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Patch v111

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General Changes:

Christmas has arrived in Mereholt!

Faction guards have carried Christmas Trees from the Protected Ecozone, while a light snow has started falling in Bitterstone Base. This event will be active till the 10th of January!

(Date may change at any time)



Stella, having seen it, has asked for some to make their way into Suer and decorate there as well.

Though it's too hot for snow, it certainly wont stop them from having trees!



Make your way over to Stella in Mereholt to start a daily quest line for the townsfolk of Suer! Bring them presents and complete their requests for goodies and a special "Christmas Daily Box"!


Note: You must have access to Mereholt and access to Suer as well (level 35 required).




Comb through the Snowed-in Factory and vanquish the monsters that stand before you!

Some of the bosses have a chance of dropping some Christmasy Facepaints (made by your Gs's Nova and NoRunNoGun) as well as unique costumes, unique accessories and a bunch of other goodies!

x10 Passcards are required to enter! Dungeon Entrance NPCS can be found overlooking the Narak Infant (take the Enocia Teleport Gate from Short Range Teleporter)



Through our testing, Black Saint Ajatoss has become irritated with us! He now spawns in Mereholt, right out side of the Enocia Warp gate to punish the Arkana for causing such a disturbance in his factory!

The Narak Infant, having seen this ruckus that is now happening, has decided to send his own spawn there as well! Defeat both of them to keep the dungeon Elves safe!

Spawn times for Narak Infant:


Spawn times for Black Saint Ajatoss:

Defeat either one of these bosses for a chance at facepaints, Santa's Frosty Helper and hat, a version of themselves as pet skins and more!




Also, a very very very big thank you to the 3 extra testers we brought along to help us make sure this got out on time! When passing by, be sure to thank CuddleNHugs, DarkSunrise and xXsaphiraXx for their help in getting this ready!


  • All 60+ PvE and PvP gear can now be enchanted to +12
  • All crafted Kappa gear should now be tradeable
  • Vulkan, in both solo and party should no longer cast the skill Wasteland.
    • This was removed due to the bug and abuse that came with it.


  • Added 15 new costumes:
    • Midnight Diva
    • Santa's Sooty Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Royal Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Blooming Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Loving Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Frosty Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Alabaster Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Star-Kissed Helper with matching hat
    • Santa's Cobalt Helper with matching hat
    • Snow Angel
    • Holiday Boxers
    • Santa's Lil' Helper
    • Christmas Pudding Lingerie
    • Reindeer Facepaint
    • Snowflake Facepaint
    • VGN Staff/Tester Costume


  • Added 11 new pet skins:
    • Pet Skin: Hyperboreal Bloodcat    
    • Pet Skin: Frost Doe
    • Pet Skin: Alpha Runewolf
    • Pet Skin: Mereholt Grizzly
    • Pet Skin: Narak Infant
    • Pet Skin: Infected Lupis
    • Pet Skin: Driff Grunt
    • Pet Skin: Driff Grunt King
    • Pet Skin: Black Saint Ajatoss
    • Pet Skin: Bunny Waitress
    • Pet Skin: Bunny Bartender


  • Added 7 new achievements for bosses (will not currently be able to complete, will be finished with a later patch - Christmas patch took priorty over this. This will come next major patch with boss drop overhauls.)


  • Added 5 new achievements for Christmas
    • These can be completed by the following ways in no particular order:
      • Obtain a Scroll of Winter as a rare drop from Rabid Dragon Sentry in Snowed in Factory
      • Obtain Essence of the Narak Infant as a rare drop from the Narak Infant event
      • Obtain Staff of Ajatoss as a rare drop from the Black Saint Ajatoss event
      • Obtain 10 Sally's Gifts (obtained once daily from finishing Stella's quest line)
      • Obtain a Merry Christmas Scroll (given for free on the event page)

Note: When you complete a new achievement, you will have to scroll down to manually claim it. It will not appear in the "Can be completed" section. Once it's claimed, the item(s) can be thrown away.

Also to note, the buffs gained from these achievement titles may change if they're too broken/op/bad.


  • Updated the loading screens to some Christmasy screenshots of some members of staff and of Mereholt!


  • A Christmas Box has appeared on the event page of the website!
  • You can redeem this for the following items:
    • Premium Medallion (30 days)(NT)
    • XP Booster (+1000%)(NT) x3
    • Cybercluster II L30 x50
    • Cybercluster-II L50 x50
    • Cyberskin Backpack (30 d) (NT)
    • Warehouse Code (30 d)
    • XXXmas Hypovial x2
    • New Year's Buff x2
    • Merry Christmas Scroll x1


  • A Compensation Box for the lost pots, emeralds/crimsons and small items like that is now on the website! We do apologize for the inconvenience that was caused from the bug the other day.
    • This box will only be available till this coming Thursday (December 27th)


  • Increased all Premium Medallion EXP buffs from 10% to 100%
    • There's quite a few in the files, so if one was missed, I'll update it next patch
  • Increased the EXP from XXXMas Hypovials from 20% to 200%
  • Increased the Rank Point buff from XXXMas Hypovials from 20% to 40%




Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a few bugs involving faction change:
    • A Cyberblade's cyberskin should now properly change to it's new faction
    • The quest "A Continuous Cleaning" should no longer reset after changing


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Since there seems to be some confusion/questions of how to do this, here's a little rundown of the quest line:

Talk to Stella in Mereholt


Talk to Stella in Suer


Talk to Sally in Suer


Talk to Gallactus in Suer


Talk to Sally in Suer - She'll ask you to trade some items for more gifts


Talk to Liliana in Suer


Talk to Sally in Suer - She'll ask you to trade some items for more gifts


Talk to Nola (Merchant) in Suer


Kill chests in Mereholt, right across the way from the dungeon NPCS. Walk down the hill and go towards the big rock. You'll see a stack of chests in those woods.


Return to Nola


Talk to Stella in Suer


Talk to Sally in Suer

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