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    Black Class : Alpaca Is Alpaca helping you ? Tell us your problems. Stats : HP : 400% MP : 50% STR : 50% AGI : 50% INT : 50% SAG : 50% Armor type: Heavy Armor Racial Passives: Human Alpaca: 2% chance to stun the target when equipped with cestus.Halfkin Alpaca: 2% chance to sleep the target when equipped with rapier.Zumi Alpaca: 2% chance to fear the target when equipped with dague.Anuran Alpaca: Casts have 2% chance to summon an alpaca which prevents from all lags and CC in the game for allies at 15 meters range.Ursun Alpaca: HP +20% Class Passive: Alpaca Destruction : 20% chance to alpaca crash the ennemy if this one targets you. Increase P-Atk and M-Atk +15% when equipped with Dague,Rapier,Cestus. Immune to Stun, Fear, Knock up, Sleep and Lags. Certificates:Salty Alpaca I / II: DMG received lowered by 15%/DMG received lowered by 30%Reflect Alpaca I / II: 2% to reflect 30% of P-DMG and M-DMG to the ennemy/ 4% to reflect 30% of P-DMG and M-DMG to the ennemy.Blood Alpaca I / II: Recover 1%HP/sec / Recover 2%HP/sec Skills:1. Alpaca DMG: Increase DMG by 20% for allies at 15 meters range permanently. (Alpaca DMG cannot stack with Alpaca Armor and Alpaca Debuff) 2.Alpaca Armor: Lowered DMG received by 20% for allies at 15 meters range permanently. (Alpaca Armor cannot stack with Alpaca DMG and Alpaca Debuff) 3.Alpaca Debuff: Removes all negativ buffs for allies at 15 meters permanently. (Alpaca Debuff cannot stack with Alpaca DMG and Alpaca Armor) 4.Alpaca Hypnotisis: Cooldown 6secs ;Deal P-Dmg to all targets in a 10 meters area and hypnotises targets. Required Weapon: Dague,Rapier,Cestus. Hypnotise CC: Ennemies can attack their allies with AOE skills. 5.Alpaca taunt: Cooldown 3 secs; Ennemies must target you. (10 meters AOE) 6.Alpaca DoT: Cooldown 8 secs ; Ennemies lost 4% HP/sec during 6 secs. (10 meters AOE) 7.Alpaca VPN: Cooldown 4 secs ; Change VPN location (random country) of a single target. 8.Alpaca Speed: Permanent ; Increase your Move Speed by 60%. Knowledge Points: Black Classes Don't have KP, they are too broken for this. Alpaca crash IGN : Yushini
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    the magic swordsman is a person who has learned to handle the sword as well as the art of magic and to be able to combine them together as his he can face all kind of danger magic swordsman Class Type: hybrid (yellow) HP 110% MP 85% STR 105% AGI 100% INT 104% WIS 80% LCK 102% When equipped with a physical and magical 1-hand atq sword + 7% [HUMAN] God Armor resistance to the element +5 [ZUMI] God defender physical resistance +5 [URSUN] God attacker 3% chance of having a triple attack [HALFKIN] God healing p-healing + 5% [ANURAN] God blessing Crit rate + 10%. CLASS SKILLS (all attacks this lance either with the sword or the rapier) 1 Destructive aura: physical and magical atk boost of 5% / increases the area of all spells by 4 meter decreases mana by 3% / second mana cost: 500 Cooldown: 0 2 flaming sword: (fire / magic / physical type) embrace the sword to burn his enemy on a 5 meter straight line mana cost: 300 Cooldown: 25sec 3 ice sword: (ice / magic type) freezes his sword to borrow his enemy in the ice (stun the target for 5sec) mana cost: 350 Cooldown: 25sec 4 piercing charge: (physical / equipped with a shield) charges the enemy to slow it down by 20% its move speed on a straight line of 2 meters mana cost: 400 Cooldown: 30sec 5 magic moment: (magic / physical) attacks the target three times (triple atq) boost the atq by 1% stackable 5 times for 40sec mana cost: 400 Cooldown: 20sec 6 zero element: during 15sec reduces to 0 the cooldown of the spells mana cost: 600 cooldown: 60sec 7 magic eye: during 10sec ACC / crit mag / crit phy + 3% mana cost: 600 cooldown: 25sec 8 protective aura: for 4sec on a 4metre area around the damage target -5% decreases mana by 3% / second mana cost: 400 cooldown: 0 IGN:Kanda
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    Class Name: Darkness Paladin Class Description: Darkness paladin is a witcher who learn black-magic and weapons arts to fight against the wizards. Class Main Passive: 2% chance to make a triple hit for 3 seconds. Class Race Passives: (HUMAN) the allmighty: Increases P-attack-M-attack 35% (HALFKIN) the untouchable: Eva +30% (ANURAN) the insensitive: Increases all resistances by 5% (ZUMI) the unbreakable: Increases def and parry 15% when equipped with a 2 hand weapons (URSUN) the infernal: 1% chance to inflict random status on the target SKILL: Dark paladin lance: P-atk +23888, triple hit on target and give "Paladin Power" as buff. "Paladin Power" gave a triple hit on skills during 5 secs. (5 sec cooldown, cost 550mp) Infernal pentacle : M-atk +66666 darkness dmg, triple hit to all targets arounds 50m. (5sec cooldown, cost 666mp) Darkness slash : P-atk +35000 , double hit on target, reduce dark and slash res by 3% during 4secs stack 10 times (3 secs cooldown, cost 666mp) Darkness laser : M-atk + 99999 darkness dmg, hit all targets on a ligne of 75m. (7secs cooldown, cost 999mp) Hellish spawn : Go invisible during 25secs, u can use your skills during the time you are in with this buff, all targets will be revers during your first skill for 5 secs. (15secs cooldown, 666mp cost) Darkness explosions: M-atk +36666 darkness dmg, knock up all targets around 20m during 3 secs. (10secs cooldown, 666 mp costs) Darkness power : cost 5% mp each 2 secs, gave + 30% p-atk and 50% m-atk, +15% EVA , +5% parry , +5% m-crit and p-crit, 5% double hit , and 3% triple hit, reduce cooldown of skills by 3secs. Others information >> Statistics: HP: 105% MP: 135% STR: 100% AGI: 120% INT: 135% WIS: 50% LCK: 125% License knowledge: Dark Strike: MP costs will be reduced by 20% (Max. 3) Darkness storm: For each level, STR and INT+2% (Max.7) Dark laser: For each level, DMG dark laser +4% (Max.5) You'll never touch: For each level, EVA and Def +0.3% (Max. 10) Darkness heart: For each level, m-atk and m-atk +2% (Max. 20) Darkness speed: For each level, Move SPD +1.3% (Max. 10) Darkness power: For each level +1% HP (Max. 20) Hellish Darkness: For each level, the cooldown of Hellish Spawn -0.5%. (Max. 5) Certificates : darkness end : Increase 7% p-atk and m-atk darkness shield : reduce damage taken by 8% darkness strike : 2% chance to make double hit All skills can be used with staff / pike / sword. Heavy armor class. purple class. Ig: Pluton
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    Soon you'll be able to get in through Neutral Settlement in Amara via the dungeon keepers next to the portal. Exitting this Archeron will return you back to your Amara base as well.
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    We need more players who can pvp well.
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    Post your New Class here. **Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom. GOOD LUCK !
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    @NorlerasV2 MAP ELLIS😂😂
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    can we have bikes with guns or rocket launches on them to hit the enemy..
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    I've read a bit of last 2 pages' posts, and for what I've read people are just bluffing over everything on this thread regarding the classes' balance and their PvP usefulness, what more not do to fool the higher management into getting this game more unbalanced lmao. All this manipulation. Not worth wasting my time.
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    Ahaha, when servers merged?
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    no glory in the process but I am working on a 2 different craft systems and a nice thing for pvp which will connect with a nice pve/pvp patch banana is working on
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    Astrologer (Magic Class) “Straying from the path of the usual magic caster, Astrologers instead use their abilities to read the flow of the battlefield. Meeting one as an enemy is a sign of misfortune.” Binary Star Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: Instant Increases M-ATK. Deals double-hit Holy damage to the target. Starfall Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 4 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to all enemies within 15 meters and has a 30% chance to stun them for 2 seconds. Void Star Cast Time: 4 seconds Cooldown: 6 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within a 15-meter target area and silences them for 4 seconds. Fortune Telling Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: 40 seconds Reduces target enemy’s DEF -n and EVA -n for 6 seconds. If it dies during this effect’s duration, all party members within 10 meters of it recover HP +n and MP +n. Nebulous Cloud Cast Time: 1 second Cooldown: 12 seconds Summons a Nebulous Cloud on the 10-meter target area that lasts for 10 seconds. Enemies in it lose -20% Move SPD and ACC -n. Ill-Fated Star Cast Time: 1.5 seconds Cooldown: 10 seconds Inflicts a debuff on the target enemy that reduces its ATK -n and M-ATK -n for 5 seconds. Every second, there is a 15% chance to remove one positive buff from it. Spatial Ether Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 15 seconds Reduces the MP cost of skills for all party members by -n within 15 meters for 10 seconds. Celestial Mark Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 12 seconds Reduces the target enemy’s Holy and Dark resistance by -8 for 8 seconds. Reversal of Fate Cast Time: 3 seconds Cooldown: 40 seconds Inflicts “Reversal of Fate” on the target enemy for 15 seconds. Reduces its dealt DMG -n and P-healing by -n. Astral Arcanist (Awakened Magic Class) “The Astral Arcanist employs the destructive power of the universe itself. None can escape from heaven.” Cosmic Power Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: Instant Costs 3%MP per second Toggles “Cosmic Power” status M-ATK +20% Cast SPD +10% “Trinary Star” now deals damage to all enemies within 15 meters of the target. Reduces cooldown of class skill “Dimensional Jump” -50%. Trinary Star Cast Time: 2.5 seconds Cooldown: Instant Increases M-ATK. Deals triple-hit Holy damage to the target. Has a 40% chance to inflict one of the following effects at random: stun for 2 seconds, reduce ACC -n for 4 seconds, or reduce all resistances by 10 for 4 seconds. Endless Way Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Creates a distortion in a 15-meter target area for 15 seconds. Enemies in it lose Move SPD -70% and become unable to sprint or teleport. Supernova Cast Time: 3 seconds Cooldown: 40 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals massive Fire damage to all enemies within 15 meters and stuns them for 2 seconds, ignoring immunity. Also inflicts “Supernova” state on caster and affected enemies for 8 seconds, dealing damage per second equal to 15% of caster’s M-ATK. Dimension Fold Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 18 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within 15 meters and pulls them to the caster. Does not affect boss monsters. Neutron Collapse Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: 30 seconds Summons a Neutron Star at the target point. Lasts 10 seconds. Enemies within 10 meters of the Neutron Star when it expires are stunned for 4 seconds. Light Speed Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Grants caster increased +30% Move SPD and EVA +n for 15 seconds. Catadioptric Ray Cast Time: 6 seconds Cooldown: 60 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to all enemies within 100 meters in a straight line and reduces all their elemental resistances to 0 for 10 seconds. Diviner (Awakened Magic Class) “Honing their clairvoyant eye to the extreme, the Diviner can even see into the future. The fate of the battle is decided even before it started.” Clairvoyance Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: Instant Costs 8%MP per second Toggles “Clairvoyance” status M-CRIT Rate +20% Attacks and skills cannot miss. Evade all incoming damage. Increases effect range of “Destiny Divined” +15 meters. Ethereal Aura Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: Instant Costs 2%MP per second Toggles “Ethereal Aura” status Party members within 30 meters (except caster) can cast skills without MP cost. Sign of the Zodiac Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Toggles through a selection of Constellation Pairs during a window of 10 seconds. Selected Constellation Pair lasts for 20 seconds. Ramming Scales: All party members within 30 meters +10% to all Attributes and “Knockdown Immunity” status. Scorpion Bullhead: All party members within 30 meters gain +30% Move SPD and 30% chance to stun targets on attack. Twin Archers: All party members within 30 meters gain bonus +30% ACC, CRIT Rate, and M-CRIT Rate. Armored Goat: All party members within 30 meters gain -30% received DMG and reflect 20% of received damage back to attacker. Aquatic Pride: All party members within 30 meters gain +10% increased dealt DMG. Every second, a random debuff is removed from each. Swimming Maiden: All party members within 30 meters gain +30% ATK SPD, Cast SPD, and G-Healing. Destiny Divined Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Holy damage to the target and reduces its resistances -10 and EVA -n for 10 seconds. Cannot be removed. If it dies during this effect, all party members within 20 meters of it fully recover HP and MP. Stellar Smite Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: Instant Increases M-ATK. Deals double-hit Holy damage to the target and has a 50% chance to stun for 2 seconds. Incantation Interference Cast Time: Instant Cooldown: 30 seconds Grants caster “Incantation Interference” for 15 seconds. Enemies within 10 meters have a 30% chance to fail a skill cast and lose -10% HP. Does not affect boss monsters. Star of Misfortune Cast Time: 1.5 seconds Cooldown: 10 seconds Inflicts “Star of Misfortune” on the target enemy for 8 seconds. Reduces ATK and M-ATK -40% and has a 20% chance to remove one positive buff from it every second. Terrifying Glimpses Cast Time: 2 seconds Cooldown: 18 seconds Inflicts “Terrifying Glimpses” on the target for 7 seconds. Target is feared for 1 second every 3 seconds. Does not trigger immunity. Does not affect boss monsters. Catastrophic Fate Cast Time: 6 seconds Cooldown: 60 seconds Increases M-ATK. Deals Dark damage to all enemies within 30 meters and inflicts “Catastrophic Fate” status for 12 seconds. Reduces dealt DMG -70% and prevents them from receiving healing effects. Class Passive: Stellar Guidance (All) ACC and EVA +20% (Astral Arcanist) M-DMG dealt +10% (Diviner) Received CRIT DMG and M-CRIT DMG -15% Racial Passives: (Human) Celestial Body When attacked, 3% chance to remove a debuff (Halfkin) Bright Pulsar Double hit rate +2% (Ursun) Ill Omens Skills have a 3% chance to knock down target for 3 seconds. (Zumi) Lucky Charms Received CRIT DMG -15% (Anura) Fate Reader Immune to Mundane Knowledge Point Tree (Common) Light of Heaven: For each level, INT +2%. (Max. 20) Navigation Point: For each level, M-CRIT Rate +1%. (Max. 20) Stellar Power: For each level, M-CRIT DMG +2%. (Max. 20) Prophetic Words: For each level, Cast SPD +1%. (Max. 20) Far Sight: For each level, ACC +0.5%. (Max. 10) Premonition: For each level, EVA +1%. (Max. 10) Behind the Scenes: For each level, malice generated by attacks -2%. (Max. 10) Star of Fortune: For each level, skill MP consumption -2%. (Max. 10) Star of Omen: For each level, Max MP +2%. (Max. 10) (Astrologer only) Twin Star Exorcism: For each level, DMG of Binary Star +3%. (Max. 5) Star Storm: For each level, DMG of Starfall +3%. (Max. 5) Black Light: For each level, DMG of Void Star +3%. (Max. 5) Tarot Reading: For each level, cooldown of Fortune Telling -5%. (Max. 5) Cloud of Doubt: Nebulous Cloud reduces Move SPD -35%. (Max. 1) Dark Ether: For each level, duration of Spatial Ether +1 second. (Max. 5) Marked by Fate: Celestial Mark also reduces target’s P-healing -20%. (Max. 1) Wheel of Fortune: For each level, cooldown of Reversal of Fate -5%. (Max. 5) Dark Shine: Duration of Ill-Fated Star +2 seconds. (Max. 1) (Astral Arcanist only) Triplet Maximizer: For each level, DMG of Trinary Star +3%. (Max. 5) Vast Expanse: For each level, duration of Endless Way +1 second (Max. 5) Stellar Rebirth: For each level, DMG of Supernova +6%. (Max. 5) Dimensional Warp: For each level, DMG of Dimension Fold +3%. (Max. 5) Ominous Sign: HP of Neutron Star +50%. (Max. 1) Speed of Light: For each level, duration of Light Speed +1 second. (Max. 5) Space Manipulator: Effect range of Endless Way and Dimension Fold +5 meters. (Max. 1) Astronomical Power: DMG of Catadioptric Ray +30%, debuff duration +3 seconds. (Max. 1) Macro Cosmos: Cosmic Power grants +10 to all resistances. (Max. 1) (Diviner only) Stellar Punisher: For each level, DMG of Stellar Smite +4%. (Max. 5) Divine Mandate: For each level, cooldown of Destiny Divined -6%. (Max. 5) Magic Jammer: For each level, duration of Incantation Interference +1 second. (Max. 5) Horoscope: For each level, duration of Sign of the Zodiac +1 second. (Max. 5) Universe Arcana: Sign of the Zodiac grants caster -15% DMG received. Ominous Reading: Star of Misfortune reduces target’s ATK and M-ATK -60%, and ACC -20%. (Max. 1) Psychosis: For each level, effect range of Terrifying Glimpses +2 meters. (max. 5) Revelation: Duration of Catastrophic Fate +3 second. (max. 1) Prophetic Visions: For each level, cooldown of Catastrophic Fate -5%. (max. 5) Additionally, at KP level 5, its effect cannot be removed. Notes: No idea if this is actually allowed, but the wording in the event post is kinda vague so I had a normal class with its own awakened forms. I consider it as only one entry, but if only one of them is allowed please tell me. Some of the skill names here are references to stuff~ Can you tell which ones? Astrologer itself is based on another game. I realized halfway through typing Astrologer that it's probably just a rip-off Illusionist. EDIT: In-line with the typical cloth magic class, the normal Astrologer class can use skills with any weapon, but the awakened ones both require Staff or Grimoire for skills. IGN: Ragnera
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    Class Story: For many years there has been a class that even the Glacial knights with their -99% damage taken, Gravity manipulators with abilities that one hit almost everyone, and Dragon Emperors in their prime with their triple-triple hit abilities, have been afraid of. A class that has studied all of the ancestors of the best classes in the world: Archaeologist. Class type: Orange Class Name: Archaeologist Class Description: Archaeologists ride into battle on fossils they have enchanted to come back to life to help their party and to stomp enemies. Class main passive: Archaeologists have studied the ways of many weapons and gain +15% damage dealt with any weapon of their choice. Class race passive: Humans gain "Supreme intelligence" increasing their base INT by 15% Halfkins gain "Quick strike" increasing their dbl hit chance by 5% Anurans gain "Improved prey" increasing their move speed by 10% and EVA by 30% Zumi gain "Swiftness" increasing their attack speed by 15% and their accuracy by 30% Ursan gain "Immovable" decreasing damage taken by 10% and a 5% chance to further reduce damage taken by 10% Class Skills: Dinosaur slash: Deals triple hit P-Dmg to all within 15 meters of target. Nightshade dinosaur: Deals P-Dmg to targets. Fears enemies within 5 meters of target for 5 seconds. Grants -90% damage taken for 5 seconds. Trembling dinosaur roar: Deals quintuple hit M-Dmg to a single target. If target is below 50% hp dmg is increased by 25% Archaeological corrosion: Deals single target P-Dmg. Deals DoT damage equal to 10% of P-Atk. Tranquilizing Dinosaur: Summons baby dinosaur on caster that silences all nearby enemies until destroyed. Dinosaur can be healed and gains buffs from party. Dinosaur leap: increases Damage dealt while in air by 225% Dinosaur dance: 80% chance to grant 80% reflection to all party members within 30 meters. Dinosaur ice Leadership: Mounts your dinosaur. Grants 50% M-Atk and P-Atk. Grants 50% chance to triple hit all skills. Reduces damage taken by 25%. Makes your trembling dinosaur roar a 15 meter AoE. Toggled ability drains 3% Mana/second. Dinosaur Barrier: Reduces damage taken by 30% for all party members within 30 feet and increases damage taken by caster 25%. Tranquilizing Dinosaur: Summons baby dinosaur on caster that silences all nearby enemies until destroyed. Dinosaur can be healed and gains buffs from party. Class art: <IGN> Hilarious
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    Have to necro this and agree with BBSB. EVERY time I get a new computer, this fails to work, to the point I am using a 6 and a half year old potato-powered computer for VSB despite having a perfectly good, brand new compy.
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    Yeah, I can see about moving it about.
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    uni level 47 lingerie weapon skins specifically the M8A1 RIFLE GIRL SKIN PLZ thx Cro
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    The only thing I could think of that avoids any chance of abuse/trolling from other people would be an item that costs health to use - though it'll most likely function the same as the PU skill, where it'll stop being useable around 4k remaining Hp. I think it'd just be best though to just make a 1 shot mob like the volcano beetle people can just go kill if they need to keep resetting their EXP down.
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    Me, my girlfriend and a couple of friends who recently found this server are leaving since we have been run off by a few people who think they own the server when my girlfriend tried to sell something earlier today. Thank you to the GM/GS who gave me advice the other day but we are gonna look for another game to get into. Might pop in here and there though, Eden always was a favorite game of mine in the past from the Aeria years. Thanks
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    Noted down to happen within the next patch. Because its also considered a PvP map, which we don't want to split the 60+s up between 2 pvp maps.
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    uni lingerie 47 PU weapon skin Riffle
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    This quest no longer works as one NPC has been removed which prevents it from being made further
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    Well like the title let's you guess what this is about some random guy came in and stole some of my baby phoenix eggs and I was hoping that some GS or GM can do something about it. They didn't even bother to respond to my message they just run away after they all despawned. (There was no GS around that time) Here is a pic of them using snow storm stealing them: https://prnt.sc/qlt3da
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    Althought I don't really recommend playing mimic for DPS as the Awaken Classes far outshine it some advice I can give is. If you're going to use Drakes Power you should use the full Dragon Knight MDPS combo which includes the M-ATK buff aswell to get the most damage out of this combo. The pro's to using this kinda setup is you dont need cast speed so you can use Heavy Armor and full Multi-Hit build (Double/Triple Hit gems and certificates). If you want the most damage you're best just building it somewhat like an illutionist with Deadly Icicle and then a bunch of CC skills. An alternative to the above and another heavily debated "Highest Damage" build is with a staff and gun equipped using the Engineer mecha form skills (Without the Mecha Form itself). So you'd have Oil Bomb, Black Explosive and Super Iron Man. Black Explosive being your main damage skill. Oil Bomb will make Black Explosive deal Triple Hit Damage (Ratio being 100, 35, 20). Super Iron Man will make your Black Explosive deal Double Damage. For maximum damage you'd also want to swap Glyphs between Black Explosive and Super Iron Man depending on if Super Iron Man is on cooldown or not. In theory there is a lot of damage builds you can go but the above 3 mentioned are the best 3 I've every found / used because other ones require you to play around who has what elemental resistance. When using mimic heres some advice you should follow. Holy Prayer is almost a must (Which you have) along with any of the Anti-CC aura's from Sage (Hammer friend which you have is the best). Next the Ranger 72 skill is really good for mimic as its free resistances (I forgot the name). And finally for PvP you might wanna find space for both Painful Wound (Hunter Skill) and the Engineer Stun Skill in combination with the Glyph for that skill as then you have a 6 second long stun.
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    Some players dont join ak or nb cause they dont have the lv for that or are undergeared and if you are on fk side you will be outnumbered. I would like to see more options for lower lv people to gain exp faster so that they could join end game players. Cause for me im stuck in nemesis and leveling up is so slow while other people are running out of content. Guess im not the only one who is stuck with slow exp. Want more players killing boses and going battlegrounds? Help newbies.
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    50 shades black and white
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    Statutory Declaration:I will never pt or heal those ppl in RG who use FK toon atk me.Centrists make this game schizomania. Be a faithful RG or my enemy. that's my way to play this game Mins ago some ppl come to kill u when u on a boss. Mins later he come to ur side say come help on boss.this is fuking stupid. btw i answer what goddess said yesterday Goddess don't try to confuse concept.in ur words subtext is that?ppls are friends.Yeap Battle between friends make us improve and we can have a cup of tea after battle.but for the ppl in the oppoiste faction who u even don't know much and u need to be frinedly?some ppl not friendly at all. For example u are in a company and u can make friends with ppl u work together.how can u make friends with ppl work in the competitor company? if ur boss know u contact ppl from competitor company or u work for competitor company u might be fired. coz u may be a spy of the competitor. did u see many ppl has friends in competitor company in real life? U think ppl are all friends?that's in ur dream in ur opinion.not all ppl think it?like u.Enemy is enemy. i don't need to waste time to make friends with enemy.Enemy and we have different benefit.Who win in battle who have fun. who lose who will have disappointing.As u said we come to game to have fun.if enemy kill u will u have fun?if all ppl think like u the world will be peacefull and the USA will has no problem with Iran.Please be mature and?recognize reality,man BTW are u really over 50 years old ?or a child?Goddesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssand
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    my advice is making one IP+MAC address=all accounts +all characters in 1 side.if another account login using the same IP force characters change to the same side.And there won't be the centrist who sometimes is a fk sometimes a rg.Then try to balance the ppl number on 2sides. it might be more balance in BG.Many centrists go to the winning side in BG for loot.really few centrist really wanna go to the losing side for a stupid self balance.My wish is to annihilate centrists
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    Sorry for double post Finally fixed the problem. it wasnt the game but my setting on my video card itself. i played with the settings for a bit and finally got myself to log in. sorry for all the trouble especially to jordan. see you guys in game Problem solved Thread closed
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    This I understand, the problem is that players don't know what is going on. What direction that is planned for the game. We hear skills are being improved, DGs drops are being reworked from the ground up, and a new content patch coming out. While that's great to hear the game is being worked on, players at the moment aren't playing. I know there was a try to be more transparent with patch work, but many people are losing hope. For instance point system for crates, guards, and towers in BGs was said to be removed, it's still there. There's currently 2 DGs now for level 60+ and another is going to be added? Can we suspect that drops and drop rates are going to be good or they going to be just like the other two? Are boss drops going to be changed? Can we change the difficulty of the bosses in all pvp maps to be easier for the low number of players in each zone? Can hounds have some decent drops and be less difficult? We used to pvp over hounds every hour before 60+ cap was released and now you get the random player once a month to test drops to see if they are still terrible and difficulty still terrible only for them to get disappointed and stop doing them. I know there's a lot to do, I know that it must be extremely difficult. I applaud the team for the work that they do. I just wish that there was more small quick changes rather than months and months of nothing and player after player leaving. Halloween like I said had huge turn out, and now they are gone again because there's nothing to do. I mention this a lot that I think key to keeping the game alive would be to increase unique costumes as drops. For me I can have 20 of them and I'll still keep farming for them because then I can actually put those AP costumes to use. I don't care to really own an AP costume because I don't have a unique costume to put it on so that I can wear the rare costume for the looks while keeping the stats of the unique. Ya, we all rushed for ancient jewels and spanners, but that's because we haven't seen them drop for over a year. If they keep dropping like the normal spanners player needs for them would drop to the need of normal spanners. However, unique costumes will continue to be in a high demand if current and new rare costumes can be added to them and with the right drop rates for them it can keep the prices under more control. Which I think he is referring to the Ancient spanners being NT, the pet hacks have NT ones, CP pots have NT ones( I have 1k+ on each character of these), I have several costumes that are NT from the start for characters that aren't for my character type, and there are earrings sitting in my inventory that I can't trade, sell, trash, or have use for them because they are too low of a level for my character. Would you like a list to evaluate on if they need or should be made tradeable? I did make this post not to have us rant and I'm not trying to sound like I am ranting. We are just saying what we hope for from the game that will make it enjoyable to us and hope that it helps improve the player base before we get bored with the same low numbers.
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    Happy new year perv bois, there i uploaded one more video for SB Racing mode: Also you can read description in this video for about game. Have fun 🥳
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    Why did i feel PU is fuking op when i play this class or all enemy that i faced are "trash"? All i see here are ppl talking about PU like: PU cant tank 1 rotate from other classes, PU cant burst tanker in one rota, PU is too squishy(while PU has def coccoon, invisible,highest range possible to use hp build and can get up 40k hp),... Are you using ur brain when you play PU, you play PU as a tank class??? At last patch: PU can use dot + slow build, PU skill animation was increased. + 1 vs 1: except SW with high conceal build, who ever can beat PU? I can easy win pepper,wulf,uzo,yevon and cbs with just a simple trick , slow them, hit and run then burst them down when their def buff run out. + Massive pvp: PU need support from others to deal dmg but isnt that normal? What PU do is keep good position to deal dmg, a good PU should know when hiding, when hitting not always show ur face in front line.
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    Yeah DE is good on PVE gotta watch out when using frenzy because thay can kill him if used win the wrong timing.
  34. 1 point
    @sufi while I do know de has high damage. It is good to point out that de is single target vs pu being multi target. I do think we need to reduce the crit rate that was given back but I need to sit on that since it would be a major nerf in mass pvp. De is pretty good in 1v1 but still kinda mech in mass. That’s one of the main issues with the class which is annoying since it’s the main tank class
  35. 1 point
    My view until now in this patch regarding PU... ATK-better abit compared to before u decide whether to go skill build or mech build.... I just duel against Whipper and Defender Whipper-Too was bit tanky on double buff with tank set ...but when they start atackign theres no escape whatsoever u get locked ...but not all whipper can do that only some of the best ones ... Defender - Defender was 50/50 in duels I cud survive some if I use enfeeble ...but if a defender has AK wing bonus he can kill me easily.... On damage part on Defender without iron skin and mech I cud easily kill them with full rota /// If on iron skin I can take 3/4th of there hp ..while if they go mech its hard around 1/2 may b... Suggestion- 1.Since our FS is main dmg dealing in mass pvp ...n its Immobilize debuff is hard at times tried eva build but stil got pulled...n no way escaping back.... CD-1min can be reduced to 55 or 50secs ...as buff was reduced 35 to 30secs... 2. MOB is great improvement but with so many variety of builds possible now the debuff of -900 void hurts with just mere inc in eva acc n ch acc... May add a great ch eva boost so cant be CC at that time but could get normal dmg n ch dmg but cant b CC... 3.Increase in range of Wildfire dmg on mech
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    i just wan to say that de role is tank not a dps to begin with and with curretn skill tree de are as good as main dps which is PU yet u wan to have aoe as good as pu, while pu cant even survive de rota but de can survive pu rota with only 1 def buff pls take to acount that cacon arent like se buff or sw buff or any other class where they can move freely/ far and during FS pu are vulnurable/useles if the target get even 2m far from skill range, even with full eva build pu still squishy ive tried eva/cv/hp build on pu and pu still die in 1 rota by any other class even wh can kill pu slowly,my point is de good with CV, se good with EVA/CE sw ch-eva. pu ??sp jewel maybe ?, also from my point of view PU new atk passive only waste of skill point, might be not bad for PVE but useless for PVP
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    Makes the Ultimate MP pots Recover +850 / +900 per sec instead +612 Also if possible dont make removable like the HP ones if possible 🙏
  38. 1 point
    Yes, any stats from gems can be stacked.
  39. 1 point
    As mentioned if you delete your character and request a recovery + name change your character is removed from peoples friends list.
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    Goblin:Goblins often hide in caves and attack or steal villages to survive. Goblins are male and can breed with any race to give birth to new goblins. This is why they kidnap women, who often end up dying at the hands of their goblin captors. Weapons: Cestus/Club. Passive Breeds : Human: Escape + 30%. zumi: Crit rate + 30%. anuran: elemental resistance + 10%. ursun: each attack has a 3% chance of fearing the enemy. Halfkin: P-atk and M-atk + 15% if equipped with a club. Type classes: orange Skills Classes: 1 Bloodthirst: When activated and killing a person it recovers the "bloodthirsty" buff which gives it 1% hp per second that can be accumulated 5 times for 10 sec. ( consumes 3% mp per second ) 2 Blade Spirals: Sends a spiral of blades around him that hits the enemy over a length of 20m which causes the enemy to "bleed", inflicting the equivalent of 10% of the launcher's attack for 6 seconds. ( cooldown : 15 sec and cost 458 mp ) 3 Flash: Throws a blinding light that allows it to become invisible and confers the "Evil" buff that gives P-crit rate + 30% and P-atk + 10% and Move Speed + 15% for 15 sec. ( consumes 3% mp per second and cannot be used in combat ) 4 Ambush: if "Flash" is activated, it can be used to run into the targeted enemy and stun the enemy for 5 seconds after the "stun" effects the enemy receive the immunity status to the stun. ( cooldown : 10 sec and cost 400 mp ) 5 Trap: Cast a spell on the target, immobilizing it for 10 seconds after the "trap" effects the enemy receive the immunity status to the immobilization. ( cooldown: 25 sec and cost 500 mp ) 6 Power Kick: Inflicts a critical triple attack and has a 5% chance of inflicting "bleed" status for 2 sec equivalent to 10% of the thrower's attack. ( cooldown 30 sec and cost 600 mp ) 7 Totem tribe: Places a totem on the ground for 120 sec which gives the ally and the launcher the "tribe" buff which gives 5% resistance to all the elements and 5% physical resistance. 8 Last resort: When it is activated if the launcher dies the enemy that kills receives "curse" which removes 20% Move Speed and 15% P-atk and M-atk for 10 seconds. (no effect on bosses and costs 3% mana per second). Class Talent: 1: for each lvl P-atk and M-atk +1% for clubs ( lvl 20 max ) 2: For each lvl AGI +2% ( lvl 20 max ) 3: For each lvl LUCK +1% ( lvl 20 max ) 4: For each lvl ACC +2% ( lvl 20 max ) 5: For each lvl Crit Rate +1% ( lvl 20 max ) 6: For each lvl Flash + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max ) 7: For each lvl Ambush + 0.5sec ( lvl 5 max ) 8: For each lvl Atk Speed + 1% ( lvl 20 max ) 9: For each lvl Move Speed + 1% ( lvl 5 max ) 10: For each lvl Deg Crit + 2% ( lvl 20 max ) 11: For each lvl Bloodthirst + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max ) 12: For each lvl Last resort + 1 sec ( lvl 5 max ) 13: For each lvl Trap + 0.5 sec ( lvl 5 max ) 14: For each lvl Power Kick deg + 2% ( lvl 5 max ) 15: For each lvl Blade Spirals + 0.5 sec ( lvl 5 max ) 16: For each lvl Totem tribe +1% res ellem and phy ( lvl 5 max ) IGN: Stustuky
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    they are migrating leav them alone
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    If you are refering to the removal of your name from people's friend list, i believe the only way to do that with a name change is to delete your character then request a character recovery together with a name change.Thats the only way to clear a user's link to their friends in the game. Though i'm not sure if the charge is the same, you may refer so via ticket or a GM will answer it here.
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    Coronas heartflame 120 on altar if possible, cap is raising to 110-120 so i dont see the resson of still having some altars with lvl 100 heartflames only.
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    It might be useful to create a ticket on Pixel Game Card. Just to let them know. They don't "care" about you but they do care about potentially losing business. Just saying.
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    Hey all, It's been 2 and a half years of hard work and great moments with NosTale Vendetta. We've had some great times together and I am proud to have hosted this game here on VGN. The news I am about to give you all does not come without great regret and it breaks my heart. Due to some recent news in my life this last month it aches me to say that I must step down and shut down the NosTale project here at VGN. I cannot simply pass the torch or responsibility of NosTale onto anyone for many reasons. With me stepping down the network will still go on, Eden Eternal is ran by @Jordan and Scarlet Blade is ran by @Vivi these projects will not be affected at all. I cannot go into great details about what is going on as I like to keep my life private. I thought I could just continue as normal but to be honest I am kidding myself. I have been working solid on a new patch for a while now so this hasn't came without great thought. I want to thank the NosTale support team especially, it's been a pleasure working with every single one of you. I am very very sorry to everyone, I know this news comes with great pain and I assume you all will be very angry towards me. I only ask that you look to the fun we've had and understand all good things must come to an end. Thank you for your time with us.
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    Nova, any idea when exactly it might be offered? At an upcoming event or through an NPC, in a similar manner to the bikes offered for gold through the bike salesman in Enocia Base?
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    Hi everyone, I realized that not everyone may want to farm honor stars by podding/arena/TA/rolling altar, etc; therefore, I made a spreadsheet on where class medals drop. It's not completed, but it includes some major dungeons that can be easily farmed. I will be updating the spreadsheet when trial days changes (especially for S-Trials). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yJxWozK-AxNuW5SR1rwPAd0DWeUsilBP0fo2zL47nvg/edit?usp=sharing You can also purchase class medals at X:435, Y:380 from Arena Peddler Wee Rowan if you have honor stars. You can do this by selecting "Exchange Class Tokens". Requires 18 Honor Stars: Warrior Knight Templar Dragon Knight Thief Martial Artist Blade Dancer Samurai Hunter Engineer Ranger Magician Illusionist Warlock Luminary Sage Requires 9 Honor Stars: Cleric Bard Shaman
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    Lv95 Dream of Destruction Casually staring into your soul... Along with Patch v23 - where class reworks were a big part of the update - a brand new map with custom dungeons, monsters, bosses and quests have also been added for those who enjoy PvE as much as PvP. The new map “Viroona Vale” also has a new feature that we know players have been waiting a long time for: Lvl 95 DoD’s. The gameplay of the new Dream of Destruction dungeons is still the same but unlike the lvl 90 DoD’s there is only one dungeon spawning each day instead of two, and every run will always give your party S+ (3 draws) no matter how long the run inside the dungeon takes - regardless if it's 10 minutes or 10 hours. As well as having new Dream of Destruction dungeons added to the game there is also new custom-made Holy Weapons for all awakened classes, which contains brand new Holy Skills. Link to Jordan’s thread about class updates/rework here Dream of Destruction NPC Jill (X:94, Y:365) Requirements: Character must be Lvl 95+ Party leader must have completed Mainline Quest “<L.95 My Legacy V>” Cannot be in queue for Arena Cannot be in a Raid Party Dream of Destruction Dungeon Days: Monday: Crimson Tuesday: Century Wednesday: Basel Border Thursday: Federal Armory Friday: Manor Saturday: Colossal Cauldron Sunday: Sturmfrau New Holy Skills The new Holy Skills can be purchased in Aven at the same merchants that sells Mimic Skill Scrolls for 400 Honor Stars each. Unlike the lvl 90 Holy Skills, when purchasing one of the new lvl 95 skills you will be given an empty class icon skill slot that will carry the new Holy Skill(s) once the Holy Weapon is equipped for the respective class. None of the classes already existing skills will be changed. Here is the list of all the new Holy Skills added to the new Lvl 95 Holy Weapons: Keep in mind that all these skills are viewed as lvl 100! T A N K Berserker Abandoning defense, Berserkers throw caution to the wind and attack with brute force and pure intuition. In the face of attacking enemies, the Berserker’s weapon makes swift work of any foe. New Holy Skill: Battle Cry - Inflicts Fear state on all enemies within 10 meters of the caster for 4 secs. Enemies DMG taken increases by +10% during this time. (Cooldown time: 30 secs) Shielder Shielder's defensive capabilities have been earned at the cost of many lives. These impenetrable warriors have sworn to defend those they shelter from harm. New Holy Skill: Shielder's Blessing - Increases Block & Parry +300 points for all party members within 50 meters of the caster for 15 secs. (Cooldown time: Instant) Executioner Attack is the best form of defense. An Executioner, whose speed is greatly enhanced, eliminates all evil and upholds justice. New Holy Skill: Execution - Deals DMG to target. If target’s HP is below 50% this skill will deal Triple Hit DMG and increase target’s DMG taken +10% for 6 secs. (Cooldown time: 6 secs) Glacier Knight Glacier Knights specialize in magical defensive abilities. Their shields and adept footwork enable them to move around the battlefield freely and act as the leaders of their parties. New Holy Skill: Ice Blast - Deals Ice DMG to target. When the caster is in “Frozen Knight’s Blessing” state this skill will give them both bonuses from the skills “Rimeblade Thrust” & “Frost Flourish”. (Cooldown time: 2 secs) Blood Knight Having survived the eternal battles of malice and death, Blood Knights are the pure personification of madness. These sanguinary fighters drain energy from their enemies’ spilled blood and convert it into endless power for their own use. New Holy Skill: Zealot's Law - Constantly increases caster’s Move SPD +50%, Double Hit Rate +50% & Triple Hit Rate +25%. (Cooldown time: Instant) Paladin With their shield on the left and their mace on the right, Paladins devote their everything to their faith and protect it with their life. New Holy Skills: Elemental Grace - Increases Elemental Resistance +5% and heals all party members within 30 meters for +1802 points every second for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) - Remote Passive - Gives Stun Immunity and Physical Resistance +10% to another player for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) - Spinning Hammer - Deals Triple Hit Holy DMG to target and reduces their Move SPD -25% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) Dragon Soul The power of the Dragon Soul was entrusted to you. One day you will return the power and the Dragon will wake up once again. New Holy Skill: Dragon's Wrath - Grants caster “Dragon’s Wrath” state for 20 secs. This state lowers surrounding enemies ACC, P-CRIT & M-CRIT Rate -5%, stackable 4 times. At 4 stacks, target’s Skill Failure Rate increases +10%. (Cooldown time: 30 secs) Dragon Emperor The Dragon Emperor and their dragon families fight together, live together, and die together. They are inseparable. New Holy Skills: Dark Dragon's Strike - Deals Fire DMG to all enemies within 15 meters of the caster and reduces their Move SPD by -25% and Fire Resistance -5% for 6 secs. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) - Flame Dragon's Charge - Deals DMG to all enemies within 15 meters of the caster. If target is hit twice with this skill it will result in them being Immobilized for 4 secs. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) M E L E E Assassin Silently hiding in the shadows, Assassins specialize in the business of killing. Their combat techniques allow them to confront their enemies face to face. New Holy Skill: Poison Dagger - Deals DMG to target and decreases their P-CRIT & M-CRIT Rate -402 points for 5 secs. Skill “Sudden Stab” increases this skill's DMG +30% per stack. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) Kage Kages inherited their ancestors’ secret ninjutsu. These ninja masters manipulate shadows and wield the power of the elements. New Holy Skill: Ninjutsu Flash Step - Caster jumps 20 meters forward, increasing their Move SPD +30% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 10 secs) Asura Asuras are Martial Artists who built every part of their bodies into weapons. They are their enemies’ worst nightmare. Fear and despair are their nicknames. New Holy Skills: Hidden Power - Increases caster’s Move SPD by +40%, EVA & ACC by 409 points for 15 secs. When hit, caster's DMG taken -1% for 5 secs, stackable 15 times. (Cooldown time: 40 secs) - Suppressing Slam - Deals Triple hit DMG to target and increases their P-CRIT DMG taken +20% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) Rakshasa It is rumored that the Rakshasa’s footsteps are ghostly silent, and their fighting skills are fierce. Many live in fear of the name “Rakshasa”, but the truth is, no one can really give a detailed description of them - because none who have seen them ever escape. New Holy Skills: Energy Explosion - Increases caster’s DMG dealt +30%, Cast SPD +15% & Move SPD +20% for 15 secs. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) - Almighty Push - Deals Double hit DMG to targets and pushes enemies within 10 meters of the caster back and deals DMG equal to 5% of their HP. Also stuns them for 0.5 secs. (Cooldown time: 3 sec Blade Acrobat In the eyes of the Blade Acrobat, there are no battlefields, only stages on which to perform. New Holy Skill: Awakened Firebird Dance - Deals Double hit DMG to all enemies within 10 meters of the caster and absorbs 10% of DMG as HP. This skill also has a 25% chance to deal Triple hit DMG. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) Elegant Dancer The Ivory War is over: The merest smile from an Elegant Dancer was sufficient enough to conquer the enemy. New Holy Skills: Dance of Protection - Decreases received P-CRIT & M-CRIT DMG -20% for all party members within 50 meters for 20 secs. (Cooldown time: 30 secs) - Elegant Slash - Dashes to the target and deals Quintuple Hit DMG. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) Blade Master Combining all the skills of the Katana and mastering them through years of training, the Blade Master can take down enemies with a single blow. New Holy Skills: Power Draining Slash - Deals Double Hit DMG to target and starts the "Power Drain Combo": 1. Starting point, 2. Target's P-ATK & M-ATK -5%, 3. Target's P-ATK & M-ATK -15%. During this state caster also gains the "Power Increase Combo": 1. Starting point, 2. Caster’s P-ATK & M-ATK +10%, 3. Caster’s P-ATK & M-ATK +20%. This requires the skill “Raging River” to be activated. (Cooldown time: Instant) - Blade Master's Belief - Reduces caster’s DMG taken -10% and increases their Move SPD +40% and DMG of skill “Jaded Step” +30% for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 25 secs) Master Fencer Few can describe the battle style of the Master Fencer, who mastered the ancient secret technique called “Dancing Moon” - as none have lived to tell the tale. New Holy Skills: Awakened Purgatory - Deals Double Hit DMG to all enemies in a 20 meter straight-line and decreases their DEF -4768 points, ACC -402 points, and P-CRIT & M-CRIT Rate -295 points for 7 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) - Awakened Lunar Trance - Deals Triple Hit DMG to all enemies in a 20-meter- fan-shaped area. If enemies have “Eclipse” status this skill will remove 2 beneficial buffs from the targets. The "Lunar Trance" KP will increase this skill to remove 3 beneficial buffs. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) R A N G E D Trainer The Trainer can awaken the hidden potential in any wild animal. Adept at controlling beasts in battle and enhancing their latent abilities, this master of fauna commands the respect and loyalty of all creatures. New Holy Skills: Battle Stance - Caster gains “Battle Stance” status which constantly increases caster's P-ATK +15%, Move SPD +40% & Double Hit Rate +25%. (Cooldown time: Instant) - Spirit Breaking Arrow - Deals Triple Hit DMG to target and decreases their P-ATK, M-ATK & DEF -10% for 5 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) Devil Hunter Devil Hunters specialize in cunning and unconventional combat techniques. They also wield impressive coercive powers and powerful magical attacks. Death is often preferable to protracting one’s encounter with one of these imposing warriors. New Holy Skills: Quadruple Volley - Deals Quadruple Hit DMG to target. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) - Slow Shot - Deals DMG to target and decreases their Move SPD -10% for 6 secs, stackable 5 times. Caster also grants “Slow Shot” state which increases the range of skill "Slow Shot" by +3 meters per successful hit for 6 secs, stackable 5 times. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) Mecha Ares Through constant technique refinement, Mecha Ares unite their bodies and minds into one weapon. New Holy Skills: Slime Grenade - Deals Triple Hit DMG to all enemies within 20 meters of the target and reduces their Move SPD -20% for 10 secs. Only available in "Robot Armor" state. (Cooldown time: 10 secs) - Overdrive - Caster gains “Overdrive” state which increases their DMG dealt +30% & Move SPD +50% for 10 secs. When the status runs out caster gains “Cooling System” state for 5 secs, decreasing their DMG dealt -10% and Move SPD -15%. Only available in "Robot Armor" state. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) *** Side note: The Holy Mecha Armor states are now controlled by Laser Cannon Glyph & Forceful Fist Glyph *** Annihilator Annihilators are adept in many forms of firearms. Foes and friends alike try to steer clear of their incredible firepower. New Holy Skills: PR0J3CT A-NN-1 - Summons a Robot Helper to assist player in battle. Upon hitting a target the robot self-destructs and decreases target’s Pierce Resistance & DEF -10% for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) - Buck Shot - Deals Triple Hit DMG to a 15-meter-fan-shaped area and pushes the caster backwards. (Cooldown time: 7 secs) Lethal Arrow See the world from the eyes of a Lethal Arrow, fighting alone on the battlefield with your merciless bow. New Holy Skill: Vital Point - Deals DMG to a target. If the target’s HP is below 40% this skill will do double DMG. (Cooldown time: 2 secs) Celestial Arrow God sent the Celestial Arrow down to face the evil forces. Will you borrow the power of God to fight back the evil? New Holy Skill: Celestial Blessing - Increases caster’s Elemental Resistance +10% & DEF +3179 points for 20 secs. (Cooldown time: Instant) Reaver Reavers have abandoned ranged attacks to become masters of melee combat. Capable of launching devastating surprise attacks, any enemy entering the Reaver’s domain of judgement will soon know the true meaning of pain. New Holy Skills: Shadow Escape - Caster gains “Shadow Escape” state which increases their Move SPD +50% for 3 secs. When the duration ends caster will become invisible for 20 secs. (Cooldown time: 30 secs) - Reaver Chains - Deals DMG to a 15-meter-fan-shaped area and gives enemies “Reaver Chains” status which has a 10% chance to immobilize them for 1 second every sec for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) Rifleteer Rifleteers have improved ranged attacks. Carrying a gun instead of a scythe, they stalk the land like phantoms. Once they do appear, evil will have nowhere to hide. New Holy Skills: Zephyr Strike - Deals Triple Hit DMG to target and inflicts “Sluggish” status which decreases their Cast SPD, ATK SPD & Move SPD -15% for 7 secs. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) - Draining Burst - Caster gains “Draining Burst” state which icreases caster's Normal Attack DMG +15% & ATK SPD +10% for 15 secs. Normal Attacks will also absorb 20% of DMG as HP during this time. (Cooldown time: 30 secs) H E A L E R / S U P P O R T Adjudicator Anointed by a higher power, the Adjudicator wields the power to pardon - or punish - all life on earth. When the apocalypse descends upon the world, the Adjudicator will be tasked with sorting the saved from the damned. New Holy Skills: Healing Zone - Creates a “Healing Zone” for 15 secs that increases EVA & Move SPD +10% for all party members inside of the zone. When enemies step into the zone, decreases their ACC & Move SPD -10%. Additionally, this zone will make the skill “Light of Truth” heal an extra +5% HP when both the caster and the ally is inside the zone. (Cooldown time: Instant) - Dragon Burn - Deals Holy DMG to all enemies in a 20 meter area and inflicts target'sDMG taken +3% and deals -1292 points of Holy DMG every second for 10 secs, stackable 5 times. (Cooldown time: Instant) Equilibrian The Equilibrian priests chose the middle path. Able to summon the powers of both light and darkness, the Equilibrian has a similarly split personality. Those who enter alliance with one of these mystics would be wise to do so with caution; they are foes to none and friends to fewer. New Holy Skill: Holy Smash - Deals Holy DMG to all enemies within 20 meters of the caster and knocks them back. Has no effect on boss monsters. (Cooldown time: 8 secs) - Energy Recovery - Recovers +630 points of MP for all party members within 30 meters of the caster for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) Battlefield Poet Battlefield Poets are like the clear call of a bugle on a battlefield. Under their inspiration, even the weakest soldiers become brave. New Holy Skills: Wave of Sleep - Deals Nature DMG to a 15-meter-fan-shaped area and inflicts “Drowsy” status to enemies for 5 secs. “Drowsy” status decreases their Cast SPD, ATK SPD & Move SPD by -5%. When the status runs out the enemies will have a 50% chance of entering Sleep state for 5 secs, increasing their DMG taken +20%. (Cooldown time: 6 secs) - Awakened Flame Vibrato - Deals Fire DMG to all enemies within 15 meters of the target and decreases their DEF -10% for 2.5 secs. Additionally, increases caster’s M-ATK +10% for 5 secs, stackable 5 times. (Cooldown time: 2 secs) Life Worshipper Life Worshippers’ prayers are like moonlight on a tender night, soothing warriors’ nerves and pining for departed lives. New Holy Skills: Sleep is for the Weak - All party members within 40 meter of the caster gains “No Sleep” state for 15 secs. “No Sleep” state reduces their P-DMG taken -882 points and grants them Sleep Immunity. Skill "No Sleep” will remove “Melody of Protection” state. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) - Melody of Protection - All party members within 40 meters of the caster gains “Poets Armor” state for 15 secs. “Poets Armor” state reduces their M-DMG taken -882 points and increases their DEF +7948 points. Skill “Melody of Protection” will remove “No Sleep” state. (Cooldown time: 3 secs) Druid Druids draw their strength from the wisdom and fortitude of venerable souls of Yore. Blessed with the ancient powers of transformation, once they metamorphose into different forest creatures, their enemies will find themselves deep in the rough. New Holy Skill: Awakened Repressed Element - Deals Nature DMG to target and has a 40% chance to inflict Knockdown state for 2 secs. While knocked down, target's DMG taken +25%. (Cooldown time: 2 secs) Totem Master Faith equals power for a Totem Master. To believe is to exist, and to exist is to believe. Summoning forth totems of every shape and size, Totem Masters eradicate everything in their path without mussing their robes. New Holy Skill: Old School Rain - Heals all party members within 30 meters of the caster for +10730 points of HP, and continuously recovers +365 points of their Max HP every second for 8 secs. The “Swamp Studies” KP will also make this skill increase Move SPD +15% for all party members for 10 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) Holy Sage The Holy Sage is always able to help people who are suffering in the war. New Holy Skill: Sage’s Protection - Caster gains “Sage’s Protection” state. As long as the Holy Weapon is equipped the caster will recover +3861 points of HP every time they are hit. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) Angel of Justice The Angel of Justice is like a messenger of God - sent to discipline the evil and purify the world. New Holy Skill: Awakened Forbidden Walk - Immobilizes a target for 4 secs and decreases their EVA -335 points. (Cooldown time: 25 secs) M A G I C Arch-Elementalist Arch-Elementalists can manipulate the forces of nature. Their power is an expression of the very will of the elements. New Holy Skill: Elemental Reversal - Grants caster “Elemental Reversal” state for 10 secs which makes the caster able to choose between the “Flame, Lightning, Ice & Nature Reversal” buffs. These buffs makes all your skills deal constant Elemental DMG depending on which Elemental buff you choose. Additionally: “Flame Reversal” - DMG dealt by “Ice Bombardment”, “Snow Tornado”, “Arctic Storm” & “Ice Hydra” +10%. “Lightning Reversal” - DMG dealt by “Wind Bombardment”, “Wind Tornado”, “Wind Storm” & “Wind Hydra” +10%. “Ice Reversal” - DMG dealt by “Flame Bombardment”, “Flame Tornado”, “Flame Storm” & “Fire Hydra” +10%. “Nature Reversal” - DMG dealt by “Lightning Bombardment”, “Lightning Tornado”, “Lightning Storm” & “Lightning Hydra” +10%. (Cooldown time: Instant) Gravity Manipulator With the fresh departure from the traditional magic of the three elements, those who control gravity possesses an invisible and inescapable weapon. New Holy Skill: Feather of Darkness - Deals Triple Hit Dark DMG to target. “Feather of Lightness” KP, “Air Dance” buff and glyphs effects this skill too. (Cooldown time: Instant) *** Side note: The range of “Feather of Lightness” & ”Feather of Darkness” is now controlled by Graviton Distortion Glyph *** Demon Summoner There’s nothing quite like manipulating terrifying demons from alternate dimensions. Demon Summoners, without a disclaimer, possesses an eloquent influence like no other, along with brute-like strength. They are able to turn the tables against any enemy. New Holy Skill: Darkness Calling - Deals Triple Hit Dark DMG to all enemies in a 40 meter straight-line and stuns them for 2 secs. (Cooldown time: 7 secs) Time Manipulator Not enough time on your hands? Bottle it up and save it for a rainy day! Time Manipulators have the power to rewind, stop, fast-forward, and even slow down time. You’ll always be working at half the required time! Enemies are no match for overtime rage! New Holy Skill: Illusive Wind - Deals Double Hit Nature DMG to all enemies in a 20-meter-fan-shaped area and has a 20% chance to knock the enemies back. (Cooldown time: 4 secs) Demon Tamer Demon Tamers have a strong will to resist corruption, allowing them to dominate powerful demons. New Holy Skill: Demon’s Curse - Deals Dark DMG to target and inflicts “Demon’s Curse” status which deals Dark DMG equal to 10% of caster's M-ATK every second for 5 secs. If target’s HP drops below 40% they will be stunned for 2 secs. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) Conjurer By studying the weakness of the body and attacking its functions through Conjuring, Conjurers fight to ensure their foes’ deaths. New Holy Skill: Dark Magic - Deals Dark DMG to target and inflicts “Dark Magic Mark” status for 7 secs. “Dark Magic Mark” status deals Dark DMG equal to 10% of caster's M-ATK every second and has a 20% chance to remove 1 positive buff off the target during this time. (Cooldown time: 5 secs) Darkness Blade When there is light, there must be shadows. Harness the power of shadows to become a Darkness Blade. New Holy Skill: Dark Magic Prayer - Recovers +10% HP & MP for all party members within 30 meters of the caster and grants them Immunity to the next incoming attack. (Cooldown time: 20 secs) Holy Blade Holy Blades shine their eternal light upon the world, giving everyone guidance. New Holy Skill: Formation of Light - Deals Holy DMG to all enemies within 15 meters of the target and decreases their P-CRIT & M-CRIT Rate -107 points for 7 secs, stackable 5 times. (Cooldown time: Instant) Credit to [GM]Jordan for putting a lot of effort and work into this patch & to [GS]_Lilith_ for helping out creating the new custom map and dungeons ~
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