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    Ok so let me get this straight? You're QQing because you can't win a TW face to face so you're like bring back cap wars or I quit? Grow up, PvP stands for Player vs Player not Player vs Crystal. And I will and anyone else here can use any screenshot they like from in game, if your name is on a scoreboard its public domain so don't even. No offense to MoneyTeam but i'd rather them loose as it would make them more interested in getting better lol... It takes a lot of time and effort to make a new map... I've been working on the new content since before the Normal Class TW patch came out. If you're going to complain why don't you step up and do it for me? Must be easy right. Let the server die? Lol please people keep complaining about this whole people don't have time to play and level when the server numbers are give or take 10 players since before the level cap came out. People just tired of losing in PvP and over the last 2 weeks since I implemented this change PvP numbers have tripled since before I implemented it so please don't give me this bullshit lmao. To All: I don't get why certain players find the need to bitch and complain about me forcing people to actually play PvP instead of who can cap the crystal better or who can feed themselves on alts better. If its still imbalanced then I can do more changes but quite frankly I've seen the videos and screenshots of the current TW's and its nothing to do with numbers favoured its simply down to one team being better than the other, YOU DO NOT DESERVE A TW IF YOU CANNOT WIN IT! Instead of comming to the forums complaining that a guild of 10-15ish is smashing you in PvP instead you should be talking to your guildies on how you can improve in the game. They do not have any advantage over you, they don't have any secret gears you cannot have, they dont have any exclusive items you cannot obtain they're simply just better at playing and the only thing that can fix this is to get better at the game, figure out new party setups and have organised PvP. This isn't a game problem, if anything me forcing teams is fixing an inherent issue the game had where all the PvP guilds could end up on the same team which was not how the game was intended. I've literally balanced the entire PvP as MoneyTeam vs the server which is heavily favoured in numbers, If you still cannot win then its a you problem. Edit: This was sent to me on the 22/01/2019 http://puu.sh/CAhOk/8a05ece2dc.jpg, You can look at every other image on this thread and clearly see that these kill numbers are much higher than they've ever been since the level cap changes so clearly my change had a positive impact on the server.
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    Hello ! Today, I provide you with a guide that includes all the colors of Dye. They are arranged in the order of pages 1 to 48. (The Starlights are not there, because it's complicated to take a screen from a Dye that has 50 colors in 1 second hwhw.) If you want to quickly find a particular Dye use CTRL+ F and enter the exact name you are looking for. Light Gray Powder Blue Peacock Blue Sea Green Grass Green Sunshine Yellow Pale Peach Scarlet Dark Red Amethyst Sage Orange Dark Grey Sand Yellow Yellow Eggplant Coral Pale Blue Lavender Midnight Blue Vermilion Bright Orange Coffee Citrus Vibrant Violet Silver Grey Leaf Green Pale Crimson Dawn Gold Lemon Chiffon Lace White Deep Green Mocha Sunlit Orange Royal Purple Sandstone Red Cyan Blush Sunflower Basil Cerulean Plum Steel Blue Mist Gray Cider Orange Rosewood Merigold Ruby Red Deep Purple Paradise Blue Sassy Pink Emerald Pure Red Pure Green Pure Blue Pure Yellow Pure Magenta Pure Black Seafoam Indigo Misty Rose Ivory Apricot Saffron Amythest Purple Jam Redwood Pink Deep Turqoise Ash Gray Hyacinth Forest Green Celedon Lime Green Green Dark Green Jade Mustard Moss Army Green Dark Blue Peach Blossom Rose Gold Cantaloupe Caramel Salmon Pale Orange Soft Gold Pale Green Turquoise Grape Periwinkle White Ash Merlot Gray Pea Green Red Gold Eggshell Oak Green Light Turquoise Wisteria Sweetheart Pink Snow Blue Mauve Tan Sun-Kissed Tan Rosey Tan Sandstone Bronze Starfish Chocolate Light Brown Antique Pale Pink Slate Gray Charcoal Brown Goldenrod Spring Moss Sapphire Blue Camo Green Mint Green Fern Midnight Turquoise Sky Blue Sangria Lilac Rose Lipstick Red Pine Green Ice Blue Orchid Sea Blue Sunshine Yellow Blue Maple Pickle Red Brown Frosted Pink Teal Coral Pink Thank you !
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    Hi guys, with the beta rbb season almost over (finally), i'd like to suggest some little things to make the following seasons more enjoyable. I've got quite some experience now in rbb and dont get me wrong, i love it, and overall it is almost perfect as it is. Make buffs visible again, its really annoying that you cant see which buffs you got after you died once. I dont know if its intended, but with recovery armours you can heal back to full instantly as soon as you enter your spawnzone. Also pretty frustrating in some situations. I think the same recovery rate for every player would be more enjoyable as recovery armours are not designed for the (fast) hp recovery of the spawnzone. Just way too abusable. Reduce the duration of the respawn-buff by a little bit. Its okay and needed to have a little bit of a safe time after respawning, but its not okay to be able to run to the middle after respawn and still get some attacks out with that insane damage buff. Make rbb c48+ or c50 only. I think many ppl can confirm its an instaloss when you got a player below c48 in your team. 95% of the time players below c48 still use equip just for exp'ing, many got no books, etc etc. The list is long. I know these problems can occur with c48+ players aswell, but the chance is way lower. The gap between c30, c38 and c48+ is just too high. Fix the unfreezing problem. I actually like that you got to be a little bit closer to the frozen player now, but the unfreezing animation shouldnt work outside of the allowed unfreezing range. Its just confusing for some players which dont understand why the player they want to unfreeze wont get free just because they are "out of range". I think so far its pretty objective and most players will agree with that. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I'd like to continue with some more subjective things which i'm not really sure about if and how it should be done. Make players actually lose some points after losing a game. Right now you can see players with negative w/l-ratio in diamond. Some kind of progress is good, but you should be at least some kind of successful in your games to reach the good ranks/leagues. An example (currently rank #13): Make mandras more rewarding. In 90% of my games they werent even touched once. My idea would be that the mandra gives a different buff depending on the killing team being in the winning/losing team. So if you kill it while you are in the losing team (less total points than the enemy team) you get a really strong buff to gain some momentum and comeback potential (e.g. 2-3 movement speed and 10-20% pvp attack and def for 1 minute). If you are in the winning team while killing the mandra you get the same buffs we got right now. Thats it for now, im really looking forward for some constructive feedback especially for the second part of my suggestion, please always explain why you would change something.
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    I'll have to ask @Nanami if she can make the white bits black but i mean this is the best i could get it.
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    Kage Rework Hello guys, It has been more than a month since the Kage was modified (FINALLY) so I decided to open this topic in order to have opinions about the class (whether in PvP or PvE) what you would like as possible improvements / nerf. For those who are late/new: The rework of the Kage was done during the v40 patch (released on December 6, 2018) It is a hybrid class (except for the water stance which is only magical ) a little special because once you have selected a stance, all your damage will have the same element (like the annihilator with the bullets) The different stances This class wants to be unique because of its design and its way of playing. Factor to be taken into account: "Elemental Resistance vs PDPS skills is now capped at 50%. This change only affects classes that can change their elemental damage (Annihilator and Kage). Their damage vs 70 resistance will limited to 50 just like if someone had 70 pierce." - Jordan, Patch v40 Kage Guide by Foxnoturno My opinion about the class: I haven't played it enough (mainly in pvp, I started building this class on a whim ) to give a clear opinion on it, however I really appreciate it, I expected a more classic physical DPS (with short and medium range skills).I also have the feeling that it's not THE new class that will end up top kill at each TW, causing monstrous damage (or I need to review my equipment because it's not crazy) In terms of stances, in terms of teamplay, the water stance is probably the best (disarmament, reduced g-heal, magic attack buff, reduction of ice resistance and move speed etc etc.) in addition to a Time Manipulator / Conjurer. The stance fire is also not bad, the major part of the skills are magical but the p-dmg skills are double / triple hit. I'll see it with a DK or a Mecha Ares (or both) Nature stance should be playable (not all players think of filling their nature resistances in addition to the brand system allowing to obtain side effects (stun, damage in addition, silence). Lightning stance seems to me to be the annoying stance, various tp, stun, a triple atk buff that can be fun with the double atk buff of the zumi. So, what's your opinion/suggestion ? Fake Kage Player
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    Instead of you all squabbling like a bunch of kids on a playground maybe you could have an actual worded discussion on what changes that could combat the issue without QQing like a little girl. I've done a bit of research on what I could find on Youtube alone cause I cannot be bothered going through chat historys to find screenshots and I have found that if anything this change has done many benefits for the PvP system as a whole. People only upload videos of good and fun TW's so lets take a look at some of them shall we? August 12th 2018 This was apparently before I "ruined" the game with a level cap that people had been suggesting to me for about 2 years. This was before I "killed" the PvP with content. http://puu.sh/CEsZm.jpg August 30th 2018 This again was before the level cap. http://puu.sh/CEt1z.jpg November 7th 2018 This was after the level cap, likely one of the better TW's had during this big down period the game had because of the level cap and such. http://puu.sh/CEt2d.jpg January 29th 2019 This was yesterday, http://puu.sh/CEt3l.jpg As we can see from these screenshots these numbers from yesterday TW where very similar to what was occuring on August 30th. Clearly this change has helped the numbers in PvP grow, so continue to QQ about how people quit and how this and that but as you can see numbers don't lie, you have absolutly no ground to work with other than your own personal experiance. If you want to have a more fun PvP put forward a bloody suggestion instead of squabbling in an ego battle with the opposition because quite fankly nobody gives a toss about it. I don't care which guild has parties and which guild does not, if you want a balanced system you need to come with the approach, ohh Garden has less than a party and SoulBreaker has a better party you should swap their teams and such. The system has made a notable difference to the games PvP and anyone who says otherwise is talking complete bullshit, before this system I remember getting screenshots of PvP scoreboards with both teams having less than 10 kills. So i will state from this moment forward if any replys to this post are in no way a suggestion or a fair and reasonable response to me I will just delete the post as this is going no where, if you want a difference to be made then you have to take the first step with a reasonable response and have a valid point to backup your suggestion.
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    I have been testing a lot of shells options, and I got some conclusions: Dmg to evil is refered to dmg to monster, and whit monster I refered of the kind of the mob like thathttps://gyazo.com/303ee525a5312ab6065d2b2c0b5d81e2 Dmg to large monster is only refered to map bosses Dmg to low society monster is pretty much useless on pve, don´t even work on low society monster (tested with bacooms and magmaros) The dmg from elements options (for example, light prop) is ridicolous. The other "dmg to X" works like it say, even if they are useless. So my suggestion is: Change the description from "Dmg to evil" to "Dmg to monster". Remove or rework the option "Dmg to low society monster". Add the options "Dmg to angles" and "Dmg to devil", not for FC but for act 6 mobs, there is not any option refered to that mobs. Change the S option "Dmg to large monster" to "Dmg on pve" and low a bit the value (this option is always 23%), to make it usefull. With that change there are going to be more differences between pve weapons and pvp weapons, so that mean more variability on the builds. Change the elements options, making more viable the elemental sps. I was thinking on change it to down resistances 1-10%, since there is no option like that on pve, but this will be really op on pvp (soz mages), so I could want to get feedback about that. I will also remove the option "undisturbed spells" from shell and put it on every high lvl wand. Is unfair to mages, since they can miss on pvp (dodges shells op), that you can interrup their attacks and hey can´t crit. Other option I would like to buff is "drain mana on pvp". That option could be really good agains seers, but since they got tons of mana, stealing around 50 of mana is pointless
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    As said by Mark, the guild split system in the TW has a flaw, but it is still satisfactory for PVP. I believe that until we find something better, this method could be used. On the other hand, I also believe that it is necessary to make some changes in TW. Contrary to what some people think, crystals are the focus of war and to get them, you need to fight. However, classes and equipment have evolved much more than crystals, causing a single player to break the crystal in a matter of seconds. In this way, it is not necessary to worry about creating PTs strong enough for PVP, since walking alone has advantages. I propose a buff on the TW itself, since the map is not being so interactive. - First of all it is necessary to increase the HP of the crystal or reduce the damage that it takes so that it is not broken by only one player. -The Belk is dying very easy, just like the stingrays. In this case I do not have to fight to keep him alive. It is necessary to make opposing sides fight for these goals. - It would be good to limit the group controls that are applied on the stingrays that are invoked after defeating the Belk. Long ago in the game it was necessary a tank to control them, today anyone can do this. - In TW that you only need to break crystal and do not have any other internal system, it would be interesting to create a game mode where one or two crystals randomly self-destruct after a certain time of the war (going gray). - The TW of the ice map does not need changes in its mechanics, as the totem gives much advantage to the side that grabs it. To conclude, I believe it would be better to reduce the base curing of classes that are not blue, after all they are not support. Since the skills heal a considerable amount, these classes are very independent of support. Thanks for reading and cya in game, GG
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    Kage Hi there. Today i'll talk a little bit about a great class that can fill a lot of roles some being way better than others. Anyway, lets start with the Kage skills. Skill 1 - Chakra Nature This skill is the fundation of Kage, with it you can pick your element, that will not only change the rest of your skills but will transform any dmg dealt by you into that element. Skill 2 - This is where we will start getting into the diversity of Kage. When using this skill with the fire chakra on, you'll deal medium dmg based on M-ATK, but the important thing is that it increases your P-ATK by 5% per cast, which stacks 5 times up to 25% and doubles the cast range of your dash abillity which can be very useful when you're chasing someone. Keep in mind that this skill have no cooldown so you can stack it real quick. When using this skill with the lightning chakra on, you'll deal very little dmg but you reduces the enemy lightning resist by 10% for 8 seconds which stacks 3 times reducing it by 30% on total. Keep in mind that this skill have no cooldown so you can just stack it quick and get away. With the water chakra on, this skill becomes your main tool to dps and self buff, it deals medium dmg and with each cast you get more cast range and bigger area of effect, additionally with 5 stacks you get a self buff of +15% DMG-Dealt. This skill also has no cooldown so you can and should use it between casts to keep that dmg buff always up. While having the wind chakra on this skill will be your main skill seriously you'll barelly use the other ones, it starts doing medium dmg but as the stacks goes in it turns into a high dmg skill, those stacks being a debuff that decreases enemies nature resistance and defense by 5% for 7 seconds stacking up to 4 times. This skill have no cooldown so use it ALL THE TIME literally there's no point in using the other ones. Skill 3 - For some chakra modes this skill is one of your best dps skill for other ones is just a cc tool. On fire chakra mode this skill is pretty straightfoward, deals a nice ammount of dmg based on P-ATK, and that's about it. Take in note that this skill have a 3 sec cooldown so to make a better use of it chain it with a few "Fireball" casts. Starting from this skill, lightning chakra mode starts to become pretty weird, anyway this skill works as follow: At the 1st instance of the skill you do low dmg to an enemy based on P-ATK and dash backwards dealing aoe low dmg based on M-ATK. As for the uses of this skill it is pretty obvious that this is your escape, so you can stack the debuff on an enemy and use this one to get away, keep in mind that it have a 5 sec cooldown so don't go too crazy on it. On chakra water mode this skill becomes your highest dps skil, not to mention that it is the higher dps skill of kage overall, it deals high dmg and debuffs enemies crit/m-crit dmg by 15% and increases their dmg taken by 5%. This skill have a 3 sec cooldown so use it whenever its possible. Using wind chakra mode this skill becomes into an aoe medium dmg skill based on M-ATK, it can also be used to trigger marks but we'll get to that later, i highly recommend not using this skill for dps as it is not worth it. It has a 3 sec cooldown but that doesn't matter since you can only proc the mark once. Skill - 4 This skill to some modes is a engage to some others jut a cc and buff/debuff tool. Again another pretty straightfoward skill to fire chakra mode, it deals medium dmg based on P-ATK and dashes at an enemy. The dash range is increased if you recently used "Fireball" which you should be always casting between other skills. It has a 4 sec cooldown so chose wisely when to engage. While using lightning chakra mode this skill turns into a great engage tool, it makes you dash foward dealing low dmg based on M-ATK and stunning all nearby enemies, the stun ignores immunities even tho it isn't on the skill description. It has a 8 sec cooldown so you gotta time pretty well on when to stun the enemy party or group of mobs. This skill for water chakra mode is the one that turns the battlefield to your side, it creates a zone around you that slow enemies movement speed and root them if they stay inside for too long it also decrease their ice resistance which increases your dmg, plus all allies inside the zone gets a zone of 10% M-ATK and movement speed with an adition of 20% extra M-ATK increase for the Kage itself. It has a fairly big cooldown so do not waste it. Another skill for wind chakra mode that it's only purpose is to activate the mark, it deals aoe low dmg based on P-ATK and reduces enemies movement speed by 25%. It has a 2 second cooldown but you shouldn't be using it anyway besides to activate the mark. Skill - 5 Just another cc tool to all modes. On fire mode that's yet another straightfoward skill, deals medium dmg based on M-ATK and puts a debuff on an enemy that does dmg over time for 3 seconds based on 15% of your max M-ATK. It has a fairly high cooldown for what it does, it has a better use on enemies that can't cleanse or have a support nearby besides that its a pretty forgettable skill. Straightfoward cc tool for lightning mode, it deals medium dmg based on M-ATK and yet being your best dps skill lol and stun an target, take in mind that the stun goes through immunities, it has a high cooldown so just do go wasting it just because you feel like stunning someone. One of the best cc skills in game if you ask me and it belongs to water chakra mode. It does medium dmg based on M-ATK and reduces enemies MELEE WEAPON dmg by 100% and g-healing by 40% about damn time that a class can mess up with healers if you ask me . It has a low cooldown so you can f*** those damn healers permanently keep the debuff on someone permanently. This skill is what makes the other dps skills of wind mode makes sense, it debuffs an enemy with 3 marks that will only be "applied" when another skill is used: If you use the skill 2 on marked enemies they get bonus dmg taken, if you use skill 3 they get mundane and if you use skill 4 they get stunned, keep in mind that this skill can ONLY be casted while invisible and casting it does not break your invisibillity which means that you can mark how many enemies you want with 1 invisible. Skill - 6 This is where some modes starts getting some self buffs while other ones gets one more dps skill. Good dps skill with a self buff included, it deals medium dmg based on M-ATK on an weird aoe and decreases enemies fire resistance by 10 per skill cast, which is pretty good to help those heavy in a need of nerf classes fire hitters out there. Additionally it increases your M-ATK by 7% per enemy hit stacking up to 5 times, which means that you can get a 35% M-ATK increase with one cast if you hit enough ppl. Errr, it increases your movement speed and decreases your dmg taken which is good, additionally decreases your dmg dealt not like you do dmg anyway and increases your malice because why not. It has a big cooldown considering what it does and its duration, honestly i barely even remember to use this skill considering that its only 4 seconds. A nice debuff while dealing some good dmg, it deals medium aoe dmg based on M-ATK and decreases enemies p-crit/m-crit rate by 20% and dmg dealt by 5%. It has a fairly low cooldown so you can keep the debuff permanently on enemies. A pretty get away/chase buff for wind mode, it increases your movement speed which is nice and cast speed lol, additionally it decreases nearby enemies movement speed, it has a big cooldown so you should ONLY use this to run away or chase enemies. Skill - 7 This is your self sustain skill in all modes. With the fire mode it gives you some nice dmg reduction buff and little heal over time, take in note that you can't move while using this skill so choose wisely the right moment, since it has no cooldown you can use it permanently. Pretty self explanatory, takes away 20% of your max mana to heal 50% of your max health, has a big cooldown so don't use just for the sake of it or you'll be seeing yourself dying pretty quick. In my opinion that is the worst regen skill of all the modes which can be explained by water being good in everything else lmao it gives you a dmg reduction buff which is nice but it only heals you when you're hit and usually you can't tank more than 3 hits without a support anyway which makes the heal pointless Gives a nice heal but immobilizes you and increases your dmg taken so its only good to use when there's no enemies around which you wouldn't need to use a skill to heal anyway but ok. Have a big cooldown but that doesn't really matter considering its circunstances. Skill - 8 Last skill and is a buff for all modes. This is the best skill of fire mode by far, it does so much for you, increases your dps potential and tankiness by only the cost of 1%HP per second which is pretty much nothing considering that you can just use pots to replace that. It has a fairly big cooldown and a duration that is half of that so pick the right time to use this. Yet another easily forgettable lightning mode buff, increases your attack speed and makes your autos deal triple hits, not muching to say about this skill besides that i never use it, has the same cooldown and duration of the fire so if for some reason you gonna use this skill, pick the right time to do so. That's your chasing tool for water mode, makes all your skills slow targets movement speed which helps you have enough time to cast while running after them. Has a big cooldown so you shouldn't use it in any other situation besides chases. That's your only insivible skill in all modes and its the core of wind mode, it makes you invisible for unlimited time and increases your dmg-dealt and p-atk by 10% on the next hit, additionally gives you 40% movement speed buff to make you run around easily to pick your targets. Playstyles Ok, now that we went through all skills lets talk a little bit about the playstyle of all modes. Fire mode That's your bruiser mode, that have a playstile of being in the middle of the fight with your tank self buffs and moderate dmg. Lightning mode That's an awkward mode that the only purpose in my opinion is to stun targets with his skills that goes through immunities. Water mode That's your caster mode, with low mobility and tanky skills but with high debuffs and dmg with long range. Wind mode This is your assassin mode, with high mobility an insivible skill and medium to high single target dmg with some cc. Kps and Certificates From now on i will take in consideration ONLY the Halfkin race with my playstyle. Those are the kps and certificates that i currently use. You'll be wondering why only 10 points on dagger atk/m-atk increase, that's because kage no longer requires dagger to use skills and since halfkins don't get any bonus for using daggers i just opted to completly skip daggers. The certificates that might be changed are these depending on which mode i'm currently playing on except for water mode that has is own certificate page being this Take in mind that certificates can be totally diferent for you depending on what your character is lacking. Glyphs Now that we covered skills, kps and certificates lets talk about kage's glyphs Looks like an easy choice right? And it is, easy as that Flex Glyph all the way. Equipment So, now that we talked about all the other important points lets see the last one, being equipments. On this section i will not discuss acessories since they're pretty much self explanatory, aka cerberus for p-atk, asmodeus for hybrid, captains for m-atk. I will only discuss weapons and sets. Fire mode - Awakened Flame Cerberus set This set will put your hybrid dmg to the maximum since it have a buff that increases all dmg dealt. For weapons, i recommend the lvl 100 dagger "Hallowed Slicer" and a shield of your choice, even without full kp points into dagger dmg, its the best option fire mode can use with its hybrid dmg Lightning mode - Awakened Thunder Hound set This set is the only one that makes sense to use while playing lightning mode it helps you survive more for the cost of dmg, and since lightning mode doesn't do dmg anyway i think that's a good add to it. For weapons i recommend the lv80 sword "Amethyst Twin Blade" and the lv95 shield "Shield of valor" yet again helping you survive for the cost of dmg. Water mode - Awakened Evil Necromancer set This set is the only available choice for light armor users that needs a M-ATK heavy hitter set. It will boost your dmg to the maximum. For weapons this is were things starts to get interesting, i recommend you to use the lv95 mace "Templar's Honor" as it is still the best dps mace out there and the lv95 shield "Apocalyptic Defender" being the only M-ATK shield. Wind mode - Master Hunting set This mode being the only one that realistic could make the better use of a non awakened lv100 set. As wind mode is a P-ATK only class if you don't play it like that there's something wrong with you it's obviously that it would be the better mode to fully utilize the stats from a lv100 set. For weapons i recommend you to use the lv100 club "Archangel Club" and the lv95 shield "Knuckle Bracer" those being the weapons that can put your P-ATK potential to the maximum. Final thoughts Kage is a pretty fun class that will require from you more than 1 playstyle unless you wanna play only one mode. This whole "guide" was made based on my opinions and from no one else. Nothing on this "guide" should be taken as an serious argument since its all my opinion Anyway i hope you had fun reading this "guide" and that i could help you with something at least, ~~See ya
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    Hi, have been some time since I didn´t post a suggestion, so I let´s make a few ones on the next days. First at all, I m going to start with dracos/glacerus raids minirework. The current problem with this raids, is that are not very atractive, principal reason why the dragon heart are so expensive. You can´t really do a marathon, since you can just make 5 each day, and you spend more time making a team than doing the raids. The principal objetive on this raids, was to get an sp, some manes/claws, and now, get the hearts, but you can make more mane/claws on erenias boxes, and the sp is pretty much useless since everyone get a decent pve sps and then buy the sps from this raids but with good upgrade. My suggestion, is just change a little the boxes. The prizes are the following ones: Draco boxes: Full moon crystal x5 Angel Feather x20 Shiny Sky Blue Gemstone from x1 to x5 Small ruby of completion x5 Ruby of completion x5 Obsidian of competion x5 Small obsidian of competion x5 Dragon skin Dragon blood Dragon heart SPs Ticket of the elementary journey Is just a buff of the dark/fire gems that you can get, some more moons and feathers, and the ticket, that give the chance to host some marathons of more than 5 raids of each one. I would like to rework also the ticket function, given you 5 extra raids, instead of reseting the amount, so you can host, for example, 15 dracos first, and later 15 glacerus, so you don´t need to go to dragon cavern, make 5 raids, go to glacerus, change sp, make another 5 raids.... Glacerus raids: Full moon crystal x5 Angel Feather x20 Shiny Sky Blue Gemstone from x1 to x5 Ice flower x5 Small Sapphire of competion x5 Sapphire of completion x5 Topaz of competion x5 Small Topaz of competion x5 Dragon skin Dragon blood Dragon heart SPs The problem of glacerus, is that ice flowers are really expensive, so putting it on boxes as a reward, is going to make it a little more cheaper, alowing people to host some glacerus raids without expending as much money as when bash put onyx on mistery boxes or making rich bots on glace. Also adding ice flower to the daily quest reward is a good option. The next problem, is that SPs are the worst prize of the raid, since people pretty much sell it to malcom, so I will also suggest the following option on the NPCs that gives you the quest of dracos and glacerus: exchange 1 sp (gladi, canon or volcano) for x20 claws and exchange 1 sp (monk, scout or tl) for x20 manes. This is going to give some value to this sps. Erenias are still going to be more profitable, and since you can choose to exchange claws and manes for the gem that you want, the best option to get gems too, but at least we will see more dracos and glacerus, some marathons, and since you will get every gem, differents sps with high perfections, not only scouts and seers. Edit: solved my dyslexic problem. Edit 2: someone told me that I could add Ticket of the elementary journey to glacerus too, reducing the chance, and i think is not even a bad suggestion.
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    Update: https://gyazo.com/7fcb4014567cfe45c686d8061aebc82b You are right, this option gives dmg to glace mobs. Work on every map (penguins, unknow land...). I m waiting to raid glace to test it inside it. PS: can I rage about shells prices or not yet? My pocked is scared about anybody else asking me for other option.
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    Valhalla, whole part 1, part 2 up to Fafnir's raid, part 4 up to the mission in which you need to give x99 ice flower oil I guess?
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    English Hello, I'm going to touch on an old issue, but I've hardly seen here in the forum, we older pvp players always wondered, "Why does not a guild structure change?" What would that change look like? The main change would be the amount of players within a guild reducing to an undefined number yet but I hope the community will be in consensus since many have their numbers to suggest, but one thing is certain the current number is not good. Reducing numbers of players can present a number of benefits to the game. One of the main ones is more active guilds, more competitiveness, more active members over time because the sports spirit will be aroused and not the toxicity that exists today, reducing the number is also possible to generate a even greater movement in the PVE, after all as it happens everyone will want better trophies, but that does not happen anymore? This trophy run? Yes but always rush to the DPS trophies or support with this will be possible to have more specialized players in a class than countless "Does player make all" by the game. Keeping the current number happens? Few guilds, numbers exceeding quality, and high levels of toxic people, which discourages some people who end up leaving the game little by little also reducing the chance of interaction between the players, because there is no link with the guild due to "toxicity of some "Are united only to destroy another guild and once complete such a goal the guild created just for that purpose undoes or loses a large part of its members as has been happening in times. Still do not understand? Let's take the example of the “Free Market” there are several companies competing with each other, innovating making new products and maintaining a good quality, suddenly, a company starts to attach others and attaches, attaching until reaching the market monopoly, thus ending with competition and quality of their services. Now we are going to change the companies by the guilds of today, a guild can not win of the other and happens to recruit or even to attach other guilds only to gain of another guild. Did you see? Just like real life right? But in real life we have government institutions to prevent such thing here we have the staff... Do you support? Write your comment in the post, do not you? Say the why in the comments. Português Olá, irei tocar num assunto antigo, mas que dificilmente vi aqui no fórum, nós jogadores mais antigos do pvp sempre nos perguntávamos “por que não se altera a estrutura de uma guilda?” Como seria essa alteração? A principal alteração seria a quantidade de players dentro de uma guilda reduzindo para um numero não definido ainda mas espero que a comunidade entre em consenso já que muitos tem seus números para sugerir, porem uma coisa é certa o numero atual não serve. Reduzindo números de players pode apresentar inúmeros benefícios ao jogo umas das principais são mais guildas ativas, mais competividade, mais membros ativos com passar do tempo porque o espírito esportivo será despertado e não a toxicidade que existe hoje, reduzindo o numero também é possível gerar um movimento maior até mesmo no PVE, afinal como já acontece todos irão querer trofeis melhores, mas isso já não acontece? Essa tal corrida por trofeis? Sim mas sempre correm para os trofeis de DPS ou suporte com isso será possível ter mais players especializados em uma classe de que inúmeros “faz tudo” pelo jogo. Mantendo o numero atual o acontece? Poucas guildas, números superando a qualidade, e alto níveis de pessoas toxicas, o que desanima algumas pessoas que acabam deixando o jogo aos poucos também diminuindo a chance de entrosamento entre os jogadores, pois não há vinculo com a guilda devido a “toxicidade de alguns” se unem apenas para destruir uma outra guilda e uma vez completo o tal objetivo a guilda criada apenas com esse objetivo se desfaz ou perde grande parte de seus membros como vem acontecendo a tempos. Ainda não entendeu? Vamos pegar o exemplo do “Livre Mercado” existem varias empresas concorrendo entre si, inovando fazendo novos produtos e mantendo uma boa qualidade, de repente, uma empresa começa anexar outras e vai anexando, anexando ate atingir o monopólio do mercado acabando assim com a concorrência e a qualidade de seus serviços prestados. Agora vamos trocar as empresas pelas guildas de hoje, uma guilda não consegue ganhar da outra e passa a recrutar ou ate mesmo a anexar outras guildas apenas para ganhar de uma outra guilda. Viu só? Igualzinho a vida real né? Mas na vida real temos instituições governamentais para impedir tal coisa aqui nós temos a staff... Você apoia? Deixe seu comentário no post, não apoia? Diga o porque nos comentários. Español Hola, voy a tocar un tema antiguo, pero que difícilmente vi aquí en el foro, los jugadores más antiguos del pvp siempre nos preguntamos "¿por qué no se altera la estructura de un gremio?" ¿Cómo sería ese cambio? La principal alteración sería la cantidad de jugadores dentro de un gremio reduciendo a un número no definido, todavía espero que la comunidad entre en consenso ya que muchos tienen sus números para sugerir, pero una cosa es cierta el número actual no sirve. Reduciendo números de jugadores puede presentar muchos beneficios al juego uno de los principales son, más gremios activos, más competitividad, más miembros activos con el paso del tiempo porque el espíritu deportivo será despertado y no la toxicidad que existe hoy, reduciendo el número también es posible generar un salto en el PVE, al final, como ya sucede, todos querrán trofeos mejores.¿ Pero eso ya no sucede? ¿Esta carrera por trofeos? Si, pero siempre corren para los trofeos de DPS o soporte con eso será posible tener más jugadores especializados en una clase de que innumerables "hazlo todo" por el juego. Mantener el número actual lo sucede? Pocos Gremios, números superando la calidad, altos niveles de toxicidad entre personas, que desanima algunas personas que acaban dejando el juego poco a poco reduciendo la posibilidad de que los jugadores tengan una unión fija, ya que no hay vínculo con el gremio debido a la toxicidad de algunos "Se unen sólo para destruir a otro gremio y una vez completado ese objetivo el gremio creado sólo con ese objetivo se deshace o pierde gran parte de sus miembros como viene sucediendo a tiempos. ¿Todavía no entendió? Imaginemos el "Mercado Libre", existen varias empresas que compiten entre sí, innovando haciendo nuevos productos y manteniendo una buena calidad, de repente, una empresa comienza a adjuntar otras y va anexando, anexando hasta alcanzar el monopolio del mercado acabando así con la competencia y la calidad de sus servicios prestados. Ahora vamos a cambiar las empresas por los gremios de hoy, un gremio no consigue ganar de la otra y pasa a reclutar o incluso a adjuntar a otros gremios sólo para ganar de otro gremio. ¿Te has dado conta? ¿Igual es la vida real? Pero en la vida real tenemos instituciones gubernamentales para impedir tal cosa, aquí tenemos el staff... ¿Usted apoya? Escribe en los comentarios su numero ideal. ¿Por qué no? Diga por qué en los comentarios. Note: The post has been published in 3 languages to reach a larger amount and facilitate the understanding of players who do not dominate the English language. O post Foi publicado em 3 línguas para atingir uma maior quantidade de jogadores e facilitar o entendimento para quem não domina a língua inglesa (Os comentários precisarão ser em inglês). Se ha publicado en 3 leguas para que alcance una mayor cantidad de personas y para que puedan entender mismo aquellos que no hablan inglés (Los comentarios se ocupan en inglés). Pardonne moi mais je ne parle pas français. Ç.Ç
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    How is this fair for everyone? Please explain this to me? If I put everyone as random again, how is it fair for MoneyTeam to have to effectively win without even trying what who deals the most damamge to a none moving monster wins that match? How is it fair for people who are auto assigned against MoneyTeam? Right now say there is 5 active PvP guilds, you randomize them its still going to be MoneyTeam + Guild vs Guild Guild and Guild. So whats different from now other than the Guild on their team is random lol. At least this way if you don't wanna merge guilds you can atleast organize yourself with other guilds on your team who you know will be on your team.
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    This is a terrible idea, a very terrible idea for this to be managed by staff instead of by the players. This would not increase the competitiveness, it might bring a little bit of a push for more balanced guilds but what happens to the players who are still gearing or the players who are still leveling. There is going to be no desire to recruit such people and 90% of them will just be sick of not having people to help them or people to play with and will just quit. What would be the desire of inviting friends to come play this server when their guild is already full? For every positive point you brought comes atleast one negative point in tandem. How do you think a player would feel if all his friends said, sorry mate you're not good enough to win PvP with so we need to kick you for another person who is better? Do you think he will take that well? Likely not and will likely just out right quit the game unless he's lucky enough to be recruited. What about PvE only players or PvP only players, where do they slot into this system? If a guild is PvP focused they likely would take 1 good PvP only player over an Average PvP player and a avid PvE player making the guild less active and meaning the PvE player has no home and then unless finds a guild that only wants PvE players will again just quit because bored no one to talk to. It wont enhance PvE at all, it will just mean people who are in guilds with strong members (who likely are PvP players) will be able to get gear. While new players have nobody to help them because guess what, people don't wanna waste a recruitment spot on them lol (result? quitting the game cause nobody to help). You say guilds are not linked together but are only their for toxicity and are only united to destroy another guild. IDK about you guys but the people I know who play this game are usually good friends with most members of their guilds and I've had some of the funnest times over the past couple of years leading a guild and made some good friends in doing so, if you guys treat your guilds like robots then you get robots this is a you problem not a everyone problem. As for uniting againts a stronger power, isn't that a good thing? Isn't that how you match a greater power by uniting with people and making new friends. Yeh theirs people who merge guilds just to win but I've only ever met one Eden Eternal player who acts like this and he never succeeded and doesn't even play anymore. This is true about "Free Market", but this again is a player issue. If you guys choose to stack in one guild then whats stopping a group of you dropping the trend and starting a new guild and competing. If players care about competition then they would do something about it rather than just crying "Limit X guild cause they have more players than us and its not fair QQ". I've played this game for year even with Awaken classes at their most broken state and yet you could still win with a 1/3 player ratio if the 1 is greater than the 3. I'm not going to be the asshole that says to people "You can no longer play with your friends and your going to have to make some of your friends feel like shit by saying that they need to find a new guild because they're not worth the spot in your guild as you cannot win PvP with them". This is a terrible idea in its entire.
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    Only problem I see with this, it should be included at the beginning of the server how are you going to force a guild that has more people already then the limited amount of people after the 'the patch' to leave and even then how does a guild pick and chooses who stays and who goes.
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    As the game is very old now most of the older content has became a bit redundant now. Awaken classes is basically the main focal point of the game now so until level 80 basically any class that helps you quest is good. Some of the popular choices are tanks like templar/knight or healing classes like cleric (mainly cleric) will help you get through the quests. Personally I like the yellow classes for questing as you can kind of no brain it. However, engineer is also a popular questing class as it lets u kite mobs easy. When you do get to Awaken Classes, good classes to focus on first is things like the Engineer of the Mages as you have Awaken Engineer (Mecha Ares) which again allows you to kite mobs easy and clear dungeons fast for gold along with the Awaken Mage (Gravity Manipulator) which allows you to kill bosses fast as it has super high single target damage.
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    Honestly, i don't know anyone who can defend themselves if i'm going to kill him when he's farming claws/manes. So, for many erenias you do that will not change.
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    I can't be arsed to argue with you, when you're wrong or have no answer you base your justification off assumptions. The bots do not care if they get banned, they trade their gold over sell it for real life money and make a new character on a VPN, why would they waste their time "pausing" on their route to avoid detection? That will just reduce their gold income. I have just explained TWICE that the pets do not follow the character. Also, they can't "pause" because they have a "ROUTE" which they follow, once they hit the end of their route it restarts from the beginning. And yes I'm aware that a bot disconnects when a GS or GM appears again for the third time "I have used bots on official servers" any decent bot, especially a paid one, has additional features / benefits. Regardless of how you prefer to do things, that has nothing to do with how it would / wouldn't affect bots, I hate to break it to you, but not everything on the server has implications with botting as ludicrous as that may sound. I don't feel like repeating the same two points over and over again, so if you're going to reply with reasoning behind this benefiting bots, please attempt to understand what I've written, I know that may be difficult beneath your shroud of EVERYTHING IS TO DO WITH BOTS, but give it a try.
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    Body Mysterious White Rabbit's Petticoat (Legendary) Mysterious Cute Nightie (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19 Mysterious Tiger Stripe Day-off combo (Legendary) Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legendary) Box 01/31/19 Mysterious Beach Bikini (Legendary) Mysterious Men advanture cape(Legendary) Head Mysterious Bubble Lolipop (Legendary) Blizzard Snow Goggles (Legendary) Back Sunstreaked Film Fins (Legendary) Weapons Judgment Blade (Legendary) Masamuna (Silver) Box 01/31/19 Mounts Arrakin Wolf (Legendary) Snowy Shiba Inu (Legendary) Altar 02/07/19 Flushed Kitty (Legendary) Altar 02/12/19 Shadowwy Phoenix Pet Robust Shirley Box 02/07/19 Nerokas ✔️Box 02/14/19 Koharu Rock Red Lotus Fire Star Stone star Altar 02/09/19 Purity Fire Star Stone Altar 01/31/19 Flame Goddess Star Ston ✔️Altar 02/17/19 Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️Altar 02/19/19 Thanks !
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    Hey Guys, I thought about a few things that could be better or be implemented. I am sorry if here are some ideas that are already suggested by other people 😛 1. Reputation Icons On other "official" servers are more than just the "Elite" rank. i would suggest to not make it for top rep players but you could place them on 15/30/50/75/110/150kk rep. i remember there are crowns and something like souls implemented. I feel a bit bored that everyone have this red star and rep over 5kk doesnt really matter because you wont see it until you watch into the self-introductin. Note: Would bring back a bit competitor just for rep. 2. Family Level This is a suggestion that effect for fams on lvl 10 with alot of farmed fxp. Not sure how easy it is to implement more levels with diffrent colours. Not sure to give new benefits too for higher levels. Note: Not really effective yet but maybe there will be changes of farmin fxp. Then this would make sense. 3. Title System Raid specific titles, like complete 1000 cuby raids etc for every raid. Monster specific titles, like kill 10.000 monster in LoD. Upgrading/Raring titles, upgrade equippment+10/sp+15, rare equipment to rare 8. Fairy title, like lvl up a fairy to 80% or upgrade it to erenia/zenas/fernon fairy. Player titles, like marraige or found a fam. Quest specific titles, finish act1,2,3 and so on and maybe for sidequests like the Ragnar quests. etc.... Make the progress of the title visible. 4. Frozen Crown Raids The elemental raids are kind of useless... only the first raid a day is useful for the 10k fxp reward... not sure what to suggest but pls change something... 5. Draco and glacerus raids On high level they are unattractive in my opinion. 1 claw/mane per raid are not attractive enough while u spam erenia/zenas/fernon or farm in unknown land. chest ingedrediens are not worth too... no idea what to suggest that wont make it unbalanced. Note: Dragon Hearts/EXP pots are the only things out of the boxes which are "worth to get". 6. Instant Combat 1. What do you guys think about all instant combats are family intern. lower the drops a bit or like on "official" servers, if u deal dmg you will get some items transfered into the inventory 2. Instant combats with act 6 creatures for poeple from c25 and from c45. 7. Combat Arena 1. DELETE THE GOD DAMN SAVEZONE! Less trashtalk more deaths 😛 2. Add a viewing area like in Arena of Master. Then people can watch but wont have impact. diffrent chats would be good there too. 8. DPS-Meter Just for those who want to fap on their dmg. could be helpful if u build/optimize fast teams. Note: people who wont get in raids then wont get raids yet too. 9. Wings Small wings (angel/devil/ice/fire without effect) dropable in raids or at some monsters. they are nothing special and in my opinion it wont effect if they are easy to get, espacially for new players it is nice to have. Nayxa suggest that you can craft an amount of small wings without effect to 1 of the big one (angel -> archangel) and an amount of ALL big ones to onyx. 10. Quest-Items There are some items you cant get through the normal way. for example you need "Needle"(you would get it from fishing lv3) to produce the viking custome while you do the Ragnar Subquest. not sure that there be some other items that are required for quests. also it would be nice to implement the drops of the minigames on kinda a farm map. Note: Didnt knew there were quest for some of this items. maybe intresting for other items. 11. New Side Quests This is an idea from another game (Metin2 x) ). There is a side quest where you have to farm items and bring it to the npc to get permanent small effects. the quest cant be made all together just one after another. for reward you get little effects. for example 500 HP. makeable for everyone but they are unlocked on specific levels like 35/50/75/80/90/95/c25/c30/c45/c50. 12. Daily Quests Some new daily quests with little goodys for every lvl. like ATK/DEF/HP/EXP pots, angle feather, full moon crystals, gillionstones or something like those... As Gyado said: It would be nice to have a bit more to do than spamming a6 raids 😛 13. PvP Nerf Manashield, nerf assasin crits, buff swordsman hitrate. 14. Fafnir Raid Make it attractive. put a costume/mount/hat or something useful in it Nothing more in my mind right now... and yes i know there will be flame in the following comments like "mimimi mage isnt op lul" or "LOL why complain on manashield if u have moral or ironskin" 😛 Regards Himitsu
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    To start, I will recomend you a bow with overal + dmg or energy sl, with some other good pve options, like crit or enhanced dmg, and a dagger to complement it, like an r6 dagger with the sls you miss on the bow and prop. This is the cheaper option, so you can start mobing on act 6, act 5.2 etc, and get a better equipment faster. You can sell this equipment later, and buy a bow for raids, with % dmg on the s (people is not going to give you raids if you have overall on the bow, even if you have a good one, because the people that host raids is a little bit retarded). Related to the armor, for pve is not really relevant, you can use pretty much any s optionn so you just need an r7 +8 Then, after you make some money, you can start thinking on pvp. For pvp, the best combo on weapons are %dmg with %dmg pvp, % deff pvp and some other options. ON MY OPINION, the other options are sl dmg/energy>enhanced>crit>stun/freeze>crit options. That´s because you need to reach the max sl dmg + energy posible, and a dagger with dmg + energy + overal is REALLY expensive. On the dagger, you must have overall + the sls you miss on the bow, energy and dmg are the most important (the sls are the only option added from the secondary weapon). For pvp, Elemental prop is a good s if you have not really good resistance, because you need to cover your resistance first. Once you have good resistances, the best option is % deff. % deff pvp and the dodges on pvp are really important too, % deff pvp>overall dodges>ignore magic>dodge long > dodge mele. Some individual deff help too, but that´s just for a perfect armor.
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    3 guilds with 1 pt against a guild with 10-15 ppl and rarely 1 party from SB is more than fair, and MT dont lose a single gvg at 5 months, even before the new system so its not the reasson other guilds are not beating them, if Garden or other guild start to get stronger and beat other guilds together Jordan wont put back old system because of it, the purpose of pvp is to guilds fight each other. And Jordan cant stop ppl of doing it, i remember when some ppl started to buy stardusts and crafting all itens some weeks before the lvl 65-90 achievment patch, but most of them are GS's, so they are able to know what and when new things are coming out, and yes, its a big advantage over other players, just like when lvl 95 awakened sets came, a lot of GS's knowing it before and telling their friends to farm ccm while others didint knew about it, and when it came they all finished the sets in some days while the rest even needed a ccm event for it, but thats something needed to help Jordan testing stuff.
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    Bug Fixes: - Fixed the event bugs related to Santa. - Fixed a bug causing the server to crash.
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    Winter Event will end 7th February.