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    I just wanted to suggest an easier way for perfectioning sps, could you put the "continuous production" for it? Now the perfections are very slow, and everytime you have to talk again with the npc,(the window closes every time you do an attempt). I hope I suggest something good for improving our gameplay
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    Hey Guys, For the past 3 weeks I've been working on a patch towards NosTale which, I believe everyone is going to enjoy. I've put together a list of requests from the community and done some major overhauls to certain areas that are unused. The details of the patch is slim for now but due to some complications I cannot release it this week. I am aware no one is expecting a patch this week but people are expecting the Halloween Event to end this week. Unfortunately I won't be ending the event just yet. Reason being is the test environment right now is fully focused on the new patch. I hope everyone understands and believe me the wait is worth it! Thanks
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    Got some free time after working other drawings so i pull a quick one for my EE in game character. didnt add ice cream maybe when i colour them later. some detail also missed. Edit : Colored version finished! Mask on Mark Off In game
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    Hello! Sadly i'm comming here to show what Garden and maybe others guilds is making to win territory wars. 2 of these alts belongs Mark(XuanWu and Xvideos), Jezze and Nightofdemon get free kills from this alts too. MoneyTeam was winning for 5 poins for nearly 25 min, after it Garden started to use alts to win. Garden won this territory war. I wish GM's add a punishment to this abuse. Video:
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    I would like to suggest, to make the pets eat their food by themselfes. It is really annoying and a waste of time, canceling the current activity and feed your pet 10 food. It is much more comfortable if they would use the food automatically like the guardians.
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    Hey guys, let's be honest, right now nobody is doing Draco or Glace raids, you get 10 boxes worth around 400k each where you cant even get trophies from. No highlevel player will prefer Draco/Glace over Erenia etc. (most players dont even have the amulets). So i came up with the idea to make them a little bit more valuable. On officials these raids are the best resource to get perfection stones and i think that's the right concept, but at the moment you just don't get enough to make them attractive. So i came up with 2 different suggestions: 1. Increase the amount of claws/manes for each raid from 1 -> 5 2. Continue the concept of marathon quests at legendary hunter and create a new quest for each raid. They could look like that maybe: Complete 5 Draco raids => 25 Claws as quest reward or: Complete 20 Draco Raids => 100 Claws as quest reward same for Glace raids with manes instead of claws of course. I think that would be the right amount to make these raids viable again while not losing their concept of farming perfections. Atleast i would really enjoy another source other than Erenia/Zenas to farm claws/manes, how about you?
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    smh... btw...bump
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    I'll try to explain what I can, the best I can. If any of it doesn't make sense, then let me know. I'm also doing this off the top of my head, so it may not be 100% accurate, but it's pretty close. These are altered. For each piece of gear, it has it's own enchantment stat id, with a max of 6-8. So delta unique should have different stats from delta rare - at least in terms of higher gear it does. So every single stat you see with enchantment stat, is it's own id, own increment, etc. (1 reason why gear takes forever is setting up every single stat enchantment for every single +# rank) The client currently does recognize that it's in there and that it SHOULD read it. Unless I was doing something completely wrong, which is possible, it doesn't recognize it. The client itself has a field for an item's rank, whether it be white (1), green(2), blue(3), yellow(4). It has it set up to recognize legendary (5), but the client itself is missing the backend code to actually make it recognized as a legendary piece. It's as if they started to code it but shut down before finishing. GM suit is honestly me fucking around with it for event purposes. Jewel slots are gear specific, so if I wanted to put it on just Whipper Iota Green gear, then just that 1 piece of gear could have extra slots. Can be altered. The new gear has an increase of random stats now, so not a problem there. In theory yeah, I could just dupe a unique gear and up it's stats again, though it's just the mindset issue of it still being yellow rather then something else entirely. I will not lie, gear takes honestly a fucking long time to make since every single class has it's own set of gear. I'm half tempted to find a way to make all classes be able to wear the same gear and make it work from there. Less work involved -> Easier to release sooner. This only brings up the problem of balance and things become stagnant with classes and so forth. Weapons would then have to heavily hold most of the gear balance for the classes rather then the gear itself. It is possible yeah. As of now, I don't have any plans on adding new gear. But in the future everything will be modified and changed again with new gear or whatever else comes out. If "Legendary" gear does eventually come out, then this is essentially what will have to happen. But I think I'd rather do set gear first since that is indeed in and working in the client and actually try and work my way around to getting legendary gear to be recognized in the client. Without source though, it's kinda difficult. The whole deving process with SB is a complete mess. Basically you have a bunch of code thrown at you with variables you don't know definitions to and have to start a process of trial and error to try and figure out what said variables actually do. For example, just figuring out how to get checkpoints to drop properly in BGs was a task in it of itself ( @NoRunNoGun / @DrDieLess can verify all the trial and error it took). Its a slow learning curve of, "Oh shit, that's how it works" and "Oh, so that file is corrupt and I have to fix it!" Unfortunately I wasn't given a guide on how things work and I wasn't given instructions on how to do this. There's no one I can ask on these matters either, it's just me. (Bash can help on occasion, but he's as blind as I am here since he does 0 dev work for sb). Every single thing I learned to do in SB, I had to teach myself how to do it. So though I'm saying the grade of Legendary isn't coming now, doesn't mean it wont appear in the future. I might just have that, "Oh shit it works!" moment later.
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    hello guys my idea is simple like title say More Options for family head/ deputy, i am person that kind loves to help family members all time, some of them often call to mini land to check shell or something and some ask to help in time space, which needs to wing to them or enter to mini land, so i was thinking what if we add mini land and wings of friendship short cut on every member in family like the picture down:
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    There's nothing really we can do other than just punish people who are reported with evidence. However, does this benefit anyone? Not really as if you start banning people or banning alts then your taking what little competition their is right now and basically telling them they're not welcome. Yes this is a problem and yes we need to address it but its a very tricky thing to address. This response is pretty much the problem. Reporting someone for not playing the game the way its intended is not and will not ever be considered harassment and no action will be taken towards a player doing so. So please don't "warn" other players thank you. You can report players who are doing the same thing even if you don't get proof, then atleast if proof arises from other players or future trouble you can factor in the previous reports too. It also allows us to keep an eye on players who are accused to see if the report has merit or not. Although I can understand your frustration if only 1 party is being pointed at and not both but remember 2 wrongs don't make a right, I'm greatful you took responsibility though and stated a fair case for what happend and why. If you're going to shine a light on a situation in game or a problem in game please provide the full story and not just cull out information because the other party is your friends, it makes your point lose validity. How would you even fix something like this? You bring back unlimited kills just makes the problem easier, you take away kill score TW becomes just cap fest and then people just use alts to ninja recap. You force a pair of guilds to always be on opposing teams then what happens when a new guild pops out of nowhere, do they have to wait to maintenance for the rule to be changed so that its not whoever gets C guild automatically wins kinda ordeal. This situation isn't "Too much work to fix" its pretty much impossible to fix and still do right by the players. So what can we do guys? Can you guys not just play nicely with each other? Can you guys not just enjoy Eden while its still around? Every server of the game is slowly but surely losing players, can you guys not just be respectful to each other or do we have to baby sit the game to the point that everytime people are being scummy we need to throw out punishment that in the end only hurts yourselves. We can add it the rules if you feel its the only way that people can actually get along
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    Trash talk, as a published author Nate you've no idea/concept of the words in under one minute in one breath I can muster to talk trash. I was simply stating depending upon players like you to be fair has been most unfair and not the reason why I made my rg's for TygressX for bg's when she asked all members of Rogue to consider doing so to keep bg's going. To be killed by you as my reward and not only by you, by many other players as well, this is not something I do to others and has been unfair and stressful hoping that it's not you who enters opposite side the same bg I enter or the other names I mentioned. That's not trash talk, that's truth. All the times you have come from behind in viledon and killed me just as boss was going to die, reset and run off, not even bother doing the boss yourself. Very noble and gamie of you and again not something I'd do to you. I think you're an amazing player and there's much I admire about you, even respect. I think you could give a shit less anybody's opinion. I do not care, the very fact you are in Rogue is an insult as never once have you apologized for being totally wrong and out of line with some of your gaming methods and certainly not to me, think that you're funny, when all my effort into wanting to solo all bosses to prove that I can is stomped on by you from behind. You're making this about you when it's about the dependency of players signing for bg's and nobody signing and the depression of that for the players who are signing. We want those bg's to happen and they don't for the most part. You are a player just like everybody else, you don't like the statement in forum I made, submit a request to have it removed. The truth is try to make bg's happen even if nobody other side registers, bg still happens for those who do, what is the point of you being Head GS - voice to Bash & Vivi for changes for the other players if all you are going to do is get upset and ignore the truth? Depending on you has been a freaking nightmare and I'm way to invested financially into Scarlet Blade to be private messaged by you about if I trash talk you it won't go well for me. Again submit a ticket if my statement offended you and request it's removal. Players wanting BG's to happen and them not happening because nobody other side registers - how complicated is it to make them happen despite non registration of other side. Me registering to make them happen for players, I'm tired of hoping, praying it's not you I'm facing or anybody else for that matter that I named in my statement. If me naming names offended than I apologize for that and will not retract any parts of that statement. And I will wage war against you if you attempt to ban me for stressing what stresses me about a game that I've now put close to 8000.00 dollars USD into and I'll gladly post my bank statements since 2016 through Pixel Game Card. The biggest part of your in game gold gain Nate, comes from me buying your stuff. I Always look forward to that in Gloria's, enjoy our pvp's against each other. I apologize again if you are offended. Good Day DrDieLess...
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    When the cringe reaches certain levels it starts affecting people in real life...
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    Player: ReginaBeta Title: VampiePrince Calvin Coach There was once a village so peaceful and spread with love. However, during a certain night, it is suddenly covered in chaos and fear. No one had ever had the ability or power to be able to stop the man who creates this frightening night until suddenly, and adventurer decided to pass by. Regina was a warrior who was seeking vengeance against Calvin for being the reason her parents lost their lives, and on one night she had a fateful encounter with the man considered to be no less than a demon. "If you beg for my forgiveness, I wouldn't mind just taking your head," she said with a smile full of confidence. In less than a moment she was overcome with fears and nightmares, mind being filled with memories of the past as to how Calvin slaughtered her parents and the way he spared her out of arrogance and pity. Calvin decided to take his opportunity to show his real power. His eyes matched the colour in a blacket of darkness and he raised his hands slowly. The villagers screamed in terror and all evacuated as fast as they could, and in that span of time, Regina had died from the terror Calvin had brought.
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    I suggest to change the world-theme of nostale to night-theme. Why? Cuz:
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    The community isn't interactive with us though. Maybe 10 (max) Eden players even bother interacting on the forums the rest assume because it was said in peer we know it's mentioned. It's never going to improve unless people involve themselves more more. We go off what we see and it's all just constant stabbing at each other and harrassment. Playerbase declining is based on a lot of factors. Game is old, people are bored of the game, community is toxic and tries harrassing/banning people instead of enjoying the competition, no one plays fair they'd rather alt abuse instead of having friendly competition. The list goes on and on, it's a similar situation with Scarlet Blade, another old game with a similar community base. It's not going to improve because people don't care enough to help improve it and until it's gone it's never going to be improved without us enforcing ourselves and looking worse.
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    STATUS: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Altars have been updated as well as mystery boxes. Preview of the mystery box items can be found in the forums as well as in the archive in-game. Thank you for your patience! ~~~~ The server will be undergoing weekly maintenance at this time. During this period, you will be unable to log onto the servers. Mystery boxes will be unavailable during this time. The boxes will remain unavailable until Maintenance is over. The Mystery box changes will be posted on the forums after maintenance is complete. During this downtime, the Crystal Altar and Gem Altar will be changed. Thank you for your patience while we complete our weekly fixes.
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    This is a current discussion between staff in improving this area of the game don't worry we are seriously considering some changes here.
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    ~~Anyway I'm not against the idea but I don't think it's a massive quality of life improvement, even if you're looking for a certain equ a person is selling, selecting rarity + optimisation does the trick.
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    Anyway about this thread: I agree with you, Glace/draco are not really worth it, I wouldn't increase claws/manes though, Erenia boxes would still be a better way to get perfections since you are able to recover a huge part of the gold from equipment/etc. I would rather increase the amount of dragon hearts received as a prize, for example from 1-->4, dragon hearts are necessary to produce Fernon Fairy (atm it's almost impossible to find 460 dragon hearts needed for just 1 fairy). Since 460 for a single fairy is a huge number I think the demand would stay high
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    OK, so this is about patch feedback then here's feedback for Bash and Vivi...About almost two years of feedback of a problem existing with either side not signing up for bg's such as janus, turnpike, siren, second ark, the disappointment among many players that those bg's don't happen because not one player fk or rg will sign up, which has not been resolved yet! These bg's need to happen for players regardless, even if nobody other side signs up bg still happens for the players who do. I cannot stress enough the rg's and fk's I have made all 4 levels both sides to make this happen for other players and the anal raping I've gotten by players such as CoronoEos, DrDieLess, FreeKnight, PvPTrainer, Cro666, Eviltow, mok, JombloSaurus, JennythyLizz, for giving them an rg or an fk for these events and being killed so I get nothing, a good player retarded enough to make the bg happen and my reward for it. The praying for fair players such as TygressX, Filomena, Kalinny, Mistery entering other side for bg, has put severe unwanted stress on me, hoping for a player entry who wants both sides to benefit from the bg is such a load of crap! Nobody signs, so I do and I don't want to anymore until changes are made for bg's preventing this from happening. I like events, but nobody signing these days, everybody complaining, disappointed, world shouting for rg or fk to please sign up needs to change. Make BG's happen regardless, even if no rg or fk signs for the other side. This has not been implemented in any patch update, the disappointment continuing for almost two years now! I will level Demalizza to 60+ for XKiller to make event happen for him, he will appreciate this and yet I will end up praying for him every time and get stuck with EvilWitchBR, DrDieLess, SeaMonster, who will kill me and make sure I get nothing. Sick of the bs of me being it for everybody else because nobody wants to sign to make things happen. Please change this problem, fix it. Jesse/Ali/anne. At the end of this year I will have invested up to 7000.00 dollars ap since June 2016 into scarlet blade and to the playing of one of the hardest most disappointing games ever with the worst bullying, the biggest dependency upon some player out there to actually be fair. I am so tired and shouldn't be forced to quit such a well made futuristic game totally unrelated to wizards and elves and sorcerers, dwarfs; all these past based mmo's with scarlet blade being the only one, which isn't. BG rules suck and need to be changed. Event happens even if one player is the only one wanting a bg for any of the 5 levels.
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    The main healers at endgame would be the following Glacial Knight- Strong heals overall and extremely tanky if you're a halfkin. It has a purify that's on a short cooldown. Many consider this the strongest healer in the game because of how the mix of dps and healing can go for the class. I've personally have seen very good GKs heal over 300k hp without a problem. The only downside to this class is no built in revive. Pali- Pali is more of a stat check healer then GK. It brings more.utility with the multiple different modes that it has to offer but it isn't as tanky as GK in the long run and doesn't put out as high of heals as GK. It does have a revive however and it gives the party good -damage taken buffs and can save a dps in a pinch. The real downside to Pali is the stat check, it's very stat and gear heavy in order to pull off and isn't really a beginner friendly healer and it lacks a consistent purify. Adjucator- the overall Jack of all trades healer. It doesn't Excel in anything but it doesn't suffer from anything either. It's the perfect beginner healer besides totem master I would suggest for healing. It gives the party a nice hp buff and can give the party damage reduction buffs As well. The downside to adju is it's heals are more.of the middle of the pact and even with proper gear, lacks heavy big heals v.s the bigger healers like GK etc. Life worshipper- the ultimate party buffer. The buffs the class gives restores Abit of hp and gives nice stat boosts for a few seconds. Soulchasers song is amazing for saving people from death and if paired with a elegant dancer, can give even further boosts to stats and buffs. The downside is that it has the lowest base heals out of all the healers, not as tanky as the others (because of using a guitar over a shield/mace) and the full power of the class can't come out unless you pair it with a elegant dancer and also lacks a purify skill to remove debuffs off of a whole party. (I dont count prevention as a purification) Totem master- the other beginner healer many people choose. It provides extremely good support for the party and has pretty high heals even without amazing gear. The totems it drops can provide extra defense stats for the party and can debuff morning with the totems so they receive extra damage from magical classes or.can be slowed down so ranged dps classes can attack.the bosses without them fighting back. The only real downside I would say about totem master is a lack of a revive and that the totems are squishy and if the boss AoEs, the totems may die in 2-3 hits. Holy Sage- the 2nd tankiest healer and also a support. Holy sage, like life.worshipper is more of a support healer and many players use this class as a mp.slave to help classes with MP drains due to the MP sure it provides. It also provides a tank aura and a aura that increases p attack and m attack.but most use the MP Aura so the party has MP. It also has other buffs to boost hp p heal defense and etc. Most players run Mauls 4 trial.trophy on this class to provide the party with 15k more hp due to the classes ablity to get a AoE Cure and is extremely helpful in 100 trials vs bosses. The class also has a very big purify skill just like GK as well. The downsides to Holy sage is that like bard, it's a very gear check healer and even then you won't be healing very high with just cure v.s the other healers This is just a quick rundown of all the healers. If anymore questions about other classes, feel free to.comment or ask away
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    @Cuddle Actually Vivi was working on something for the spawn area, to prevent AFKing. Whether it will work will be another story
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    I'd recommend just viewing patch notes: https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/forum/54-patch-notes/ We don't hide any changes everything is documented properly to keep everyone in the loop so comparison wise it's best to read those notes and compare your knowledge with the game.
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    First at all, nayxa, if you didn´t even know how to trade the claws/manes, how do you know if is balanced or not? First at all, with some luck, you need more than 1k claws/mane to get a +100 sp, let´s not even talk about get it to +100 with bad luck. And even if you have it +100, you can´t select the perffection of th sp, so it can be really bad, in wich case, you need to start again. Doing that with 6 sp for each class, can take you so long. You better know what are you talking about And now, in relation with the post, I think that the best way to "make dracos and glacerus great again" is, on first place, removing low rewards, like angel feather, moons... or increasing the amount, like 10 angel feather, 5 moons... so you can farm mats for your sps on the raids. You can also put an option in game, to dismantle an sp for 25 claws or manes. For example, I have a monk from the boxes, so I can give it to a npc and get 25 manes (half of the amount required to get a monk)