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Patch v119


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  • VGN GM


  • All EXP boosts in the game have been updated to x5 of what they were originally
    • This is to help make them act as they were with the new server side rates
  • Lowered the drop rate on some of the items in Seona's dungeon at all levels
  • Mini bosses now have a rare chance of dropping normal Jewel Replicubes (60+ only)
  • Increased the amount of sweeties required for crafting at Sati
  • Vehicle Upgrade Key is now Tradeable
  • Level 35s can now enter the 20+ Seona dungeon



  • A quick round of skill adjustments have been made.
    • For a full list of changes, please see here
  • With this maintenance, skills will be fully reset again to fix those who have the additional skill points!



  • Fixed the Royal Corset -> Should be back to it's proper texture
  • Fixed the updated Seastar Bathing Suit
  • Fixed the WH Rising Tempest Rank 5 Duration -> Should now be the proper 14 seconds
  • Fixed the WH Hook and Sinker I Rank 6 -> should now properly stun
  • Fixed the Medic Atom Blast Range -> All ranks should now be 20m
  • Fixed the Halloween Token Conversion -> There is now a crafting option to change them into the correct one
  • Fixed the bike animations/apperances of the bikes made using the Vehicle Conversion Key
  • Seona in Enocia should now be a FFA drop
  • Fixed the exit location when you leave Seona's Dungeon
  • Anyone that had negative EXP has been set to 0
    • If you still do, please place in a ticket and we'll check it. Though most of those that did were already Positive EXP
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