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    Introduction Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of post that was due after Patch 35. However, I delayed it for Patch 36 (The follow up patch) and unfortunately falling rather sick for a couple of days over the weekend and the start of this week that I've been slowly fighting through to reply to posts and tickets. Anyway, to the post itself this post will be similar to Vivi's "Dev Diaries" and other games like League of Legends "Roadmaps", I will be detailing some of the changes you can expect over the next couple of months to keep everyone in the loop of what is coming rather than having misinformation and rumours being spread along with allowing people to add suggestions that would fit around the plans. Finally note: This doesn't mean that the patch order will be held accountable or smaller patches won't be thrown in between them as I cannot guarantee everything goes to plan, so think of it more of an objectives/plan rather than a THIS WILL HAPPEN kinda ordeal. Patch #1 Full Cosmetic Patch Possible (If not will be between Patch 1 and 2): Kage Rework Yes long overdue, I will make sure to impress with it I have some pretty cool ideas for it. Shadow Clones will be removed as they just will not work with how Eden has been designed. Patch #2 Return of Normal Class TW Likely will feature gear level restrictions of some form that will be enforced along with less clunky spawn issues with the buff. Will be balanced to feel more 75-80 cap level just like PlayEden. Possible: Buffs to some of the more known normal classes that have always been under appreciated Note: I am pretty adamant on the opinion of never reworking or doing too many drastic changes on Normal Classes as they're very fundamental of mine and everyone else's original image on Eden Eternal and even though the game has changed so much since we were rocking the normal class life it won't feel much like Eden Eternal to me as a developer if the fundamentals are completely gone. If you don't understand this then that's fine but just know Normal Classes are very delicate to change in my opinion. Patch #3 Awakened Weapons Level 100 Hint: Level 100 Mutant Bosses Hint: Level 100 25 Man Raid Racials Level 100 Possible/TBD: Awaken Armors Level 100 Quests: Part 1 What does that mean? Well you have to wait and see! Patch #4 Would like do do another dungeon in a similar fashion to Gates of Pandemonium. Quests: Part 2 What does this mean? Again, wait and see! Final Notes Yes there be bug fixes along the way, yes there will be other content in the patches other than what i mentioned and like said in the introduction there will likely or atleast have a change for some content from patches to sneak into other patches if extra time is there or lack of time in the previous. I hope to have all these patches done before January and bits of each patch are already being conceptualized or planned by the respected people involved. I will not be working on much Eden Eternal things over the next 2 weeks as I have some real life commitments to take care of and Bash has asked me to give Vivi a hand in making some stuff for Scarlet Blade to make her life easier which I will prioritize over Eden as Vivi helped me with some of my patch work in Eden Eternal! I may post previews or thoughts on work as it progresses on this post but no promises because I might forget or not have anything interesting to show that wouldn't need an explanation on what it is first.
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    With this maintenance, we will be investigating those that abused this bug to gain items they should not have readily been able to obtain. Punishment for those who abused it will range from the following: Inventories, banks, auction house listings, mail, etc wiped from all accounts linked to you If you account shared with someone who abused this bug, you're at risk of having your inventory wiped as well Permanently banned accounts depending on the severity of it Diamond altar may or may not be coming with this maintenance as well because of this bug. If it does not come, I'll be sure to publicly post the names of who you can thank for abusing such a bug. I may decide to take further action against those who abused it, but it all depends on severity of it. Other items such as Non-Tradeable Auric Jewels and NT II Charms, which had no other way of obtaining in this dungeon will also be wiped from people's inventory if you obtained them.
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    Hello friends. I just wanted to comment on the recent altars and Diamond altars. Regular Altar Items First I want to mention how items for regular altars are being put on Diamond altars. The purpose of Diamond altar was to put "diamond altar exclusives" on there like you guys have stated before, Ghost Horns, Vengeful Seraphics, etc. (9-20-18) ( Look at the Inari pet, Magic Wings and Mount) (9-23-18) Same pet (9-24-18) Same mount but its prime. Sparklers and Cestus were in boxes a couple of weeks ago. (9-25-18) Same Legendary wings Eden Star Diamonds Now, let's not forget the fact that the Eden Star Diamond amount has been reduced to ONE diamond? Please explain to me why would anybody in their right mind would roll an Eden Crystal that's worth 250 gold and more when they could roll the Gem Altar for 100 gold a roll. It doesn't make sense and it devalues Crystal Altar even more. Crystal altar is supposed to standout more than Gem Altar, and if you think the rates for diamonds on crystal altar are better no sweetie, they are not they are in fact unbelievably hard to obtain. 600 ECs rolled and most people have only gotten ONE diamond? consider them lucky cause I've known people who got not a single diamond off of it. I'm going to say that maybe it wasn't thought through. Maybe they had reasons to lower the amount but you could have at least stuck with the theme of the old Diamond altar. THESE NEW ALTARS have made things MUCH MORE WORSE! Say you rolled 600 ecs for a diamond. Would you want to roll it? Is there anything worth the amount spent? You're supposed to be gambling, but there's nothing remotely worth any of the amount spent to obtain a diamond. It is CRAZY how the higher ups allowed this to happen. It takes logical thinking to know that Legendaries from boxes do not belong on Diamond altar. Diamond altar has a name and it needs to live up to it. Every new player that had hopes and expectations for it were obliterated. Now I'm not even the only one who feels the same way. In fact, almost the entire server has been disappointed by these results of these altars. Most of them even stay up with high expectations to end up with yet, another disappointment. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope word reaches out so we can start having fair Diamond altars that people would want to roll.
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    Questions to answer in your application: Please do not skip any questions or change them. What is your in-game name? What timezone/region are you in? What languages, if any, do you speak? Do you have anything that you think may interfere with your position as a GS should you be hired? (College, school, work, etc.) What, if any, alt accounts do you have? (I verify this, so if you account share with someone, even that in-game name should be included.) How long have you been playing EE/NT/SB? How long have you been playing EE/NT/SB on VGN? What makes you different from the other applicants and why should I hire you? What do you think you can bring to the team? Why do you think you're suitable for this job? Give an example where you've had to work under pressure and what you did. Describe an occasion when you've had to communicate complex information to another person or group of people. Have you ever been banned or muted, if so, why? Do you have any issues with any of the current staff members I should know about? What's your discord name? Is there any other information you would like to include in this application?
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    Hey everyone, we've had to take down Eden Eternal because of an unintentional item finding its way into the game and players taking advantage of it which could end up killing the games economy. We apologize for the down time and we will get it back online asap but first we need to make sure that problem is 100% resolved. Thank you for your patience.
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    Translates to : Why can't I get everything in this game for free without work? Don't forget you can still get c45/48 eq from Fernon raid, you are in no means forced to transfer your current c25/28 eq to c45/48.
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    MMOByte will be creating a NosTale Vendetta video in the next 48 hours and is currently offering $500 worth of Pixel Game Cards for subscribing to their YouTube channel! All you have to do is visit the link below and follow the instructions! https://www.mmobyte.tv/500-dollar-mmo-giveaway/
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    I totally agree with this post, you don't really need a brain to know that box items don't belong on DIAMOND, ill repeat in case you air heads missed it D I A M O N D altar. Yes sure there are some new items on there but those same new items have been featured already in boxes there is NO reason to have those items go up on the diamond altar. This is actually just main server level of sellout. How did this even go through lmao. Who thought this was a good idea? Woops forgot airheads, right. Can't say anything too rude or ill just get banned from forums for being truthful. Don't get your feelings hurt kids.
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    Hey everyone, just a quick Bug Fix patch along with adding the anniversary event! If you have any feedback please add to the Patch 35 thread as this is a sort of a part 2 patch . Anniversary Event Nerokas has appeared in Aven. Added New Reward Mounts! Alabaster Haetae Crimson Haetae Obsidian Haetae Added new Decorations! Sugarland Cookie Table Sugarland Macaron Stool Sugarland Cupcake Bed Sugarland Frosted Vanity Sugarland Tea Set Sugarland Strawberry Shortcake Sugarland Waffle Rug Sugarland Chocolate Bell Sugarland Candy Chandelier Changes Added New Pets! Shirley Nerokas Updated Icons to the following Pet Pray's: Will of Power Will of Sanctum You can now change class in 3 vs 3 freely. Note: I discussed this with some of my testers to see what the opinions on this change was as it was changed in the latest patch by accident and we came to the agreement that it was a positive change to help improve the environment and competitiveness of 3 vs 3 so you can build team compositions in the moment and not rely on RNG to get a good party composition. If this change is disliked by the majority I will revert this change! Bug Fixes Fixed an Item Exploit that was being abused in the Week. Further action will be taken during maintenance. Fixed the bug with level 109 and above classes having minor CP problems when over a certain amount when logging our or disconnecting from the game. Fixed the class EXP bar being 0% until CP has been gained upon swapping class. Fixed and issue that was not allowing number pad keys to be bound. Note: I'm not 100% sure if this has been done to peoples needs, so please give me feedback and if any problems I will fix them! Changed Captcha so now when appearing it does not default change your input mode to the Captcha box. This will allow you to finish killing the monsters you have agro'd before filling the Captcha Form in. Note: If you do not complete the Captcha in the provided 60 seconds if you still have attempts left it will take 1 Attempt from your and restart the timer. Fixed the issue Territory War Guild Honor, should now give in order of score on both teams. Fixed Auto-Sort Cooldown being incorrect. Mimic Skills can now be upgraded past level 100. Gear Upgrade Suggestion Reset Scroll V can now be used on gear that is above level 100. Fixed part of the description on the Daily Login Reward Interface. Fixed text on one of the options on the Daily Reward NPC. Charms from Daily Login Reward are now NT as Intended. Removed Dug Trophy from dropping on one of the mobs in Trial: Dark Tide Cave. Fixed an issue where if a party member disconnects or leaves party during trial that the boss will no longer drop items. Note: This will still happen in a Taunt Party. Added Butiki and Blastoise to Alternate Dimension of Souls for all your NPC selling needs. Fixed the Archive Sections with some minor section corrections. Fixed the Effect Icon of: Spear of the Dragon Hunter Spear of the Dragon Slayer Class Fixes Holy Sage Skill "Aura: Prophet's Blessing" has been fixed when used with KP. Dragon Emperor Skill "Dragon Emperor Leadership" now grants attack speed as intended. Note: Like the movement speed if the attack speed is linked to the mount, so you will not gain this buff in Dream of Destruction Dungeons. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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    @Nayxa it would be best (especially if you're wanting to become a staff member) to not chime in on every discussion. I am not saying not to speak but sometimes you even speak for us (The VGN Team) and it's landing a lot of insinuations we don't need right now. I am happy how active you are on the forums and I do wish you continue, but you don't need to have 2 cents on every topic and this one is an example of something you're not even doing yourself but did it deserve your response? I hope you don't take my comment wrongly. I am just seeing a big pattern here and you're being targetted by members now and it won't be good for you if they all start to hate on you.
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    Hello everyone! We are currently in the process of looking for Game Sages for Nostale, Scarlet Blade, and Eden Eternal. Game Sages are the staff most closest to the Game Masters and the ones who help facilitate requests of the players to us! We're looking for motivated people willing and active to step up to the plate in order to assist the Game Masters and players in their respective game. A general rundown of what a game sage does or can do: (This is not all inclusive) Help with patch work. Whether it be assisting in planning it or help testing it Assist players in-game with general questions and inquires Assist GMs in general activities and other requests they may have Work with other GS's in order to plan events for each or all games Moderate chat and other functions (e.g: bot hunting) in their respective game Some things a Game Sage cannot do: A Game Sage cannot answer tickets nor can they even see them There is the exception of the Head GS of each game A Game Sage cannot get account information or any personal information from a player. Should they try to message you for it, submit a ticket with proof. A Game Sage cannot spawn items in for themselves. Most event items are provided to them from Game Masters. What is required of a Game Sage? Anyone is able to apply for whichever game they like, assuming they're active on it, but there are a few regulations: You MUST be fluent in English If your application is in a language other than English, it will be removed You must not have been permanently banned on any account You must be active on the forums as well as in-game. Anyone who is inactive and applying will not be chosen You must be willing to make a discord and be active on said discord. Anyone who fails to be active on discord will be removed from staff. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS AS THEY ARE GIVEN. How do I apply to be a Game Sage? I will be doing things a bit different this time and will be opening my mailbox for applications. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. FAILURE TO DO THIS PROPERLY WILL HAVE YOUR APPLICATION REMOVED. I want staff who can follow instructions the first time they're given. If you cannot follow these very simple instructions, then I do not want you on the team. You get 1 chance to submit this application. If you cannot follow instructions on your first apply, I will ignore any apply attempts after. The questions for the application and what you should include in your message will be listed in a reply to this post below. How should I set up my application? In the 'Subject' line of the message, make it for which ever game your applying for: [Nostale] GS Application [Scarlet Blade] GS Application [Eden Eternal] GS Application In the message, copy the question and your answer directly below it. It's a simple copy and paste from the question's reply below. Example: What is your in-game name? [GM]Vivi Submit only 1 application only. You can edit it after you submit it should you need to, but I can see any edits you make, so keep that in mind. Submitting multiple messages/applications or spamming your application with replies will get it deleted and your forum account possibly banned. Please do not message me regarding tickets or any other situation that is not an application. I will just ignore and delete them from my inbox. There are proper means to get a question solved, and 9/10 your question may have already been solved on the forums if you search for it. I take your application as seriously as you do. If you give me 1 word responses, do not expect to get past this application period. I will not comment on applications and you may not receive a response to your application. So should an application just be left at the notification of me having just read it, does not mean to spam me asking what I think. I will leave my messages open till October 11th at the latest. THEY MAY CLOSE SOONER, SO DON'T DELAY OR STALL. Any application sent after that period will not be considered.
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    Event Changes: - Summer Event has now been disabled. Deleted the items related to this event from everyone's characters. - Disabled 10 Year Anniversary Event (Official Event). Deleted the items related to this event from everyone's characters. General Changes: - Slightly improved 6.2 drop rate for Shining Blue Souls and Avenger's Res. - Added extra checks for certain functions which require passcode. - Modified the Character Info UI in preparation for future content. - Significantly increased the amount of Unknown Spirit Swordsman in Act 6.2 maps. - Modified the stats of the following items: - New Custom Stat added to the game: - Reworked C45 Equipment: - Modified Dragonrider's Resistances: - You can now upgrade your C25-28 gear to C45-48 at Teoman Topp in NosVille! - New Daily Quests added to "Legendary Hunter" in Port Alveus. Bug Fixes: - Applied several fixes to areas causing the server to crash. - Fixed a bug related to Ambush being abused in Fernon Raid. - Fixed a bug when withdrawing money from the cuarry bank it could reset your gold. - Fixed custom icons showing ? icon. - Fixed a bug when selling items it could randomly set your gold to 0.
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    I remember last year when GMs or the guy who made altars just put Weddings costume and Ghost horns + vengeful seraphic wings and a big part of server cried saying, "can not you put something more original !? , Why always the same diamond! now Now they try to put something different compared to last year and they also cry, they must have serious problems. My only complaint would be the rate of the diamonds and the amount they put on the altar of gems and eden crystals . :D
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    I think cool thing to add is instant combat for players +30c lvl, or +38c lvl. Ofc balanced one, not too easy.
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    Make changes to c45-48. Current stats of these eqs are basicly bad, not worth to change from c25-28. As for end-game eq it should have better stats.
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    Hey Guys, We've now made available on the website the Lock Code Reset option! You are no longer required to place a ticket if you wish for your Lock Code to be reset on a character. All you simply have to do is: Login to: https://nt.vendettagn.com Select the option: Select the character you wish to reset the Lock Code with (It will only show characters that belong to your account and have a lock code present). Follow the instructions on the email. Very simple and easy to use, please refrain from placing tickets from now on it is totally manageable by you! Thank you
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    It's really sad especially for how long people were waiting for these alter just to get trash and trash rates on even getting the diamond it's self, I get with the recent bug ,but they went and wiped the ec's and gold of the offenders and some nonoffenders why not just give us what we wanted and not these trash alters wasting everyone's time
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    I would really appreciate a consumable item that either 1.fills up the Loyalty of my Pet to 1000 instantly or 2.give 100 Loyalty while i can still loot at normal speed and dont have to select my Pet If u make it craftable u can also give value to some items im sure option 1 would be 15-25k each
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    Now, only 5 monsters can follow you, partner and your pet. So the max mobs u can have on yourself (without attacking more manually) is 15. Can we like cut the limit? Bigger lures would make mobbing/farming more efficient. I mob alot myself, and it just feels bad that game limits me to lure only 15mobs at a time. One thing that I thought about is make something that will show you how much damage you did in a raid. Some kind of damage counter, would be very very cool to have a thing like this. I'll post more suggestions when something comes to my mind.
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    After looking into this, we noticed that Eden Crystal rates have nearly quadrupled in amounts. There was a 400% increase in the normal Eden Crystal amounts in only a few days. Which is completely unusual and uncharacteristic. Had mystery boxes or VGN been sold more, then it would've correlated with that. But having also known this bug was revealed in-game for almost a week, it was without reasonable doubt that's where most came from. Narrowing it down to the people we knew who opened the boxes containing the EC, we began wiping their inventories, only to realize that there was a small decrease of about ~1%, meaning there was still a crap ton of them that were probably scattered among these people's alts. Most of the boxes seemed to have been opened on alt accounts to begin with. Having checked through the list of every single person who opened one, most were under level 100 to begin with the exception of a few. So we had to do something unfortunate that may have dragged some innocents into the fold. All account who shared ips with the ones who originally abused this unintentional feature have had their EC's wiped as well. This is one of the main reasons why we strongly suggest never sharing your account here. Eden does not log when a different ip logs the account, just that a new one has. Doing this has proved to drop the numbers down to what we calculated would have been the normal give or take rate that should be in the economy. Leading us to believe they either passed them to friends, or to alts. Now you may be asking, why not just hunt down all their alts? That's essentially what was done. There's no real way to differentiate between someone just account sharing, or if it's someone's alt. There were 3 viable (I say that very loosely) options that we had here: Roll back 2 weeks, before the patch even came out, before the knowledge of this bug was even here. Wipe half of the ECs out of the economy from everyone Wipe just the IP linked to those who abused it or opened one of these boxes Option 1 might have seemed like the best option, but still would've been the most costly for us considering the new level cap patch came within that week. Option 2 effected every single player that had ecs, and was just a horrible idea to begin with. Though it'd bring it down to the reasonable rate that we calculated would've been in before the box abuse, it wouldn't have been fair to effect all of those innocent people. Option 3 is obviously the option we went with. In a situation like this, our hands are tied. If you purchased ECs from someone in-game but also shared accounts with someone that was punished for using this bug, then we cannot return the ECs/Gold to you. If you purchased them with VGN within the last week and have not rolled them, then we can see what we can do to help you out here. Place in a ticket and Jordan and I will do what we can for you. If you're one of the people who abused this unintentional feature to begin with, you're out of luck and will not be getting any assistance at all regardless of the circumstance. For now, that's all the information I can give on it. I know this must feel horrible for those who got dragged in because of their so called "friends", but this was the lightest touch solution we could think of doing without effecting every single person. Since we did manage to get a large amount of the ec that those people abused out, the diamond altar will also be released. It will change every single day this week to a new set of items.
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    Hey all, There was a test on the test server that carried over to the latest patch. It's been removed now and people should stop being auto-banned now. All accounts that were banned by this have been unbanned. No one should auto-ban now so just play as normal. Thank you.
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    Yup. I actually wanna hide my costume! Although i like the stats it gives, I prefer the normal look that the armour gives. We should also be able to hide the hat (the normal one) as it hides any hairstyle we might have.
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    You wont always have "diamond exclusive" items on the diamond altar, you'll see the new items not yet released on the altar. Yes they'll be on occasionally, but we wanted to do something different with the altar changing every day. So yes, even box items will be on that altar occasionally. But god forbid we do something different! OOOHH NO NEW ALTARS WITH NO GHOST AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I fucked up in terms of what legendary items were on diamond and such, I will admit that is completely my fault. I checked over what altars Goddess made and changed them to different items on the back up altars (should diamond have not appeared) and forgot to change them on the altars that actually had the diamonds (after you know, being side tracked with people who flooded the game with a shit ton of ecs). You know... I don't even know why everyone had the mentality that the diamond altar even had to come. We were in no way obligated to bring it and quite honestly with all the bull shit complaining (some of it justified, others not), I shouldn't even have activated it at all. This altar will probably NEVER come back if you guys think you are so entitled to just those 2 items. I'll leave them as rare as they should be and just have those who have it, have it. I was going to extend it with ghost horns and such for just Thursday with maintenance, but I'm completely considering just fucking it off. It's been nothing but trouble at this point.
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    Its not about hqve a good eq. This idea comes since on a lot of raids can see ppl with a really good eqx but they dont attack properly or stay afk and then u get less total dps for the raid. Also the -25 clvl have plenty of.ways to get gold, but they shouldnt really care about the gold cause they need first lvl up their characters Anywayx this dont come only for erenia, its more about the some.fernons raids that i have seen where some ppl just cannot handle the fight even with a "tecnically".good eq. The games is not a about stats.
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    This shouldn't be hard to do.