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    Hey Guys, We've decided we are going to begin working on a Classic version of Eden Eternal here at VGN. I appreciate this was a suggestion turned down at the end of last year by myself but after several requests and a lot of nagging by Jordan I've decided to allow this project to go ahead (people can change their mind). We have a lot of ideas that we believe can really create a Classic experience and will be working very hard on executing this accordingly. We hope to share those ideas with you all in the coming weeks as well as screenshots and possibly videos previewing our progress. Now we did have a thread open that was created to ask for your opinions. Unfortunately that thread just became an area for people to just send a lot of hatred because we threaten their current project. We're sorry you had to witness that and if you have any suggestions please let us know we're all ears. Under no circumstances will this project affect our current Eden project. We will be designing a roadmap as well as explaining that the project will not be taken into unnecessary directions. The idea of this project is to bring back that feeling of the classic game and we hope everyone will enjoy it. Please watch this space as we unfold a real Classic experience. Thank you all, Bash.
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    1. Reduce HP crystal to 1/5 current; Today i saw like 15ppl hitting xtal and the hp was not falling; 2. Add Class Drop back; I made all my run on 8p trial and we got like 2 item; 3. Safety Stone 25% on altar; That would make the economy more active;
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    Maybe my look at it is wrong, but i'd say likely yours is. People say right now the TWs are just stompfests(and let's be real, they have been most of the time on this server. With the current system you will always have 1 or at max 2 guilds actively playing TW and stomping everything. I myself quit a while ago but back then i and others simply lost interest in doing TW at all because it was just lame as fuck to simply have no enemies at all or get completely stomped, do quest and leave. The old system made EVERYONE able to participate thus bringing tons of life to TW. The System made each top 3 guilds on crystals get %, with many more people participating you will have many more guilds. Also less presure for people to only join top guilds. It literally only has benefits. Sure there will be times where people go "omg this trash ass guild got the map with 8%" but that's what makes it even more fun. Maybe some people that currently are actively playing TW can elaborate some more on the participation point. I think you can't really compare that as it's 2 whole different things. And that's where i come back to my main point. That is true to a certain point but makes every other person lose interest super fast. Some diversity and difference makes the competition lively and active instead of having the same 2 guilds all the time(i don't know if you still need to adjust it manually per hand or whatever you do right now to keep up at least a bit of balance). I mean if you consider trying it, you can still change it up as much as you want right. Like if you want to balance it more towards the top DPS on each crystals change the % everyone else gets or something. Don't underestimate your "casual" audience(not even casual for real, maybe just people that do actively play and want to do TW but simply don't have the resources/time to put into grinding classes/gear as much). I could elaborate myself for tons of hours more but i'll stop here for now and reply to questions/answers as they may come up ^^ I think i sold my main point, sorry for potential bad grammar at times, not native.
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    Changes Updated the first Territory War on Saturday and Sunday to be 30 minutes earlier. Bug Fixes Fixed the Devil Hunter Skill "Aimed Shot" to no longer apply "Mana Leak" or "Enhanced Mana Leak" on bosses. Fixed the text issue on low level quests where it would show a random high number amount of EXP. Fixed the trophy "Ulysses's Interrogation Records" to now immobilize and not stun as intended and now grants immunity as intended. Fixed the following Human Racial Craft materials: Claret Gore Defense Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Iron Shield Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Match Gem Lv8 Claret Gore Plus Gem Lv8 STR Defense Gem Lv8 AGI Ultimate Speed Gem Lv8 AGI Fast Cast Gem Lv8
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    Ello UwU 1. Bring back the good old % on Crystals in TW. Nothing was more fun than seeing a map go to a guild that was a bit weaker. With that system every "good player" had (even if it was only 8%, it was at least) a chance to win. Also i think it had more motivation to actually FIGHT and not give up after 1 side stomped, because the chance was there ALL THE TIME and FOR EVERYONE. To this day i still don't get why they ever replaced it with that shitty points system. 2. Bring back endless dungeon grinds? Sure thing the game needs some sort of control of currency but i never thought just locking farmruns behind 0/10 a day was a good idea. Thanks ^-^
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    I can 100% assure you that the x8 option will not be present. We're currently thinking Exp x1, Class Exp x2, Drop x2 and Gold x2. This has been our general idea throughout, just this morning it was brought to our attention that people expect x, y and z from us and we're just curious. In all fairness now that I think about it, we shouldn't have put that option there to begin with but it's there and it won't influence our decision. Polls are there for general feedback more than anything and do not finalise our decisions.
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    New PVP Content and Ranks. I am playing this game less and less ,while investing time to pve gearup just for to be awake in a specific time of TW and GVG that last pathetic 30 mins that doesnt even get me started furious which making me simply to jump to other mmo. WE need everlasting furious pvp . enuf of sakura haha hihi testing, or circuing around fountain in Aven staring at the screen, sometimes ppl go Sakura and tryhard inventing hide-seek-assasinate games but it aint working if isnt real game restrictions and built-in rule protocols So, open world map, an every day 24h pvp with kills and ranks closely like in games Scarlet Blade and Shaiya. 2 NPCs in Aven, one for join red team other is blue, inside people forming raids, everytime a player is killed whole raid gets 1 kill (must be this way cuz healer and tank must also rank somehow with their contribution in pvp), main drive is ppl wana be higher rank but at risk because every death is minus 1f or 0.5f (downgrading rank, dont feed other side and wait for even numbered to push) Meanwhile there are crystals in the map 1 to 3 that when one side kills a crystal it gets 30% patk matk or some way of boost ,idk , keep battles going, tactic waitings etc.. Now what interest u the most is business mechanic and making real cash with selling vouchers. Item mall voucher tiers that gives 1.5f , 2f, 2.5f kill multiplier , normally is 1 per kill/death. also Loosing vouchers that makes u lose 0.5 kills upon death (preventive-like voucher) (Long-term possibility) Every year, maybe, ranks should get downgraded by 50% of what u earned. This keep players simply fight forever 50% of 50% of 50% every year cut down. The ranks in pvp are visible with a symbol like ||| > >> >>> ** next to ur name will make even nonpvpers join and leech a kill or 2, u need some kind of form to make ppl stay in EE to emo-rage, feeling to play and test builds and change classes etc.. Major flaw to this pvp content is one person making 10 accounts to go inside and kill and rank on its own( this is called statpad like in shaiya) - possible fix is getting a kill but only when both sides interchange some damage amount, or cant get a kill if a raid is less then 10 ppl, forcing cheater that wants to rank with many clients to must run 10 clients, gearscore works also meaning cant get a kill from a player with low stats and lvl, death-kill cooldown toward counting a kill also works meaning if they kill u, u wont get them a kill in next 1min if u die again, "slowing down getting kills behaviour"... rn i cant think of more preventive solutions.. So this is many IF IF IF for u Jordan, u cant do this? but maybe in some form relative to this one. Making Web page with ranks and kills and icons is also viable, connected with game database.
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    Once everyone wants to be in the top, it gives less room for people who want to build something. EEClassic will start now, but people who reach the server late will have to fight a bunch of 30+ dudes with gears, and win against that. Whoever wants to build a guild will have to stick to PVE only until they have roughly equal numbers and gears or maybe more. Until then, it's dead PVP. That's what happens in EEAwaken (Even with increased rates that makes reaching "the top" easier), hence why most of the TWs are stompfests with 1 or 2 guilds hopping in there. I agree with the % for the sake of having smaller guilds with dudes taking part on it, and being happy with their guild names being shout at the world. It helps them grow, and helps the server too.
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    New battle map suggestion Map model : Black flame peak Boss amount : 5 Boss models : Boss A = first boss of fort vedure dgn Boss B = first boss century dgn Boss C = Like the medusa monsters from meerysha (the snake women) Boss D = like Gaddis (thats the last boss in Guillotine) Boss E = like the boss from twinsage with this 2 heads (Omar) Boss abilities , names , colors , rewards and locations on the map Boss A Name : Seth Titel : Bone crusher Color : If u can change the color of old boss models then maybe make his fur black and his eyes red so he fits in the map. Skills: 1. skill : deals triple hit strike dmg and knocks the target 10 meter away (single target) (cooldown 7 sec) 2. skill: marks one target and deals all 0,5secs 10% MAX HP dmg over 5 seconds (cooldown 10sec and cant be removed) 3. skill: reduces all resistance of all enemies around 20 meter by 10 can stack up 5 times (cooldown 5 sec , can be removed) 4. skill: heals himself by 20% of the damage taken (cooldown 8 sec and can be removed with buff removing trophies for example) Rewards : Seths bloody club (trophy) Passive trophy effect : HP increased by 2k (white HP), str and lck increased by 400 (green stat) , patk increased by 7% ,physical dmg increased by 5% . Active trophy effect : 5% chance to increase the patk by 20k , critr by 500 and double hit chance by 10% and triple hit by 5% . Boss location : X 110 Y 65 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss B Name : Kebobrokan Titel : The depravity Color : the same like in century dgn skills : 1. skill : summons 3 small clones of himself . First clone can only be killed by fire dmg , second clone can only be killed by holy dmg and third clone can only be killed by nature dmg. While the copies are alive Kebobrokan recives 75% less dmg (25% for each colone)and deals 30% more dmg (10% for each clone). (12 second cooldown) 2. skill : deals double hit dark dmg to all enemies around 15 meters and reduce their cast speed , atk speed and movementspeed by 20%. stacks up 3 times and can be removed. (5 sec cooldown) 3. skill : Kebobrokan buffs himself with a shadow shield which reduces the acc of all enemies by 60% if they hit him and also reflect 15k dmg for each time they hit kebobrokan. can be removed with buff removing trophies. Cooldown 15 seconds 4. skill : Kebobrokan let under his enemies spawn a dark slime field (like the fields from skytower/daylight forest or DL mobs) which deals 8% max HP all 0.5 secs aslong the enemy stays in the slime field. The slime fields disapear after 8 seconds. cooldown 20 seconds. Reward : Kebobrokans slimy eye (Trophy) passive effect : 2000 HP (white stat) ,str and int increased by 300 (green stat), matk and patk increased by 5% and magical /physical dmg increased by 3%. active effect : 10% chance to increases matk and patk by 15k , mcritr and pcritr by 350. The trophy has 3% chance to give the whole party the buff Kebobrokans slime blessing which decreases the acc of all enemies which hit you by 150 can stack up 3 times. Boss location : X 263 Y 345 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss C Name : Hecate Titel : Snake Goddess Color : dark purple tail , black dress , white skin , red hair skills : 1. skill : Hecate makes all players blind . blind player cant deal dmg and recives 60% more dmg. One player recive before starting the fight a aura from Athena Marie (this npc will be close to the boss before u start the fight just talk with her to recive the buff) with that buff u have to walk through the blind players to remove the blind debuff. Cooldown 13 secs. 2. skill : Hecate casts 5 sec and then she deals triple hit nature dmg to all enemies in 20 meters . cooldown 8 sec 3. skill : Hecate buff herself with "Miasma of the snake goddess" . Miasma of the snake goddess let Hecate poison all her enemies and make them lose 5% matk / patk , stack up 20 times . that buff cant be removed by buff removing trophies the player with the athena marie buff need to remove it from Hecate . cooldown 5 sec. 4. skill : hecate deals double hit holy dmg and spawns her snake underlings (they look like the 3. boss of sacred grove) those underlings can reduce the weapon atk to 0 if they hit u. cooldown 3 secs. Reward : Hecates seductive mask passive effect : 2000 HP (white HP) 400 int and lck (green int) , 10% matk , 5% mcritr , 5% castspeed , 5% parry. active effect : has a 5% chance to increase the matk by 25k , int by 15 % and magic dmg dealt by 3%. the trophy has also a 3% chance to buff the player with the "Poison of the snake goddess " buff which reduces the movementspeed of players which hit the player with this effect by 20% and increase the dmg taken of enemies by 3%. Boss location : X 464 Y 490 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss D Name : Odin Titel : Horsed Demon Color : If u can change the color then dark red maybe or black again skills : 1. skill : deals thunder dmg to all enemies in 30 meters and increase their dmg taken by 15%, can be removed . cooldown 5 sec 2. skill : deals 99999999 dmg to all enemies which are not inside the safe spots around Odin in 30 meter. Everyone inside the safe spot recives 10% MAX HP dmg each second and dmg taken increased by 20% . cooldown 7 sec 3. skill : Heals odin by 20% HP. 15 sec cooldown 4. skill : deals triple hit strike dmg to all enemies in 20 meters and reduce their pheal by 60%. cooldown 10 sec Reward : Odins demonic saddle passive effect : 2000 HP (white stat), 400 wis and agi (green stat), 5% cast speed , 5% gheal , 600 mcritr (green stat). active effect : 5% chance to increase gheal by 5% , can stack up 3 times. decreases the dmg by 10% . has a 1% chance to increase the heal by 1.25%. (cooldown 10 sec) Boss location : X 498 Y 110 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boss E Name : Ghido Titel : Demonic Brothers Color : can stay the same in my opinion . Skills : 1. skill : deals quadruple slash dmg to all enemies in a fan shaped area and fears them for 3 sec . 7 sec cooldown 2. skill : Ghido buffs himself each attack against him increases his dmg by 1% can stack up 100 times. 10 sec cooldown. 3. skill : Ghido deals double hit dmg to all enemies around 30 meters and gives them a debuff which decreases their dmg dealt by 1% , stacks up 100 times and deals the player for each time u hit Ghido 10k dmg. 12 sec cooldown 4. skill : Ghido buffs himself with a 100% reflect buff. 6 sec cooldown Reward : Ghidos hard skin passive effect : 3100 HP (white stat) , 2000 HP (green stat) , reflects 5% dmg back to the target , 10% def . active effect : 5% chance to decrease the dmg taken by 4000 and 1% chance that each skill or normal attack heals the player by 5% dmg dealt. Boss location : X 79 Y 445 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I forgot to add the resistance to each trophy all boss trophies give 3 physical res and 5 elemental res
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    Hey all, Please see the below image to find out the schedule for each event in-game. Thank you, Bash.
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    No. As far as we remember it was just random back then. I don't know, the system right now is just "the strongest guild wins everything and stomps everything" which is kinda fair yeah, but also makes people have WAY less interest. TW's back then were active as heck because literally EVERYONE had a fair chance to win, if only a small one. Maybe we have very different points of view on this, but i also think kills should be a helping hand TO win(as in kill them and take over the crystals) and not a winning factor itself. The % you reached at the end was the % chance to win the map, no matter the side.
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    I think the meta will be similar to how 70/75 cap was on MS where we will farm gold by doing all the 0/2 solo dungeons for money and to level up classes My initial thought was also that gold will be hard to farm without a larger limit than 0/10, but we should test this out ourselves before jumping to conclusions
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    We had this before where it reset with maintenance and it made weekday TW's very inactive. Now there is a balance between active TW's during the week and active GVG's at the weekends. I personally found it too stressful as a try hard guild leader trying in weekend TW's especially when you have a GVG on the same day as you get a lot of burnout if the PvP is active enough. I feel like how it is right now is best to encourage both weekday and weekend PvP but in future it can be evaluated depending on who is playing the server and their timezone.
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    Idk where you get that only 20 EU players bs from, but since you dont even seem to know that spains part of europe i better dont try to hard to understand. Unless you´re unemployed, start work at 10 a.m. or sleep 6h a day the times we currently have for pvp are a huge letdown for european people.
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    I agree with you and I believe in your good sense to make that work. Thank you for the answer.
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    Notes and Other Suggestions Depending on the context of the boss to be used either forGOP 3 or other, they will fit those roles and will have buffs or nerfs necessary. The reward for them will also depend on which they are to be used, I’d Suggest a Bind on Equip type of reward/drop system but it might have really bad consequences Other Suggestions A 10 Floor Level Type of Soloable Dungeon progression is saved by receiving floor token each levels or any type of way of saving progression. soloing the bosses in each floors will depend on how player think of a way to (Solo by Exec, Kiting with Riflee with Slow trophies, mimic mind control, DT kite, etc etc, have npc buff other class to make them available solo too, ie make boss susceptible to pierce so we use riflee instead of exec.) I really enjoyed soloing Daylight Forest, cosmetics and the mount are very nice rewards and motivate people to do them . Player Role model rankings/Helpful player Rankings Basically when you right click people you can have the option of commending them and give them points in the ranking board, this makes helping people have an incentive to help newbies and not feel like a waste of time, however this mechanic might really be abused by alts I would also like to reinforce the suggestion on a Battleroyal Map/PVP map with bosses. If any of these are possible/programmable id like to help specify on the Bosses’ names, lore and skill. Sorry for wall of text qwq
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    I have been letting some of the ideas boil up so that I could go over them together so I'll have a crack at some of them now 😁 New dungeon's with mechanics are definatly something people like, I know there was a couple of complaints about the difficulty of DS but most of this was down to players being used to EE content being very easy. I get the time thing was an issue but it's kind of hard to make something hard if the fight is short, a longer fight gives more room for error and not just a quick burst. Maybe a good thing to pull from this though could be doing something more along the lines of the 25 man dungeon (Not for 25 people though, 5 is usually the best for difficulty), a boss thats very mechanically challenging but only having 1 boss per run. That way the dungeon might only take 10mins for people to beat but it still keeps its challenge in action. Idk what you think of something like this? Although I did state Quality of Lift changes are to be suggested in suggestions I'll just clarify that NT charms and Trade charms are two serporate items. There for they cannot use the same racial as racials don't have an either or item option (Arcane Box Does however). This would be QOL. Very good suggestion framework I like this. However, we usually need a level cap change to compensate for a new running area so I'm not sure if this would quite fit into the game right now. However, maybe we can do something else with it in terms of maybe doing a battle map designed to be just a battle map. So the main desire to come here would be to fight bosses and not really to run for EXP. What do you think? Definatly something I've always wanted to do is have a PvP map but it would be hard to do teams so to speak. Maybe we can try rework this so the map functions a bit more like Sakura Island where you form your own teams inside rather than picking red or blue team? I mean I might be able to add the teams but I'd have to sit down and really dig deep before being able to say yes. Something I always wanted to add however is a PvP map with bosses in it, a bit like Elysian but done better having the map open 24/7. Another thing could be added to this idea where instead of it being party based it's guild based. Then every couple of hours it could reset and whatever guild held the crystals the longest gets points. I'm not sure if 24 hours is good for this idea, maybe just 6 hours in the games prime time but it's definatly something worth considering. Sadly it just doesn't really feel the same as having normal classes back at their prime. Although I think classic TW right now is in a good state I just feel like it isn't quite the same. Whether its class expertise or KP thats messing it up I'm not sure. It just seems to be the opinion of most that it doesn't feel right. I am however open to these ideas and have been for a long time but yet nobody has really bothered to ask me to do it. It seems like nothing really gets suggested about normal class TW, ever since i made the gear practically free nobody ever talks to me about it anymore.
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    Oh, I forgot to say but something I really would like to see for next patchs are a rework of racial passives and skills. Some of they are useless, like human GK healing 15% p-atk/m-atk with rapier. I know some races are supposed to be better at x or y class, but I think we could have a passive that is at least usefull with all classes and races. And maybe buffing some passives? I can reach 100% m-crit rate on human holy sage, for exemple without losing to much of anything. I'd like to see a cap where only Halfkin holy sage with his m-crit rate passive can reach 100% m-crit rate easily, other races would have to choose between losing 1 or 2 stats to reach 100% m-crit rate. But they would have better passives, instead of 5% Move speed on Zumi, having block so Zumi would be the only race to cap block on HS, while anuran gets more healing, etc. I know that's not something easy to do, it's actually very hard. But that would mean we could have more build variety and also would feel more rewarding to gear every classes. (All those passives I said was just an example, I know u can reach really good stats with any race but for me that's the problem, I feel like with some classes one specific race can't be as good as other, like Human 15% p-atk with Sword in BA vs -30% malice for Halfkin, while with other classes some racial feels like isn't really helping since any HS can reach 100% m-crit easy and not just Halfkin that have the 20% passive)
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    Ok so no BM in dungeons because it's classic and slow server, no BM in PvP because it's OP, no BM in maps because of captcha so it's useless, why the hell i started this topic ? 😂
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    As mentioned crystal HP is not worth mentioning yet until people have fortified weapons and gear and have built there character as if you do this then when people do gear you might find they're like butter and need putting back. As for 2 this was something many people didn't want adding as it made the game super easy which I agree. I didn't play at a high level much back before class drops but I remember farming 200+ Silins for that 1 ring just for after an update that added class drops someone getting it after 1-2 kills. As for %'s well see how it goes. I can't really remove it now since removing it now would mean anyone with even 101% would have an advantage. However, maybe the next cap of weapons can have it disabled so at the very least from the get go its 100%. But we'll have to see what people think during beta. I don't believe there is 25% safety stones, just the following: Regular Lucky 5% Specific Lucky (ULSS, CLSS) 10% Halcyon 50% Specific Halcyon 75% Sublime and Specific Sublime 100%. The choice behind only Lucky and Regular Safestones was simple because the problem with our Awaken server and the problem its had from day 1 was that because it was made so accessible fortifying gear wasn't worth anything. Now at the very least the people who land on it can make a profit on the money they spent on the Eden Crystal they used to land on it. The specific Lucky's will also be released at one point or another I just thought for beta atleast the all tier Luckys would be more appreciated since people will want to +10 gear when they get them. We also did an awful lot of stress testing on the rates of this altar rolling collectively over 2000 Eden Crystals to test the rates and we're happy with them. We do have other plans for the Safety Stones of a higher % but this is not something we're implementing at the moment so they're only available through rankings right now (Which will remain unchanged).
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    1st: there’s a vending machine in cg that takes silver medals or it seems like you might be 30 now you can convert them to gold medals in viledon and use that vending machine. It’s for a lot of different things such as gear or ultimates or items. 2nd and 3rd As they said it’s just gear for free. It’s not great at all. real unique a are incredibly stronger than rares. Each dungeon that is for lvl 30+ has unique drops or world bosses.
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    It is way too early to make suggestions on Crystals HP, as nobody is equipped yet and many aren't even ready to participate at all. -> That said, if it gets back to crystals being dead in 10 sec, last minute cap meta will get going again. And that's a shit meta in my eyes at least. Droprate i don't really care. At least if it takes longer, motivation to do trials stays up \o/
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    Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log into the game. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    Most of the players arent EU. doesnt make sense to take care of a player base of maybe 20 ppl while all others are Brazils and Spanish ppl which are totally fine with the time.
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    Well, some times go to 0-2am for europe so it would be nice if the classic servers times were pushed earlier instead of even later.
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    I played MS from open beta until 75/80 cap. I think x1 rates for character exp is 100% fine (it took around 3-5 days to reach level cap on every release for 50-70 caps with no knowledge of content and around a week for 70-75 cap doing reps outside of vingot) Class exp on the other hand was really slow on MS and took a while to cap classes just to get certificates, etc. I think EXP/CP needs to be buffed if 0/10 is kept in the game (but issue with botting might happen if cap was removed...). Otherwise, each cap, players will be spamming reps for levels for days to reach the next line of story quests.
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    I dont know if I'd really consider this a fair system to be honest. I'm some what of a top end competator in my prime of Eden and I'm not sure about anyone else but I'd be pretty cheesed if I was winning a TW and put in effort and then the territory goes to some random guild with 2 people who just hit the crystal a few times. Like idk if its just me but I just don't really understand how winning a pvp match that you tried hard to win should be left up to a random number generator after all is said and done. Like you dont queue arena and win 3 rounds and hope that you win the match because they won a around so you have 75% chance to win and they have a 25% chance to win. To me it just feels a bit odd that people would like this? I could see the appeal for a lower end guild wanting this since they're not a top tier competator and they don't really have a chance to win over the top end guilds but I feel like thats kinda the point right, a top end guild builds to a point so they can win.
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    other server is absolute garbage same people who mocked bash for his management techniques are doing a worse job there go figure ill definitely be trying this one out tho not too sure if ill stay but i enjoy the work here at vgn im an old nostale player wish it would return
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    Not really, i've played on that server for almost a week and the ones satisfied with the server are the ones that started playing first and have all the advantage and also having their wishes all attendend by the gm. This will crumble down very fast and since they're dictating the prices and everything this will strongly dismotivate non-ap-spenders newcomers. I've seen many complaints of newcomers in their discord that were replied by some kind of small fry gs saying things like "you're just upset cause you cannot buy a pet" and "if i can do all runs in 2 hours you should be able too". In any case, lets just let that server die over there and focus here, the question is what rates we want HERE. I would vote for normal 1x rates and 2x for events but there's no such option :c
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    I actually found a video, god bless. It's in german but it's just a show-around basically. So basically each crystal yielded 8.3% to the 3 best performing Guilds, making a 3 guild 33% situation possible. But it also makes a situation like seen in the video possible, where 9 guilds have some % but just with little chances. In my eyes it was the most fair and balanced system they ever had. The side didn't matter btw.. If one side was able to hold one crystal they had a SMALL(only 8.3%) but FAIR chance to win the map. Crystals were very heavyly HP'd as you can see so sniping crystals was kinda possible but not easily unnoticed. Here is another less laggy video but way worse quality
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    Damn this kinda reads so passive aggressive and also defensive at the same time I think you should stop bringing yourself into situations like this where all your sides are attackable. Well, happened now but yall may think stuff through a bit more in the future. No offense, just saying you made yourself a hole you're sitting in and people will throw their shit in from evey side.
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    It's EXP rates only, that's what [GS]Lilith said on discord at least.
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    This looks like Zilian ultimate. But you're to noob to use it ❤️
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    I'd like to thank the Staff for increasing the drops for uni costumes. I have now created several AP rare costumes into unique costumes, which I said I wanted to do. Can you name them?
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    Definatly well formatted, don't have to apologise as not a wall of text :P I think some mechanics need some work still but there is a couple of nice ides such as the resistance roulette type mechanic. I do however like the detail and images to help visualize the suggestions. I would also suggest it might not be a bad idea to look at some maps in Eden Eternal / Aura Kindgom or Twin Saga to see if there is any you think might suite the dungeon. As for the 10 Floor Type thing, Unfortunately we cannot do anything like this as the game is only designed to have 1 dungeon like this (Sky Tower). This was likely an experiment X-Legend where doing in order to have a good system for Aura Kingdom. We might be able to do a wave like system instead a bit like dreadlore. I think a commend button could be nice. I have some theorys on how exactly we could make it none abusable but would require some manual verification.
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    Make a GvG for Normal Class, A dungeon restricted for normal class only so that you can use your set that you geared on nctw And make some items that will boost the normal class skills on that certain dungeon It's just like a classic server but on our server if it's possible so people can enjoy both awaken and normal class and have some variety And make a channel only for normal class if possible too so people can switch to awaken or normal class channel without having to create another character Thanks
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    Can we have KatieWhipper back?
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    But you don't understand. We need a Vivi and Bash pet.
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    Greetings Commanders, Tartarus Temple continues to leak dark energy into Chromia. Lord Damian is feasting on the fears of each and every one of us. The Archons and monsters in Amara are growing stronger and maybe even more difficult to be than before. Who knows what will happen next. Commanders, it is up to you to defeat the Shadow Army and seal Tartarus Temple. Lord Damian must be defeated in order to restore balance. It is unfortunate that one of his worst creations, The Great Archon Typhon, has escaped to Amara. Typhon has already slain Asmodeus and used his chakra energy to help release more Archons: Dracanae, Orenji, and Gorgon. Lota was able to cast an ultimate form of Ignis Praesidium to dispel Orenji's volcanic atmosphere to allow the Arkana a fighting chance. It appears the Shadow Army has been able to get ahold of the treasure they were looking for in Tartarus Temple due to the increase of strength and size of them now. They are currently trying to raid one of our settlements in Barbiron with their new Prime Bot, find and destroy it Luckily, the Arkana are able to utilize these unique and ancient jewels from Tartarus Temple for their own power. The end does not seem to be anywhere near. We hope that this threat does not leak elsewhere into Chromia or we may be doomed. Be on the lookout for future supplies to both Suer and Dragon Valley in the Macham Islands and in Amara. Lastly, This is TOP SECRET for Commanders to know only: Mother is currently working on releasing a new arena specifically designed for the Arkana to train themselves for this new battle ahead.
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    Unless I'm missing the point but if people farm dungeons for gold? Isn't this just putting more gold in their pockets? This just hurts the games economy more since handing out more gold means people have more gold to spend and means they will burn more on items in attempts to out bid others. So unless I'm missing something here then it doesn't really sound like a good suggestion to be honest. Especially since we've already given a plethora of amount of methods to grinding gold. People are upset about the changes made to the new map hand ins but it doesn't make it a bad method at all and often times you'll find that most people will be podding somewhere in the 3rd map and getting basically free gold for preping for TW/GVG etc. So it may not be huge amounts but every income counts unless your character is maxed right? As for Infecttado's suggestion although this would be a very welcomed addition its also just guna hit the above problem. We need to stop adding overpowered gold methods as we're just making the game harder for the newer players to catch up. Palace is good and easy gold and if its too hard the repeatables in the new maps are good enough and will help them catch their classes up to 110+.
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    Me and PrincessWhip found a bug: it seems we can't go in the second room of Disguided Ship dungeon: after first boss Chesa killed, the portal spawns, when we run inside, we hear the sound of the teleport, but the teleport did not work.
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    I tried it today... Can't kill first 4 mobs in normal mode ahahaha. It reminds me the original AT.
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    first boss was the hardest
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    4 new dungeons have been added to the game! Their entrance can be found in Suer! Tartarus Temple Hard Mode (Solo/Party) Tartarus Temple Normal Mode (Solo/Party) These dungeons can be entered with the new Tartarus Cards, which can be obtained from boss drops in Amara and battlegrounds! Each of these dungeons have a chance of dropping much needed items for major mechs! Hard mode of these dungeons is very difficult! Its recommended to ONLY attempt them if you're confident in your build and character. Take the risk, and be very well rewarded with valuable drops in this version of the dungeon! Level 55 Major Mechs and Cyberskins have been added to the game! These can be crafted and made through Conversion NPCs in Amara and Suer These new mechs require materials from Tartarus dungeon to create! AK Life Support and Urka drops have been updated and changed to reflect the new items added with the patch Elite Supply Crate now has a chance of dropping x5 Epoxy Glue All bosses in Amara have been updated and replaced with new bosses! Various mobs have also been updated and replaced in Amara! Mobs in Amara have a very rare chance of dropping jewels and Epoxy Glue! NPCs for Archeron have been added in Amara - they can be found in Neutral Settlement Miniature "Prototype" versions of Asmodeus, Helios, Behemoth, and Cairn will now spawn along with the world bosses and have a chance at dropping jewels (normal and ancient)/crafting materials/achivement essences Pet skins of the following bosses now have a rare chance of dropping when that boss is killed: Titan (4 version) Urka Ankelos Catherine Ayallal Omega Specimen CX-1 Destroyer Safeguard Replicube should now just open rather then go through the slot machine roll Increased the chance of obtaining a Safeguard from the Safeguard replicube from 20% to 35% Reputation cap has been increased to 200,00 each reset 2 new Rank Caps have been added beyond ArchAngel! Another batch of skill changes have been added to the game. You can see the full details of those changes here! HP/SP Crisis Hypovials should no longer share a cooldown with HP/SP Rapid Regen Hypovials Fixed the broken portal in Disgused Ship for one of the factions Hauler Quests in Amara should now detect you when you have the quest Various Skill texts have been updated/changed to make a bit more sense
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    Gravity Manipulator (Minor Rework) GM as a class is very controversial as some players rage about how OP it is and others think the class is trash or only good for stuff like capping or soloing bosses. Also refering back to the comment made about the Mecha changes I wanted to reduce CC on damage oriented classes but didn't want to remove it completely. Thats why I've removed the Knockup CC from this class and reverted it back to a stun. I've also reverted most of the skills or reworked the skills depending on how good the original version was and made all the skills consume stacks rather than trade stacks so stack management is more important now. Note: Important for this class only any mention of conusming or converting stacks please disregard what the current skill does with the stacks as pretty much all of them have been updated with this patch and it would be too much to write removed and added to each skill. [Skill] Feather of Lightness Now consumes 2 stacks of "Weightlessness". [Skill] Tornado Wings (Revert / Rework) Note: This skill will replace Gravitation Lockdown. No Cooldown Time. Consumes 3 stacks of "Weightlessness". Grants M-ATK and deals Triple Hit Holy DMG to all enemies within 15 meters of the target. [Skill] Black Hole Note: Updated the description of this skill, skill still functions the same way. Now consumes 3 stacks of "Gravitation" Reduces Move SPD, P-ATK and M-ATK by -15% now instead of -5%. Stacks 1 time instead of 4 times. [Skill] Gravitation Drop Note: This skill will replace Gravitation Slam. Cooldown 5 seconds. Consumes 5 stacks of "Gravitation". Grants M-ATK and deals Double Hit Dark DMG to all enemies within a 20 meter target area reducing their Move SPD -35% for 10 seconds. If the enemy is in "Imbalanced Gravity" status they will be knocked down for 1.5 seconds. [Skill] Imbalanced Gravity Note: No changes where made to this skill the description was just updated/corrected. [Skill] Out of Phase Note: No changes where made to this skill the description was just updated. Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the Out of Phase party buff would affect all surrounding allies and not just party members. [Skill] Feather Steps No Changes. [Skill] Gravitation Field Now grants 5 stacks of "Weightlessness" and 5 stacks of "Gravitation". No longer causes Immobilization. [Skill] Air Dance Now Consumes 3 stacks of "Weightlessness" and 3 stacks of "Gravitation". [Skill] Anti-Gravity Drive (Reverted) Consumes 5 stacks of "Weightlessness" and 5 stacks of "Gravitation". Grants M-ATK and deals Dark DMG to all enemies within 30 meters of the caster stunning them for 3 seconds. [Skill] Balanced Gravity Cooldown has been removed. Note: Updated the description format. Now consumes 20% HP instead of 10% HP. [Skill] Feather of Darkness (Holy Skill) Now consumes 2 stacks of "Gravitation". Class Talent Changes Gift of Magic: Fixed the description. Time Manipulator (Changes) Just some small QOL changes to help. Shouldn't change much but to be honest this class is a secret OP anyway. [Skill] Slo-Mo Cooldown increased from 15 seconds from 10 seconds. Pause Time Status No longer reduces Movement SPD. Knocks down the enemy for 2 seconds. [Skill] Pause Time Removed Cooldown Reduction for Slo-Mo. Equipment Changes Hurricane Glyph Slo-Mo duration decreased from 5 seconds to 1 second.
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    el problema es que el servidor clásico solo tiene 1 variedad de sanador (despierto, puede obtener HS-paladin-GK) and alot of dps , ¿puede usar ideas de este y agregar una nueva clase? pero no roto.- clase similar : 3
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    Magic and Robust Snake Charmer Yumimaru Magic and Robust Snow Bell Lele Please.
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    Wasn't this to be expected? You put new coveted items into pvp places, the power swings to one side and those who can't switch side are left empty handed.
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    If at some point you run into a xigncode error please consider download this folder and paste the files into the sb folder. https://mega.nz/#!aq4kTIaD!Zk3MGt7G5lAZXoVJPiFXEQuHLqcWCnBUvh8UJ4SkL2A
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    Before I start, I just want to say that the solutions provided in this guide may not always work for everyone and they might vary depending on what sort of PC you're using. There might also be simpler ways to counter the issue than explained below but these are the ways I'm most familiar with myself. So I’ve noticed a lot of players are still experiencing issues with the game not starting after hitting the “Play” button, and I’ve decided to make a continuing guide on some solutions that may solve this problem if the first guide was not successful for you. Part 1 of the guide can be found here: 1. Verify your files. ALWAYS try this before searching for more advanced solutions to your issue. There are many occasions where one of your files could just end up being corrupted and a simple verification can turn out to be the road to success. It does no harm to try it! Press here on your launcher: 2. Run the game as Administrator. Sometimes the game is not being ran in administrator mode by default, which basically means that you’re not approving of your PC to run the application safely. This can then cause the application to not run at all. You can simply allow the app to run with administrator privileges (your confirmation) by right clicking on the patcher/desktop shortcut and press “Run as administrator”: 3. Use the right Launcher. If you recently installed Eden Eternal Vendetta to your PC and you’re unsure how to start the game, NEVER use the file called “_Launcher” or ”launcher” to access the game. That file belongs to the official server and can mess up your game. The file you’re supposed to use is called only “patcher”. That is the only file you’re going to be using to start the game. Right launcher: Wrong launcher: 4. Make sure your Antivirus Protection Program is turned OFF when starting the game (if your PC has one). This also goes for Windows Defender. Antivirus programs are relatively easy to turn off, at least the ones I’ve stumbled upon. You should be able to find a “Disable” button somewhere in the app’s settings or simply by right clicking your Antivirus icon on the bottom of your screen if it shows one. It could look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Antivirus As for Windows Defender, the course of action may vary depending on which version of Windows your PC is running on. I’m not going to list Windows 7 because I assume most people nowadays are running Windows 8 or above and if I remember correct Windows Defender does not work in the same way for Win7 users. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Start screen and type “Windows Defender” in the search bar. Click on the app and enter the “Settings” tab. In the list on the left it should say “Administrator” at the bottom, click on it and uncheck the box that says “Turn on this app”. There should then be a window saying something like this: For Windows 10: Click on the Start menu and select the “Settings” gear in the list. In the settings window, choose the “Update & Security” option and choose “Windows Defender” in the list on your left. Once there, uncheck the box that says “Real-time Protection”. By doing this it means that you’ve successfully turned off your Windows Defender and it’s no longer blocking your PC from running certain programs seen as spyware/malware (such as Vendetta). 5. Add Vendetta Gaming Networks to your Antivirus Programs Exception List. If you have an antivirus program on your PC I’d suggest you to add your Vendetta folder to the exception list to exclude it from any safety shields. **If you do not have an antivirus program you can skip this part**. In this list you can add any files or folders you’d like to avoid in the computer's scanning for potential threats since it may detect Vendetta as one of them. It should look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Free Antivirus 6. Turn OFF your Firewall. Go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. One of the options there should be the Windows Firewall, click on it. In the list to your left there’s an option saying “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”, click it and mark the boxes saying to turn OFF Windows Firewall and then press OK. There’s also a second option in the list saying “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”. If you click on it and choose the Vendetta launcher, it should allow you to run the game through the firewall without having to actually fully disable it. However, I haven’t tried this option myself. 7. Make sure your hardware and graphics card(s) is up to date. Always make sure you’re sitting on the latest updates for your computer, whether it’s security updates, system updates, updates from your graphics card provider, or released updates for programs such as your C++ Library, .NET Framework, JavaScript, DirectX and so on. To access your available updates for Windows, go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. In the list there should be an option called “Windows Update” where you can find available updates to your PC. Installing these and keeping your computer up to date is always worth it. 8. Run your game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (or Windows XP). Making the launcher run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (sometimes it tend to work with Windows XP as well) can have it bypass whatever interference that prevents the game from running properly on your current Windows program. This especially tend to work for Windows 10 users since Eden Eternal is not properly optimized to run on Win10. The compatibility mode can be changed by right clicking on the launcher and selecting “Troubleshoot compatibility”: Then press “Troubleshoot Program”: After clicking it, mark the box that says “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”: Press “Next” and choose “Windows 7” (If this does not work try Windows XP): Press “Next” and click on the “Test the program” button. The launcher will pop up and hopefully so will the game. If it succeeded, click “Next” again and then choose “Yes, save these settings for this program”. 9. Reinstall the game. You might wanna consider removing your EE Vendetta files completely and re-download them with all of your safety protections OFF to prevent any files from being deleted or damaged. There’s a zipped folder you can use for downloading Eden Eternal Vendetta here: 10. Install the game in Safe Mode. If the issue maintains even after reinstalling the game you could try putting your PC into “Safe Mode” before downloading. This means that your operating system will only load the minimum software required for your computer’s systems to work, which in other words means that your PC has less obstacles to get past for your downloaded applications to work correctly (such as Eden Eternal). The path to access Safe Mode looks a little different depending on which Windows package your using, and as before I’m not going to list Win7 below. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Windows Start screen and type “Advanced Startup Options” in the search bar. Click on the app with the same name in the list below. A window called “PC Settings” should pop up. Press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field of the window. Your PC should then restart by itself and put you in the Advanced Startup menu. In the menu, click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. This will take you to the Advanced Options screen. Click on the “Startup Settings” that allows you to start up your Windows with Safe Mode enabled. In the bottom right of the screen there should a restart button, press it and let your computer restart once again. Once restarted you will automatically be sent to the "Startup Settings" screen where you will have to choose which Safe Mode you want to put your PC in - “Safe Mode” , “Safe Mode with Networking” , or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. You will want to choose the “Enable Safe Mode With Networking” option so that you can use your internet to download the game. For Windows 10: Press the Windows Start button and click on the “Settings” gear. Then head to “Update & Security”, and choose “Recovery” in the list on the left side of the window. After entering the recovery section press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field. After restarting you will automatically get to the Advanced Startup menu (same as above), click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. After entering the Advanced Options screen, click on the “Startup Settings” that puts your computer into Safe Mode. Press the “Restart” button at the bottom of the window and let your PC restart again. After restarting, choose the “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” option so that you can use your internet while in Safe Mode to download the game. Note: There are more ways to enable Safe Mode on your PC that you personally might find easier but this is the approach I’m the most familiar with myself. 11. Format your PC. If none of the above solutions are successful for you, you might wanna look into formatting your PC. This can end up being quite advanced, but basically what you will want it to do is wipe all your downloaded files on your PC and bring it back to the state it was when you first got it. This means that any program/background program or files that may stop your game from starting correctly will (hopefully) vanish. Keep in mind: If you want to format your PC and save the stuff you have on it already you will want to use a CD, flash drive, external hard drive or similar to backup your data on. However, I will not mention how this works here. I will also not mention how formatting your PC with a Windows CD works since I assume not everyone has a Windows CD laying around at home. You can research on the internet for more info regarding this. Formatting your PC without a CD: Go to the Start menu on your computer and type “Computer Management” in the search bar. Click on the app and choose the “Disk Management” option under the “Storage” tab in the list to your left. There you can see all your hard drive partitions available on your PC. Choose the one you want to format, right click on it and choose the “Format…” option. A small window (as shown below) should pop up naming your chosen hard drive. Leave the options as “NTFS” & “Default” and check the box that says “Perform a quick format”. Then just click OK and let your computer start the formatting process. Hopefully something out of these alternative solutions is helpful for you. Good luck!