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    So I've noticed since the changes to class swapping during active rounds of 3v3 and 10v10, it has prevented people from switching to classes at the end of the match to get the medals they are trying to farm. Because of this change paired with the inactivity period of the server, people are not queueing arena as much (aside from people farming 10v10 with mules). A simple solution to this would be to change the rewards of the arena that we receive through the mail. Instead of getting 3 medals of the class we're currently on from a 10v10 victory, change it to 3 of an item that can be placed into arcane box and redeemed for a medal that we can select. By doing this, it would remove the fuss of "not being able to change class" because it would not matter anymore. Hopefully a small change like this could be implemented, it would promote doing arena to farm arena medals again (most people are just doing 0/10s now and abusing rankings for blueprints).
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    This has indeed been a consideration we've been thinking about for awhile now. The unhappiness with our attempts to change haven't just been since those threads were made, but rather well over a year of us attempting to please everyone. So we'd rather just pack it in, give it up and go back to the roots of it all and go from there.
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    Information We've added some new character customization options. If there is something you want added please head over to this thread: Updates Added mew quest to the Halloween Event. Reward is a free "Halloween's Upgrade Stone". Added 10 new hair colours! Added 7 new eye colours! Bug Fixes Removed "Santa's Gift Box" drop from Tranquil Hill. Trophy "Phantom's Puzzle" now gives All Stats +10% as intended. Glacier Knight Skill "Frozen Knights Blessing" will now remove 1 negative status every 3 seconds as intended. Blood Knight Class Talent "Noble Faith" will now continue to give ACC after entering more than 10 points. Text Fixes Fixed the boss shout of <Devilish> Belle. Fixed the name of the item "Mysterious Chubby Ghost (Prime)". Fixed the Shielder Skill description for "Titan's Barrier". Fixed the Asura Skill "Hammer Fist" debuff description. Fixed the Darkness Blade Class Talent "Twin Lightshadow Blade" description. Boo!
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    i went through the current selections for everything, these additions will give a good option for every color for every race. i.e, red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-pink-black-white will all be available for whatever you pick (+some personal favorites thrown in.) if this is too many i can absolutely narrow it down a ton, this is just "the entire list" of what anyone would ever want. if you give me the current palettes used for the human skin tones, i can make more varied ones of those. having the base color = i can tell how much shadows/highlights are added to the color on the model and know what to pick so it doesn't look bad. Type: Hair Color Color: Pure White (R:255, G:255, B:255) Color: Pure Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) Color: Blue-Gray (R:137, G:185, B:222) Color: Auburn (R:138, G:60, B:30) Color: Dusty Brown (R:120, G:83, B:72) Color: Medium Brown (R:193, G:135, B:095) Color: Sandstone (R:228, G:207, B:108) Color: Platinum Blonde (R:254, G:241, B:202) Color: Light Green (R:174, G:255, B:74) Color: Bright Green (R:102, G:239, B:67) Color: Teal (R:35, G:223, B:211) Color: Blue (R:40, G:210, B:248) Color: Purple (R:169, G:92, B:250) Type: Eye Color Color: Pure White (R:255, G:255, B:255) Color: Pure Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) Color: Sandstone (R:228, G:207, B:108) Color: Yellow (R:255, G:235, B:110) Color: Light Green (R:174, G:255, B:74) Color: Bright Green (R:102, G:239, B:67) Color: Teal (R:35, G:223, B:211) Color: Bright Blue (R:40, G:210, B:248) Color: Purple (R:169, G:92, B:250) Color: Blue-Gray (R:137, G:185, B:222) Type: Bear Skin Color Color: Pure Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) Color: Pure White (R:255, G:255, B:255) Color: Blue-Gray (R:137, G:185, B:222) Color: Auburn (R:138, G:60, B:30) Color: Dusty Brown (R:120, G:83, B:72) Color: Medium Brown (R:193, G:135, B:095) Color: Sandstone (R:228, G:207, B:108) Color: Platinum Blonde (R:254, G:241, B:202) Color: Red (R:170, G:4, B:14) Color: Orange (R:255, G:149, B:38) Color: Yellow (R:255, G:235, B:110) Color: Green (R:105, G:214, B:68) Color: Teal (R:35, G:223, B:211) Color: Blue (R:40, G:210, B:248) Color: Purple (R:169, G:92, B:250) Color: Pink (R:255, G:97, B:197) (The list is the same for Bear Tattoo Color) Type: Frog Skin Color Color: Pure Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) Color: Pure White (R:255, G:255, B:255) Color: Sandstone (R:228, G:207, B:108) Color: Light Green (R:174, G:255, B:74) Color: Bright Green (R:102, G:239, B:67) Color: Teal (R:32, G:208, B:161) Color: Light Blue (R:32, G:204, B:255) Color: Dark Blue (R:43, G:68, B:114) Color: Purple (R:159, G:65, B:253) Color: Pink (R:255, G:74, B:189) Type: Zumi Skin Color Color: Pure Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) Color: Pure White (R:255, G:255, B:255) Color: Blue-Gray (R:137, G:185, B:222) Color: Auburn (R:138, G:60, B:30) Color: Dusty Brown (R:120, G:83, B:72) Color: Medium Brown (R:193, G:135, B:095) Color: Sandstone (R:228, G:207, B:108) Color: Red (R:170, G:4, B:14) Color: Orange (R:255, G:149, B:38) Color: Green (R:105, G:214, B:68) Color: Teal (R:35, G:223, B:211) Color: Blue (R:40, G:210, B:248) Color: Purple (R:169, G:92, B:250) Color: Pink (R:255, G:97, B:197)
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    Halloween Event Boss <Devilish> Belle has appeared in Aven! Take her down to earn some Hallowed Coin's to buy the Halloween themed costumes we have accumulated over the past few years! Simply collect some Hallowed Coins and take them to Karah to trade! You can also collect some the Halloween themed titles that where introduced last year! Also @Herakles has some events planned for both forums and in game. So make sure to keep your eyes out for when they are on going! 👻 Happy Halloween! 👻
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    This is what Dark Recon looks like actually. I'll go through the guides today and start updating them/cleaning them up actually.
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    Depends on what you consider hot as there's this. Or
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    Information Hey everyone just a small patch today but we are currently working on a new content patch that we expect to release this year. I wont go into much detail as of the moment but in the coming weeks I will post some previews of what to come. Development is going well and I really hope when it comes you all enjoy it! Changes Added 13 new Hair Colours. Added 10 new Eye Colours. Added 16 new Zumi Fur Colours. Added 12 new Frog Skin Colours. Added 17 new Bear Fur Colours. Added 16 new Bear Tattoo Colours. Bug Fixes Disabled Captcha in 25 Man Expeditions. Disabled Captcha in Quest Dungeons. Nice Day!
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    Progression is "action", there are quests, dungeons and gear progression in those levels. If that isn't enough for a new player playing an MMORPG then they picked the wrong game genre. It's not difficult to level past those levels and we provide enough free consumables to help ease that process further. Am I mistaken here? The main problem altogether with MMORPG's these days is there needs to be blow out the water systems and instant gratification on every corner as if participation medals need handing out for every step of the way. This is why we're lost for choice on MMORPG's to play these days isn't it? (sarcastic comment). The one thing that made MMORPG's lasting and fun was the work you had to put into your characters. You appreciated what you did and what you accomplished. Today's audience misses that point and it's expected now to be riddled with content that you will surpass and gladly remind those devs that it is now "useless" or "dead". Kinda passive aggressive comment, more of a rant about the entire scene in general. Please don't assume it's directed at you @Terresa as it isn't, it's just the subject as a whole being someone who loves these kinda games hates what the scene is becoming as a whole. PS: I know I sound like a Boomer right now! haha
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    Just out of curiosity, are you going to fix some of the major problems with certain characters that was happening during the level 54 cap? From my recollection the SW was barely playable at the level 54 cap due to issues with concealment and DPS, not to mention consistent lack of protection. From here down are underlined Statements/question for topics of discussion. Following those are me explaining how I think they would work. If you don't want to read between the lines that's fine, but those underline items are topics I think the GSs and Vivi need to consider in raising the cap. As far as new items, can you please space out where items drop? Explaination for reason of the question - Players complain about not having any PvP and yet they don't enter BGs. I recommend making all gear craftable, but you get craftable items by doing a variety of tasks instead of just farming a dg endlessly or pray you get the item from a Boss. Like make it more of a requirement to enter BGs to get an item specifically from a BG to craft a piece of gear. That would force players to enter a BG if they want certain gear. Either you have it drop that item in particular or several items used to craft a particular gear or get something from the win/loss reward. Then you have a requirement to enter DGs for other parts of the gear or a particular gear you need. Then you have PvP bosses that drop already crafted items so players would want to pvp over these. Mind you Hounds got a huge increase in difficulty, but the loot is shit so people don't pvp over them because they are too difficult first of all and drops suck so why waste time on them. Find a good middle ground, these could have drops too that you could get from a DG. Mind you I still want to see BG specific loot so players participate in more BGs in numbers. I also recommend fixing Bosses in DV to be more competitive and have them drop items people want without making them too hard. Explanation for the statement on DV - I also recommend to consider how aggro works on these bosses because I think the last thing players want is one player on the other faction pulling aggro and resetting the boss constantly and nobody being able to stop this. I think if a player is going to try and pull aggro to reset the boss that they get the brunt of the damage from the boss. The other type who will get the brunt damage from a boss would be those individual players who have the highest DPS on the boss. This would need some working so that a player players on the same faction would want to make sure they pull aggro to keep their DPS from taking damage. But what if there's also a possibility of stealing the boss from the other faction by forming a better PT than the other faction even though their numbers are less. It would require factions to create the best DPS team that they could possibly come up with to take it over just having the greater numbers. If the boss doesn't move so players can't reset it, then it would be best to have it full on attack the player who has done the most damage over the player who pulled aggro. I also recommend that if exp farming for hours is going to be a thing, maybe have mobs drop a particular item here for Crafting a gear item. That would add to the items need to be obtained from DGs and BGs so players get a well rounded immersion into the game. To maybe make it so daily and repeatable quests for each of these aspects can/should be done in a BG, DG, or farming. Explanation of the statement on daily quests - Kinda like in BGs you complete a daily by entering a BG, you complete a repeatable quest by finishing the BG. This is obtained with an item given as a consolation or reward to turn in to signify you stayed the entire match but that it disappears once used to obtain a craft item so it's not staying in the inventory like the Easter items and you don't have to actually perform the task to complete it daily or repeatedly. These are besides also getting these extra items from within the BG loot system. For DGs you have a daily quest that gives you an item for completing a DG once a day or so many times a day but it also gives you that same item from the loot system. The Exp farming quest would be similar to the current event farming quest where you complete it for Sweets, but mobs also drop sweets, so it's like a bonus for farming a specific number of mobs. Mind you all craftable items wouldn't be just a simple one day and you got it, but maybe like you enter 20 BGs and you can lose every BG but it will give you enough from the consolations that you can craft one item. This amount would be less if you won, but entering is the important part.
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    its all improvements because to me CB is the class right now that needs the most improvements, i didn't notice anything that's super broken on them to require fixing/nerf.Maybe the extra skill points is questionable but everything else on that list is minor improvements that CB needs imo.it may seem like a whole lot positive but if u have a cb take a closer look at the skills ,u will see that these are just minor stuff.But these are my views, feel free to agree/disagree or leave you own thoughts.
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    As for the Order I think the SW, SE, and ME should be configured at the same time since the SW and ME are mostly the two that go head to head and the SE is the ME protector for the most part. At least that's how it seems to play out when in PvP fights the SW will target MEs and SEs watch for SWs. Just a thought, can you have a buff that increases the range of your attacks? So, like you attack skill that is set is at a 10m range but a buff adds an extra 5m range to your attack? That being said have a debuff that decreases the range of your attacks too. PU Take the passive damage mastery and divide it into 2 different damage mastery passives. 1 being physical base and the other chakra base? Passive physical base will have +100 and +30% with 20% acc Passive chakra base will have +220 and +40% with 15% ch-acc you will remove the acc and ch-acc from Mind over body Also, add a passive ch-resist/void or eva/ch-resist passive? This will make players choose between the two attack types and they can also choose an option between greater attacks or greater def? These passive skills can also be reduced by 5pts so it doesn't cost so much to max them out, but still costing more skill points to max more than 1 passive skill. So like currently you use 20 skill points and get both physical atks and ch-atks, but the new one you can either spend 30 skills points and max both, or go 10/10, 15/5, 5/15, or use all passive skills and place 5/5/5/5 in each. CB Again splitting the passive damage mastery into physical side and ch-atk side with taking the adding acc/ch-acc from other skills and placing them in the respective damage mastery passive skills? As for all other skills up to others on how to adjust them.
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    There are heavy drops in Halloween due to lack of events this year because of other patch work and irregularities on other drops. Also a lot of players have alts and this gives them the opportunity to gear more chars. The next event, if I make it in time, won’t be so drop heavy. Also a weird mindset to keep, making every player struggle because you did? This happens a lot in games. A item at release is EXPENSIVE and then it goes down. plus if you can drop 40k you are probably rich already as I would not spend that on something that barely boosts stats.
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    IMO adding things like that just makes PvP more graphically intense. Would prefer to be without it, since pretty soon we're gonna end up suffering from stat stones effects as well.
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    The Archeron can now be accessed through Barbiron The NPC is right near it's main spawn area Blessed Naraks can now be stacked to 255 Red Notice has been removed from Free Knight Hoard Monsters Due to the patch not properly applying the cash shop changes, it will take effect this patch and will last for 1 week only! Anyone who bought an item that would've been on sale between last Monday and now will receive the VGN difference back! A fix has been applied to the channel/map crashes some players experienced after participating in the hoard event Removed the extra spawns from the Research Dungeon Mobs You should no longer see 30+ mobs spawn from 1 inside it Flesh Mounds in Enocia are now Free For All The Archeron in Amara should now let you back out in Amara Fixed the Jack o Lantern items - it should now open to give you a selection of items Hazmat Suit should no longer share cooldowns or overwrite Kiss of Fires Cybercluster L50 should now be able to be picked up Fixed the monster names on the Protect Enocia quest
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    Vivi made it to crash me specifically.
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    I can speak for Vivi and say she's worked very hard on trying to get this patch done asap. She's as disappointed as everyone else for it to be delayed a couple days. As frustrating as it can be, it's a couple days tops and you will be enjoying the event.
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    Face Paints Android Face Paints: ------------------------------------------------------------- Bandaid: ------------------------------------------------------------- Queen of Hearts: ------------------------------------------------------------- Sunscreen/Sunburnt: ------------------------------------------------------------- Halloween: ------------------------------------------------------------- Christmas: ------------------------------------------------------------- Easter: ------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Masquerade Mask: ------------------------------------------------------------- Depressed: ------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Diamond:
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    This was helpful! Thanks for the help!
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    There are some quests that will refer to you by name, but for pets and all, they do not reconize the variable that's used to create the name string in chat.
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    Punisher: Add a permanent bonus on ACC and CH ACC on PU's Passive. Remove the -25% ACC reduction on Enfeeble, this synergizes with ME buffs and Defensive cocoon making a huge stat imbalances in mass PVP. Explanation: Effects of Cocoon + Shadow Projection + Enfeeble(+25% Eva, + 20% Eva, -25% ACC) on different classes. SE - Skirting Disaster gives 50% Eva combine this with the skill synergy above it will have a total of 120% Effective Evasion on top of their natural 10k - 11k Eva = 220% -230% EVA PU - 120% EVA + 9k - 10k natural evasion = 210% - 220% EVA SW - 120%EVA + 90% + 37.5% + 9k - 10k natural EVA = 356.6% - 357.5% EVA ME - 120% EVA + 15% + 9k to 10k natural EVA = 234% - 235% ACC across classes: (95% acc base + Sum of all ACC% gears) 149 - 164 ACC unbuffed and using unspecialized gear 169 - 184 ACC with ME ACC buff and using unspecialized gear 210 - 224 ACC with ME ACC buff and using specific gears (Jewels, Lingerie, Title, randoms etc) Taking the best possible ACC gear set up and sacrificing tons of DPS SW buff = +55% ACC + 224 ACC = 279% ACC DE buff = +24% ACC + 224 ACC = 248% ACC PU buff = +20% ACC + 224% ACC = 244% ACC WH Hook = +20% ACC + 224% ACC = 244% ACC SE buff = +10% ACC + 224% ACC = 234% ACC Formula taken from limeox guide %Physical Hit Chance = %Accuracy - %Evasion Let's take WH hook and PU's ability to hit in mass PVP as an example since they are identical Whipper: 244% ACC- 235%EVA = 5% hit 244% ACC- 357.5%EVA = 0% hit 244% ACC- 220%EVA = 24% hit 244% ACC - 230%EVA = 14% hit note: all of the numbers are estimated generously. Data taken in a 4 v 4 with 1 ME and 1 PU. Varying factors are not included like huge numbers of ME and PU Poison Smoke is not included. Numbers of ME and PU will drastically and exponentially make Mass PVP a mess Also I did not take into consideration the fact that not anyone is going to waste time and resources using ACC gears at all times and most average player only have 1 set of gear and is probably crit atk, ch atk etc. Cyber Blade: CB Reduce skill point requirement on the first column of CB. (Piercing and Jumping Slash) Reduce heart piercing level to 10 instead of 13. Make Round Slash particle and adjust the chakra part accordingly. also take some inputs from CB Mains
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    In case anyone else gets stuck on this, the Davidson you want is in Mereholt behind Catherine the Enhancer. Thanks Faith
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    Can you also please make all of them Destroyble/ Sell NPC without open.
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    more than 18 , like 20 k eva and about PU have op Debuffs + acc buff + more better slows even what look weird .
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    If u would read all comments THEY ALREADY NOTICE & IT COME WITH NEXT MAINT/PATCH.
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    I'm not sure if I agree with that, but that's just me.
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    Ya, I figured that out, but it was funner to find obscenities that would pass the filter. So I could communicate better, you know?
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    Hello and welcome to Vendetta Gaming Network!😉 There is no possibility to get your characters from another server (MS), you will have to start from zero on our server. However don't be afraid, I don't know if you're on the normal version or the classic Eden Eternal, but if you're on the Awaken, we have a lot of gifts to help the newbies catch up. You also have Starter Packages on the website for our 2 servers.
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    Yes, they for the most part did a good job. Minus a few low drop rates for certain items. The high drop rates for unique costumes isn't going to kill the game and for the most part it only helps the game IMO. The reason is that most players already had their unique costumes with the stats they like. The extra unique costumes after that are mostly for crafting rare costume looks over the unique ones, and to do that requires not only purchasing AP for the costume but AP for the uni grafting tool. Those two items can help pay for the game servers as well as the staff that manages the game. The thing is though, if the unique costume drop rate was too high then I'm not getting nearly enough uni costumes as I should if I get any at all. So, to that I think the drop rates aren't high enough. The same goes for uni lingerie replicube. I'm not seeing clearly as much in a DG that others are. I don't like teaming up with people in a DG because they never set clear boundaries on who gets what loot and the good stuff tends to go to other players. So, the solo DG could use some tweeking for players who don't like running DGs with greedy players that hog all the good items. The only item with the freaking too high drop rate are the 48 hr specialty mechs as I just stopped collecting them. The unique silence before the event I already had 10 of them. I stopped collecting the strike skill stone as that and silence are the only ones dropping in the solo DG with the exception of the rare ones that pop up. As far as another tweek is the 2 items for titles that are so rare that nobody sees them and the time I did see them I trashed them not realizes what they were for. Not that I really care about those 2 titles because I don't see them being better than the other titles stats that are better for my character that were already in the game. One of the other frustrating parts is the farming the horde where you have players that will just clear the entire map and take over a particular area that a player is in when they are still trying to get the quest. Tough the times for the horde spawns should be more 6hrs apart and correct according to sever instead of 1 hour off just like AK is behind 1 hour where it starts at 9pm or 9am my time when it would normally start 8pm or 8am before DST. Anyway. It's an event, it's not going to kill the game and I do find it more enjoyable when I get more drops that are better than seeing others get them all.
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    Okay, that's way weird. They weren't working before, but I switched out the 1000CP pots with 800CP pots and the 800 ones worked fine. Put the 1000CP back and they work again. I wonder if I just cleared a glitch in my skillbar doing that, but if anybody has the same problem that's the solution is to put something else in their place and then put them back.
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    Yeah but this thread is in Classic ^_^;
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    @Herakles He meant battlemounts without any stats to look cooler in battle. Tbh would be a fun addition. Who knows, maybe for some people it's that little minispark that makes them want to play more owo.
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    This true resist should be showed or have an wiki with those info, its important to make players think better on what use inside. Just idea :3
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    WEAKLINGS I TANK THEM ALL yes we are fixing it
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    Also the room with the "Mob Hoard" in Solo - is normal in Partymode. I just don like the point, that the DG is only 55+ and not for everyone lower, so they only can do Daylie quest and "maybe" if someone so kind add them in a PT for Saving Enocia. ^^
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    i was thinking the same as Daddy tbh. Maybe its just too much drop boosts @GoddessSand😅 I actually checked out the event dungeon yesterday the first time and i only used the 5% drop lollipop. I had no problems with droppping Uni Stuff, like the 50 Shades of Black Costume and other unis. @Daddy y i tried to kill them too, one by one, but if you hit one, you have the aggro of all and you just die, like GoddessSand said 😂 And about the SP Jewel drops, i dont know whats the sense behind this massive sp jewel drops. First i thought it was a bug but it seems to be intentionally for whatever reason. I also wonder about the 50% off in AP Shop. Doesnt seems to be started yet? But i do agree with GoddesSand, about the Enocia Event. I like it aswell, since its something different than the usual Boss Fights in recent events. Overall the event is really enjoyable and i also want to say thank you to the Staff for the hard work on it to give us some Halloween Content! 🥰👻🎃 Greetz BoxBox
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    The drops are pretty good. I have a feeling you may be bugging the loot increase by having so many boosts lol. Some of the mobs have good loot if you are skipping them. Most mobs are on different loot tables. There are no individual jewels. There are only uni jewel ling box and jewel box. mass of mobs is so weird!??? It wasn’t there when we were in test and decided to appear in live. Those mobs are intended to be hidden within arkana mark IV Pt mode and solo have some loot difference. Better loot is in pt. Party mode is also harder. Jack o latern decided to bug itself on live Idk if we can make locked things stackable lol we are doing fixes on Thursday thanks for The feedback. It was a lot of work making this from scratch. if anyone has a uni restriction stone I want it thank you
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    Various changes have been made to Dragon Valley and all 60+ dungeons to allow for more easier farming. All monsters have had an increase in EXP upon kill Note: There is a possibility you may receive negative EXP when killing certain mobs. This is due to the server rates being server side and the possibilty of it causing a server overflow when using max EXP buffs. If this happens to you, please note down the monster name and let me know. While we tested for all possible exp buffs, it is possible we may have missed one. Orenji should no longer cast Pit of Hell skill Several items missed have been made stackable to 255 Including skill stones, narak relics, and more! Nuclear Bunker and Al Kasava have been moved forward an hour to match the change with Daylight Savings Disabled all hourly battlegrounds except Turnpike and Second Ark Due to the overlapping times of the battlegrounds, and the inability to actually set our own times, I've disabled the 2 that cause the most issues. These 2 will be rotated back in with due time and will only be rotated with others disabled - avoiding any overlapping BG timers. A sale is going on in the cash shop! Get several items including Cyberskins and Warehouse codes up to 50% off! Guardian Blessings (30d) will now prevent EXP loss on death! An Infectious Hoard has invaded Enocia, and Maximillian is in need of your assistance! This event will go on till the 19th of November! Please be sure to use all crafting items before the 19th's maintenance! Talk with Maximillian in Enocia for the start of the daily quests to receive dungeon entry items and other various goodies! Take on the over run Research Station's dungeons and fight off the hoards of infected! Earn loads of EXP, items and and clear out the infected for Maximillian and his team! Dungeon entrance items can be obtained by completing Maximillian's daily quests, participating in Battlegrounds (AK/NB included), and by obtaining more through the dungeon itself! While the Research team tried their best to contain the spread, they unfortunately escape outside Enocia as well! The hoard and their great mound of flesh will be roaming around Enocia 4 times daily! They'll spawn at: 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, 17:00 server time! If the full first wave is defeated within 10 minutes, another will spawn right after! These will continue to spawn every 10 minutes for over 30 total minutes. With all your Sweeties collected, be sure to head over to Marvin to trade them for useful items! During your adventure, you'll find some special limited achievement items to give you some nifty new titles! Please be aware, these items may appear like normal trash items. Check your items before you sell them! Several server side issues have been fixed and should clear up some in-game bugs some people have been receiving. For example, players should no longer have a mysteriously full inbox! Fixed several small bugs scattered through out the game Fixed several quests with no trackers or incorrect movement locations Fixed the Mereholt, Barbiron, Agoge skill chips of those who have faction changed. The Archeron in Amara will now take you to the correct versions of the dungeon.
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    It was fixed for some time, probably just a week, then a maintenance reverted it back in buggy mode.
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    It's probably just as well, because if someone did model a penis it would probably have a permanent erection. Erections are easier to model, but after awhile it just looks ridiculous. Hey now. A 7y reach on most attacks and a ranged attack that puts you right in the enemy's face isn't exactly cowardly. But maybe I'm playing him more recklessly than I'm supposed to.
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    While it saddens me that the event is delayed because the Halloween event is one of the best and most anticipated events in my opinion that we have in the game I understand that both sides to the frustration on the delay. For the side that play this game and have been anticipating the release of the game who are upset that it wasn't ready. I completely understand how frustrating it is to have spent time and money into the game only to feel like the delay is due to poor management. You have to understand however a few things about what it takes to make any changes to the game. Vivi is figuratively working pretty much with one eye open and one eye closed due to the lack of source code and game developer notes and has to pretty much make her own notes on where and what to tweak so she can add to and adjust the game the best she can. Because she has the ability to know how to program and through trial and error she has done a lot for this game and we should give her credit since here we are 5 years with us still being able to play this game when Aeria dropped the game as they failed to provide new content, remove cheaters/hackers, and care of the concerns of the community once they dropped Mama as a GM. I think Vivi has done an awesome job managing the game and addressing all our concerns and develop the game to the best of her ability. I also think that Vivi won't let the delay and our frustrations go without providing us something to compensate us for even though it is within her power to deny any such actions. At least this isn't cyberpunk 2077. For the staff who have worked hard and dedicated a lot of time and effort into releasing a new patch. While you cannot predict that the game will work as you want it too and delays can happen, all eyes are going to be on you for the patch. That puts a lot of pressure on releasing it so we all can enjoy it. Because the GS's do play this game I do believe that you aren't carelessly building us up to disappoint us because you don't want to be disappointed yourself with the work you did. So, fix what needs to be fixed and if you need to ditch any last minute adjustments because they aren't working as they should we should understand that the reason for abandoning such things. We are after all playing a game that is 8 years old on a 12 year old engine left in a complete mess. Kudos to Vivi and the rest of the staff for how awesome you are in listening to the concerns and frustrations of the gamers in the is game that often put you on a chopping block over anything that they feel vendetta has failed in doing. We love this game and we should love the work and effort that the staff is trying to do to make the game enjoyable for all players. To this I say to the community wait before you cast shade and to the staff thank you for at least working on providing us something fun to enjoy this season.
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    Scarlet Blade was great till Nemesis patch.
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    Dear Eden Eternal community, Now it's your turn! We want to give you the opportunity to submit your own event ideas (for Discord, Forum or In Game), and we will do our best to implement your event ideas as long as they can be implemented. You can submit your event ideas and reward suggestions below or contact me on Discord. You can also give feedback about Events. We look forward to your ideas and we will make every effort to implement the events as soon as possible. ~Your VGN team
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    Hello there this post is mostly about achievments when it comes to gold weapons and armor. I know back then it was possible to buy every (or most lower trial BP) BP via EP in the EP shop and they got removed with I think the awaken armor lvl 110 patch. So I was wondering if it is possible to bring them back into the shop again? I'm done so far with level 50-60 but my biggest issue with gold weapons are pretty much Katana and Greatsword since you either need to farm 400 trials for the points or be lucky with Roger maps which have a very bad drop chance to begin with. I was talking to someone who has finish pretty much every single achievment and they told me to buy both of them in the EP shop what I can't do since they are no longer in there.So I was wondering if you could bring them back into the shop Jordan so newer player have the same chances like the older one had with that matter. About Heartflame lvl 100 I would love to see that item back again too since using a lvl 120 seems a bit overkill for lower lvl items like GoP for example. Using a lvl 120 HF seems too much for it when there is a option like a lvl 100 HF but you can't get them as for now since they aren't in the altar anymore at all. Thanks for reading.
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    I'm curious now, what IP rights does Vendetta have with this game? If you don't have access to source code then I assume it would be actionable to reverse engineer it. But is there any party who would take action against Vendetta? Do Liveplex or Aeria Games care? I've tried to research the game engine a bit, but hit a brick wall. But having developed games myself, I find the excuses regarding source code, and the aspects of game development those excuses are applied to, a bit confusing and questionable. I know solutions to problems, but the explanations I get seem muddy the waters.
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    I'm new here for the second time; the first time was when the game itself was new. You probably wouldn't be shocked to know how many 'old players' don't know about this, as they often make assumptions and claims that could easily be verified or debunked with the hard data.
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    I already saw that, in Ellis!