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    Made this to see other people's opinions on this, really. Since I've been healing again I've become frustrated with times when someone is just out of my purify wind range and I miss debuffing them because they're for example, maybe a foot out of my radius. I'd like to propose that we add back the place-able purify wind skill if other players are interested in this change being made. It helps healers keep more of a distance and I think that overall it would be good for players in both PvP and PvE. Please share your feelings on this if you have any. I'd love to see other people's pros and cons. Don't get too aggressive with each other or I'll just request a lock. Thanks~ PS - Since Jordan will probably read this, is there any chance that this skill option could, if anything, be toggled?
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    To be honest i believe a lot of ppl got disappointed after seeing a diamond altar without even halcyon stones, there is just no excuses to put the same 10% stones from normal altar on diamond, it just makes more and more ppl quit because of how p2w it is if you wanna actually pvp and not take 1 month to gear a class and then the cap changes. A lot of ppl are already gone from pvp and it will keep happening until you guys stop been so greedy with $ on this server, even increased higher lvl wills from 1 to 2 ep which is a lot for ppl that need fame for new sets, literally everything been made on this server unlike awaken is to suck more $. a server been pay to win while rushing cap is the worse thing possible. Seems like all you guys are trying to do is to get as much $ as possible while the server is active and not thinking about the future. And im not complaining because i never have gold or money to gear, when new gears come i'll also +10 at least a weapon on first day so i can actually pvp but the point is that not everyone else can even if they grind a lot because of the rng on those stones, and just because aeria was like X or fno like Y you guys dont need to do the same thing (Or worse on stones) its not a oficial server there is no reasson to be greedy as them.
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    Hello, 1) As you must know, there's gear swap system, and i suggest to get 2 more. We are at the beginning of the server and this shouldn't be a priority, so for the future as players might play different classes with many different builds. 2) The game is mainly played by players who have a lot of PvP Experiences, And you maybe would like to have more than 3 skill's bars.These been used to put some potions, items, weapons, stars... I suggest to get the acces to put 2 more bars, which each players will decide to put it or not with the + from the first bar.. 3) We are far to get it, but i would like that idea be considered or at least thought. From Searing Valley (lv 69 - 71) - Vingot Lab To Devastation Realm (lv 73 - 75) - Devastation Dimension Both have maps to run, and i suggest that to avoid areas stealing, to get enters like dungeons (illimited or not). 4) I would personally like to know if you have information on G-Healing and P-Healing, to know when we have points and whether it is high or low. if so could you implement it in the game? 5) I think we are a lot of players who came to this server for normal classes, and for fun in PvPing. Could you put one more TW in the future to get more fun during week days ? Thank you for taking the time to read this topic. Let's react, give me your points. Thank for the work produced. - Zel
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    Hey Izo! You are wrong when you say low levels have more survavibility. My 39 can oneshot pratically every level 35 DPS, but on the other hand people like Evovoe, Ibelina and Celia69 can oneshot my level 39 with 20k HP (so I figure they can oneshot every other player in Viledon). If we go far away, I remember there was the same situation from the beginning of the game: this was from November 2013: May 2014: To reach 50+ kills in less than 15 minutes, you understand everyone fall down in few seconds. And I remember pretty good the opposite situation, when we RG just went down in the battle just to die as flies still before to touch the ground. You find the game not balanced just cause it never was. And it will never be.
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    GS already have such rights. They cannot sit all day and police the game though, there are times when a lot of the team are asleep or doing their own thing outside of the network. We understand that this is a main issue though and the staff are working on ways to address this. Unfortunately when games are low in population they tend to inherit such behaviours. There is a lot of things we can do to help stop such activities but it won't ever be fully in the direction you hope it is.
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    We've decided on some smaller steps for now before making any drastic changes like this. Although the suggestion is good and I thank you for understanding both sides. I have identified there is a need for more Safety Stones but we want to take it slow given we do not want to flood the game like it is on Awaken now. We never took it upon ourselves to remove Stones like official do monthly so it is ruined in terms of making it feel like an achievement for gaining such heights in the game at Awaken, we do not want to repeat such mistakes.
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    I dont understand why you keep trying to defend something bad with something worse, im not defending aeria but they actually have to pay for ways more things to be able to keep the game up, meanwhile in a private server they only need to pay to host it which is probably like 400-1k usd montly on max, so again there is no reasson to be greedy like aeria even if they obv wont work for free they will get plenty of money to keep the server up and pay all the staff they have.
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    Just make baby powder available for humans Like Poisonous Powder is available to all races in awaken.
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    If I ever get some free time, I'd love to. I always enjoyed doing stuff like that
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    the best thing would be to delay until September or October the awake cap.
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    I did find someone and applied, but I'm not in yet, so I'll keep waiting!~
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    The only solution is to do the REP quests, even if it gives you 1-2%, you can also do your dungeons in 0/10 to gain some %, otherwise, you can try to run
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    Yes, I agree, wiping stones would break the server. Making those people who raise prices everyday use a bit their brain would make everything better. Prices are going up to the stars EPs weren't even in altar for 2-3 weeks and were for 550g-600g, now that those "EPs" are in altar, you find them for 650g. Can someone explain me the theory behind this? A more common item costs more than a rare one? Is this even a game anymore? VSS were cheaper before the change, now people have raised the price for no reason at all. 250g before altar changes, 350g now. No seriously hello?
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    Just remember higher level monsters tend to drop more gold/silver and higher level drops sell for more gold/silver. So with every content update the amount of gold in the games economy will increase regardless. This is likely why you've seen Eden Crystals rise with the Diamond Altar. They would have risen regardless of the Diamond Altar just over a longer amount of time due to the increased amount of gold being generated by the game (Not a very long time, just a longer amount of time). So all in all it hurts free to play players less than you would think, although ofcourse any increase in prices will hurt them but just remember the above information.
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    So these are the sets bonus, now I know that this wasn't even an aeria thing, because it comes from FNO, but is it actually possible to change it? Because I mean, every agi set has cool stats in it, but light one for p.dps has -malice wich doesn't make much sense, if it was on zeus rage wich is a burst dps set would make much more sense, but since sunburst is a dps/sustain set, what's the point of it? Every agi set has +5 or 10 mov spd but not this one for some reasons. I find it kinda unfair to be honest, you don't use the - malice on a class using that set because you don't even need it.
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    Hello dear SB community, I am Izorist, i played for some time few years ago and recently came back like 3 months ago. Today i wanna talk and say my opinion on the game. Some may have already meet me in game, some may like me and some may not. I am not here to talk bad bout someone or to be rude, i will just try to explain the way i see the game. Please to try to understand that if you have somethin to say, try to be polite, each of us has an diffrent opinion and not all of us can agree on same things always. 1.Current state of the game So first will be the thing bout what most of people cry (including me) bout : dmg . the stats from lvl 60+ on items became so ridiculosy high that everyone cries that the class he is playing(including me) is too squishy and needs more surivivabily. I do agree with this, that every class is very squishy except DE. but when a class gets a bit of buff or somethin people in their own selfishnes wont ask for a bit of balance, all they say everywhere i look is that needs buff- need more dmg and i am too squishy pls buff suriviability. Maybe it should reduce a bit of dmg and so there will be survivability and with that a bit closer to a bit of balance. First of all this is a RPG game. and it should be treated as a RPG game, DPS are squishy and die easy. tanks are not squishy but should not have high dmg. and healers that are somewhere in betwen but instand of dmg they have ofc heals. i have not never ever seen an so exagereted and unbalanced game in DMG as much as SB. i played alot of RPG game and alot of diffrent roles, and nothing ever should be able to die from 2-3 hits. FFs an player char/toon is not an NPC. Look back on lower lvl caps (29-39-49), thats where things die how it should . nothing has dmg to kill you from 2 hits(except bosses if you are not tank ), in PVP at lvl 23-29 in Caergate even if ur lvl 25 with +4 items on you, fighting against an lvl 29 player with +10, you wont die from 3 hits or within 5 seconds. the fight is a bit longer like with 20 sec or soemthin like that, depends on situation it can even take like 1 min. you will die in the end, but still not in 5 seconds. In that 20sec/1min you had time to do somethin to cast a skill to use a buff or a heal or somethin. Thats how it feels for me that the game should be. Imagine for a new player that lvled to 59-60 that comes to Amara .. maybe to kill some mobs or to see what quests he could have . or what could he do now that he is finally an lvl high enough to participate to late game content and do stuffs with other friends ingame. but insteand, that player is gettin 1 shoted but dunno what highly exagerated and OP dps class. he didnt even had a chance to cast 1 spell, to use a hp regen potion, or take one step away trying to survive a bit. that is very dissapointing and makes alot of new players not to play anymore(becasue of reason :maybe i am not good enough for this game, maybe is too much for me to handle, maybe the game is too unbalanced and is not worth, i could find and ask for alot of reason but i am not gonna list them all) or maybe some will keep playing and telling to themselfs "well is ok, ill lvl up soon to lvl 65 and make gear and i wont be 1 shoted", but at lvl 65 there will be no diffrence just that from 1 shot you get 2 shots to die. As all the other RPG games out there the dominant class in a game is the DPS class and SB went in their favor in terms of DMG. I understand that someone that wants to play dps has high dmg, a healer has high heals and a tank has alot of survivability. but people that play DPS should also understand that if they cant kill somethin (someone that plays tank and has no dmg ) they should not ask for DMG buff or to nerf that class . or if they coould not survive another dps class they also should not ask for more surivivability and also for more dmg again. that will not resolve anything. and istand they should find other and better way to balance the game but with somethin else not by increasing stats again, and again, and again and so on. At the moment, the highest oportonity to enjoy the game is give to the DPS type of players. those that want to play tank or healer not so much. and in some cases some of the classes have both high dmg and survivability because of the unbalance. Something must be done bout this becase is kinda ruining the game, people must go specific builds and talents to be ABLE to do somethin in game, not beeing balance and not to be able to enjoy the game the way you would like to, kinda take out the mood of playing. I know the thirll of killing somethin fast and feeling cool bout beeing a good dps, but there should be given a chance to other aspects of the game as well . At the moment the game has nothing to do with beeing pro and have good skills. when all you do is stack high DMG (because this is what is OP atm) and take some stuns and disable skills/spells, chaining those ones for like 5-6 sec and BAM, got a kill, i am pro GG. And ofc after i got 20 kills like this, it happens once to get killed or not beeing able to kill someone because RNG has be on their side and missed 1 attack, what we have to do now is to cry bout that class beeing OP. And so on we go over and over and over again and will never stop asking bout dmg buff and survivability buffand all other stuffs . and you get what i am saying. 2. DEBUFFS When it comes to Mass pvp in Amara, NB and AK, there are so many debuffs that everything comes down to 0 , you die instantly and thats it. Somethin must be done about this not only because there are too many but also becasuse they are too high in numbers, and again it brings you down to 0 and you die instantly, not even 5 sec you do not have. To resolve a bit with this problem could be either to lower the stats of the debuff or to remove the debuff at all and add stats to the skill like: this skill has 10% crit chance/dmg or Acc/Ch-Acc.or whatever it is decided. 3. STATS At this moment in game everyone goes for almost same build, skills and STATS (not everyone but 90% of players). Not beeing diversity feels like everyone is playing the same class. Stats on Items , Randoms and jewels could be changed in values, so that people can go for somethin diffrent, try diffrent build, diffrent playstyle. Ofc there must be some diffrence of how one stat works here and there, but not as high as it is now, people should be able to go for a somethin diffrent then normal and still have a chance of doing somethin. not beeing either too OP or too usless Somethin could be done about SP also, as there it can be gained from so many sources , and beeing totaly usless. people spamming skills/spells like there is no tomorrow. To make SP more valuable, it can be changed to reduce the regen from potion and increase the cost of skills by a bit. Or change some skill to give some stats for a specific duration of time a but at the cost of higher SP, or who knows maybe make( if possible) an Mana/SP shield (like draining SP insteanf of HP when taking dmg) 4. Crying out bout the class i play( just as everyone does). What i will talk here bout is 1v1 situation, not mass pvp, there everyone dies in 2 sec, 3-4 if you have ME on your back (mostly will be from my perspective as a WH player that tries to be a tank. WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I DONT NOT ASK FOR WH TO BE IMMORTAL. I am asking to give them a bit more survivability without the shields. thats the reason why i want to play tank, besause i do not want to die from 2 hits or in 5 sec. WH it is supposed to be second class in terms of tankiness/survivability next after DE.. but thats not even close, not even to half of what an DE can be. i am not saying that DE is too tanky, i am saying that has to low survivability. Ultimate Soulshield and Defender's Might skill that are supposed to help you in dire times by giving you some survivability so you wont get busted so easy by dps classes. i wont say stats that they give they are trash or 0, they are good they are uslees if u dont use them both at the same time. no matter what you do you always get busted either cuz of that 15 sec cd window or becase you dont use them at the same time. i dont want to be selfish by saying that there should be added more stats to them or make 1 of them permanent like DEs Chakra Shield, but at least reduce the points that they require for gettin full benefit from them. Leaving Ultimate Shoulshield and Defender's Might skills aside, WH has this Armor Mastery that gives some 440 def and void 11%(1.100). first of all it is the weakest of all defensive passive( others beeing the CB and DE ones), others giving points in 3 type of stats, and also the 440 defense is an absolute 0. At lvl 65 i have around 1.700 defense with full points in this passice unbuffed, with my other 2 shields buff i go up for 2.500 defense, but even this high is totaly usless when everyone at lvl 65 has around 3.000 defense penetration(even more). Please there should be added more Defense to this passive so it can mean somethin. also an 3rd type of survivability stat that is increased. And this is what i dont like the most. if i get caught without shields on, i get busted in 5 sec. If i have CS on or i am beeing in Mech mode does not make any diffrence, i still die in 5 sec. And if RNG Jesus is on my side and i do not die in 5 sec and i am able to get at least 1 shield on it is too late cuz i am already brought from 60k hp to 15k. And this 15k means nothing even if i have shields on, i die in the next 2 sec. The biggest problem is not only that WH survivability skills are bad . but also none them gives good enough stats to be able to get back on feets after you been caught without shields and be able to do somethin( like at least to be able to run away with my tail betwen the legs full of shame cuz i am bad and not a pro like all others at this game). DE have 2 shields( one is permanent and the other realy helps you in dire times, and also a Healing skill. CB have Still betabolism that makes them totally immortal for 12 sec, also they get back in fight with full HP and have an chance of doing something. SW have these Eva/Ch-eva buffs that are untouchables for the duration, if they could not kill you for the duration of this buffs, they go invi and run away. Also they have Clease and Move speed like hell, i once runed on bike from middle of Amara on bike(180 move speed) to the frony of my base with an SW 100% of time on my back doing dmg. this is not ok. maybe having high dmg is understable but also having tons of move speed, teleport, cleanse is totaly unfair. SE again have Tons of Evasion and Move speed and ME are healers . So in the end WH is nowhere close to beeing Second after DE in survivability. Now another thing that WH cannot but other classes can is that, other classes have Acc/Ch-Acc buffs or they have like CB increased not from buffs but from skills themselfs, and can go for diffrent builds like Crit or ch dmg. As a WH i am forced to go for Acc(for pulls) or Ch-acc( for a bit of dmg and some disables). I msyelf i care too less bout dmg, but i just wanted to point out this thing too. And to close the topic bout WH i want to say bout Intuition skill that for 7 skill points with 9 sec duration with a 40 Sec CD is totaly usless something must be changed here and make this skill more worthy. I do understand that making some changes to a class talents/skill might have an great impact on some classes/roles but. But what could be done in this situation is to increase the number of skill points that are required for some skill so that people wont have enough skill points to abuse every aspect of a class in having both huge dmg and survivability. 5. Some small things. - Makin the new lingeries drop only from bosses is kinda bad, not only the drop chance is very very low, but also people are online in game only for when Amara bosses are up and thats it. Maybe making the new lingerie to be craftable with things from both PVP and PVE( Team dungeons not Solo) . Both FKs and RGs take time of day/night when they know there are enough ppl on to kill bosses so they avoid pvp... - Banning Dual log didnt help at all. some people are still dual logging, and for some others gave them more reason to quit the game( i myself i am fine with this but just saying) - Faction Change was kinda not ok. Alot of players changed to RGs side and now FKs are dead (i myself i know only 1 toon that ive seen RG and changed to FKs). When from time to times RGs where outnumbered in pvp some time ago , i personaly know players that changed to RG side to go and try to help so that we can have some good pvp. Now when FKs are outnumebered no RG comes to FK to try and help a bit, the only time ive seen RGs coming to FK side is to only take loot from bosses and thats it.
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    Post your participation here. GOOD LUCK ! Please post your entries only.
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    Hello and welcome to this concept of card game made by me: Eden eternal Trading Card Game. Eden eternal Trading Card Game is a card game inspired by Popular card games like Magic or Hearthstone with some unique mechanics such as mana for casting spells or special cards like World bosses. (everything will be detailed if below). Please note this is a concept and there is a good chance that it will not work, but I would do my best to make it possible . Do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments, it is always a pleasure to read them as in the time of my guides :D . Note: The post is WIP , things will be added gradually. In the current state, it is not playable due to the lack of certain card and the balancing, but if that interests you, You can create your own rules while waiting and having fun with friends. You can, if you want, print them on your printer or use them on another site or post as long as you mentioned my username. For example "Created by Kwai" or "Made by Kwai". There are different cards like: Eternal Guardian: ATK / VIT / MANA With different skills and a unique passive. -1 Passive. -2 competence. -1 secondary skill. Her skill consumes mana Condition for the invoked: After turn 5 Have the number of gem required for the summoned Boss: ATK / VIT Iconic boss card of the license - special skills World Boss: ATK/VIT Has powerfull stat but several ally can hit them at the same time. Monster: ATK / VIT Normal monster Soon: -mana regenerates by 1 per turn but can be regenerated faster with a mana potion. -Potion: Gives effects only to the eternal guardian. Iron Skin Potion Reduces Damage by 1 Mana Potion Regenerates 2 MANA Strength Potion increases by 1 ATK - Upgrade Scroll: Guard: Increases VIT by 1 Weapon: Increases ATK by 1 Guard Prime: Increases VIT by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 VIT) Weapon Prime: Increases ATK by 2 (usable only by units that have more than 5 of ATK) -Mage Class Card Soon Download: https://mega.nz/file/gYp3gIxT#p6ZgJ_oGHIsz7GR6Mgvspy2KEL1KPvlbweTec59iVn0 Download: https://mega.nz/file/cBYRRQhQ#DizD3m9zh2ZXhE8j-i2U6y8u_CNZDter6eiFdSzE58A Thank you for reading and see you soon for a new adventure! Have fun Kwai
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    back to sw cleanses. Two eponas taking turns cleansing their allies in mass pvp would keep everyone's attacks rolling. It's counterintuitive to play the class as support but SWs are actually far better mass cleanser than medics. That 10s cooldown on Clench makes all the difference. It only works of FK's tight formation tho cuz RG's are usually scattered.
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    i've farmed those boxes, at least 50x each and only got 1 the entire time, the drop rate is very low or something. honestly i do agree for the crafting idea since it will make gaining them a lot easier and make it easier for free players to actually be able to use uni gears if they can't afford buying uni scanners in the ah after they bought the uni gears. considering a rare scanner cost 1 gold, you'd also have to take into the account that level 30+ all have unis, with that i'd create a new npc in barb that made it possible for players to be able to craft them as well as the areas above for 40-49, 50-59 and 60+. 2 Ancient relics sounds reasonable with 2 rare scanners at the price of 10g per uni scanner crafted as well as them being NT. If not this then a possible add to the drops for dungeons SF+ that give a decent % rate to recieve a NT scanner to go with the normal drop rate of a tradeable one that is still possible.
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    Yeah but I have a SW, SE and CB now hopefully next month I can start building WH and PU
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    You're right and we do understand you and @Astraea point of view here. We did say we're slowly tinkering though and it's not even been 24 hours since the patch. Give it time and see how things unfold but please note our motives are not driven by the lining in our pockets, we've just got a server that is almost 6 years old and we've made a fair few mistakes there to learn from. May I also add, Viridian Stones have grown by 40% in the last 12 hours and there have been a huge amount of Stones used as well so this change applied has made a big difference. I even took it upon myself to monitor players who purchase EC via gold or AP and it's not just a surge from AP buyers here.
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    It is still valid, it will be done with a future Patch.
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    Dragomon was an interesting game and it really caught my attention when it first released. I don't think it done as well as I expected and it's definitely not a game I'd bring to VGN. Right now as it stands, I have no intentions on working on a project myself for a good while. Mainly because I am still recovering and will be for a long time, I do not have the capacity to work the hours I once did and may never be able to again.
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    @Jordan @Bash (Writing from my wife's forum account) Greetings, GMs, and folks. I'm not usually the one to talk or comment on any Forum, to be honest, but it was brought to my attention this whole discussion about what's good and wrong (mostly what's wrong) about this game to which I would like to touch on. I know this is a long read, but there are many things that have to be said that just cannot be explained in a few words without being taken out of context. First, a little background. I feel like I need to voice my opinion too based on two factors. First, because I have been playing EE for 8 years starting in EE-ES, then EE-EN after ES closed, the first EE-Private Server, your now EE-Awakening and now the EE-Classic seeing the same thing happening over and over again. Second, my drive on seeing things from behind a GM's perspective. I worked for other videogame companies for a few years now and I understand the point of view of people like Jordan, Bash, etc. that want to make a profit out of a game, servers are not cheap nor free to be run and unlike most people, I know how of much it costs to maintain a game running seeing for myself over the years up close and in person. Now, let's be honest, most of the MMORPG games fail or end up closing because there is always a lack of balance between P2W and F2P players, which is a cancerous situation that has been happening for years within companies and the only way to fix this problem is to maintain or create this said balance. There are a few exceptions to this fail rule which end up being the only currently popular and surviving MMORPG games, and their secret is that they did crack this balance issue and it works. You have a huge advantage to your end, that since this isn't an original server, you have the chance to use that power and modify the game to your liking as you have been doing with Awakening to strive for a better future to fix this ongoing problem. How do you fix it? My suggestion for fixing this problem is very simple, change your focus on trying to be a generic P2W MMORPG in the sense of marketing to be run more like a MOBA instead. Why? People here, in Aeria and the majority of MMORPG games, have always the same point of view: "After I'm done gearing myself, finishing all achievements, what else can I do?" The answer is very simple. PVP. If there was the right balance within the game, there would be enough F2P players to fill arenas and more than enough of P2W players to sustain the server expenses and keeping it running because sooner or later you will gear yourself up and have nothing else to do other than PVP. Delaying the gearing up process only makes it that F2P players leave frustrated and P2W players have nobody to compete against, making the experience boring and ultimately, leaving. People are not complaining about wanting things easier but rather about not seeing any kind of goal being met overtime, feeling like you're wasting weeks of your time to ultimately nothing. MOBA games have a different more competitive approach to this since they only ever sell customers vanity items like skins, not the actual gear or gameplay which anyone can get free or by grinding. This way F2P players can win against anyone and people that love to spend their money can shine in arenas by looking better than anyone else making companies richer than ever. The first change I would suggest is to change the Ranking Reward System. Currently, there are 4 Ranking which you can aim for to which there are only rewards for the first 20 players on each ranking. This needs to be changed and adjusted properly so everyone that lands on there, even the lower rankings, has at least some kind of reward given out for the effort. The first Ranking Board should be aimed to be for the TOP Players of All Times for overall score and have the same rewards and would be more difficult for anyone to try and compete in, but not impossible. The second, third, and fourth rank should be for Effort, such as one for Crafting Points, second for Boss Hunting Points, and third for Class/Lv up or similar and have different prizes for all rankings. This is done to incentivize everyone to do more ranking competition since if you don't land within the first few ranks, it doesn't matter how much you spent or how much time you got into it, in the end, you get nothing. As an example of a decent incentive for the other rankings could be: Rank 1: 2500 APs +5 special rewards Rank 2: 2400 APs +4 special rewards Rank 3: 2300 APs +3 special rewards Rank 4: 2200 APs +2 special rewards Rank 5: 2100 APs +1special reward Rank 6-10: 2000 APs + 1 special reward Rank 11-30: 1900 APs + 1special reward Rank 31-50: 1800 APs Rank 51-60: 1700 APs Decreasing the reward every 10 levels, up to around 500 APs to all first 100-1000 in the rankings. Second would be to change the way one can obtain upgrade stones. Any stones needed to upgrade gear from +2 to +8 should be available to be purchased by AP directly but also to be able to be obtained from Altar. This way everyone, both F2P and P2W players, has an opportunity to obtain them. Stones from +9 to +10 should not be added to the AP store or Altar and should only be given as a reward for finishing a hard mission like completing X quantity of Boss killing, Guild Reps, Monsters, Elites (but not World Bosses because this would be unfair). Say something like: Kill 50 Trial Bosses Kill 3000 Monsters. Kill 50 Elites (Lv 55 Up) Complete 30 Guild Reps. Reward: 1 Stone +9-+10 50% Chance. This mission should take about a week or not being able to be completed within a day or two so it gives people something to work for but limiting it to only be able to complete it 2 Times a Week getting 2 50% Stones. This way, one would not be able to get geared +10 in a day or a week whilst giving a good reward for both P2W and F2P players which would help both for PVP and PVE. Third, take away all vanity items (Head, Face, Mouth, Back, Body and Weapon Costumes) from Altar and make them exclusive purchase by APs, however, these need to be rotated every Week/Month and these rotations have to include a wide variety of said vanity items, making sure that these items have a reasonable price, like 5 to 10 USD maximum per object. Include the rest of the items that are necessary and have an impact on gameplay in Altar only, Mounts, Pets, Bags, Enchants, Racial Gathering, etc. making them available for everyone to get. You need to make it worth for people to use the EC and getting something useful or needed out of it, which currently, is almost nothing. EC's don't sell, P2W people don't make money or progress with their cash, ruining the economy. With these few changes, the majority of people would have a bigger incentive to play, be it to have fun in PVP/TW/GVG, show off wealth or to be able to grind Top Ranks for rewards. The change of stones would give a very needed balance between P2W and F2P players which would make people get involved more into TW, GVG and PVP since currently, the servers are slowly dying because nobody wants to get into Arenas or Guild Content due to getting shot down immediately one hit or that their guild has 1% chance of actually competing since it seems always to be only a war between 2-3 Guild whilst nobody else has a chance. If players had an actual chance to have equal or very similar odds, Guild Content and Arenas would become more competitive and defined by the abilities and skills of the players themselves rather than defined by the amount of money you spend or by being able to play 24h a day. If you invest money into a game it is because you wanna get things done easier and faster either because you don't have as much time to invest or you just want things quickly, however, if someone has time but no money should equally be able to gear up just like the people with money but over time. Also, with the change of vanity items, it would be a way to ensure that the company has their finances secured continually since players never stick to only one look for too long and would strive to rock the latest grabs and show off how rich they can be. This way, P2W and F2P players and the company can all make the game survive and even strive for a mutual benefit and have fun doing it. These are some ideas that need to be looked upon, tweaked, and adjusted obviously but they could be a base good enough to start getting a balance for the true long run of this game. Also, these are examples based on other games that are very successful and work for them beautifully. You said that you have no obligation to take note or notice of what other games do and you're right, you have no obligation, however, you can still take some ideas and personalize them to your liking. Besides, you should listen to your people since you're making a game aimed for the community, the community should be able to ask what they want. You should listen to what the players actually want and need and should not try to convince them of what they should want or need instead. You lose nothing by trying new things, in the end, if it doesn't work, you just return everything as it once was. It's a risky business, sometimes you gotta take chances just as you did when you decided to open this server or any other server you currently own. It is a gamble that may or may not end up paying off. It's up to you if you're committed and want to do a change with your game or if it's too much work for you and easier to just leave it be and see how far longer it can be stretched without a change. PS: I've seen topics regarding issues being closed, deleted, or even comments being deleted and I don't think it is right. You shouldn't suppress people's opinions because you're fed up reading the same things over and over or not wanting to deal with it. If they're voicing themselves it is because they feel like they aren't heard and you have a duty to listen to your people and their cries of help. A good leader is the one who discusses ideas and opinions openly, taking both the positive and negative comments, letting them speak. If you silence people you will only naturally instigate people to keep opening new posts and continue because they feel like they're being silenced to ultimately put under the rug. I used to do the same a few years back when I first started managing forums, however, this only led to more flooding. I discovered that by being honest and responding to people they feel like their voices matter and that they're being heard ultimately calming them down. Seek constructive comments and posts, even if you don't like what is said, its still someone's opinion and you should respond to them, give them a chance to respond to you. Remember, even if it's just a person, they still matter. Just a humble opinion from a veteran that has spent years grinding and also spending cash in EE. Best Regards and Stay Safe.
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    Humans are not that weak as a race, even the cleric you mentioned they basically have the most usefull cleric/blue classes in pvp because they can get out of combat and revive anyone without having to run out of range.
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    Greetings, everyone. It seems like a crucial point is being very much overlooked which is that P2W players are also complaning about the current situation, not only F2P players. As things are right now, and I cannot and won't speak for everyone, P2W players (like me) are fed up for spending their money and just not seeing any kind of change. You say that EC are the thing that is selling most from the cash shop and that would be absolutely right, and that is only because there is literaly nothing else to spend your cash on. Let me break it down for you from a perspective of someone that charged cash within Classic recently. You charge whatever amount you can afford and that would go either towards your personal benefit of gearing up by buing upgrades such as Stones, Chisels, Costumes, Mounts, etc. You open up cash shop and realize there are 0 Stones, 0 Chisels, only a handful of the same white basic costumes, 0 Mounts, etc. The only thing worth buying at the current state of the cash shop content is either EC and EP packs (if you're still working for achievements but once you're done, no current usage to buy them) and that's pretty much it. See now why you say only EC's are selling out? Because it is the only option to use your AP on having no other choices. Now, you say, ok I will buy ECs so I can get the benefit I need, for example I wanna spend cash on fortifying my set but I cannot buy stones directly. I will either a) Roll the Altar and see if I get lucky or b) Sell the ECs to F2P people and buy the stones directly from someone that rolled Altar. Theres only a big catch with both of those options: Option a) Rolling Altar: If you roll the Altar, and if you're lucky, you might get some 10% stones. If you're lucky. I personally rolled the Altar multiple times (Over 100 ECs at once) and got hardly 4-10 Stones. Now, it has already been established that you need over 30-50 Stones to just try to fortify 1 Item from +9 to +10. Total you'd need some over 100 if not more stones (SS, +7-8,+9-10 stones) to get just 1 peace of gear to +10. This is something that has been mentioned before that even if you roll your chances on Altar, you may just not get at all enough stones to fortify just 1 peace of equipment at all, regardless if you spend 30-100 USD on it. Yes, you may get other things along the way and sell them to ultimately buy the stones from someone else but that leads me to the second option. Option b) Selling ECs: You decided that you don't wanna take your chances on Altar and getting nothing, you'd rather sell your ECs and buy the stones directly. Only that ECs don't really sell that well. Everyone is selling them and only a handful really buys them because of the mentioned above odds. The few people that decide to buy a few ECs at a time will most probably get between 1-2 stones from their roll which they will use for themselves with a 99% confidence. At one point it was said that not only P2W players "hoard" their stones but also F2P players, and that might be right. The reason for this is that P2W players that roll Altar get only enough stones for themselves to use. The spare they get are being held onto until a better weapon drops or they make a new set they really need. Why do they hold onto them to? Because it is extremly difficult to get them again and they don't want to risk selling the few they have only to needing to get them again in a few days and not being able to. You cannot really buy them from people because theres very few people actually selling them, for the above mentioned reasons, and the few that do sell them are really pricey. Like above mentioned, around 700g one stone. Now, if you payed attention its at least 30-50 for one item to roll +9 to +10. Imagine having to buy 30 at least just for 1 weapon that's 21k of gold. Okay, it's doable, I'm not saying it's not. I can make that money in a couple of days just by doing daily entries, however, the gold isn't the issue. The supply is. Even if you got the 21k of gold, you will not find someone selling you 30 stones. At best you may get 1 or two from multiple people. Conclusion. Nobody is complaining about the rates, nobody is complaining that there isn't enough gold, nobody is complaining that things are too hard to farm. You want people spending AP but those people have nothing to spend the AP on. What should they buy, Exp Charms that you can farm for free? After they're done buying Auric or Iris Jewels and got all to 65 (Which on it's on takes about a week max) what then, buying expensive furniture for their Base? White or Green pets? Tons of World Calls? Racial gathering that you can buy from others cheaper? You're not giving P2W players to spend their cash on since ECs are virtually worthless if you want to roll them to gear up unless you spend 500 EC to try and get enough stones to fortify 1 item only, you cannot sell them to get enough gold, and even if you do the gold you get it's extremly hard to find someone selling the stones you need. Like it was mentioned earlier, this is a multiclass game, you cannot expect anyone to pour weeks to months to gear up to +10 and +6 set for 1 class only, what about the rest? Yes, don't make it easy to gear up everything in a week, but you cannot expect people to also spend weeks/months to gear up just one of the current 16 Classes and nothing else, it's just not entertaining since the whole point of this game is the multiclassing. You cannot expect people to stick to only 1 single class. Besides, the amount of money and time you need to gear up only 1 class is very much plausible that by the time you reach that point a new cap has been released and all that you worked for you didn't even have any chance to fully take advantage of and becomes obsolete. Same way as you cannot expect to make people believe they should not get their gear to +10. You need to give the opportunity for people to chose if they want themselves geared to +10 or +6 only, it's not your call to make. If someone wants to make their Gun for PVE purposes +10 it's their call, not yours and they should not be having the oportunity taken away just because you feel like it's "unnecessary". Don't chose for the people, give the choice to them. If you're unhappy with people wanting to have their gear +10 to which you keep repeating that at the current state you do not need to get +10 then why did you even give the choice to the people? You could just easily have taken the resources necessary to get +10 gear and only make everyone max getting +6. Obviously if you give people the oportunity to be +10 they will want to take it. Best Regards and Stay Safe.
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    This has been already discussed and has already been told that this is a player related issue and us as GM's should not need to step in. Please do not harrass RozenniaChan as that is against the rules and if she chooses to report you then thats on you. As for you Rozennia, please calm down there is no need to be getting this worked up over this and its not healthy for you.
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    Hello This is an extremely simple suggestion but makes all the difference. How about adding a Auto Sort button for Guild Warehouse? Or allow us to manage items in it instead of having to Withdraw all mats then deposit again Got this idea thanks to a guildie
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    the quote bugged because he was quoting you lol
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    Yeah that's nice. Gives the so desired class drop. Gives a nice incentive to farm gold. Gives a bit of help for those who are struggling to farm medals for sets. If you can make it, please I bet community will love.
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    Hello there this post is mostly about achievments when it comes to gold weapons and armor. I know back then it was possible to buy every (or most lower trial BP) BP via EP in the EP shop and they got removed with I think the awaken armor lvl 110 patch. So I was wondering if it is possible to bring them back into the shop again? I'm done so far with level 50-60 but my biggest issue with gold weapons are pretty much Katana and Greatsword since you either need to farm 400 trials for the points or be lucky with Roger maps which have a very bad drop chance to begin with. I was talking to someone who has finish pretty much every single achievment and they told me to buy both of them in the EP shop what I can't do since they are no longer in there.So I was wondering if you could bring them back into the shop Jordan so newer player have the same chances like the older one had with that matter. About Heartflame lvl 100 I would love to see that item back again too since using a lvl 120 seems a bit overkill for lower lvl items like GoP for example. Using a lvl 120 HF seems too much for it when there is a option like a lvl 100 HF but you can't get them as for now since they aren't in the altar anymore at all. Thanks for reading.
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    1. Punisher - This class got the highest dps combined with aoe skills which are excellent for farming and leveling up. Decent level of void/def but the ability to reset agro makes it one helluva survivor in pve. But the thing is it's great offence is it's best defence that enemies already dead before they can inflict significant damage. Downside: ya need lotta cp pots for it's mech. 2. Shadow Walker - The best single-target dps class. Very efficient in the sense that ya need not to mech up cuz certain skill builds makes arkana mode deal higher dps then mech. In case of getting into a pinch, this class has the notorious skill that grants 10 seconds of invulnerability and has another skill that resets agro better then punishers and at the same time cleanse harmful debuffs. Has the ability to go invisible and sneak past enemies and go straight to bosses and high value targets. Downside: Has 3 aoe skills but not really that effective in killin multiple enemies, thus may not be fast in leveling up. Requires keen management of survival skills as it is very squishy without it's self eva buffs. 2. Sentinel - Decent aoe dps skills set especially Photon Trap. Squishy but has debuffs that blunts down single enemy attacks so you receive greatly reduced damage and such skill comes really handy in a boss fight. Downside: Photon Trap can only be learned lv43+ so ya get a kindda meh dps on lower levels. dunnu bout cyberbladez, whippah, and defenduh but I'm pretty sure that medics will go down the bottom of any list
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    Oh yeah I am not trying to attack you on your feedback. Chrono: I originally made that price way back when I started writing the patch. It is reflecting a day's worth of capping which used to be 200k. It is now 100k on test server. This is also an overwhelming buff and the price is to deter spamming of the item. Personally I would use this item even if i lose a day of capping cus I really dont care and I am not the only one who feels that way. It has been a debate to even put this item in game because it can be overpowering and we crossed off adding other buffs like this into the npc. Bike Boost/Snare are rare drops are technically AP items. The cost was to offset the loss of ap, even if they are basically cheap, if anyone chooses to go for the free route. Gold is inflated in our cap and 25g is meaningless to a lot of players. The new cap of RP also makes it easier to purchase RP items. Vivi has stated before we do not normally leak or provide info to patches for the reason of the Unique Scanners. They are being added to more areas of the loot table. You are only seeing one side from a screenshot of 1 page of items. I would at least wait and see when it goes through. Often testing drops is difficult live versus test because of the outside luck buffs from the larger numbers of players in Live but it is coming. Unique Scanners are coming in a pack not a solo. Nerve control agent is a 10 minute buff. As a medic I would buy this as speed is often one of our greatest defensive stats. As a DE I would use this to get at my high priority targets who are trying to run away. For many of these, the RP/gold were not always cheap in previous caps as it is an alternative to drops and buying from item mall directly. HP/SP Crisis are also provided here as an additional space to receieve these low quanitity items at a cost. Not everyone does pve or have loot chip out. This provides an opportunity to purchase this item directly. Passcard pack is a mixture of legendary/regular passcards. Similarly to unique scanners they are being looked at where to be added back into the game. MMs were in previous RP machines and will be kept. There are other items in this npc and more will be added in the future. Davdison items are generally purchased by newer players who need an instant bike before spending ap or players who just want the cool bikes since they are essentially free. Personally I have like 4 of those bikes cus they are cool and used the npc to convert other bikes to the 180 movement speed. In Aeria I saw this npc for those who werent really rich in game, weren't really able to farm a lot, and didn't have AP. The vending machines were helpful to myself and many of my friends who were undergeared trying to move their way up and compete with much higher geared individuals. To those starting out and seeing higher ranks, RP is useless besides major mechs as the energy required to cap consistently for a high rank isnt worth it. This patch is part of an extremely long extensive patch that we are unable to give to you all at once that is aimed at addressing all player issues. As Vivi has mentioned before we generally do not release info until we know it is set and leave some suprises. This patch first started with Mechanical Craft + TT + those other changes connecting with this patch and the next several patches. I am aware it is a long annoying process but this is a private server. We are in no way ignoring suggestions and have taken many into consideration and into testing. At this time skill imbalances are a bit on back burner as players have requested more significant patch work but we are trying to fix some issues in the coming patches.
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    They originally only come with lvl 80. It's sad because we don't know if classic will ever even get to 80 but we'll have to deal with it I'd love to see the smol bears running around too. Maybe it'd be possible for Jordan to put them in as an extra stage on 65 already but i see 2 issues 1. It'd be kinda unfair for other races since they have nothing "extra" 2. If there will be a cap 80 some day, frogs will get nothing then. I'd rather suggest to make them available through a different way. Maybe for Eternal points, maybe as a trashroll in altar or what i would like most: put them into repeatable quest reward boxes in the new maps with a rather low chance since lets be real apart from a few merchants and alpaca coins, you don't get anything useful out of them. Believe me, it hurts. I'm a professional frog myself, but the suggestion itself just doesn't really make sense. For reference again: OP was talking about Frog lvl 80 Racials -> Muscle Cream, Baby Powder, Teddy Bear Shampoo, Royal Bathsalt, Lavender Perfume, Oak Moss Steroil
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    Why are you talking when you clearly know nothing about how well the server is doing lol. Theres more than 8 people in a GvG match why would the top TW only have 8 kills? I mean all you have to do is search Youtube and find a video uploaded yesterday that was dated as 12th of June that has 21 kills on blue and 13 on red (Which is already a late TW as usually the start of the week is the most active TW's as nobody is capped). Video for referance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zce0jhG85ow Classic does better than Awaken server nobody is denying that but you have to remember how many people on Awaken server have every costume they want. Who have good pets and don't need to make new ones. It has nothing to do with Eden Crystals being in trials as Eden Crystals are worth nothing to begin with because of boxes. We didn't need a Classic server as Eden Eternal was doing fine. The new pets where a big hit and the game was doing fine, we opened Classic because people wanted a Classic server. So please stop spreading false information, making assumptions with no backing is just dumb. As for your opinion on balancing. It's not as easy as removing damage from 40 classes. You talk like some sort of balancing expert as if doing stuff doesn't take months of work but needs to be done ASAP. If you have some critizim of the server then please make your own thread, this is specifically about the item and you're just wasting everyones time spouting nonsense. Also I'm talking about online users at the current moment and not user count per day. So it isn't just "people logging in to get daily rewards". Yeh maybe some are alts can't deny that but the amount of people who actually bother gathering on alts is smaller than you think.
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    You missed the whole point of the question. How you gon ask someone if they know how to read when this is clearly no different. I am going to excuse you because I get the sense that English isn't your first language.
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    @Daddy cos going and taking Buffs for TT again so long way v.v and we have them in.all pvp maps too but Not in amara :v
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    Just add 75% and 100% stones not just for that rich ppl rankings, that is all and the game will be fixed, and stop the mrpg nonsense, or just keep the low % stones with a player base that not study or work and have plenty of time to farm , farm, farm, or just recharge $$$ (I hope they are enough for the server and your income, if that is the case good for you guys), this was an Aeria EE simulator, fun at the beggining and really boring and unfair after a time ~
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    Or just buy EC like the other cash spenders do, sell the EC and buy stones in-game with your gold? I'm not sure why you haven't figured this out since it's been suggested to you multiple times on here by now.
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    The % progess when you fort a item gets deleted after closing the fortification window. I wanted to suggest to change this system so we can fort something and after failing few times and closing the window the progress we reached dont get deleted. Like if you start with 10%, start forting the item but fail everytime and you end up with 15% chance but you have to close the window because you want obviously keep playing the game, you will lose the progress you reached after putting hours into farming the gold for the stones. Thats just frustrating and thats why i think this change might be a good idea. Pros Less frustrating if you fail because you know the chance to fort the weapon up is next time you use stones higher You spend less life time into forting 1 item More ppl would be able to gear up for pvp Cons Safety stone price might get higher Sublime safety stone could be less worth to buy since you can stack the % (Even if i think it wont decrease the price of those stones to much) Ec price could increase too cuz its more rewarding to fort stuff. Ec = safety stone
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    u always give bad suggestion and these are useless for many old players they already full geared as GM make all things drop rate tooooo high they don't need to farm most of the things u mentioned I can tell u now i only farm TTC.other dgs&boss are stupid like ur choice and don't mention necklace & trinket.they are the only 2 things not be ruined by high drop rate by now don‘t lead GM to another trap
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    Now people feel someone's absence in TA... Karma for those of ya who held Jesse in derision. That aside, crafting it may sound good but what ya guys suggestin do not make it accessible for lower levels. Its funny that unique delta gears sell 10g while scanners sell 200g. Every newbie can buy a uni delta but not all can use em, sad. That said, my suggestion is to make those uni scanner drop in SF and all higher DGs.
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    Some one think punishment will make players quit. I don't agree. If punishment can make the environment of game better then it's good In fact it is unbalance that will really make players quit or stop playing. U can see fks rarely go to BG recently and usually less than 30%fks were online during NB.Players don't like to play unfair pvp. No player want to fight when it is 5v20. So the less will quit or stop playing.Then the other side will have no enemy to kill. they will quit or stop playing too.Vcious circle. Punishment can also be imposing a fine.For example:Decrease 3000G from 1 player's account.
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    No clue where this suddenly is coming from tbh. @Jordan pls just close the thread No need to have it open any longer
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    You were banned so you and your boyfriend would go to ticket instead of this nonsense on the forums. You'll be unbanned once you appeal and sort this mess out. You clearly have an image painted of myself and the Team without true facts and it's not a place for the forums every time things don't go your way.
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    This morning I posted a world call about this, a free player came to me and said "I have 3 +10 weapons" He had played hardcore from the start and that's all he had. Nevermind a +10 set, the way things are, that's never going to be possible for a free player at all. The difference between a guy with a +10 weapon and a guy with +10 everything is ASTRONOMICAL. There's just no comparrison. All free means to obtain SS have been essentially removed. You can't use EP, Alpaca Coins got nerfed hard, class bonus was removed, can't even get them from the freaking AP store. Literally, you only get SS when VGN feels like it, and you get the ones they want. I do not believe in the current situation that even a guy spending $20 a month would be able to gear every class to +10 by the end of the 65 meta. This is beyond ridiculous.
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    You're just out of luck, in 2 days on the farm you can get about 400 Chest Pirate. It's also a game of luck to open boxes. It took me a few days to get them, but that's part of the game. Why make everything easy? You also have the option to buy them from players, or use more Alts as some do to increase your chances.
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    thats just u HAHAHA