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    IGN: Sardonic (FK) Attached to the back of the photo: "SB memories: Trick o' Treating with my friends '17. I forced everyone to go trick or treating: Kiriyu is mad cause he was the only one that looked kid enough to get candy without weird stares. Hera36 wanted to be AFK so he was grumpy that I forced him to come with, but he compromised for a Guild Master icon eyepatch. Drakkar loves killing so he's happy to come along to protect us and tease Kiriyu. Night ended with vandalizing a dear friend's gravestone and taking this picture. R.I.P Alex" https://i.imgur.com/CluKDlQ.jpg ----------------------- NB I did this shit with a mouse.
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    Ok so I know a lot of you as players have been asking for limited Normal class only PvP for a while and I've came up with an idea that may work may not work but before investing time into it I wanted to see if it's what you guys would like. The basic concept of the idea is that I would replace 1 TW map so that its limited to just Normal classes. This would be done similar to how Federal Armory Trial works in which when you're on an Awaken class you will be permanently mundaned till you swap to a regular class (Which is currently the best solution I have without having full source access). I can also do similar things with arena however with arena it's slightly more complicated as I cannot change the current arena so it would have to be custom made possibly be the desert island replacement. Couple of things to note: Mimic would be disabled for the same reason it was disabled on the old private server, takes away the whole purpose of playing regular classes in the first place. Inquisitor will be tweaked in area's as this class was designed as a hybrid like awaken/normal class. But yeh let me know what you guys think by replying to this thread along with putting your result in the poll on this thread. This is something I'll be able to bring out relatively fast so the faster I get results the faster I can get it done as the method I've thought of is very simple to do.
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    Hey everyone! Just a notice that currently you will recieve double CCM for this week! Enjoy everyone! Minor Changes Memory Tome's can now be stacked to x999. Heroic Trait Transformation Tome's can now be stacked to x999. Potent HP Potion V can now be stacked to x999. Potent MP Potion V can now be stacked to x999. Updated the archive with new/missing costumes. Added Costumes Weapon Costumes Divine Diamond Scepter (Legendary) Diabolic Diamond Scepter (Legendary) Judgment Blade (Legendary) Blazeblight Cestus (Black) Azure Night Bow (Black) Savory Corn On The Cob (Legendary) Back Costumes Sunset Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear (Legendary) Aqua Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear (Legendary) Dark Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear (Legendary) Emerald Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear (Legendary) Silver Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear (Legendary) Flame Templar Cape (Legendary) Stalwart Templar Cape (Legendary) Proud Templar Cape (Legendary) Royal Templar Cape (Legendary) Head Mysterious Rosette (Legendary) Face Mysterious Potter Round Readers (Legendary) Bug Fixes Fixed the stats of the item "Upgraded Treasure: Eternal Rose". Fixed the description of the item "Frightclaw's Azure Cape". Fixed the description of the item "Wild Impulse Cape". Fixed the description of the skill "Lethal Ring of Fire". Fixed the glow bug on the following mounts: Demir (Alucard) Red Flame Divine Unicorn Midnight Unicorn Daybreak Unicorn Twilight Unicorn Ethereal Worf Blue Dragon Guardian Crimson Dragon Guardian Strawberry Bunny Pudding Bunny Shadow Dragon Glacial Dragon Divine Dragon Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion Heavanly Silver Griffin Infernal Plum Griffin Imperial Guardian Moonlight Panther Fixed the glow bug on the following back costumes: Pheonix Flame Wings Pheonix Fall Wings Blushing Bunny Backpack Abyss Evil Wings Dark Night Evil Wings Everyone enjoy! <3
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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait on this but the Name Change system is now available for players! All you have to do is the following: Have 5,000 VGN Points on your account. Create a ticket with the following information: Then wait till maintenance for the request to be completed! NOTE: You may only submit a name change for a character that belongs to you! We know everyone has been eagerly asking us to launch this so we've decided to begin processing these from now on. Thank you!
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    Hey Guys, From now until the foreseeable future we will be moving maintenance to Wednesday each week. This is due to us always having to delay maintenance on a regular basis so moving it to the middle of the week will give us the time necessary to complete our tasks in time for maintenance each week. Thank you!
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    Hi Guys, The last 5 days have not been good to us. We've had some long downtimes and a lot of interuptions with our services. For this we're very sorry! I will be coordinating with each game team on discussing some form of compensation for everyone (once the issues have been fixed). Information on what the compensation is will be released in a later date. Thank you for your patience.
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    I'll just have to start banning accounts if people think they can pull this. Though quite ironic that the person who did it commented on this post with an agreeing statement for this idea. (Only took us about a minute to remove all the spam accounts from the votes btw; hope you enjoyed those wasted hours! )
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    Ingame Name: Drakkar Image Link, NC-17 Rating For this halloween I got a King Diamond costume
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    Active again! Ends: Wednesday 29th November 2017
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    Once at a starry night Rapture was walking and suddenly fould something amazing. Lendsy, FK.
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    Hey Guys, I've been receiving questions lately about what's next for Nostale Vendetta. I can the frustration of never knowing what's going on behind the scenes but I assure you work is always being done we're always busy trying things out and playing with systems to get familiar with everything. So yea back to it I figured I'd give everyone some insight on what we're working on and our future plans for Nostale Vendetta. 6.2 Patch The biggest question people have for us is when is this patch going to go live? We cannot say for sure but do know I have been working solid on this patch for the past 3 months now it's not an easy task and the development can take a while till we're happy with it. I cannot say for sure when we will launch it but do not worry it is coming! Next Patch? Right now we've been working on QoL changes for the past few weeks. We have been discussing balance changes with certain SP's and also some new ideas such as a revamp of the upgrade system (no longer can you break your item), new custom raid, new custom amulet (achievements system alongside it) as well as many other ideas being thrown around and developed/tested. As always suggestions can be made here: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/51-suggestions/ I do like to encourage people to get active on our forums and suggest any ideas they think will improve the game. So if you have any ideas you think would go down nicely with our server please don't hesitate to air your opinion. I hope this information comes as good news to everyone. We are working solid on progressing the server and we understand people want more things to do! Thank you!
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    Hey everyone at Vendetta, Happy Halloween to all! Game Changes The Vendetta 2017 Halloween Events have arrived! #AlpacaMan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Added Vendetta Upgrade Stone to Item Mall. This item allows you to convert the stats of the in-game obtainable legendries to the same stats as altar / mystery box stats. This item costs 2000 Alpaca Points and is located in the Featured tab of the item mall. Added new custom Legendries: Mask of the Phantom (Legendary) Handmade Red Bean Rice Cake (Legendary) Archive Update. Class Changes Assassin Sudden Stab - Poison Dagger DMG increased to 50% instead of 30%. Asura Asura's Domain - MP Cost reduced to 3% from 4%. Asura's Rage - MP Cost reduced to 3% from 4%. Blade Master Combo durations have all been slightly increased. Raging River - Elemental Resistance reduction removed, Defense reduction removed. (These changes are based on limitations tied to a bug fix). Bug Fixes Class Related Bug Fixes Glacier Knight - Frozen Knights Blessing will now remove 1 negative effect every second with the class talent (As intended). Dragon emperor - Dragon Wing Bash can now be levelled up. Blade Master - Raging River no longer loses its KP bonus when re-casted. Devil Hunter - Shooter's Mark will now reduce defense -15% and P-ATK and M-ATK -10% with the class talent (As intended). Adjudicator - Healing Zone will now grant Movement SPD to allies (As intended). Game Related Bug Fixes Flame Soul Puma will now grant 75% Movement SPD as intended. Fixed the text on the trophy "Galshira's Crystal Ball". Fixed the text on the guitar "Demonic Riffs". Fixed the glow effect on "Large White Angel Wings (Legendary)". Fixed the glow effect on "Chic Alpaca (Legendary)". Fixed the base stats on "Lixion's Evil Cape".
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    Sorry guys but Maintenance will be tomorrow not today. We have the XIGNCODE fix for SB to finish and a few things to test for Nostale still we don't wanna rush it and have bugs so we just need the extra day to prepare.
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    Hey Everyone! I've decided to open this thread so that YOU the community can let me know what you would like to see as content in the upcoming updates to Eden Eternal. These can include but not limited to: Another new TW map (state rules / gameplay / did you like 5 crystals?). A new pvp mode to replace deserted island (state rules / gameplay). New gear. A full cosmetic patch (content from other X-Legend games). New dungeons / New Map (Similar to Viroona). Brand new ways to upgrade your gear (be creative, think more like tower gems but with other equipment's). (Remember be as descriptive as possible) Just remember we do have a lot of limitations so not everything is possible, but we try our best. I want to hear all your suggestions no matter how strange you think they are. I will be opening my personal messages on the forums as well so if you wanted to ask anything directly about this or give your content ideas in private then you may do so. Also if you like someone else's idea make sure you add a like to their post so I can see that more people back the ideas, helps me see what exactly you guys want. Note: Do not post a single thing about balancing in this thread, it will be deleted without further reading as I don't want this to become a flame fest of people saying x or y class is bad do this.
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    Arena combat: Lv: 80-99 a Time-Space portal will appear every day at 7 PM and 10 PM for 15 minutes in the citadels for both factions in Act4. It transports you to a special map: the Combat Arena. Angels against DemonsYou will be assigned a faction automatically and then head into battle. And that's not all: in total, a maximum of 400 players go up against each other in the arena! There is a safe zone for each faction at the start of the map. Once you have entered the arena, you can then first leave it again after the 15 minutes have passed. However if you are inactive for longer than 1 minute, you will be teleported back to the citadel. If a player is killed, they transform into a cute seal and then land in the safe zone for their team. Three AltarsIt's not only your allies that support you, there's three altars too. The altars for Demons or Angels (which can be found in each faction's safe zone) provide random buffs for the whole faction on the map. Both can be activated a maximum of 5 times. The Temple Site Altar provides all players on the map a random effect. It appears in the Combat Arena every 2 minutes. If you activate it, you will receive 100 points. Points ...What are you waiting for? You'll be rewarded: gather action points and earn Mithril Medals! For each second you spend in the arena, you will be deducted one action point. You earn points for: - used skills - inflicted damage - received damage - Kills Fnial Skore Players with a score lower than 1,000 do not receive rewards. It is not possible to use even a healing object. Vehicles. You receive a number of Mithril medal according to your points. 90 Mithril Medals then allow you to produce a Mithril Medal Chest in the Arena Accessories Shop. Please note that whilst you are in the Combat Arena, you cannot open a private shop nor enter a miniland. The existing items in the arena aside, you also cannot use any further consumable items whilst there. ADD: New Daily Act 4: NPC Camp Angel. NPC Camp Demon. Quest: NPC Angel. Kill 5 demons. Reward: x2 Mithril Medal , 2.000 Reputation Kill 10 demons. Reward: x4 Mithril Medal , 5.000 Reputation. kill 20 demons: x8 Mithirl Medal , 10.000 Resputation. NPC Demon. Kill 5 Angels. Reward: x2 Mithril Medal , 2.000 Reputation Kill 10 Angels. Reward: x4 Mithril Medal , 5.000 Reputation. kill 20 Angels: x8 Mithirl Medal , 10.000 Resputation. ---------------------------Quest Angel/Demon ------------------------- Successfully perform 20 Fire Raid (Lord Morcos) Reward: x1 Grown Sellaim Successfully perform 20 Water Raid ( Lady Calvina) Reward: x1 Grown Woodine Successfully perform 20 light Raid ( Lord Berius) Reward: x1 Grown Eperial Successfully perform 20 Shadow Raid (Lord Hatus) Reward: x1 Grown Turik Add: New NPC Shop. Camp Angel and Demon. Shop: To produce the items that can be used in the sand in addition to the Mithril box. Add Honorable craft. Honorable: Flame Helmet. Needs to: 20 Mithirill Medal. Information item: Below level 3 there is a 10% chance of never getting a bad effect. Defence power in PvP is increased by 8% (in PvE Reduce defence by 8%) Honorable: Antique Fire Mask. Needs to: 20 Mithirill Medal. Information item: Below level 3 there is a 10% chance of never getting a bad effect. Defence power in PvP is increased by 8% (in PvE Reduce defence by 8%) Honorable: Magmaros´ Glove Needs to: 50 Mithirill Medal. Information Item: 100 All Defence. 10% Resetance Fire anf Shadow. All elment energies are increased by 25. Defence power in PvP is increased by 3%. (In PvE Reduce defence by 3%) Honorable: Valakus` Glove. Needs to: 100 Mithirill Medal. Information Item: 150 all Defence. 10% Resistance Water and Light. All element energies are increased by 50. Defence power in PvP is increased by 3%. (In PvE Reduce defence by 3%) Honorabale: Flame Giant Boots. Needs to: 50 Mithirill Medal. Information Item: 100 All Defence, 100 Dodge. 10% Resistance Water and Light. All elment energies are increased by 25. Defence power in PvP is increased by 3%. (In PvE Reduce defence by 3%) Honorable: Kertos`Boots. Needs to: 100 Mithirill Medal. Information Item: 150 All Defence, 150 Dodge. 10% Resetance Fire anf Shadow. All elment energies are increased by 50. Defence power in PvP is increased by 3%. (In PvE Reduce defence by 3%) Honorable: Katol`s Bracelet. Needs to: 70 Mithrill Medal. Information Item: All elment energies are increased by 22. Ranged defence is increased by 30. Increases PvP attack power by 3%. (Reduces the power of attack 3% in PvE) Honorable: Grail`s Ring. Needs to: 70 Mithrill Medal. Information Item: All elment energies are increased by 22. Melee defence is increased by 30. Increases PvP attack power by 3%. (Reduces the power of attack 3% in PvE) Honorable: Kertos`Collar. Needs to: 80 Mithrill Medal. Information Item: All elment energies are increased by 22. Magic defence is increased by 30. Increases PvP attack power by 4%. (Reduces the power of attack 4% in PvE)
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    Hi All, I thought I'd just put up a post to let people know that I will no longer be a GS. This is due to my current circumstances. For those that don't know, since it's been said in game several times, I am pregnant. My due date is fast approaching, and with it a lot of stress on my body causing my previous issue of seizures to once again arise. This has meant I have had to be away from my computer more times then I could actually be on it. As a staff member, it is unfair to you and the game if I can not put in 100%, and it is unfair to myself and my baby if I do not put me first. So Vivi and I have decided, for my health and my baby, it is best I step down and focus on my health. I absolutely loved my role as GS, I loved helping you all, and I loved helping the game. I consider creating the map Viroona one of my biggest achievements on VGN EE, and I am so glad I could do that for the community and game before now. I will still jump online when I can, I still want to support this wonderful game. But for now I will be away a lot to rest. Thank you everyone, staff and players, for making my time as GS one I am proud of, and one I enjoyed. I hope to return in the future when I am able once again. Until then, remember to have fun and laugh lots~ <3 _Lilith_
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    I made a list of furniture for people to use if they wish to decorate their houses~ Please let me know if any are missing, I will update it and add it when items come to my attention. I have left out things like floors and wallpapers because they can't be previewed in the preview window and I don't feel like buying all at npc and taking screenshots of them in my house. Gomenasai. ~ Also if you'd be so kind as to let me know where they come from and what their names are, if it's not on here, Thank you. ♥ PS: This is image heavy. http://tinyurl.com/EEFurnitures ;-; I know the left side pictures keep moving, apologies! I'm not sure how to fix it.
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    If this FC happens the game will commit suicide and you can also rename it to KasavaBlade since thats the only time the exotic RG animals will come out to play. Until they lose, than they'll just become legendary mythical creatures that our grandparents used to talk about. Battlegrounds are already dead due to very few RG's signing up to them. FK's won last 3 NuclearBunkers and the RG numbers have quickly decreased from 30 to 20 and now 10 while FK have a consistent 15 to 10 players despite getting fucked in the ass for months in NB. I dont know where the fuck the RG dissapeared to, this is the first time in months i've seen their numbers drop below 10 which puzzles my mind to no fucking end. I guess its that if any form of competitive pvp is thrown at them they'll just find a way to avoid it? I would beg to differ but judging by what my eyes are seeing its most probably true. Luckily not all RG's are like that, thank the fucking lord they have some people who actually enjoy pvp and will sign up to a BG despite whoever the fuck is on their rival list, but they cant play 24/7. Fuck AlKasava alltogether remove that piss**** of an excuse for a BG that happens twice a week and fuck the exotic animals that log on to play just for Kasava only to QQ "RG - wue wue i cant enter alkasa" or "FK - wue wue fuk imbalanc i log on for loot wue" Go like and subcribe my suggestion post about reviving BG's, maybe im wrong but I believe its the only way to keep players active throughout the entire day and it certainly wouldnt do any harm while giving players something to do in level cap rather than bore themselves to death because either side likes to sit in their base protected by 1 shot guards waiting for loot to spawn. Tl;dr; If Faction change opens up it will most likely kill the game. Help me solve the mystery of the missing zerg in NB and AlKasava is crap. Bring back Battlegrounds. Godbless the RG that enjoy pvp, you are a dying breed and I cant even use all the fingers on my body to count you. Same with FK kek. Excuse my somewhat unconstructive criticism.
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    an "old jump" button, you can jump like that in character preview so I assume is still in the game... I want to frontflip...
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    I wanted them to come back with the skill animation for 1H weapons like it used to be and not this standard grimoire animation. I do not know why they put the standard grimoire animation, the 1H weapon costumes when we use skills get bugged too, me and my friends healers miss this wonderful animation :'c Also I would like to remember the old TW, a long time ago, I can not even remember what it was like, but it could be that this TW map returns (?)
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    Since by balancing you mean the classes, I don't think this is considered balancing. Rework of monster arena: Right now its impossible to enter this because a bug that prevents queuing it, maybe the GM/GS knew about this but didn't cared because nobody joined it anyway. Well, people didn't wanted to join because battles where very long and equipment-based. This would be my idea: - Give the ragnarok and the pento (the staff, not sure what's its name in english) +100 all resist, +99999 def etc so it caps all of the character stats, that way player armor and trophy would mean nearly nothing. Also give 999999 atk / m-atk which is the cap, so people using katana or staff class will not have more dmg. - Due to every stat being caped, monsters should be increase dmg taken, decrease dmg, etc... with their debuffs/buffs to scale better. If a monster lowers -20 resist it would be unfair because people with high base resist would be unafected. - Better rewards: Make it give 1 warstone if you lose, 2 warstone if you win, to promote the arena so people play it again. - If people like it, consider adding new monsters too.
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    Name change and a item recovery stone for when u lose you’re items
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    class certificate awaken new racial race skills another map of gvsg bigger maybe New dungeons that replaces fae so as not to get bored taking gold
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    Hey Everyone! Just announcing that during this week you will gain double CCM from killing bosses, killing players in Territory War and Arena. The CCM caps have also been raised for each class during this week also to compensate for the double CCM gain, so get farming! Stress level 2 and level 3 have been tripled while stress level 4 has been doubled. For example: Territory War kill stress level 2 requirement is now 60 kills not 20 kills, also while on stress level 1 you will gain 20 CCM per kill instead of 10 CCM per kill Ends: Wednesday 29th November 2017
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    Hera like duel Kaktsu but Zaktsu is chiken, the end. IGN: KingKongGun (RG)
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    It's not really anything to do with the prizes, it's more than most people just don't bother with it. Classic example was the screenshot event, we had both one for Twin Saga and one for Eden Eternal running at the same time. The Twin Saga event would have a good number of contributions each week even though the prize was literally something that you could get from spending 20mins of your time in game farming LP. Eden's prize on a scale of worth was a good amount higher than this and yet after the first week which even in the first week they matched Twin Saga's amount of input which for a game with at minimum was 10-15 times bigger no one participated for about 3-5 weeks. Eventually we decided to close it cause just nobody bothered with it, I mean events are meant to be fun and not be just solely from the prizes. The prizes are only there so the player gets a reward for winning and not be the only purpose of participation. Although you can argue "well bad prizes mean no one will spend time", not true would take you 5mins to pick a costume out and take a screenshot then post it. For 20, 15 or 10 ec's especially if anyone bothered to check the thread or even log on to the forums they would see 0 participants and be able to post a picture of any old garbage and win due to having no competition. If you take what I said and apply to the Halloween event, the fun is supposed to be about being able to draw a picture and show off your art skills as a number of players like to do this kinda thing. The prize again is an added bonus that if we value check you could pick a popular altar costume that hasn't be around for a couple of months and sell it for 20-30k which I don't really see how that is a bad deal if I'm being honest. Lastly, if you think the events are bad or lazy then you're more than welcome to suggest event ideas that you think people would enjoy better than just draw a picture or take a screenshot.
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    https://imgur.com/a/1Og3U the truth about Halloween .. yes i try to draw pls dont hate me my ingame Name is "Tufan423"
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    So lets block fulls and buffs on arena so noob families like graduate wont be abusing it. Have good day all.
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    So I figured I'd make this post public and let you guys chime in too for some feedback. I'll probably edit this every so often as the week goes by, and like I mentioned in the patch notes, this is basically a test event so I can use this as a sort of base for future holiday/extravagant ones. 1st, the chests actually spawned! Yay! They'll spawn on both channel 1 and 2. 2nd, they need a massive buff and a massive drop increase. Quite honestly I was expecting many people to be interested in this and for it to die that quickly, so now I know for myself, more beefy and more drops. (I wasn't really expecting more than 10 people to go hunting for it, so I proceeded with some caution) - Knowing this, its probably safe to safe to let Abandoned and Urka drop even more than they already do 3rd, drop the kill quest and add something else different so everyone is guaranteed something else with daily box quest. I did not know that it was highest dps only that got it, so again, something we figured out.
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    Name: 7 gate of hell Basic Info There are 1 crystal that player need to protect (player of 5). For every 'x' minute, a group of 10 monsters ( 9 normal monster and 1 boss) will be spawned - i think the concept of spawning monster for "x" second of time is doable since the old guild quest for xtal, the soldier in gvg and mob in DL use this system. * the 'x' minute should be 3-5. Not too long but not too short either. *The monster/boss will keep spawning even when the group failed/still clearing the earlier spawn * The crystal behind the player have aggro - the monster and boss will attack it * when the crystal broken - player lose * party wipe - player lose * player kill the finale boss - npc will spawned and they can enjoy the reward (refer to reward section for npc function) Map The idea in my mind is, the map should be like ST., but smaller - Think of ST with only the middle circle and some small area around 15 meter for player spawn area and xtal that they need to protect Reason for this is when the monster spawn, they should be near the player area and will directly attacking them - giving player no chance to dilly dally and strategize if they are slow in clearing spawn The System There will be 7 cycle of this, hence 7 monster and 7 bosses The monster difficulty increased with every spawned. Elaboration below: 1st spawn - monster/boss with hp and stat like vroona 0/10 2nd spawn - Add 1 status for the monster/boss (status that monster and boss have in st/dl). 3rd spawn - increase 10% stats and hp from the 2nd spawn 4th spawn - monster and boss have 2 status (with hp and stat level of 3rd spawn) 5th spawn - increase 10% status and hp from 4th spawn 6th spawn - monster and boss have 3 status (with hp and stat level of 5th spawn) 7th spawn - increase 10% status and hp from the 6th spawn. Finale - Three Bosses will be spawned ( just like the lvl 85 trial - seriously forget the name). The idea is to import the three bosses in the trial for this tower BUT with additional buff including - each bosses have 3 status (please exclude bpb and counter IF possible), buff in status and hp (each bosses need to be harder than 4T bosses), revamp their skills set to include insane combo - guff aoe sleep + saad vacuum + petra darkness explosion The concept is to make the bosses have skill set that when stack on each other will be a gg combo to wipe the pt. *troll idea, make 1 of the bosses to have revive while in combat - so it can revive his dead friend. haha NPC Functions The NPC will sell ring, cape, necklace, enchant scroll (new status enchant) The currency used to buy the item NPC sell are - materials drop by the monster/boss/finale boss. Detail explanation below: *Each monster will have % to drop white, green and blue mats *Each bosses (spawn 1-7) have % to drop orange and gold mats *The finale boss will drop exclusive gold mats Reward list -work in process-
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    It's Halloween in VGN Nostale! For this year we are bringing back the official based events! New Raids The following 2 raids have been opened! Jack O'Lantern Foxy New Quests You can now collect Halloween themed quests from Eric, Mary and other NPC's in game. There is also several new custom quests that can be collected at Mary: Random Drops You will obtain random Halloween themed drops from monsters throughout the game! Happy Halloween everyone and enjoy!
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    To improve pvp comunity -A system to detect afk on arena and then disconect to the server. This would be more just. -New Battle Map with factions Red-Blue like Dragomon Hunter (Instead Desert or Elysian Island) Limited by 50 players in to the battle each side. When a Faction wins get a salary from the other territories (lv50+ maps) or Faction Points to buy pvp stuff acc,gems,enchant, etc (Another idea instead salary). 3 days on the week monday-wednesday-friday. Rules: The person can leave/join a faction Once a Month because some players probably leave/join when the faction win or lose (i call them Opportunist players). -GVG Crown ranking. For example: the guild with more Crowns get 500 Eden Crystals, 2nd place 250, 3rd place 150, 4-5 place 50 each. (Rewards same day than the others rankings). To Improve pve comunity -Another DGN like fae to farming gold. -Special Mount for DGN. -Limited Speed buff on all DNG/TRIAL.(2h) To improve fashionable comunity (i am ) -Twin saga Costumes (if it's possible yet )
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    This is not advice of action to perform by players as it might lead to sever damage to your system if you do not know what you are doing. It is for Bash in case if error will last longer than expected, and he might need to know how to improve his workaround and maybe update his fix's instructions. There are several things that makes some people unable to apply this temporary fix. The main issure is that there might be access denied error. This easily fixed by removing read only attribute from hosts file. Once it is done, bat file works and modifies hosts. Another possible issure that keeps error in place after bat file worked is that (and I'm not totally certain about it) if in case hosts file already had some modifications, it might add new server adress not as a separate string at the bottom but actually can put it right after the existing one somwehere (merging them), thus making it unusable for game. Maybe i'm wrong here but I got such a result when bat file worked and I had to manually edit hosts to fix the line.
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    Hey Guys, We are hosting maintenance this week again on Thursday and also next week's maintenance will also be Thursday. We are doing this to give us the extra time to finish off the Halloween Patches for each game. As well as Eden requiring next Thursday for Rank Reset it is just better overall to do both this week and next on Thursday. Yes I said each game is receiving a Halloween Patch! Thanks!
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    sit at mereholt 5 days per week, loot kasava
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    At bloody night, Vengeful Soul rises from darkness once again for her tortured and fallen comrades. IGN: FreeKnight (FK)
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    TBH there's a crazy amount of "loot creep" in this cap and I'd argue that's a big reason why BGs have fallen out of favor. Just compare the current situation to much earlier caps - if you wanted a specific item, there was usually only one BG to get it from, at best 2. Now a lot of stuff is craftable and drops at multiple locations, so there really isn't much need to go to any specific BG anymore. Personally I only feel that I'm getting my time's worth out of Siren anymore, just due to the amount of buff packs dropping there - anything else from BGs I could get somewhere else more easily, faster or without the risk of -gasp- doing PvP. TP used to be the place for mechs and necklaces Janus was your go-to for cyberskins SP was a decent spot to farm RP and medals => earrings And, yeah, just driving up the droprate everywhere isn't much of a fix, it's just solving problems by burying them in more problems. Hence loot creep, in analogy to terms like power creep. How do you fix it then? Nerf the outliers to be back in line, honestly. The biggest offender being hound, it has so many desirable drops as a mini boss. And its respawn aligns exactly with the schedule of BGs, so if they ever overlapped you'd never even think of going to a BG for at least 4 hours straight because you'd miss that hound, which is unnacceptable with that loot table. Then, reintroduce reasons to go to each specific BG. Yeah, there are passcard dailies which entice you a little, but they're lost on anyone who is either already geared or thinks that the ones from PvE dailies are sufficient. Other items at least can make you some gold if you don't need them. Why can't we go back to TP/Siren for necklaces, mechs and weapon costumes Janus/SA for cyberskins, lingerie and full costumes SP for RP, medals and helmet costumes NB for trinkets and kilos AK for mechs and rings "But we need ways for players to gear up without being stomped for months in BGs where they're outclassed by fully geared players" - well maybe we wouldn't if the gap between rare and unique wasn't retarded. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OH and another thing that just came to mind while ranting on about that - remember that time when you actually had to interact with all aspects of the game? Remember, way back when, randomization? Each Hexweave used to almost exclusively drop in one specific part of the game - 1 in dungeons, 2 in BGs and 3 in PvP zones - now we get complete packs anywhere so you can just pick whatever and be fine. There's another reason to actually go to BGs (or dungeons for that matter), gone. ...
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    Adding the items below would ENCOURAGE people to join Siren and S.A. A lot of the times people sign up and decide not to go as there's a boss/hound that just spawned with better loots and shorter time used on it than wasting 15 minutes in a BG where you may or may not get destroyed. By entering an end game BG you'll MAYBE get loot, MAYBE win the BG. For both sides its a gamble that isn't worth as of the moment. Adding those items will greatly increase the chances of BGs actually occurring and more geared players actually attending, imo.
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    So atm there is no English private server for Grand Fantasia besides Aeria/ the Spanish .to private server. But I know there is ppl out there who would love / want to play grand fantasia again for the nostalgic purposes If you are one of them, all you have to do is post or vote for the game to be notice and hopefully HOPEFULLY in the future, get the game started. Please tell your friends, mom, dad, uncle, cat about this and lets get this going xoxo~
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    No. Why? Because it would make the server pay to win hard. Like people that have the possibility to cash in game with 7k vgn or 10k or 100k, will buy a random r8 weapon/armour/secondary weapon use that item and keep the weapon r8 while getting the shell they want. So, no.
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    First of all; Thanks! Had a Great Time here as GS and as a Player. I hope i was able to help alot People on Questions, Problems or similar. I dont have that much Time anymore for Vendetta, so it was the best to leave the Team for now. We will still see us Ingame if i get back to beeing Active, or even back to the Team. I still wish you all best of Luck in Nostale and w/e <3 TAKE MAH LOVE Will be also still sticking arround in the Forum and be Helpful as much as i can. Thanks to everyone of you. Special Thanks to the full Team, they made staying in here really Enjoyable.
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    Coming from grand fantasia, I've quit because the game was just too P2P, everyone was relying on AP to be a strong soloer and to play alone, which is really sad, now this coming from a player who's actually played for more than 4 years. I've maxed characters and I'm quite well off, still didn't stop me from quitting the game because everyone just wanted to go solo. I think it's one of the things that you guys might want to look into if you feel like you could start a good grand fantasia server, something that would require people to learn how to work as a team again. I'm excited though if and/when it does come out and will definitely support funding it via donations.
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    Hey all, We've introduced a new Item Recovery system for those who have destroyed an item when attempting to upgrade. The system is not free and is available for those who have unfairly destroyed their items by human mistake. If you want an item to be recovered you can do so by doing the following: Go to: Item Recovery Page Login to your account (must be the account you lost the item on). Read the information on the page and understand it. Fill out the form and then wait. The process can take from 1-3 days (excluding weekends) they will be processed by myself so it will be done around the time I do tickets each day. You can check the status of your request by going to the ticket section here: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn Some things to remember: You can only submit a form for an item/character belonging to the account you're submitting the form with. It does cost 12,500 VGN Points per request. You can only do 1 request per time. If you waste our time with false or hoax information your VGN Points will not be returned however if the request has been denied your VGN Points will be returned. Abuse of this system will result in a ban. Thank you!
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    can we get the auto-looting gear and auto-selling gear up to blue gears/purple gears....that would be sweet
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    I've been reading over this thread over the past couple of days and trying to avoid commenting but to be quite honest a lot of the replies (not the original topic) just seem to be mindless babble from players who aren't in a big guild but still want a fair shot a GvG. The GvG system was designed for 50vs50 combat and over many years has never been a problem until this server. I'm not quite sure why everyone who finds themselves in a guild that cannot compete always brings up the same thing over and over again and as I've stated its not possible to limit the numbers nore would I with the ability to do so because this is how the system was designed. To shut down any of this "crying" about numbers, numbers aren't everything and there has been multiple evidence over the years of this, so in some spoiler tags I will link just a couple videos from over the years of Eden Eternal in descending order of date (most recent to oldest). And yes likely if your going in with a deficit of 25 people or so you're going to lose on map pressure so likely you're going to lose, but what do you expect us to do? Keep lowering the number for the lowest player count guild? What if theres a guild with 1 Party, do we lower it to 10-15 people so its fair? no. Either recruit people, merge guild or get better at the game to the point where the deficit is less meaningful. I'd like to touch on this point, you don't need to win to have fun. Idk about you but even if GvG lasts 5mins aslong as it takes 2 partys or more to wipe the party I'm in then I'm pretty satisfied with that result. You can't just expect people to stoop down to your player count because your guilds are either being picky with recruitment or finding reasons not to recruit people. I say this to people all the time who complain about numbers. Stop being picky against the people you recruit if you want to win, some of the better players in this game can be some of the worse kind of people, but if you wanna win then what can you do? As a guild leader for the best part of 3 years I know this better than anyone else, honestly speaking apart from some of the really O.G players from the beta servers then on to sapphire I was probably one of the longest holding guild leaders in this game (not 100% sure on the none English servers). So with this topic I'm sure I know what I'm talking about. I remember in PlayEden when one of the first Spanish guilds came over called BlackSword and we beat them with 9 people vs 45 and yeh some weren't geared and some didn't really know PvP well but thats just another factor that just proves this game isn't a numbers faceroll game. GvG is about stratergy and if a guild decides to faceroll with numbers, it makes it easier to win. If they have too many people they become unorganised, which means they feed which gives you more points. Ever tried organising 50 people? I have and its a nightmare if I'm being honest. Learn to stratergise better, Learn to make better team compositions and Learn how your enemy thinks. Thats how to win GvG without crying about numbers. If you want a fair match against a big guild as a very small guild then message the leader before hand and say something like "I have X amount of members, do you mind matching these numbers to make GvG more fun?" and if they decline then thats on them but you cant expect them to put their gold crown on the line just to make your life easier now can you? With all that said I will lock this topic due to people not respecting the original post's method of trying to be civil with everyone to come up with a solution. However I will touch upon what you said about the 5 people party thing. Remember what you find fun and what someone else finds fun is something completely different, so you would need to pull up more suggestions if you do want to suggest this to a guild leader to find a more compromise to what everyone wants.
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    It is something I've been hoping to fix the animations but right now I just dont have the resources that I need to look into it properly. As for the TW map I have all the files and stuff but the problem is the map layouts dont really support the new style of TW. If you have any gamemode suggestions for this then I will take note as I do want to add more TW maps aswell as adding these already exsisting maps. Here is the old maps:
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    Calm down...nobody knows if Bash takes take GF under his wings but begging surely won't speed up anything
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    I hadn't quite decided if I was going to remove it or just alter it in DMHM a bit, though the drops and the chest will be adjusted yes. I'll be doing everything on Thursday as Bash has pretty much disappeared on me today, so we'll just be doing a test patch with normal maintenance on Thursday.
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    I can never get my head around why people blame GMs for things like balance. Also, blaming them for catering is a load of crap as well. @Vivi did the last faction change it was because the FK were constantly wanting more PVP and wanted to change. So she did it for them and it turned into the biggest failure ever. So blame the FK in that particular instance, not the GMs. The GMs can only do so much here. They cannot force people to PVP or PVE, or choose what faction to play on, what timezone to play in or even what level cap to play on. Watch a game shut down immediately if that shit ever happened. Players are both the cause of, and solution to, your complaints.