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    Safety Stone Wipes As we mentioned/discussed in previous posts the hoarding of stones has persisted to be an issue within the game when people are expecting the next gear patch. It's been a large problem and I have recieved a number of messages and tickets expressing concern with the Ultramarine Stones and Coral Stones being hoarded over the last month as people have been preparing for the next gear patch. Now I understand why people choose to hoard and it isn't really a problem we have with hoarding. However, players who are trying to start the game are being forced to obtain the stones themselves or just simply cannot get them. Now we don't want to be unfair and we understand why players are hoarding the stones. So to counter the Stone Wipe we will be increasing the rates of these specific stones on the Crystal Altar. We will be monitoring the new rates and will be tweeking the rates if needed based on the results. We hope that with this change we can achieve the following things: More stone trading between players, allowing for the price of stones within the market to balance out more. Stone Sale panic days, a day or so before the wipe people with a large collection of stones will try to get rid of them. So one way they do this is by selling them cheaper than market value. This should allow players who don't have a lot of gold to pick up some cheap stones to advance their gear. More enjoyment from rolling altar. Obviously landing on stones is a good feeling and even with the changes, you should still net you a profit if you do decide to sell the stones. So generally people should feel like altar is more rewarding. If all the above comes together well it will also give some room more future availability of stones just like we did with Elysian Island. Stone wipes will occur at the last maintenance of the month, so the week before the ranking rewards are reset. So starting next month (September 24th 2020) we will be wiping the following stones: Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone Coral Sublime Safety Stone Coral Halcyon Safety Stone Coral Lucky Safety Stone Sublime Safety Stone Halcyon Safety Stone Premium Lucky Safety Stone Lucky Safety Stone. Now I cannot stress this enough. This change is being brought forward to help the games economy and to not gate players who started the patch 2-3 weeks late from being able to join in. Please read this post that was made by Bash that was made before the previous patch as some of the points from this post still stand: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/11169-safety-stones/ Extra Information (FAQ?) Why only stones aimed at +6 ~ +10? We initially had in mind that all stones would fall into this category would be wiped. However, with the previous changes aimed at Viridian Stones we had a very positive outcome server wide. We are very happy with the final outcome of this change and we do not believe hoarding has effected these stones much on the market if at all. What happens to NT Stones? If and when NT stone are released in future content. These stones will not be subject to the wipe as they are unaffected by hoarding. Although, I do not think they exist at the moment they will likely start appearing in some future content in the coming months. So do not panic, if you have one of these stones that is NT you do not need to burn through it before a wipe. Why are they wiped at the end of the month? We feel a monthly wipe is the best way to achieve a fair wipe that doesn't benefit the rich and screw over the poor. If we wiped the stones before every gear related patch as suggested originally this will drastically hurt the poorer players within the server as the richer players will just simply out bid these players on patch day and at that point we may aswell not bother wiping the stones. Note: We will actively be trying to avoid releasing big gear patches the same day as a stone wipe for the very above reason. We cannot promise this will always be the case but it will be something we will be actively trying to avoid as again we're not against hoarding but we don't want people sitting on stones for weeks on end while new players cannot access them. We also didn't want to wipe the stones during the monthly reset period as this could create a monopoly of the stones from rankings as the current availability of the stones would be limited. All it would take is 1 bad altar for things to turn sideways. I thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions about this change or any suggestions to add you can do so via the correct channels on this forum.
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    I think we can say same stuff for every kind of gear, not just lingerie. Even in low levels, all uniq drops are around 40% of them cyberblade stuff, the other 60% is divided in 6 classes.
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    A special event Dragon has landed in Chromia! Defeat this dragon for a chance of obtaining Dragon Claws, crowd favorite past event costumes, and other various items! For example: Skeleton Facepaint, Santa's Frosty Helper, Bunny Ears, Bunny Facepaint to name a few! Dragon Claws can be used to complete achievements for a special title! This Dragon will spawn in Enocia and Amara Times for this spawn are: Enocia: 21:45 and 12:45 server time Amara: 20:20 and 11:20 server time Locations of the dragon are: Enocia main base (right near the typical teleport spawn) Amara mid map (near Orenji and Gorgon spawns) This dragon will only be active for 1 week, so get the items and drops while you can! Added the Summer Idol Costume Added a rare, all level version of the Rose Petal Lingerie This can be obtained from the Dragon Event Boss only
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    the skills 'Eternal suffering,Electric tempest and Immolation can all do with some animation updates,as u know these 3 are very slow,also idk if u notice in pvp ,trying to use electric tempest or immolation after pull, fails the skill.it hits air instead of the target(s).as for animations I find that Hardcore assault, Flaming whip, Wrecking Ball or Sadist Choice are some of the best flowing whipper skills.any other info or questions u can always msg me on dsicord.
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    While I think FC is a waste and never truly balances out the game and players should just create a character in the other faction on their own. However, I think there needs to be some consideration as to who is allowed to FC and their reasons why. The purpose of FC is to balance the game out, not to send characters over to harass and bully other players. So, for a player to choose to FC, one should consider their actions in the game in how they play. Players who have been observed to harass/bully others, not participate in faction activities, and/or having no desire to actually balance out the game should be refused permission to FC. It is of my opinion that players do these things won't change and it doesn't balance the game just because they FC because they have no true intention of balancing out the game. If these players truly wish to balance out the game let them first be observed to care about making sure others enjoy the game not a selfish desire to enjoy making other players hate playing. Ways to identify that they care about others enjoying the game. 1) they are not seeking out and attacking players repeatedly over and over again that have no desire to fight them or have no ability to atk back like those who are under geared, under level, and are spending their time farming. They also shouldn't be raiding the other factions base to kill players who are AFK. 2) They participate fully in helping the faction kill bosses. They don't hit the boss once or twice and wait for the rest of the faction to kill it. 3) They don't initiate or participate in flame wars in shout, area/general chat, or PMing to mock or also harass players of the other faction. One last thing is that players who want to have 1 character in both factions and use FC to do it shouldn't be doing it to just reap rewards of the other faction for purely looting the dominating faction, rewards for winning AK and NB, and do it to keep the balance offset to secure victory continuously for their opposing faction. Such players who have no true desire to balance out the game should be refused approval to FC and they can just create their own characters in the other faction, level it up, and gear it on their own accord and the GMs/GSs shouldn't enable such poor players.
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    I cant really agree with any of the points related to Faction Change intentions. You cant know, or figure out, why a player really wants to faction change. There are several reasons and im not sure if it would be a "good rule" to force people, to tell the admins in the ticket, why they want a faction change. And even if they would answer that question in the ticket, how should the admins know, if it is the truth or a lie? If i wanna faction change and admins would ask me why, i could tell them lies, saying i wanna faction change because i met new friends over there and want to play with them, but maybe my true intention would be to annoy and bully someone from the other faction. You cant control it and everybody should be able to faction change if they want, for whatever reason, without having to justify. And whats the matter if admins faction change a char, or if that player would create and lvl a new char on the desired faction? There is no difference. And even if Admins would put this rule and deny the faction change to some people, they still can make new chars on the other faction and still following their intentions. So i dont think those rules would make any sense. Other than that, i dont like to get killed aswell, when i have to afk, but hey, if i decide to go afk in a pvp zone, even if im in my own faction base, its still a pvp zone and i have to expect to maybe get killed by someone. Thats how it is, if u dont wanna get killed when u afk, go afk in a non pvp zone. But i agree that people should not spawnkill/permakill, specially not undergeared, underlvl'd people, or newbe's. And to the point about bosses and afk looting, i guess most people agree, that those people should get punished, for example with a debuff or whatever. Its kinda hard to find a good method which would be a fair punishment, cause everyone has their own opinions on that. PS: no offense, just telling my thoughts 😊
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    i leave this here any SE that take Lightspeed lvl8 are either making troll build or they are noobs, since if you take it you dont have enough build any decent build with rest of points for se, sure 186 move spd is nice and all but it means nothing when most classes have pulls and charges that can close range and even PU can make that move spd to 0 if it use it all slows from 25m range and se cant even touch it, so if you start nerfing se's move spd then better nerf pu's slows too and medic's move spd since it can get it so high too
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    MM - from R.O.S.E - CD 1 SEC. 😆 Nexus Fury (amara) only give 400 rate? (No clue if right or not :v) TTC Team - Ancient Boxes still FFA 😆
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    Well, the drop rate about that is okay, but tbh the balance to drop Lingerie for another Class then CB/DE is like a pop. Every second Boss gives CB ling - and we dont even have player , playing them lol. Suck's.
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    Just as an update to this thread as I didn't get a chance to update/create a new thread. I have came up with an initial list of changes to be made.I am aiming for the end of the month but I cannot say for 100% it will be ready by then. The initial change list will be as follows and if anyone wants to give any input on these changes then you're welcome to but most of these changes came from this thread in some form or another or other threads. 3v3 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabled before and between rounds). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Healing Classes (Specifically with the minor HP Adjustments). Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabed before and between rounds). Reduce the round timer to 5 mins. Implement a Wave Based Spawn System that every 15/20 seconds will respawn all players who are currently dead at the same spawn point on the map. Update the Ormormu buffs to be none removable by Buff Removal skills (e.g. Purifying Wind). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). Now I would like to state that these changes will be implemented as an initial step. Once the changes are implemented we will then see how they sit and then create any other changes to improve the quality of these specific PvP modes.
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    I dont want a higher droprate personally and i think we dont need a higher droprate. But i think those CB/DE items should drop a little bit less, and all others a little bit more, so that the itemdrops are balanced. Atm they are not, cause most times i just see CB and DE drops, no matter what lvl no matter what items. And the AH is flooded with them, compared to other class items. But other than that, just because some suggestions sound stupid for you, it doesnt mean that they sound stupid for others or that they are stupid in general..Everything can be discussed, thats why it is called a suggestion. But in a discussion you should be objective, instead of subjective and insulting others who have a different opinion. However, i leave this thread, since every suggestion thread becomes a kindergarden flamewar. Greetz BoxBox
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    You can make so much gold so easy on the awaken server, i dont know what your problem is with the prices of the books. The Server rates are so high, related to money making things, that the vgn staff has to take out gold of the game in any way, otherwise the game would be just flooded with too much ingame money which would make things worse. i guess no matter what the vgn staff is doing, someone always keeps crying. #sadstory
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    PVP Changes I will be reviewing the suggestions made on the PVP Changes post over the coming days and will have a post out with an initial list of changes in the coming days to discuss the changes. You still have some time to post any last minute suggestions as until the thread is locked I will still be accepting any suggestions. I'm sorry for any delays on this as I've had a busy week or so, so I've not been able to make much progress on these matters. However, it is the next task on my list for both Classic and Awaken so more information will be coming and announced in game when released. Safety Stone Updates We're are changing somethings regarding Safety Stones. Please check this post for some updates: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/11588-safety-stone-updates/ Diamond Altar To celebrate the patch launch we will be having another Diamond altar! This week we will be releasing the Blazeblight Recolours from our Awaken Server and the Seraphic Wings in their Original Colours. Additionally we will be re-releasing the Diamond Altar's from last time with some minor adjustments next week. So if you get what you want from these Diamond Altars but you want some Lances or Marvel Wings, make sure to keep hold of your remaining Diamonds! The rotations for both these altars will remain the same: Thursday - Sunday = Rotation 1 Monday - Wednesday = Rotation 2 Awaken 65 Weapons The awaken 65 weapons are finally here! Whats changed? We've updated the descriptions of all the awaken weapons to match the description style that I type out on the Awaken Server. We did this to fix any sort of typo's or ambiguities regarding the weapons. The only weapon that was changed was the Awaken Greatsword and that was because it was bugged and instead of reducing Slash Resistance it was reducing Fire Resistance. However, we did update the quest costs and some of the requirements to match the original versions of the quests and also to match the current server economy and activity. Guide Here is an updated guide provided by [GS]Herakles Updates We have added the remaining level 90 Class Head Pieces as costumes to the "Arena Reward Merchant Winston". Note: These Head costumes are the same item for all genders and races. Bug Fixes Fixed the War Stone Polymerizer cooldown time. Text Fixes Fixed the description of the achievement "I've Got My Eye on You". Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Sharp Intuition". Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Absolute Focus". I hope you all enjoy prime 65 cap!
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    Please read what I said. However, just to clear it up: MDMG Set Max MP +380 pts (Doesn't Scale) INT +26 pts (Doesn't Scale) M-CRIT DMG +10% MP cost -26 pts (Doesn't Scale, I Think) 5% Triple Hit. EVA Set Max MP +380 pts (Doesn't Scale) AGI +26 pts (Doesn't Scale) Move SPD +5%. Cast SPD +91 pts (Doesn't Scale) M-CRIT DMG +10% Malice -4%. ~~ So basically the trade off in regards to set effect which is what I was specifically talking about. You're basically comparing Move SPD and Malice to Triple Hit which any day of the week I'd take Triple Hit. Nobody mentioned anything about picking the INT set for its base stats at all, as you are right. Int is never something you ever should build unless the game gets to the point where everyone has 80%-90%+ ACC in which EVA sets become completely useless (Unless they have a good set bonus like Triple Hit or DMG Dealt/Taken). Now if we're talking about base stats then yes depending on your build the EVA set is better in most cases in this aspect. 😑
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    @Vivi I think other people already told that, but pls increase the damage of the guards on NB ASAP like they in Amara. They on NB do so less dmg - no dmg to tanks. Its easy to Camp for both sides at entrance.
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    The game is not boring because of the little content of cap 65, it is because it depends a lot on p2w, in cap 60 the opportunity to make gold was greater, make dgn and kill bears in the highland with your same level cap gave a good drop. They put cap 65 with new maps that give practically nothing and you go to highland bears or dgn 60 that previously gave a good drop and these no longer give as much for having a higher level. At the end of the day it was the f2p player that gave the flavor to this server, and the p2w complements it, we are in which I include myself. A new cap will cause several to leave the server in which I am included, spend a lot of us to get my set and weapons +10 so that they put me cap 70 soon? no thanks. And I emphasize for the f2p player it will be even less attractive. What they should do is put more PVE events, since the pvp is honestly dead by the same community and the grabbing of characters in 1 or 2 guilds. This weekend it will be gvg from alts. Now if the concern is to continue making money for vendetta as before, I think that cap 70 is not the solution. I translated some words, my English is not very fluent.
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    PET - Gothic Witch Michelle - Magic Tiger Cub Haku - Magic Snake Charmer Yamimaru MOUNTS - Azure Foxfire Kitsune (Legendary) ✔️09/17/20 WEAPONS - Cherry Blossom Dagger BACK GEAR - Sunstreaked Film Fins (Legendary) - Holy Frames Uriel's Wings (Legendary) THX.
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    Guys this is a bug report thread, not a thread for suggestions or discussions about movementspeed....😒
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    Just an update to the current situation. As PvP outside of TW/GVG has been dead for a while on this server (Except the odd 3v3 here and there) I have came up based on the responses on this post and my own thoughts a change list that will be progressed with over the next few months (Likely one mode at a time). If you have anything to add / discuss you may comment after this to discuss. However, I'm pretty dead set with these changes atleast. Elysian Island Changes Similar rework to Classic: Fix any spawning issues with bosses. Disable Battle Pets. Enforce a stricter level cap. Disable Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Updated HP Buff. Updated Rewards. Updated Ranking Rewards. More fixes to the friendly fire issues. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Update the Monster Stats to match the current gear level. Disabled the following items: Engineering Potions. Will Alternate with Temple Arena on days it is open. Temple Arena Changes Removed the use of Reality Potions. Update the Rewards. Upgradable Versions of the current Trophys. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Note: The reason I will not be making a Version 2 as suggested is that it's just too complicated and will likely have a lot of bugs to iron out. This will take up far too much time that could be spent on other projects and likely even if there is two versions, most people would only actually take advantage of the version deemed "better". Check and disable battle pets. Check and disable Arena Gear. Will Alternate with Elysian Island on days it is open. 3v3 Changes Update the HP Buff. Depending on changes might require some Healing Debuffs. Disable Battle Pets. Removal of Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Disable Class Changing during a match (Still will be enabled at preparation times). Will become a Timed Event instead of an All Day Event. Possible Change: New Map (We're in the process of testing a few). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Shielder. Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Will be completely removed / revamped for another game mode. Some Rough Ideas: Updated into a 5v5 Mode. Removed Arena Gear / Pets. Disabled Class Changing during the Match. Likely have a map objective (Capture the Flag, Crystal Capture, etc.) Could even end up with multiple modes in either an RNG or rotation. Improved Spawning System to help with regrouping. Monster Battle Arena Monster Rebalancing (Check Classic Patch 11). Remove Battle Pets. Remove Arena Gear. Possible Change: New Monsters, based on custom content. Possible Change: Stat balancing across the board so Armors and Class Passives etc are ineffective. Now I have some other things planned for the upcoming Five Year Anniversary, So I cannot say when exactly these changes will be implemented. But it will likely start with 3v3 and go from there. I will hope to have all the changes done this year but it just depends as I will likely be working on some content for the end of the year too. But this is what I currently have in mind, Hope this hits some of your expectations and might event bring some life back to these modes.
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    We don't have to stick to strict following but at of this current moment they aren't really needed. However, it is something I will look into releasing at some point.
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    We dont wanna add Luna/Star until 70+ So there's still a long way to go before you see them in game.
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    How do you know that 😳
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    Whenever I open the initiator of eternal Eden, I click on play classic, but the game does not open and the process does not appear. I have already reinstalled all necessary files, such as DirectX, C ++,https://mega.nz/file/bzZhDIaA#e1w-GPDA7lIyeF3yoCrX0FVL0GyFA0SFhVriS7hm1kE, it is not yet opening help me, i want to play with my friends
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    It will be update today or tomorrow
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    I think everyone should have the same chance in participatiing in events and the fairness. For me as a european player its comfortable with the times, but as GoddessSand said, there are regions where those spawntimes are very bad for. So if it is possible, i would really appreciate if there will be added a different spawntime for those players, so they can enjoy the event as much as we do. But there is one thing about the event i dont like that much. The event is running only or 1 week, and im pretty sure, no one will be able to get 50 of those drag fang items to get the title. In enocia there are a lot of players participating and im thankful that those high lvl players help us lowbe's to even kill the boss, but i think the drops related to the amount of players who participate, is not really equal. Most people dont get anything from this event, i see it everytime in chat and i think that ruins a lot of fun and motivation to participate. i dont know how it is in amara tho, since im not a high lvl player, but from what i see in enocia, it is really disappointing related to the drops. no idea if it would be a good decission to let a few more items drop, but i think there should be a change into this event, cause no one is happy at all. 😞
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    Artic Commando Set Bloody Commando Set
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    Did you try downloading using the alternate link?
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    but currently this will worsen the situation for new players
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    Not sure how taking gold out of the economy makes things worse but ok.
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    May want to consider using SGs after +8 if you have the safeguards
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    Great guide obviously, the only thing I would disagree with is the song order. mainly 3rd vs 4th. crit song vs def song. I think def/eva song is more impactful. But then again all pdps outside our guild is literally garbage cans so maybe its less important. Bear bards are underrated. You are so tanky with the racial skill and since you are so fat (the character not the player), you can body block (standing literally on top of another player) and make it harder for other people to target key players.
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    It's a matter of luck. You can also use just +7 gears as naraks, but i strongly suggest to use the safeguard when you make +12.
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    Enocia , when it happen then it should be for all Levels. 🐦🐦
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    They wouldn't be effected? That's a lot easier said then done. There's no way to block by IP and faction alone. Block all accounts to just 1 faction, fine, doable, but that's something that would've had to be done on opening, not 4+ years in.
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    I don't think healing is tracked very well in game but I could take a look to see how much I can work with it. I do think however, that this could be a really fun mode but I do feel it would need to be atleast 5v5 in-order-to be fun. Since that would allow you at the very least to build some sort of structured party. I think you mean exception. But yeh its a possible avenue atleast for the starting point. I think it wouldn't be ok to just leave it unplayable forever. I don't think the guild funds is the issue. Just generally speaking they're pretty useless.
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    The RP use to upgrade instead of buying them outright, might be better, but I would double check to make sure that you aren't using more RP to get the earrings you want than you need too. I however have the NT earrings from the vending machine and don't plan on using them again. Would be nice if I could sell them to the vending machine for a good amount of gold(1k would be nice) as I don't suspect they'll every make a level 74 earring that would require me to upgrade the earrings from 54 to 74. For now they'll just sit in my warehouse.
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    I think you can't even upgrade the dropped earrings. The converting tool works just for the non tradable earrings you bought in the silver medal vending machine.
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    Whatever the end result listing in the manual shows what you'll get. Off the top of my head, they should be non-tradeable and unable to be sold to an NPC.
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    First time so please be gentle :3 enjoy!
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    What if they make new map in here and name it "Jordan Valley".. #forthefutureUpdate #SuggestionOnly
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    I join Miki, there are already enough ways to get Move SPD, you can use an Enchant Gale, the Achievement Gems, and the new Achievement from Haven of Oblivion, You have all kinds of Gems that give you Move SPD (DF) you can also use Certificates, or do like many players and use party and couple buffs. There's also the Legendary Pet ^^
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    Plenty of ways to get movespeed already 😅
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    there isn't a respawn timer you have reset the dungeon by right clicking your character portrait in the top left corner and clicking reset dungeon
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    Thank you very much for your insight and efforts explaining this to us. I cannot promise anything but I can see about doing something, we just need to be sure it fits right. I need to assess a few things including my own well being before I decide to take on another project. I've only recently returned and taking on a big project like this might be bad for the network at it's current stage. The continued interest does re-ignite and I can't lie we had this game on the test server with a website and full back end all done. It was pretty much thumbs up and we had to cancel so it's not as if we've not been almost there before.
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    1. Go to game folder: Vendetta Gaming Network\Scarlet Blade Vendetta\Data\Config 2. Right click edit GameOption file, or open with notepad. 3. ??? 4. Profit. Joke aside, you can then type in your resolution: <Graphic> <FirstStart Value="1" /> <ScreenMode Value="0" /> <Resolution Width="1920" Height="1080" /> Save file, start the game. Thank me later. Another tip, if your cpu is always at 100% load, while running game alt+tab, ctrl+shift+esc, go to processes tab, show processes from all users, find SB.exe right click set affinity, disable all but one cpu. Alt+tab back to game and alt+tab back to task manager, re-enable all cpu, now cpu doesn't work at 100% and doesn't overheat. I don't know why this is, it just works. edit: Here is an example of what is achievable say you have a triple monitor setup or ultra wide screen: https://imgur.com/mUQJSlM https://imgur.com/9HAbQvJ https://imgur.com/4zKKYfj I think for the first time I see this one: https://imgur.com/Bbx6G3D Haven't realized before that mechs were at the game lobby: https://imgur.com/kj378W7 Fov roughly 113 here: https://imgur.com/GoS3hzy https://imgur.com/a/GoD0aFY https://imgur.com/a/CLe2phT
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    which in turn will make everything worse... people are selling everything overpriced again, so i dont undrestand what kind of strategy is this, how is this fair to anyone? And i think your mistaken about the prices being higher then what the forum post suggests, can you show evidence? what about ths guide about 75 weapons...? Are the prices also wrong? https://luxaeternaee.enjin.com/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/8946266/id/8681438-awakened-weapons-75lvl I played the original and I recall the book quest for rapier not be anywhere near 5600, theres no reason whatsoever to put those prices, your just blowing the "market" away with this, and more people will quit because the price of everything is rising again