure you are not using uppercase letters in your account name. Any uppercase letters that were used in your account have been forced lowercase.
  • Forum accounts are separate from website accounts. Be sure to make a website account if you haven't already.
  • Make sure your password is 16 characters or less. If it's anymore the server will automatically cut it to 16. 
  • Use the "Recover Account" function on the main website (vendettagn.com)
  • Try logging in again after a 10 minute wait
  • Do not do this multiple times in the 10 minute period. Doing so will give you multiple different passwords

Reminder: DO NOT use one of official's launcher.exe files to run the game. Run the game only through patcher.exe or the desktop shortcut that was made during installation.



Any issue regarding billing


All of the following must be taken up with PGC's costumer support:

  • Not obtaining your PGC card
  • Payment taking longer than usual to verify
  • Why payments we denied


Issues that can be brought up in a VGN ticket:

  • Not receiving your VGN after a successful addition of your card.
    • This can also be fixed by relogging first
  • Requests for additional payment methods to be added to PGC can be made either through us (we'll pass it along for you) or through PGC Support.

Friendly reminder: When putting in your information in the PGC Widget, please remember to use your VGN account name and password, not your PGC information!



The pictures on the patcher are slanted and not properly set. Is my download corrupted?


  • No, your download is fine and only the picture's resolution is off. Nothing to worry about!



I forgot my character's password. How do I reset it?


  • Submit a ticket

If you cannot provide me with the information listed, your character's password will NOT be reset.


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