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    Because of the reports of possible abuse to this event that we've been receiving, I have decided to wipe the current GOP rankings and allow them to reset for this week. Why were they wiped? Though it was meant to deter people, parties found it to still be worthwhile to use tower pots when they were never suppose to, making the rankings illegitimate and giving possible cheaters/bug abusers the chance to take the top spots. Rather then reward them, we've added a measure to deter the tower pot use again and are allowing those who can do it legitimately the chance to do so. I'll be watching the logs of what buffs are used in this dungeon and if someone finds another bug and attempts to abuse these buffs again in this dungeon, then I will be forced to take further action and possibly ban those involved.
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    Hey Guys, So people are aware we're near the launch of the new patch. This patch has came with a lot of bumps in the road and it's taken a whole lot of time to ensure we deliver it as perfect as we can. However, the information given earlier this week was not an indication of the patch being launched today. We wanted to maybe hail mary the launch for today but it's not gonna happen there are a few bugs with the patch that cannot be left, so I have stepped in to give Vivi and the team a hand. The bugs are related to new bg's. and a few other areas. We will however announce that the launch of the patch will be: 9th May 2018. We hope you all understand and we're working very hard on ensuring the patch is everything you guys hope for and a little bit more! Thank you for your patience and have a great weekend!
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    You saw it above. Introducing LEGENDARY GEAR! This gear is much stronger than your average unique and also much easier to obtain so that newcomers can have a chance at becoming a Legend. You can find crafting parts all across Chromia. To influence the PVP world we have revamped the Wanted System. Just head over to the Hitlist NPC to create a wanted registration for any friend or foe. Insert up to 10,000 for a Wanted reward. Tired of Delilah's Lounge? Party in the Arkana Festival, only accessible from Hephayna. This map costs 1000g to enter but the pet level increase is 20x that of the VIP Lounge. See live Arkana Bands from across the world and see your pets enter the new level range of lvl 50. This is not a Dungeon folks. This is a training ground. Battle against NPCS or friends in this arena. Free Reset of your skills every time you enter to find the best skill tree as you battle out every boss in Chromia or your friends on your faction. You've been waiting a long time for this. New weapon and pet skins. Pencil Claws Cursed Syringe The Vivi The Fish Scytherblade Snaketongue The Bananahand Guns Pet: McPoopums Pet: Princess Whale Anna Thiccana pet: Julias Centipedeus pet: Shrekina Don't forget about me! New Costumes and lingerie obviously. Reverse Cowgirl and Hairkana Reptile Arkana and Royal Betch Healing Witch and Pretty Daemon Artkana and Fairy Boy ANGEL LINGERIE Lastly, all new patches and updates - Increased the level cap to 69 - Changed the UI Loading screens - Changed Al Kasava loot table and level to 60+ - Changed bunker loot table and level to 60+ - Slightly Increased the Enchantment rates for +8 - +12. - Updated some of the loading screens. - Changed the login screen to something more festive! - HP Rapid Regen Hypovial L65 have been added to Cheryl - SP Rapid Regen Hypovial L65 have been added to Cheryl - All Napalm Missles are removed - Removed Napalm Missiles from Salvage Rewards - Increased the chances of getting a Unique/Legendary (30d) ring from Commander Cubes - legendary loot added - added new dog tag and medal converter for 60+ - new medal vending machine - pets/weapon skins/costumes/and bikes drop in Al Kasava and Bunker - janus and tp added to battleground rotation - soccer pitch removed from 60+ rotation - all dungeons have been revamped and also increase in difficulty/loot depending on level - The quest "Idel's Level Up Gift Box (L60)" should now give 2000% EXP boosters and legendary crafting pieces. - medic sincere blessing atk spd replaced with cleanse and move speed & chacc - aggro now scaled higher than dps strength I was really bored so I made this. thanks for reading. hopefully i can play again sooooOOON. what do you think is missing? yes this is fake sry
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    Winners Will be mailed in game on the steps they need to follow in order to claim their title.
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    Hey Guys, In regards to both NosTale and Scarlet Blade, the maintenance for these games have been shifted to Friday this week. Reason being is patch related the extra time is required to finish up the work. However, Eden Eternal maintenance will begin as normal tomorrow! Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! I'm SaaY and today i'm going to share a spreadsheet i've made with some BM Mixed Combos. I'm a noob bm and just have learned yesterday how to make combos and my combos are a bit large e.e I hope it would be useful for you all ❤️ Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17JPC6SQoQf0PG3DxF5M7k8XfM5w0XP3kTyt7GdbTA3M/edit?usp=sharing I will keep it up-to-date with new combos, i'm accepting any suggestions, all variations are welcome, pve or pvp, large or small combos, etc... PS: This is a beta version and i'm planning to do more 6 combos.
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    Event Changes: - Easter Event has now ended. General Changes: - CTRL+Z function has been disabled for now. NOTE: If you are caught doing macros or even using alternative clients to perform CTRL+Z function you will be permanently banned! Basically no one should be able to cancel animations now so if you are caught it's game over for you! - Added a check for each time a player moves in Arena it will check if they're in a party and will remove the player from the Arena if so. - Added a check for each time a player moves in Arena it will check if they have a partner spawned and will remove the player from the Arena if so. - Improved Trophy Upgrade rate slightly. - You can now trade "x25 Element of Balance for x1 Crystal of Balance" at Priest of Transformation NPC in Cylloan. - Added an NPC to NosVille (149, 46) which sells SP3 and SP4 Quest Items. - Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: - Updated "Titan Wings" buff stats to the following: Item Mall Changes: - Removed Super Hair Gel (Super Hair Wax is the same item). - Motley Bushi Box price has been reduced from 150 -> 100. - Added Costume Fusion to Costume section for 1000 VGN. - Added Animalistic Costume Box (f) to Costume section for 500 VGN. - Added Animalistic Costume Box (m) to Costume section for 500 VGN. - Added Mysterious Hair Dye to Costume section for 250 VGN. - Added Bushi Collector's Box to NosMate section for 100 VGN. - Added Bushi Collector's Box x10 to NosMate section for 1000 VGN. - Added Motley Bushi Box x10 to NosMate section for 1000 VGN. Bug Fixes: - Fixed Ibrahims' Treasure stat bug. - Fixed a bug allowing players to delete characters with a passcode. - Fixed several bugs causing the server to crash. - Fixed several possible exploits. Bash Notes: This patch despite how small it is was a huge task in terms of some of the exploits and systems I have had to re-write. We do have plans for a huge PVP patch coming eventually and it is partially done. A lot is required in order for us to successfully execute the PVP patch and we hope you understand!
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    Some tips that are not mentioned in this guide: All bosses: You can reset them to lower their BP, do it always to make things easier. 3 Boss: A berserk alone can solo them, so its a good idea for a P-dps to switch into him in case things go wrong. Throw a blade acrobat or a fencer in the middle for insta BP. Lucchese: Instead of bringing more than 1 healer, just dodge the tiny circle when he has < 40% HP. This circle not only stuns you, but takes -15% hp per second and sometimes you can't even reach the purple fire in time. Cerberus: Tank blessing is completely optional. If all the party stays in the border of the green circle, Cerberus will stay in his spawn without moving. Also, not sure about this but I think this boss has very high phys resist. Asmodeus: Try to overcap dark and lighting resist since he lowers a lot. Equip the lvl 55 necklace that removes debuff so you can remove his bomb and his -30 resist debuffs quickly. Bring a yellow human class or any class with pushing skill to push the boss to the door, makes things much easier, and allows P-Dps to survive him.
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    Hi, first post here. I was just reading through the different threads on here earlier and I'm seeing lots of suggestions and even some complaints, which of course is okay. I was thinking however that in between all the "Bash, we need this!" and "Bash, we need that!" it would be nice to see someone appreciate the work that's been put into this server. Honestly, I think Vendetta is doing things right. The server feels less pay2win oriented and offers a much more enjoyable experience than official nos, thanks to Bash, but also other members in the team who help develop the server. Feedback is good, and we should keep communicating with the ones in charge, just try to be understanding and not too harsh when suggesting/complaining. That is all, Nope
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    DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: LEVEL 69 CAP I HAV BEEN DEVELOPING THE NEW CONTENT SINCE I LEFT THE GAME. loljk. its fake im bored Find your way into the new PVP map Hephayna. You must be lvl 60 to enter this pvp map. Here you will find 3 escort missions, 5 world bosses, and countless quests to complete. Don't travel here alone because the narak like to pick on those who dont party up. Troya and Lourca are located on opposite sides of the map as per usual. You can enter the base during the raid missions or with a large enough party by destroying the outer wall. There are chests located in the bases filled with unique and legendary items as well as some vanity ones as well. Have a small preview of the Hephayna bosses! Here are the Twins of Chromia. They are similar to Widowmaker, good luck fighting them with a small group! Enter the new PVE Map Soldana for lvl 60+ only. Finish your quest line here to get all of your skill points and dive deeper into the Scarlet Blade Lore. Preview this Soldana Boss, The Heartwrecker. She is known to 1 hit anyone lower than 40,000. Make sure you are ready to battle this Boss who was once an arkana. Find your way into the new dungeon, The Nightshade Jungle. Entrances are located in Hephayna and Soldana. This dungeon can only be run with a medic and (spoiler alert) a beast master in the party. The debuffs and mob count can get extremely high and will make it difficult to run solo or without the classes specified. See the new bosses below! Amarok the Destroyer is known to Disable the party for almost the entire fight. Make sure your resistances and ch-eva are high enough so that your party can enter this fight. Amarok is scared of chickens so he does not fight Medics. Hecate the Death Witch has more debuffs than a whipper and sentinel combined. If you don't cleanse your party then you risk instant death. Hecate is immune to all Plasma damage and will reflect all DOTs onto your party. Oltus the Narak traveled all the way from Mereholt and got stuck in this Jungle. He is known to 1 hit any dps in his path. Make sure you have a defender for this battle or it may be an impossible fight. Soraya the Renegade Arkana is the last boss of the Nightshade Jungle. You can find her by defeating all the previous bosses. Soraya learned the moves of all Arkana when she left her Faction to create her own in the Nightshade Jungle. After years of trying, all of her followers left leaving her to struggle on her own. During the battle she disables all mechs. You must fight her as she stacks disables, stuns, debuffs, and more. She is known to attack your medics first so make sure you keep an eye out. Don't forget she can go into stealth, bring your detect. NEW BATTLE GROUND ALERT! Enter Mother's Ship every 30 minutes to fight your opponents on the battlefield. This map is a free for all with no factions in sight. The only teams are the parties you enter with. Defeat the main boss for a chance at legendary loot.
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    This event is being extended until: 2nd May 2018
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    okay i finish lmao: posted 3 updated
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    NEW CLASS: Beast Master 1: Basic Tame - Auto Attack gravity skill 2: Quick Tame - normal gravity attack 3: Pulse - normal gravity attack + crit 4: Scold - normal gravity attack 5: Padlock - stun for 2 seconds + critical hit 6: Narak Strike - strong critical hit 7: Tranquilizer - atomic slow opponents atk for 5 second and 2 seconds of disable 8: Trap - stun oppoenent for 3 seconds 9: Cage - stun opponent for 3 seconds 10: Whistle - 3 sec disable atk 11: Screech - 3 sec disable atk 12: Tracking - instant Detect 30m Radius + mov speed 20increase for 3 sec 13: Flare - DoT 10sec damage reduces over time 14: Poison - DoT 6sec damages increases over time 15: Reflect - 5% reflect of damage Buff for 5 seconds 16: Copycat: time at the exact moment of a skill to return the same damage and debuff or chakra skill 17: Power of the Beast - LOAD SKILL team critical boost + attack particle 18: Beastly Precision: - LOAD SKILL team atk boost + atk particle 19: Critical Lasso: Pull closest 2 enemies + stun 20: Echo Location: gravity attack + self detect buff 30sec 21: Skin of the Beast: LOAD SKILL buff defense/void/CV 22: Speed of the Beast: LOAD SKILL buff eva/cheva/spd/criteva 23: Essence of Beasts: LOAD SKILL All Resistance buff + 5000 for 15sec 24: Escape: teleport 25m + 7% self heal 25: Scan: 15 sec detect 26: Soul of the Beast - Steal Aggro from any player for 15 seconds 27: Beasts Unchained - ultimate skill immune to all damage for 6 seconds 28: Call of the Wild: ultimate skill summon the power of the beasts, reduce any enemy to half their remaining HP, reduces all SP to 0. 1: Resist 2: HP 3: CV/Void 4: Ch Eva/Crit Eva The Echidna Mech is one of the most dangerous ones in the battlefield. As the mother of beasts, Echidna has the power to summon some of the most dangerous mobs in the game to do her bidding. 1 - Echidna's Blessing: PASSIVE detect/resist/hp/cv/cheva/movspd/sp/phys atk/crit eva 2 - Reflect Buff 10 % reflect 5 seconds 3 - Pull Skill - 20m pull disable 3 sec 4 - echidna's escape - +10 mov speed buff + 3 debuff team cleanse 5 - Echidna's Strength critcal plasma attack 6 - Echidna's Sight - instant detect + atomic atk 7 - Echidna's roar - normal particle auto atk 8 - Echidna's Rampage - immobolize enemy 3 sec+ atomic attack 9 - Beast Master - strong critical attack
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    Pumpkin and cake batter are too good for this world. What flavors do you guys like?
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    I would like to remind the community that the use of Partners in the Individual Arena and in the Familiar Arena is forbidden since patch v18. Sadly, people used them to get some annoying advantages among other players and we decided to get them off. If you're caught using a Partner in arena, you will be blamed as a bug user. Anyone who want to report the use of Partners in arena, can directly whisper a GS in game. Thank for your attention!
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    Well something will be done about this to discourage AFKing, to be perfectly honest I was second guessing and having internal debates on what to do about this but I've decided and its going to mainly punish the people who afk for hours without looking at their PC. Topic locked before my head explodes with people actually trying to justify AFK farming over Gathering for materials as the game has intended and farming dungeons.
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    I can assure you Waifu is not a GS as we have a private discord sever with all the GS from all the different games and I can see that none of them have that picture or have that name on discord. I likely know who the so called "GS Waifu" is and that person particularly they generally like to start arguments with other players for the sake of amusement. You should also expect this kinda reaction from most players as the role of a developer is to protect players from themselves. Players don't know what they really want because they only look at the game through the moment and not through the future. Just because you've sat back and said gold is filling the server because people are spamming AFK yada yada will make you a dick to other players because your ruining their easy gold. Its being cruel to be kind, players can threaten to quit all they like against changes like this but lets be honest let them because if they continue to abuse things like this then the server will come to an end for everyone not just the player who spits his dummy out about not in favor changes. Edit: Unless they're marked as a GS on the official Vendetta Discord then don't believe the bullshit other players say.
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    Did somebody say spoiler Alert?
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    Looks like a lot of hard work was put into this update!! Thanks Daddy! Can't wait to party at the arkana festival with my fairy boy toy~
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    you bring new worthless content before fixing the major bugs that still affect the game? Come on Aeria Games, you can do better than that I'm so upset I refuse to buy any more Nexon coins until you fix everything. Gosh this game was much more fun and fair in the good old times when Sony Entertainment was the publisher
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    That costume makes me wanna play CB