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Spring has Sprung in Scarlet Blade!

Bunnies and various creatures have invaded Chromia and you are now tasked with getting rid of them!



Our bunny bartender Mindy has appeared in Enocia (right behind the teleporters) to help out those dealing with these pesky rabbits. Visit her daily for a special request quest!

She'll task you with collecting various items to make into a special Everlasting Pen! One that'll help her write all day long for those who have traveled to Enocia!

Our love-able Carl also has a request for you after helping Mindy. Assist him in surprising Idel for some nice goodies from her!

Finally, Erin will try to grab you attention in taking care of those pesky bunnies. Speak with her to get cracking on defeating them!




Along with those quests, you will be tasked in defeating Mr Bun Buns! The world boss that will spawn in Enocia. He will spawn every 4 hours on both channels!

A red system announcement will play when he spawns!

Note: Unfortunately, these bunny mobs did not have original attack animations. As such, when you attack them or are attacked by them, they will not make a noticeable animation.


Server time:

  • 00:20
  • 04:20
  • 08:20
  • 12:20
  • 16:20
  • 20:20





Fancy drops from him include:

  • Colored bunny ears
  • Bunny Facepaints (all classes)
  • Easter Chocolates
  • Fluff From a Bunny's Tail (achievement item)



Mr Bun Buns will also drag along some eggs with him. These eggs will spawn randomly (time and place) around Enocia. They'll spawn in grassy areas both in the fields of Enocia, or even in Enocia Canyon.

A red system announcement will play with an egg has spawned!

As a hint, no egg will spawn when Mr Bun Buns spawns!




Fancy drops from eggs include:

  • Pet Skin: Bunny v4/v5
  • Version 2 of the colored Bunny Ears
  • Cracked Egg Shell (achievement item)



General Changes:

  • Reduced the sizes of all monster pets that have been added to the game.
  • You can now craft x10 passcards for x10 of the NT passcards
  • 1 Hr Pet EXP Booster (+5) (NT) can now be destroyed
  • Mother's Miracle (NT) can now be destroyed
  • EXP Hyperchips can now be destroyed
  • Updated the Cyberblade costume "Debonair"


  • Diamond Card Gambling has been added!
    • Note: Jack gambling is currently disabled



  • Added 2 new level 60 dungeons: Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 1 and Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 2
    • In order to enter Floor 2, you must defeat the 1st boss on Floor 1! He will (at least 90% of the time should) drop the key to floor 2!
    • Once you complete Floor 1, you can leave and enter Floor 2 via Enocia portal
    • These dungeons have a chance of dropping 60+ gear/accessories and unique costumes! Each set of the dungeon has a chance of dropping a weapon or hat unique!
    • The NPC for these dungeons can be found next to their original dungeon entrances in Enocia!


  • Added 7 new costumes:

Fairy of Nature


Fairy of Dreams

Fairy of Love

Naughty Bunny


Hunny Bunny


Elven Prince

The Dark Bunny


  • Added 9 new lingerie (all level caps unless otherwise mentioned)

Blooming Blue Bell


Blooming Chrysanthemums

Blooming Lilac

Blooming Tulips

All Natural

Cybertronic Lingerie (59)

Pretty in Black


Baby Pink

Easter Boxers



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Rank 9 Provocation (WH) would debuff with Rank 8's values
  • Fixed a bug where Provocation would still disable at all ranks
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