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    Hello everyone! With the large wave of new players hitting both of our 2 games, we have decided to update the starter packs again with new goodies inside of them! Both Eden and Scarlet Blade will get these packs and all accounts will be able to claim them again. Some of the additional goodies for Eden Eternal are: Some of the additional goodies for Scarlet Blade are: All items that were originally in the packs are still in there and are still available to claim. All items inside these packs are nontradeable. As a note for an SB pack, please be careful with the class you select. Once you pick a class' pack, we are unable to change the rewards you get from it! Head over to the Event page of your game's website to claim them! https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn https://sb.vendettagn.com/
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    Sad for things to end this way, but going back to official isn't an option for me. So I guess this is where my NosTale journey ends.
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    I will add them, I was planning to add them last maintenance but it was earlier than expected.
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    Hey everyone, We've just applied a small Client Side Patch to improve the Quality of the game. This patch should reduce Alpaca Error's in general for the following cases: Loading the new custom dungeons. Entering and being in highly populated areas, specially when Aura Kingdom pets are around (Aven/PvP). Thank you and I hope this fix solves the majority of peoples problems!
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    honestly medics aren’t the issue. It’s always been the whippers. The past few months we have seen a influx of Whippers on both sides and they tend to choose who can win. I have won pvp in amara bgs or big bgs as solo medic very often so it’s not really medic related altho it is an issue on fk side since like March it was typically only myself, shiny, and pan. Most people hate medic right now due to how fast we die and having the most restricted build out of any class but I stil enjoy and if I’m not lazy I can prob solo heal for awhile and get all the loot at once due to shift and heeled flair lol. Also people are rude af to medics or don’t even try to help them so there’s that. fc was always a temporary help mainly because FK don’t like winning more than 2 months ( this is very accuracies since like 49 cap). Other reason is because once people fc everyone decides to play again. There were times I’ve gone to rg in asb and here in vgn where I wanted to help on rg and they all came back and trash talk me. Same for whenever people go to fk. theres a lot of unwarranted trash talk and drama between factions even though we usually all play both or have played both. Player attitude is a huge issue that can go a long way as I’ve seen a lot of people just not want to play due to the harassment once they switch chars they have or in fc. Our population has always been allover the place for a multitude of reason and I think the permanent FC will be the best help we can get. FK were winning A lot not too long ago and some rg were boycotting. Having this will allow for pvp to continue through something like that and then switch back if it improves. A lot of people have always wanted to switch when it’s closed cus when their faction is winning during a certain time they still get dominated in another time zone or they just wanna have fun and pvp in general.
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    Just because I don't comment on something doesn't mean I don't see it... I check and read over every single post regarding SB.
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    Show a little seriousness and explain why they really close the game ... because (Personal Problems) It doesn't seem enough to me to understand the reason for this ... and maybe if they explain it, I and maybe other people would stay to play EE or SB ... but give a reason that makes sense
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    lmao, puts in onyx last week before it shuts down, big stonks but pretty scummy on you guys parts
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    The thing is that the instance dungeon has no way of getting in and the only way we(I) got in was through the Shadow Rune which was consumed the moment I entered in. [I decided to make this for those who were just as confused as I was. Here is the following step-by-step progression to becoming a Sage in Eden Eternal Vendetta] **Disclaimer: I was a Samurai since that was just the class I needed to level up at the time** (UPDATE/EPIPHANY) If you ever accidentally leave the instant dungeon through the green portal for the beginning of the Sage Trial (aka Lv69. Shadow Request V), here's how to resolve it: 1. The Shadow Rune is in the form of an enchant icon (which got me stuck the most of this incident because my inventory was cluttered with things I've gathered while leveling). 2. Talk to Moses Dark Blood (NPC) next to the altar to begin the Mutant Beast wave/continue the quest progression. 3. Monsters called "Mutant Beast" will show up and you'll have to defeat them (with the temporary skills you've been given) in waves of 3 until you have defeated 40 of them. (Typically ~3 minutes) 4. After doing so, you will then be able to leave through the green portal with no ragret 🙃 From here on out, the process is self-explanatory but I will continue to give out steps until you become a Sage. 5. You will spawn back to the entrance of Mara Cult Altar as well as in front of Shadow Guardian Brown, proceed to talk to him and he will give you a new quest called L69. The Truth I. With EE Vendetta's perk, turn on the function of "Use Portal Stone" on the top left corner of your tracked quests tab to use an unlimited portal stone to teleport to Shadow Master Hilhem (in Aven). 6. Complete L69. The Truth I from Hilhem, then accept L69. The Truth II from him as well. 7. Right click on the quest item, "Shadower Spell" to teleport to Golden Plains where the quest will continue to progress. Right click on "Shadower Spell" to activate the spell. 8. Finn will appear/spawn, defeat them. 9. Speak to the Reclusive Elder Benzema since he is the closest to progress the quest. After that, teleport to Shadow Guardian Helena who stands right next to Hilhem in Aven. 10. Teleport back to Benzema in Golden Plains, completing L69. The Truth II and beginning L69. The Truth III. 11. He refuses to speak on the matter, so he gives you the blood pendant thus, needing to teleport back in Aven to Librarian Conan, completing L69 The Truth III and beginning L69. The Truth VI. 12. Right-click/use the quest item, "Blood Jade Pendant" to relive the past as the Sage King when he used Aura. You will then be teleported to a dungeon called "Dark Blood Refuge." 13. It's okay to enter through the green portal now. 14. If you ever panic (like I did), and use the second green portal to the southeast corner of the room, and also somehow delete/lost the "Blood Jade Pendant" in your inventory, talk to Conan and retrieve it from him again to teleport back into the "Dark Blood Refuge" instance. 15. Monsters called "Crazed, Insane, and Desparate Dark Blood Cohorts will show up at the center of the room; 2 of each, 6 per wave. (Took me ~5 minutes to get through them with the Sage abilities; ALSO, it's very loud and noisy with the other monsters there that are "allies" so I would recommend turning the game audio down or just listen to music during this process) 16. Moses Dark Blood will appear and some dialogue will be exchanged after defeating the Cohorts. You'll have to defeat Moses Dark Blood, which then becomes Moses Blood (2 stages). (Took me ~3-5 minutes) 17. You'll then need to teleport to Hilhelm to complete L69. The Truth VI, also obtaining the title "Truth Hunter" and the achievement "Painful Decision" as well. 18. Speak to Hilhelm again to accept the L.69 Sage Trial I quest. 19. Speak to him again to activate the quest progression; Speak to Sage King Gaimaizz to complete L69. Sage Trial I, and to begin L69. Sage Trial II. You will have to defeat 80 Sacred Elves to complete the first trial of becoming a Sage, they come in waves of 8-10 or so. (Could take anywhere from 3-5 minutes. I recommend button mashing keys 1-4 whenever a skill completes its cooldown) 20. After doing so, the waves will end and you will have to speak to Sage King Gaimaizz[moves to new location in front of altar/building]. Speaking to Sage King Gaimaizz will complete L69. Sage Trial II, and to begin your second trial, L69. Sage Trial III(Typo in-game says VI, but next quest is also VI..). 21. You will have to defeat Moses Blood next. Speak to Gaimaizz once again to begin the second trial. 22. Defeat Moses Blood with the Sage skills given (Takes less than 30 seconds) 23. Speak with Gaimaizz again, completing L69. Sage Trial III, and beginning L69. Sage Trial VI. 24. Your final trial is to defeat Finn. Speak with Helena to begin the last trial. 25. Use your 4th ability, Aura: Protective Shield to nullify Finn's attacks as well as his big AOE spell; the fight lasted 25 seconds for me) 26. After defeating Finn, return back to Aven via the Soul Guardian next to you and you will spawn back in front of Hilhem, speak with him to complete L69. Sage Trial VI, becoming a Great Sage and obtaining the class Sage. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
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    FK quit because I am going to be honest, not many RG sign up for Battlegrounds so Free Knights don't have anything to do all day. It's just not fun to have nothing to do all day. Also, I agree with a open faction change, but the player who faction changed should be restricted to switch back to the other faction for at least two months just due to players may take advantage of that and switch to what ever side is winning.
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    I’m fully aware of the pull bug and will see how we can fix it. There’s actually a lot wrong with the pulls and I’m pretty sure I know why they are that way. it was one of the first things I noticed when I came back. no class is being heavily nerfed. I want to reassure that. They are a lot of positives on how things are being worked around.
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    Yeah. That can honestly go for a any class lol. Also having that good of a debuff as ranged is a bit op.
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    +1 _______________________ May You get your FC - and then? you play for like 1 Month? and are done? cos of less players, or of gettinge banged hard again and again by RG?! lol It never fix anything.Not in the past and not now. If people stop playing cos the game IS STUCK (also based on PVE side: Raids, DG & their Drop's, ect) then also a FC wont change that. & The Guys who want that FC so hard, mhhh you entertain us cos exactly you are those that join all these "zergs and want more". (does not affect everyone, but most.)
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    Game is dead only rg is active atm without fks ... open perma fc so rg can change for pvp Its full pve game ..without pvp....bgs useless cause the best fks quit game while no patch came out... Only doing same shit on fks side rp farming than the most logg Off Dungeons too easy for farming bring legendary dg with better drops Its boring too farm ot when fimish under 2min .. Team solo takes too long time 40mio bosses toomuch for shity drops
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    Here's the video as feedback Doesn't have that many people but was good! better than some days ago which all guilds was on same side. Also i've new suggestion , can you make Belk Imune to all kind of CC (Stun,Fear,KD and others)?
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    HI, wanna be my personal piggy? I can do many things to you
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    Hello and welcome to vendetta Scarlet Blade.
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    Nice! Welcome back If need help or anything else let me know IGN Kalisti
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    I fixed it, sorry, Thanks for fast answer, tho next timeyou come online, i wish to have a talk with you. If it interest you. ^^ Or add me back discord.
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    Im seeing an increase number in new faces I dont know if its an alt or people from nostale, we need to do something so they will stay, I am currently helping 4 new players because they are AP buyers it might be a waste to let them go.
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    New update!
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    here's a suggestion make another forum account and portrayed as a girl you can get decent amount of gears that way from people
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    At the lower levels, I find myself having problems getting stardusts to upgrade stuff outside of dungeons. There's also the matter of little gold to acquire at those tiers as well, I find+8 to be a pain at times and +9 is worse. In fact, I'd never go beyond +8 without SGs. Again, lets not take our resources for granted and assume the newer players can do it as nonchalantly like we can.
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    Wow, I must have insulted you, I don't feel sorry about it, but you have issues. Go see a therapist to fix that.
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    Is there something that can be done for PU's Enfeeble skill as that skill is very slow in casting and also once casting is completed it makes the PU to go in standby mode/not letting to caste any other skill for like 1-2sec. Also, if you cast Enfeeble and then go mech and try to use mech stun, (including all other skills too) it bugs the skills as you can get 3x animation in 3 tries but skill wouldn't cast. Which obviously results is losing stun time and rotation messed all the times. @Daddy @Vivi
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    update! Its cost 2g 300silver each 10 bps leggo guys!
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    But whose going to make more awesome costume? This sucks. Take care come back and visit once in awhile.
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    The amount of entitlement from FK’s here is strong. I’m sorry, but y’all need to suck it up and roll Medics if this is such an issue. If y’all Faction is absolutely as crippled as you make it sound because you lack Medics, then a FC isn’t going to help you; making ME’s would. What’s Serah going to do there? And WHY would any RG Medics who have put all their time, energy, gold, friends, and Guilds here just say “Meh, screw it. I’ll go to the whiny side and hate my life there because balance!” So suck it up, make an ME. Stop trying to swing the pendulum. Edit: The idea to put a cap on Medics just because your side is selfish enough not to have any, is stupid. Let’s completely alienate an entire Factions support class because mine won’t bite the bullet and play one. Sounds legit. About as much as a FC is.
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    While RG do have lots of medics and FK not so much as all it takes are 2 medics(1 semi OP and 1 weak one) to make their side too hard to deal with. Vivi can't limit players and their medics from entering a BG or PvP zone. If players want to agree to fair play with keeping medics to a limited amount, it would have to come with the players not the GMs or GSs. As for Players using a Medic on the FK side, in AK or NB, the problem is that players like me don't like to because skills are slow, picking up loot is slow, and all we do is heal as fast as we can. Kinda boring just using 2 skills repeatedly.With AK being so god damn hard on DPS arkana because again guards are too god damn OP, playing AK without a medic sucks donkey balls because we can't attack anything near those damn guards without being killed by them in 3 shots.
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    I do hate when WHs and CBs pull the person I am attacking away from me and then they get let go because the WH or CB didn't hold them there and keep them from using skills. However for 2 it is a bad idea to cast shadow strike away from players, especially ones that can cleanse, clench, or ghost walk their way to freedom away from that skill sticking. If you have it a range skill players will just bike away and c'est la vie as you can't reach them to make use of it. You don't want it as the first skill you use sometimes because some players are quick on the stun/disable skill button that if you use it you will immediately get stunned and then c'est la vie.
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    Dude both games are made by Entwell
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    Realistically FC won't be needed. If and when exp changes come, then it will be easier to make an alt on the opposing faction.. which causes another problem with people swapping sides. But that's a separate can of worms. Players just need to stop being twats tbh.
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    FC is useless fk will come and win for like 2-3 weeks and again same like we have now so fc useless see it in past fk win for like 1 month and by time fk leave and real fk stay and like now fk dead so game in 60+ dead and plz no hard feeling no tras talk so serah its useless i hope u understand gl to all ppl here rip
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    I was having the same issue. Xigncode loading, and game not launching then crash. I put SB.exe in compatibility mode in Windows 8. It rans with no problem now!
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    It was a pleasure to share so many moments with all of you a hug. att: drogon / maiweder
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    When it comes to the game no patch because of skill changes are the least of their concern. Players pvp for bosses that drop nothing good. Players PvE Dungeons for nothing good. If they increased bosses so that drop tables at least drop something good every time, people would farm and PvP more. I can finish a dungeon of DTO each level in a min or minute 30 seconds, and nothing good drops. Though one player complained about skills, skills are the least of the their problems. Players can still compete against each other with the skill tree that they have and that includes getting over the fact that the WHs are one of the most OP players in the game. It's the drops that suck the most. It's difficult to want to fight people when what you are fighting for doesn't even give you anything special. You do Asmo and spend lots of time on a boss that kills players in 1 hit because somebody said it needed to be more OP than it was. Cairn, Behemoth, and Helios all have weak drops too. You enter a BG and basically you are faced with 1 or 2 people that will just pvp the entire match and you can't even get loot from them. Not to mention that when they start winning they go hide in guards and let the guards kill you, WHs being the most tanky in the game benefit highly from this. I don't care about losing a fair match to anyone, but the cheap let me hide in guards so I don't die is stupid. I was in several BGs last night and only 1 player who plays both sides like me was going to allow for chests to be taken before we PvP. Not that we care we lost, at least I don't if the match is a fair match, but when you can't loot and the loot is terrible why enter? My recommendations are to increase drops of Unique costumes, rings, trinkets, earrings, and necklaces drop more in the game everywhere and higher amounts. So what if the game gets saturated with these things, especially unique costumes. Unique costumes could keep the server alive more as players, like myself could graft AP costumes onto them more. Because of their lack of drops, getting a unique costume to graft an AP costume onto them becomes more difficult. But if you have the game get more saturated with unique rings, trinkets, earrings, and necklaces then players can start creating alts that will also need more AP items to fit them for battle. Why the only other thing to increase are the drop amounts of Smoldering Lava rocks and put them all over the game, everywhere, from normal mobs in DMHM(though normal mobs don't drop for lvl 65 players), Amara, DV, and DTO as that will give people a reason to kill more than just the bosses in Dungeons. Just give us stuff to do worth doing. That brings me to another point, of fair fight, players who cheat and guards too high. People stop coming into the game to cheat for a win or using cheap tactics/glitches to win. This is something players can do themselves and it relies on players playing fairly. Getting a Kali buff glitch or jumping all over the map with that glitch is cheating and cheap, if you can't play fairly and have to cheat like that to win you are just getting players to quit. Guards in AK, Janus, and TP are way too high hitters and we have had so many complaints about this and yet nothing done in a year when they were increased. That allows a winning side to just camp them and have an easier time killing or preventing themselves from being killed. Next are the attitudes of the players in the game. Being salty against others is just going to make you hate the game. So what that you just lost to them in a match. If you think it was that unfair because the other cheated record them and submit the video for inspection. If they come back and say nope, nothing wrong here, accept it and learn how to improve your character. I know I have a good ability to still kill cheaters because I watch their patterns and learn how get around that because they are still limited in the game.They are working on skills, let them finish that and I hope you all are going to be freaking happy with yourselves if players are then unable to do anything and people stop playing because their favorite character sucks. I hope this doesn't become the case, but I like many others feel that the skill changes could break the game, though I have hopes that it doesn't. If you don't like somebody because of something they said or do(not cheating but fairly), you are the one with the grudge most likely and the other person is at home enjoying the rest of the game. If somebody said something to you or about what you did, ignore it because those who you play with on your side are helping your side and in turn helping you. If you only care about yourself, you only have yourself to blame for your attitude. So, drop the bad attitudes against others in the game, if I met my worst player to go up against in real life, I wouldn't hold a grudge against them but be excited to have met them. Any of you I play with or against I would be excited to met in real life, so the attitude of saltiness towards others is your own issue not others.
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    Hey Nayxa, he's asking for Scarlet Blade I think. Not many skills, you can go punisher, there are many skills you can sure survive without. Cooldowns are pretty long everywhere so you don't need to push buttons like a crazy.
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    I welcome you late to Vendetta and hope you find your happiness in play. Your presentation is fine
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    As nay said already, it's up to you, but sure the "best" option for act 4 is scout due to his invisibility, one shot potentional and its range +he got a 7k max crit buff which doesn't allow you to recieve crits with more than 7k dmg. For the arena it's a little bit different, I think sp 2(Sin) is the better option mainly because of its playstyle.
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    @Jordan NCTW 09-09-2019
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    This is quite a disappointment that I even have to make this announcement, but it has gotten to the point where it's becoming more of a problem each day. I'm getting massive amounts of reports of people trying to conspire against the testers in order to get them in trouble and kicked off the server. Whether this is out of jealousy or the fact that they themselves were denied from the test server stands to question. Honestly, I have had enough of hearing about it and would like it to finally end. The testers that are currently testing the patch were past testers that were invited by their GS friends or approved by myself. We no longer accept random people to be invited by the GS's because of the past incidents of people blatantly taking screenshots of the patch information and spreading it around before the patch was released. Those who are on it now have shown that they are both useful to the testing environment and can also keep quiet about what the entirety of the patch is (aside from already given information). I've also been hearing, though this baffles me too, that people think it's unfair that some get to see the patch prior to it being released. The staff, and those who were chosen to stick around and help test, are needed to test a patch of this magnitude. Would you rather a buggy patch be released that could possibly damage the server/economy/game-play? I'm honestly not sure why this is even a worry anyway. You cannot expect Jordan to make and test a patch of this magnitude single-handedly. So this whole, "Oh they get to see it first, so unfair," far-fetched mentality should be left at the door. Patch testing is also part of a GS's job. It's quite a shame that it has even gotten to this point, but I will be banning those who continue to attempt in harassing the testers and bait them into getting in trouble. It's sad, it honestly is, that there always have to be those few who either hate the people so much or are so jealous of them that they'll do whatever they can to attempt to get them in trouble, even if that means trying to bait them into saying information that is already given/or was publicly told and claim it was leaked information. I'm tired guys, mentally and emotionally tired of having to deal with this day in and day out. Screenshot after screenshot of people actually saying, "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' kicked off the test server" or "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' fired". The fact that some of you are even trying to get JORDAN, YOUR DEVELOPER, "fired" is an absolute disgrace. Do you really hate the game that much that'd you'd like to see development come to a complete halt? Honestly, to be as lucky to have someone like Jordan working on Eden only to have some of you attempt to get him fired is just appalling. If it wasn't for him taking the lead, you probably wouldn't have the classes and things you have now. Jordan took the spearhead and went through, guiding/suggesting to Bash how to do the patch before learning and taking it on himself. Its easy to speculate that some may have this hellbent hatred towards Jordan or the other staff because they themselves were not hired. Honestly, if you applied and are now one of these problem people, ask yourself this 1 question: Why would I hire someone who acts like this towards others when they don't get their way? The only person who hires staff and who gets the final say in who is hired is me, myself and I. The last batch of supports that were hired for Eden were completely unknown to the other supports and Jordan, and were ones I chose myself. I'm sick and tired of these petty jealousy games and will be taking complete actions on those who wish to continue to try and play them. I'm done with it guys, so consider this your only warning. I'll be issuing out bans from now on.