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    Hey Guys, We're expecting some downtime whilst I fix a bug crashing the servers. I wouldn't expect the servers to be online tonight the servers will be back online tomorrow. Any information on how the bug is occurring is greatly needed (not just "this is what is happening") I need full technical input so I can minimize the issue. For those who were duping during this expect to be banned (unless you cooperate and help us fix the bug) then I might be nice and leave it with just the item being removed. Thanks for your patience!
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    Hey guys just a heads up that our official launch will be Friday 9th June I will be working a lot during next week finalizing more changes for NosTale in time for the launch.
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    I've decided to launch the game Wednesday 14th June instead of tomorrow. My reason is that I am still a little behind on some of the work. It's not been lack of effort it's just time. I always intended on launching the game on the 16th June but I was cocky and confident to get it launched beforehand. It's backfired on me and I hope everyone understands. The extra days will be used well and I can 100% assure you it will be launched next Wednesday, For everyone's understanding and patience with me I will be throwing in an extra Beta Reward as a thank you for your dedication and hard work during the beta. Again I am sorry and I hope you all understand.
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    Do you remember when ASB closed? We came here running to Bash. Posted a thread asking him to reopen VSB and it exploded, at least 100 people supported it. Our mmo crumbled and Bash and Vivi were the only ones we know who could restore it. I remember people saying that they would still play even if there wasn't much new content. They did restore it They have gone way beyond my expectation: raised level cap, streamlined the system so that even non paying players have a chance to become geared like anyone else who pays. Measures have been taken to fix the PVP aspect of this game, which is what many of us love but at the end of the day our GMs are NOT GODs. Everything takes time and everything that they have done up until now has always been in the best interest of the game, the players and growth and life span of the server. Why are we attacking our GMs like they are the enemy? They have done so much already with the limits that they are working with and its very good work. So why do they have to constantly defend themselves? Where is the post that says "Thank you Bash, Thank you Vivi"? I am by no means trying to defend Bash and Vivi, because I am pretty sure they are more than capable of defending themselves. They don't even have to defend themselves (they probably can just make you disappear) something you should keep in mind before you post your next disrespectful and insulting forum thread. I am tired of it and these attacks aren't even being made against me. Just trying to put things in perspective What if they should just throw their arms up and shut down scarlet blade? would you feel better, would it make you happy? all your hours and money gone AGAIN, poof! Trust me when I tell you. Our GMs have your best interest in mind, you are getting what ASB would never give you. example 200 SGs are handed out per week, not replicubes, it doesnt matter which faction gets it, it doesnt matter how many times you fail, its raining SGs... FREE. Please, put some faith in our GMs and show some respect when addressing them, also show some appreciation. Thank you.
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    Hey all, Myself and Vivi will not be around between the dates (24th May 2017 - 31st May 2017). We have decided to take a much needed vacation time and go away for a while. We're burnt out and we just need to take a little time off and go relax for a while. During this time @Jordan and @Thy will be in charge of the network as a whole. I will be on call during my time away I am attending other work it's not so much a vacation for me, but it's a good opportunity for me so if there are any issues I'll be around to fix it asap. NosTale Beta Yes this does mean we're going to need to push back beta by about a week. But nothing to worry about things are going well and we're still working on some stuff anyways. Maintenance Maintenance day 30th May 2017 will be cancelled. Our next maintenance will be 6th June 2017. Hope you guys understand, we're only human at the end of the day. Thank you!
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    Item description - Watcher's potion (NT) (Consumable) Item effect: 200 HP ↑, 1k Crit-Void ↑ Duration: 2 ACTIVE hours Could be previously* obtained from the daily prisoner quest in Viledon (39 cap) *No longer works now - Premium medal (3 Days) (NT) (Consumable) (AP item) Item effect: 500 HP ↑, 20% gold rate ↑, 10% drop rate ↑, 10% exp rate ↑, 2 pet exp ↑ Duration: 3 Days Could be previously obtained from AP shop in ASB and from the VSB starting pack (one time event) Suggestion - Second Ark Add Watcher's potion on top of the current reward (1 SG replicube, 1 DM passcard) for the daily second ark quest (150k-200k dmg dealt/hp healed/dmg received depending on class) Reasons & benefits: • Replacement reward for the Combat hypovial repeatable quest that doesn't work anymore • Increases incentive to join second ark; highly important and used consumable for many players • Can't be overly abused as it still is a daily reward, exactly like kiss of fire - Al Kasava Add Premium Medal (3 days) (NT) as a reward for AK on top of the current rewards. Possible ways to implement it (1) Winning faction receives a 3 days premium medal. Losing faction receives none (2) Winning faction receives a 3 days premium medal. Losing faction receives 1 premium medal replicube. (30%-50% chance of getting a premium medal per replicube) (3) Winning faction receives 2 premium medal replicubes. Losing faction receives 1 premium medal replicube. (30%-50% chance of getting a premium medal per replicube) Reasons & benefits: • As its current state, there are no benefits to winning Al Kasava aside 2 SGs, and that has no utility for a player who already has his geared +12. • Per implementation (2) & (3), it greatly incentivize BOTH faction to not only join AK, but stay till the end and try their best to win regardless of "predicted" outcomes. (aka "there's no point of joining ak since we're going to lose anyway" - the average player) • Obtaining wings becomes no longer a primary objective since premium medal stats are as beneficial as the buff obtained from planting a flag. Thus, it will greatly reduce the amount of foul play that would make your faction at risk of losing just for the sake of the wing buff and its stats. • As it is, AK is every 3 days. A 3-days premium medal would run out just before every AK (assuming you use it the second you receive it); it's fits perfectly, just like wings. • The addition of premium medals in the game will also greatly incentivize people to run dungeons for drops and gold. Thoughts or feedback is greatly appreciated. @Vivi
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    Few bad apples spoil the bunch sometimes but don't worry Thanks for this it's always nice to know we're appreciated!
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    "May the force be with you?" idk what to say LOL Ign - Mia
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    I understand your concern but there is no dictatorship involved this is a rule we've placed because we need to be able to do our jobs properly. Would you rather me spend more time on patches and improving the game or have to look at reports all day because someone said x and y in z language and I am having to sit and translate things over and over? You're welcome to speak your native language in any but general and speaker you must understand our decision.
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    Update / Information Hey everyone, yes I'm still alive / around just thought I would post a small update on this current patch and whats happening with it. So it's been a pretty hectic week for me and I've finally got myself adjusted to everything. My time has been and will be rather limited for the next 4 weeks but this doesn't mean I will not be working on this patch as I will still be working on it every single day still. Progress As the time and and adjusting to it has been a very new experience for me the work load has been very small this week but I have however finished up a lot of miscellaneous stuff such as certificate changes and I've also finished the Demon Tamer class now (some sneak peaks of what the class has to offer will be linked at the end of the post). I will be planning the Samurai awakened classes after this post has been published, just thought i would fill everyone in while I'm at it. I've started noted ideas down for the new awaken glyph's however I will be doing this over the course of the next few weeks when I think of random good ideas as I want to make them feel fresh while having a significant decision on why you pick that specific glyph for that specific class. A good example of this would be the two holy guns currently in the game for Mecha Ares, one offers good defensive power while another offers great offensive power. Rumors and Explanations So there has been a few things that have caught my attention from what people have been asking me about and telling me about have been quite interesting but also quite incorrect (so I thought i would address them here really quick). Arena Changes - As mentioned in the first post this is one of many things that will see changes in the upcoming patch. These changes haven't been decided as I'm waiting for the fundamentals of the PvP being discovered from reworking the classes before making any solid decisions on anything of this nature. However I will confirm that likely arena enchants will be removed or replaced with something a lot more balanced depending on what happens with the Arena Set's. This is because they are very imbalanced and add a lot of cheese to arena and are generally not very healthy items to enjoy PvP. Yes I agree people who hard gear for arena should be rewarded, but giving them more power to keep on winning will not help attract newer players to join in with the arena's, nobody will want to play a game they have no chance in winning in for a few weeks just to catch up to everyone else. There will be more casual and fun rewards for arena players that will NOT restrict PvE players from other content in game such as end game gear (as someone suggested limiting the 95 sets to honor stars as well as quest items from 10v10). What you can expect from these changes is people who like doing arena will be encouraged to play for rewards that will be limited to this system but will not limit/restrict any other game content such as Territory War and Trials. I will also look into making arena have more opening times or just being flat out open most of the day. Other PvP game modes - As mentioned but brought to my attention by a post made in the suggestions people are eager for changes in all PvP modes like Elysian and MBA. These modes where stated to get changed even down to Sakura being updated. I don't want to go into too much detail as they are all in the idea stage so I'll get back to you all once the classes are finished on that stuff. Why change the classes? - Ok, so someone was saying they didn't understand why I was performing an update of this scale rather than just nerf the broken stuff and just buff the bad stuff. This isn't a healthy way to run the game, because some classes just don't have the kit to be able to ever put up with the Gravity Manipulator's or the Darkness Blades. Just slapping some damage on a class and taking away some damage doesn't really solve the problem. Take Arch-Elementalist for example, the class when played as a DPS in the past only used 1 skill out of all its damage skills (Thunder Bombardment) with a range of different invulnerability's (Half the class skills weren't even used, I bet half of you wouldn't be able to tell me what regular Hydra does without going to look). I also want to explain as this has been something we have been talking about doing at vendetta for the past year (Literally a year, months before we released Dimension of Souls). It was decided to be done after all the classes where released so that we wouldn't have to keep performing balancing checks every patch. Annihilator - So to clear up some confusion with this class and how "strong" it looks in the video, yes it is definitely a stronger class than before and yes the class is more damage focused now than the previous version of the class. I assure you however in a PvP situation on average pierce resistance and cloth armor this class can kill you, but not in an oppressing matter. You can shield swap to survive along with if you're with your party you can survive really well with heals and party buffs from support classes. The class has had a massive rethink and the testers have really enjoyed what the class now brings to the table, it still has its supportive elements, but now they're more offensive focused than defensive. Previews Now what everyone was looking for in the post, some more previews.
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    Here is a list of how to obtain the beta package information and the goals we've set out: NOTE: All items are non-tradeable. Package A Obtained by just logging into the game during beta. Items: - x50 SP Point Charger - x10 Star(Event) Package B Obtained by reaching level 30 during beta. Items: - Tiger Costume (30 days) Package C Obtained by playing more than 4 hours during beta (account based check). Items: - VGN Cabriolet (Slower version of Magic Cabriolet) Package D Obtained by reaching level 80 during beta. Items: - Tiger Costume (Permanent) NOTE: You will not receive Package B as you will obtain the permanent version instead. Package E Obtained by reaching Nos. Blue fame during beta (500k+ fame). Items: - New Year Lucky Pig Bead Package F Obtained by playing more than 24 hours during beta (account based check). Items: - Erenia's Medal Package G Obtained by completing ACT 1-6 main (Until TS 55) quests during beta. Items: - Adventurer's Medal Please remember that after Beta these achievements can no longer be obtained. The items will become available once we launch on our website: http://nt.vendettagn.com/event.vgn Thank you to everyone involved in beta and I look forward to finally launching the server for everyone!
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    Bug Fixes: - Fixed the Glaceron and Draco raid crashes.
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    "Well, I suppose heaven isn't quite ready for me yet." Influences by; Devil May Cry IGN: Dellarth P.S not a wings fan.
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    "I'm sorry...but I must bid you a farewell...the heavens are calling my name..." IGN: Cheesecake
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    In-Game Rules It is your responsibility as a player to know and read these rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in some form of punishment. Continuing to break the following rules will increase the length of the listed bans. These rules can be changed at any time and a post will be made noting the changes. It's up to the staff regarding punishments. Punishments listed below may not be exactly what you'll receive and may be shorter or longer based on the offence. This post is merely a guideline. Bans can be appealed through the "Support" section of the website. Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Advertising Usage of a third party program or playing the game in a way that's not intended Client modification/reverse engineering the client Promoting the use of a hacking program Advertising/Promoting another server 1st Offense: Permanent ban Harassment This includes but is not limited to: Vulgar and/or sexual remarks Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs. Usage of a different language in order harass to try and avoid punishment Harassing in tickets, forums or in-game about a subject that does not involve you (e.g bans) Harassment and/or disrespect of staff 1st Offense: 1 day ban/mute or a warning depending on severity. Continued actions will result in longer mutes or bans Account Sharing/Item Trading If you share your account with another person, you lose all support privileges for that account. If you get scammed, then we at VGN cannot help you get anything that was lost back. This goes for item trading as well. When trading/bartering another player, all are considered final. If you lose an item to a trade scam between another player, those items will not be recovered. Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade. Keep your account safe from those who would wish to do it harm! Unauthorized Transactions Buy or selling in-game money, items or accounts for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for other game currency or items 1st Offense: Permanent ban for all parties involved Fraud Chargebacks* 1st Offense: Permanent Ban *Permanent Ban till the issue is resolved. Inappropriate Names Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation of staff 1st Offense: Forced name change and a ban till if the name is deemed inappropriate. You will have to provide the VGN needed for a name change. If you cannot, your account will remain banned till you can. English ONLY in General and Speaker English Only in General Chat English Only in Speaker Chat 1st Offense: You will be given a warning by a Support member. 2nd Offense: You will be given a final warning by a Support member. 3rd Offense: You will be banned for 24 hours. This rule is a new rule we've inserted due to the nature of certain people ruining the environment for all. We are an English ran server and we must be able to police the game accordingly. We respect your native language and you are allowed to use it within Family, Party and PM's but we insist you keep any public chats in English so the game can be moderated accordingly.
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    The item is already disabled on the nosmall it was done the other day.
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    Annihilator Annihilator vs 100 Dimension Shaman's My build isn't perfect nore are my glyphs chosen to perfection. I basically just capped my CRIT DMG and got as much P-ATK as I could without being too squishy. I'm missing a few things but this is a close representation to the kind of firepower this class can bring.
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    Hey VGN Community, Since you are not able to get VGN Points without Paying, here are some of my Suggestions. You need to be atleast able to get Fairys or similar Stuff from the Mall without Paying or buying it from somone. I want it to be farmable. Even if hard. Thought alot about how to make it Fair for Players that dont pay and how to not push AFK-Players. If you give a Player 10 Points for every Hour he is online, is no good Idea. Players would only Afk and farm Points with multiple Accounts. So what else could work? I had some Ideas, and wrote them down for you. Now you can discuss about it. If this is something that would never happen, bash - just ignore it. Its just a suggestion to help. Please Remember, these Ideas are just some Suggestions. Some of them are kinda Dumb and some might sound Good. You decide and you can discuss under this Thread if you like a Point or not. Possibilty 1; Raid-Reward: Let's say you reward a Player for doing Raids. 20 VGN Points for leading a succesfull Raid 10 VGN Points for a succesfull Raid This would also get Players to do more Raids, more activity on Raids. Possibility 2; Quest Spots: Reward a Player for example after finishing a Act. xx for doing Act 1 xx for doing Act 2 xx for doing Act 3 xx for doing Act 4 xx for doing Act 5.. and so on. Would help Players to get a little Item-Boost by normaly Playing the Game and questing. a Problem this might take with it: Creating multiple Accounts to Farm VGN Points. But should be not to worth, since its only 50 VGN every Act. Possibility 3; Activity on all Games: I dont like this Point but i still suggest it. It could work in all VGN offered Games, so this would boost all Games a little bit. xx VGN Points for reaching Level xx Possibility 4; Achievements: Set some Achievements Players can reach. After reaching they get rewarded with a xx Amount of VGN Points. These Achievements can Range from reaching a certain level or just creating 10 cuby Seals, doing a5.2 daily quests or similar. It might also help about the Activity. Alot more Things People can do, for example no one will do a5.2 daily Quests, no need. But if you get rewarded for doing them with VGN Points, why not? Possibility 5; VGN Points in Vessels: A rare Chance of getting even more Nostale-Stuff in Vessels, so Players will do Vessels. This could also be combined with Achievements - for example a Achievement you need to open 10 Vessel-Chests for. ^ see Pos4 Possibility 6; Events: Create Events which make it Possible to get Rare Items which are Legacy to get. Possibility 7; A4 - Raids Fairy: Rare chance to get Nosmall Fairys in a Raidbox. This can be set to pretty rare, however.. atleast make it possible to get any of the fairys. Or you could add a Drop that needs to be dropped 40 Times. After you get 40 you can trade them at a NPC Via one of the Elemental Fairys. These Drops only Drop in the fiting raid. Possibility 8; Refer a Friend: Self explaining More Possiblitys to come.. You can help, suggest your Idea! Thanks for reading, took me long enough. Udyr
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    Certificate Preview Welcome to the PDPS dream boys. Battle Poet Preview Note: There is more to Flame Vibrato through other means, however this is just a preview of the base skill I know the text has a small bug with the "Instant Cast Seconds", will fix it in a moment Note: This is one of the only remaining support skill this class has, hence why I'm showing it instead of all the other cool skill this class has Executioner Main skill of the class I guess. Works very well for running Dimension of Souls. The 3 Toggles, all revamped to compensate both the class and each other. No more duets with the Glacier Knight Again I'm aware Offense not Defense has the red text at the bottom which needs removing, I'm also aware that Final Judgement shouldn't need Rapier / Sword. Both these will be fixed now Edit: Woops Offense not Defense is level 81 (rest are 100)
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    ^ Most likely the same as German Kids, Italian Kids and howsoever. On Nostale Vendetta play alot spanish Players, so also alot Spanish Kids, which makes other Spanish Players also look bad. Saw enough Spanish Players beeing ashame for it. For example, everyone hates france Players in League of Legends, but they can be quite nice if you just know them. (Maybe not at the game xD) Both Familys itself are fine, even tho i often enough joke about "jajajajajaja" or some stuff. (Dont take it serious btw, udyr ingame) Saw pretty Toxic fams already btw, but no bad Picture of both yet. Also jumped in a HeroMafia famraid already ~ Udyr
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    An Angel Dancing Happily Under The Mystic Sky! IGN: Tsukichan
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    If EE is dying then I must be seeing things, Aven C1 has at least 15+ players at each time, DoS is well populated, people calling for trials in peer, exchanges going on in world. Although I'm a newbie at this game as a whole, seeing that many dedicated players is ridiculous, you can't buy loyalty like that On another note, can't wait for proper PvP to come about, looking forward to seeing what you guys do
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    Trainer Class Goals When reworking this class I wanted to keep the idea of the class the game, using pets to advantage. However, the base class for the most part has skills and pets but nothing really to do with each other (unlike the Dragon Emperor where the pets effect the entire class). So from the above information I decided to weave both the pets and skill together as a whole on the class, so now every damage skill will have bonus effects depending on the pet you currently have spawned. In addition to taking the pet / ability merge idea from Dragon Emperor I decided to take this one step further and take the mount spawning skill and add its own twist to the class. Skills Disclaimer: I will be cutting out most of the values on skills that are still to be tweaked, but you will get the basic jist of the class when reading the skills provided. Skills are based off the P-ATK of a level 100 skill. Damage Skills: Mount Skill: Just to elaborate, Crolla is the damage favoring pet and Sukoda is the damage reduction favoring pet so take into account the buff granted will have more damage dealt than damage taken on Crolla where as Sukoda will have the opposite. Please note: This is only the base class, there will be more things added and tweaked later on in the development period. This also doesn't factor in glyphs or weapons that may influence the class.
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    When an Angel is in love with a demon..... IGN: Snowflake
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    Hello everyone today I will be discussing about basic guide of starstones like finding starstones & crafting. Now what are starstones you ask? Well starstones boost your primary stats to make you stronger in combat. Colors & Shapes As you can see there are different four color starstones Ruby stones can give you either attack, crit or haste Citrine stones can give you attack, crit, haste or defense Sapphire stones can give hp, defense and eva Jade stones can give all of the above and they are base on class skills Now by the look of the shapes they are trigon, diamond, orb and hexagon Reshuffle Scrolls Now your asking for yourself how do I reroll a starstone that I do not want? Well first go to your terracottage and speak to this NPC near your main room and he will sell you starstone reshuffle scrolls. * Now these scrolls wont work on the ancient glimmering hexagon starstones since you need the advance ones which aren't out yet in the server * Finding Starstones To find these starstones is buy either farming, crafting or buying. Now some stones you can exchange by using the Celestial Compendium. However, some starstones you can not buy but it can show you where the stones are located to buy or where they are drop. And the best way to get stars points is from either LP dngs or Fantasy Raid * However, if a starstone says this: * * It means it does not exist yet meaning the dungeon isn't out yet that drops that starstone * Ancient Glimmering Hexagon Starstones Now these stones you have to craft them no matter what these starstones can not be drop. However, you can do the dungeon call "City of Flames" you have to farm the material to craft them call "Glimmering Shards". You need at least x5 to craft one ancient glimmering starstone. Now to buy the recipe from this NPC which he is located at The Royal City of Arcadia (You need to use your starstone exp to buy them) --- Be warn it cost 250g to craft one --- * And ignore the shiny ones those are to make the level 70 orange quality hexagon stones the best ones to craft are glimmering ones * End-Game Stones Now this is your option what stones you want to use I'm not forcing or yelling at you to follow my starstone build (LOL) How I did with my stones as a dps class player is: Rubies - <Combatant's Trigon of Attack> <Fury Star Diamond> <Fight of the Stars of Magma> <Ancient Ruby of Violence> All of them are main attack and extra stat is 3% attack Citrines - <Farseer's Trigon of Whimsy> <Farseer's Diamond of Power> <Farseer's Orb of Suffering> <Ancient Citrine of Power> All of them are main attack and extra stat is 3% attack Sapphires - <Lv65 Protector's Trigon of Defense> <Ice Armor Star Diamond> <Guardian of the Stars of Mountain> <Ancient Sapphire of Protection> All of them are main defense and extra stat is 3% defense Jades - Now class ones it depends I use legend one even though some legend class stones don't give attack some give like haste, crt, or def, but the main reason why I use them because I love the procs they give. --- The ancient ones do not have 3% attack and defense since there is no adv reshuffle scrolls yet --- And there you have it about starstones feel free to reply down below if you have any questions or any information I miss and I hope to see you soon in-game
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    Spotting The distance at which you can see NPCs and other players on your screen ranges from 40 to 90 meters, depending on your graphics settings (specifically, the "Character" slider). Render Distance (meters) = 40 + 50 * (%Character Setting) / 100 You can see a target's info or select them by clicking on them when they are within 50 meters. Tabbing can target enemies within 40 meters, allies within 50. For enemies, this all goes out the window when they have any "Concealment" buff applied. The range at which they can be seen can under no circumstances exceed 50 meters. Furthermore, they are invisible to you unless you have "Detection" from any source. A higher Detection increases the range at which you can see concealed targets, while Concealment decreases it. Spotting Distance (meters) = Detection - Concealment If this value is 0 or less, you cannot see that target. If this value is 50 or higher, you will always see that target within 50 meters (even if the value is far higher). Movement Speed Movement Speed determines how fast you can cover ground by running. Each Arkana starts with 60 Movement Speed. Mechs and bikes are capped at 200 movement speed. Running Speed (meters per second) = Movement Speed / 10 If your movement speed is brought to 0 or less, you cannot use any skills that would move your Arkana, that is, any skill that teleports you to a nearby location or causes you to dash to a target. While on a bike, your movement speed is fixed to the bike's speed and cannot be increased or reduced by buffs. Only debuffs will affect the bike speed, so you can still be slowed. Bike Boosters and ambient speed effects (e.g. Turnpike ramps) are classified as debuffs, therefore their movement speed bonus still applies - this also means that they can be removed by cleanses however. Attack Speed Attack Speed increases the rate at which your skills cool down and speeds up your skills' animations, allowing you to output more skills in the same amount of time. Each Arkana has 100% base Attack Speed, and the only skill to increase that is Kali's Sincere Blessing. Reduced Cooldown = Cooldown * 100 / (%Attack Speed) Reduced Animation = Animation * 100 / (%Attack Speed) Attack Speed only takes effect at the moment a skill is used. Receiving an Attack Speed buff will not reduce the duration of any already active cooldown. Conversely, an Attack Speed buff will reduce the entire animation and cooldown of a skill, even if it's only active for a brief moment while the skill is used.
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    Hey guys! Just as a heads up, I am getting new internet installed! Until they can come and install the new boxes, I will be without internet till sometime next week. Please keep a few things in mind while I'm gone: Tickets might not be answered as often, if at all till I return. If you have an issue that does not need GM intervention, please post it on the forums for the support to assist you with instead. Maintenance will still happen unless Bash says otherwise (just because I'm gone doesn't mean no maintenance ). @Jordan, @aSH and @Thy will still be around as normal till I return. Enjoy your week and weekend and I'll see you all sometime next week!
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    General Changes: - Added Beta and Starter Reward Items to the game. - Medal of Erenia & Adventurer's Medal have been set to untradeable. - Reminder added about rule changes related to chat. Bug Fixes: - Fixed bug caused from last patch concerning Solo eggs. - Fixed Warehouse (permanent bug) in the Nosmall it should now be permanent. - LOD Timers fixed.
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    Servers are now down until we launch the game later today. Thank you for everyone involved in beta!
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    Sorry in advance if I might slightly derail the thread and start being preachy but I think people in this toxic community seriously need to be called out. One thing I realized is that you and many others with the similar mentality ALWAYS complain, no matter what. FC or not, competitive playing has nothing to do with the constant nagging over RGs using napalms or zerging. Both factions are equally guilty and terrible, and it's time you accept it. Engaging in these petty quarrel over and over again for 3-4 years has just further divided this community and created more broken and psychologically deranged people. I don't get how you people still haven't realized yet that this is just a game that some of use to have fun and even escape from reality. If you or anyone else has mental issues, anger issues, or any other psychopathic/sociopathic tendancies, then fine, get help, talk to friends, go to a therapist but avoid projecting your shit on the rest of the community who just wants to have fun. And again, just to make sure, this doesn't only apply to you but it applies to everyone on both factions. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your problems instead of always blaming others. If anyone truly wants competitive gameplay, then you'll stop with the excuses and try to win even if the odds are against you. Else, don't complain and/or switch games if it's not fun anymore; there are plenty of potential outdoor activities you might enjoy. And @SparkOne and empress, thanks for setting a good example in that bg. Also, leave my medics alone :v
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    System Changes: - Gold drop rate has been increased to x5. - Channel 4 has been changed to "[VGN: NO EXP]". This channel will serve to give 0 exp when defeating monsters and bosses to allow people to farm equipment and materials. Every other rate will remain the same. NOTE: This change does not apply to completed quests only from defeating monsters and bosses. This change applies to: - You can now trade Raid Certificate x1 for Caligor's Spirit x1 to Sarakael at Port Alveus. - Increased player count for each channel to 500. - Character, Pet and Guild Names can only contain alphanumeric characters. NOTE: This only applies to new characters. Since we're wiping tomorrow it will apply to all. General Changes: - Added rest of the materials from minigame rewards to bash npc in NosVille. - Adjusted prices of certain items in bash shop. - Adjusted SP 8 crafting requirement for Shining Blue Soul from x80 to x35. - Land of Death timers have been changed to the following: NOTE: To view the current server time you can go to our website: https://nt.vendettagn.com - Daily Quest from Priestess Serizad that rewards Ice Flower Oil now gives x20 instead of x10. - You now can only obtain r4 and higher boxes in Frozen Raids (Rates have been significantly changed from r4->r7). NosMall Changes: - NosMall is now available for use! - Removed command $send_nosmall due to crashes (items will now automatically go to your parcel box after relogging or switching channel). Bug Fixes: - Removed duplicate items from bash npc. - Several exploits have been fixed. Known Issues: - We're looking into the drop bug that is caused by too many objects being inserted into a map at one time. - We're looking into NosBazaar search issues.
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    Well, I get really angry when I read things like: ''There is literally nothing to on Eden'' Have you completed all achievements? Do you have all classes at lv100? Do you have at least 3 classes well geared[Set awakened +14, gems, enchants, weapon+14] ? Have you made 9k fame at all cities (ok, this is useless) Have you crafted at least 700 blueprints ? Eden has an absurd amount of things to do. Ok, most of all are achievements[craft and more craft], but if u don´t like this, im sorry about you. So dont say s**** like that! You just a lazy guy.
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    Just as a heads up as well with this patch, because I keep getting so many requests about it (some claiming I also do not even know how to fix it): Major Mech conversion will be fixed with this patch.
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    Well to correct one thing, Eden isn't dying, not according to player base numbers. Also, as it's been pointed out, it has been said in a forum post and on ee its self that more then just the classes re-balancing is being worked on. Big things take time, bugs to work out, every element of it to test, and only a handful of people who can do so. Being patient goes a long way. So let's look forward to the upcoming big patch. Our server is so popular because we always provide content, fresh content, and content main server doesn't have. To provide this takes a little time. So let's be patient ok~
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    Where did I ever say I refused to introduce them? Please enlighten me in which I said I wouldn't do it. Maybe I have plans to introduce them in a coming patch? Maybe I have things in the works that you don't see? But claiming I just refuse to do something is pretty naive. Blaming us for the prices in AH skyrocketing is a bit far fetched. Players set the prices themselves. If people buy them at that price, they'll start selling at that price without hesitation. Simple fix, stop buying at the price and they'll stop selling it so high. Before you start claiming everything is doomed because a few things didn't work out in your favor, why don't you just calm down and wait to see what changes are made later.
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    Hey, I'm here making this guide as a request from the community. For each class's SP7 talk to Lilith in Port Alveus Square. For SP8 instead, talk to Sarakael in Port Alveus Square. Swordman Death Reaper (SP7) : Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Black Dye Powder x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(B) Renegade(SP8): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Shining Sand x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(C) Archer Demon Hunter (SP7): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Black Armor Piece x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(A) Avenging Angel(SP8) : Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Giant Claw x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(B) Mage Seer(SP7): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Doomed Skeleton x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(C) Archmage(SP8): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Giant Claw x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(B)
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    Ok so here is what Ol Scorpy wants you to do... yeah you reading this post right now. Copy the above gif and share it on your twitter, tumblr, facebook, myspace, instagram, pinterest, whatsapp, flickr, youtube, google plus, reddit, snapchat, vine... you get the Idea? People might see this crappy animation and come check the game out! I want to see 350 players in the week and 560 players on the weekend. Please look out for our new players, the ones you see fully clad in base gear, a +7 rare weapon will go a far way in helping them out. just saying. and while you're biking all over enocia doing your dailes, at least say hello when you see them newbies. Don't be a snob ^_^. Enough about newbies tho FAQ Q: Why didn't you post this in community section? A: Pfft, General is where all the fun stuff happens! Q: Why is the text so crappy? A: I wanted to put this out too quickly so I just slapped them in there Q: Scorpion, the wheels aren't spinning! A: Send me $100 Euro and I will spin them for you! Edit: Wait till server is fixed tho, don't wanna greet our new players with a bag of bugs...
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    Information / Announcement Post Hey everyone just keeping you all up to date on the balancing patch and its progress. I will unfortunately be going away for a month next week and won't be around as much (my time zone will be the opposite). This however does not mean I will not be working on the balancing patch during the period it's just I will have other work related commitments during this time so my work time will be a lot lower. I will still be updating this post and I will still be logging in game to communicate with you all every so often but like I said my work flow will be affected by this. Another thing I would like to address would be about the small leak that one or two players heard about some information that they shouldn't have (which I will not go into too much detail about). One of the players in question didn't seem to understand the changes to the class they play so I would like to address this to everyone now so people will understand if any more information gets out or the current information in question gets out further than it did already. Classes will be changed in several ways that will negatively impact the class in its current state, this is to add to other areas that could be improved on the class as a whole. I will use the leaked information as an example so that everyone is on the same page and are not relying on word of mouth (For example, "Jordan ruined this class because he removed this from it and it's the only thing the class is good for). The leak was that Equilibrian currently and might I say currently lost its AoE resistance drop. This was a change I felt was necessary as it voids the following points on my previous post. (I would also like to add to the holy weapons part, I want every class to be playable regardless of the weapon you use. Obviously a holy weapon or a 95 weapon will give the class a boost, it just won't be a significant boost to the point like Equilibrian where you cannot play the class at all without the holy staff, same applies for the mace for Angel of Justice). So before anyone asks yes that specific skill was nerfed but I assure you the other skills are now more relevant and have way more interactions and reasons to use them. I mean come on a balancing patch that removes a skill that makes it pointless to build holy and dark resistance got nerfed, I thought that would be an obvious change. So to summarize my rant / explanation I would like to confirm the following, at the time of posting this I'm currently only working on the base class itself (This means the Holy weapons and the level 95 weapons and the level 85 weapons have not even crossed my mind on changes yet). So any leaks or sneak previews or anything of the sort please do consider that fact as I do plan to add plenty of interactions between both glyphs and holy weapons. As for the preview of this week, it has been delayed like my patch work has been due to real life commitments and other issues regarding the leaked information that I had to spend time sorting that out instead of working on the patch. So please enjoy Eden Eternal and submitting your ideas / concerns through the previously linked form as I check it daily and some of you who have posted on said form are already aware of that due to me messaging you about it in game. Next preview will be of Trainer and to make up for the delay I will post some Asura updates too. Thank you for reading, Jordan. (Currently starting work on Warlock after this post)
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    Cuz nabs don't like even pvp ez
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    I don't know why you're so mad losing over a Saturday ak when it was pretty even on both sides and plus rg was capped with 50 players in the beginning, even if they did go help they wouldn't be able to go in lol. Stop asking for more fks we barely have enough fks to keep us going -___-
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    ING: CaitlinSky Sea Angel!
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    I was one of the person that wanted that amulet in Nosmall, but after trying it , pratically I bought 1 amulet from the NPC, rise in 1 try my equip to r6 and than just used 1 of that amulet for r7. Broken af and also yeah, having nomal betting amulets in NPC will make r7 easier to get.
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    "Omg hurry, its the paparazzi !!!" Ign: Mia
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    Thank you Bash and Vivi let us play here.Me and some of my old guild also play here for over a year now.Just want say it is good people both you make the differ. Thanks
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    I am only new to SB but am enjoying my time, talking ingame to the ASB Vets and they all are grateful to Bash and Vivi for making VSB possible.
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    Thank you BASH Thank you VIVI and Thank you
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    Enhancing If at first you don't succeed, try try again. First, is enhancing once and then coming back later to enhance a while later, doesn't help. I've made +12 using just regular narak(NT), while failing with +8. Also, when I failed to make a +12 I found to make +10 gears and have yet to fail with just 2 +10 gears. Sometimes I can make +10 with regular narak without failing sometimes I fail. It is all just a percent. I find it is fine, but people need to learn enhancing is no more than playing roulette. Making Rank 2 jewels. I hear that people have failed a lot to make rank 2. I have had my share of fails, but I also feel it is no different then converting medals with a 50% success. Lucky for me the last few times I have made 2 rank 2 unique jewels with 3 tries in a row. However, I have failed to make rank 2 rare jewels 5 times in a row. Not bragging but try flipping a coin you can make it land heads 5 times in a row or 10 times in a row. Though the chance may be 50% doesn't mean the likely hood is going to be successful 1 out of 2 tries. Gold Like Vivi all players make their own prices. Economics show that if people are willing to pay more for an item, people will sell higher for that item. It's why you can't buy high quality video cards at the same price as the lower quality. People are willing to pay more item will sell for more. Some players may drop prices for friends or if they want to sell the items quickly, which is also another factor. Sure people can earn gold faster now, but still it is about what one is willing to pay and what is available. Crafting I found as I earned the binding stones and power binding stones necessary for crafting that I also earned the necessary items needed for crafting with it when doing DM solo runs. I get that ME's have a hard time running DM hard solo in the same speed as many other players, but maybe going full support is not a good idea for the ME to go as you give up your own ability to gear up to support other players in pvp, which in the end if you are not geared up you become a weaker ME and not the best means for a support by being under geared. Just a thought. Lower levels Play what and how it makes you feel happy. If killing a bunch of under geared new players so they get frustrated and quit playing is your way of getting kicks and feel proud of yourself over a video game, have at it. Mind you I find that it is fun gearing up myself to withstand higher geared players, it is also great being a challenge and finding how to finally win against those who were more powerful than myself. But in the end it is all just a game, so people shouldn't take so seriously. However, using and finding means to exploit the game or features so you can do more like a cheater might be fun and all for you, but when I played H2V(Halo 2 Vista the PC version) players found away to move faster than others, fly, and make 1 shot kills, what quicker way to kill a game than to be the cheater that nobody wants to play with. If you can't stand losing by playing the game how it was meant to be played, then playing this game is not the best thing for you to play and probably are better off playing games that are 100% PVE based. That would allow you to jump from game to game and play more games getting bored with each new exploit you find for each game. But hey, if you want to be the jerk with nothing better to do with your life than to laugh over the easy kills from exploiting or using game hacks, well when it is all said and done most of us will have closed the game and moved on to do other things besides gaming while others will just find another game hoping that hackers and cheaters from the last game don't follow. Just understand, nobody also like playing with people who shove the loss in their face.