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    ※ Some family missions may be restricted depending on the family level. ※ World Skills can be used once a day for one month. So let's take a look at the Family Mission UI. ① Mission icon: Each mission icon is displayed. If you right click on it, you can see detailed information of the mission. ② List of missions: The title and detail information of each mission, current progress, and the number of successes are displayed. ③ Select classification condition: You can check the mission by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the mission in progress is completed is displayed. This time I will look into family achievement. Family achievements can not be repeated, but you can challenge higher levels of achievement as you raise family levels. [Family achievement type] Classification Kinds Explanation reward Achievements Family Reid Family Raid Attack Family Raid Success Completed Acquire each attribute resistance, experience of family Family General A word of the day, family level Achievements accomplished at family level Family feature purchase privilege, family experience This time, I'll show you a family achievement UI. ① Achievement Icons: Icons of each Achievement are displayed, and you can see the details of Achievement by right clicking. ② List of achievements: Title and detailed information of each achievement, current progress, and number of success are displayed. ③ Selection of classification condition: You can check achievement by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the achievement in progress is completed is displayed. Of course, when you complete the Family Mission and achievement conditions, you will be able to reward the various effects of the Family as a basic unit. [World Skills] Effect name Effect description Usage criteria icon Increased experience Experience gain is increased for 1 hour. (Use family 20%, other 10%) (once a day, one month) Except Frozen Crown Warm aura effect The warmth effect of the camps is maintained for an additional hour.(Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs Increase faction points Fill camp's camp points 20%. (Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs [Family effect] Effect name Effect description Requires Level (Family) Purchase amount icon Increased damage and defense (Lv1 ~ Lv6) Increases the attack and defense strength of the player and the Nomate by 1% to 10%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000 to 900,000,000 G Increased food and simple food effect (Lv1 to Lv3) Recovery from food and simple food use increases by 5% to 15%. Lv4 to Lv17 300,000 G to 3,000,000 G Warp Tower, Boat discount rate (Lv1 ~ Lv3) 25% to 75% discount on warp towers and boats. Lv8 to Lv18 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Increased recovery effect (Lv1 ~ Lv3) When using a remedy that fills a certain amount, the effect increases by 5% ~ 15%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Family Warehouse (Lv1 to Lv2) You can use 21 spaces, 49 spaces for the family warehouse. Lv2, Lv7 500,000G to 2,000,000G Family Expansion (Lv1 ~ Lv2) We extend family member to 70 people, 100 people. Lv5, Lv9 5,000,000G ~ 10,000,000G Fire resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Fire resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Water property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Water property resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Light property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Light attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Dark property resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Dark attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect ※ The attack power and resistance value increased by Family Mission compensation are not displayed in the character information window. Depending on the type of family mission, you will be able to purchase the World Skills or Family effects you have shown above when you complete the mission. Family Mission rewards can be purchased through the "Family Functional Officers (NPCs)" in Milano Village. If you complete the Family Mission and meet the purchase criteria, a reward icon is available for purchase. Note that purchasing can only be done by the family head, but world skills can be used by the head of the family and the head of the family, and only once per 30 days. Finally, I will look at the family title sentence that can be received under Family Mission Completion Condition ~ [Family Experience Title] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - Ranking 1st in FXP Monthly Ranking [Family festival title sentence] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in Angels Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in the Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown Devil Show title sentence If the title is achieved at the same time, both the Family Experience Point (FXP) sentence and the Frozen Crown Ranking sentence are displayed at the same time. I want you to check the details of the family mission and achievements in the game. True, there are some missions that are related to family levels and family missions and achievements, and if you have already achieved that level, you can still get the rewards if you do not do it again.
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    The next custom update is actually going to be Trophy related and is using the TimeSpace map system as the basis of where you will farm. Basically we're generating a good collection of maps and you will spawn randomly inside one set the difficulty and do the run it will be solo though including a ranking system. It's influenced from the Rift system in Diablo 3 and I believe will be a fun addition to the game for those who enjoy the PVE side of the game. My point anyways is we could add good rewards here to try calm the farm spots down a little.
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    Well, it's been some time. I haven't been around since shortly after the last patch here and in-game, so I'll have some catching up to do. Expect this to be long. I'll go through specific posts later. If anything gets too rambly or is too unclear or not in-depth enough, just ask. After reading through the various forum threads, enduring the occasional chatbox heroes' rants and seeing comments in-game, it's becoming increasingly clear that we could have done a better job at explaining the reasoning behind many changes. There's quite a lot of criticism that stems from a lack of understanding of mechanics, awareness of related changes or knowledge of overall goals. So I'm going to take some space here to explain some changes since the 59 cap in more detail and what we're trying to achieve with these, and shed some light on what's still coming. Likely the biggest issue is us not being clear on the scope and permanence of changes. Let's talk scope first - for now only the basic class skills were included. We are aware of many ultimates being lackluster and we have some changes to mechs planned as well. Suggestions for those are still welcome, but don't expect any news there until some later, not yet openly announced date - most likely alongside new mechs and such. Permanence of changes is more tricky, since this is more down to individual skills. It's fair to say that most of the broad changes have been received well and are going to stick, even if some details aren't quite nailed down and some numbers need some tweaking. I'll explain the more experimental or contentious stuff later. Let's get to some broader goals Many skills used to be capped at various levels. The effects this had varied from skill to skill, but in almost all cases this was undesirable. The two biggest problems: Relevance: If the numbers were tuned to be appropriate for their level, it meant that the skill could be good or even OP at that level, but unless the skill's effect is largely unaffected by level (e.g. CC, cleanse), it would drop into uselessness very quickly. A good example would be WH's Demolition - a 135 DEF debuff may be good at level 29 but it sure is irrelevant at level 59. Frontloading: A skill may be worth using even if it capped dozens of levels earlier. However this usually meant that the investment into that skill is loaded heavily into lower levels and would cost a substantial amount of points at those levels, while being trivial at higher levels. Choosing to max a ME buff at level 39 comes at a hefty price (12-15 points out of 57 total - 25%!), while it doesn't hurt much to pick up 2 or more at higher levels. Now, almost all skills can be levelled until the level cap is reached, where some skills had new ranks added and some were stretched out. On the flipside of relevance, we have necessity - we found that a lot of skills had most of their power loaded into the first few ranks, and investing any more points was unnecessary or straight-up wasted. This creates one-point wonders or skills where the power of each point varies wildly. Good examples of this were cleanses, heals and slows. Instead, each invested skill point should be a meaningful choice and feel worthwhile. In the first iteration, a bunch of skills overshot this mark and landed in the other extreme, where the power was more loaded into the last few ranks - which also has the effect of drowning out choice, but for a different reason: now it wouldn't be worth picking up a skill that you couldn't max out. Now, I think, most skills have a decent effect relative to the number of points put into them. There are a bunch of situations where this is impossible to achieve, for example offensive skills' base damage, or flat HP/ATK buffs - which are largely informed by the level a rank is unlocked at. There we have to rely on percentage values to matter enough at higher levels. More class-specific stuff Detection/Concealment. Numbers have gone down overall to bring them back to more manageable levels and to nerf stacking of buffs. Since there are only detection party buffs and no concealment party buffs, this works out in favor of stealth. Overall interaction between Arkana SE and SW is similar (although both passives are now identical rather than in SW's favor). Kumari passive detection has been nerfed significantly. All skills allow for much more investment if you want your build to focus on them. Pure aggro skills. Those were often requested to get some effect in PvP. Now it's become clear though that they probably need something other than hard CC. Due to getting stuns, their CD has mostly gone up as well, which hurts their main purpose of drawing aggro. Raw aggro numbers are a pain to get right, since they need to fight an an exponential increase in raw ATK and roughly linear increase of %ATK, Crit Rate and Crit ATK across levels. We'll have to see about dealing with that, probably need to rely much more an % Aggro to do the lifting. And if we find another good effect to put on those skills, we might be able to leverage CD reduction as well. Although I think that this problem isn't purely down to aggro skills - partially it's also way too easy for other classes to dish out damage in PvE, due to newer monsters not having as much EVA/CH-EVA as previous caps, players reaching 10k+ Crit Rate, and so on. How that's going to be handled is up in the air at this point, but personally I think this needs addressing. Defender Previously deemed to not fulfill their role as a main tank. Tankiness was a bit lackluster, AoE CC was terrible, yet 1v1 capabilities and burst potential was excellent against squishy targets, atrocious against other tanks. So a few main goals were: increased overall tankiness keeping DE fairly mobile, especially compared to WH reduce overall damage against squishy targets, increase it against tanks move some CC duration to AoE better peeling ability Higher tankiness is fairly straightforward. Protection Mastery had a small amount of Crit Void added. Chakra Shield has slightly higher stats overall, the bonus HP now scales much better with levels. Iron Skin had its CD cut drastically, slightly shorter duration to make up for it but overall uptime is higher now (33% → 55%). Bonus HP, DEF and Void scale better. Crit Void and Chakra Resist added. However, it used to be very easy to use Iron Skin as a substitute for tank gear, and would've been even better with these changes, so DE's would be able to nuke squishies during Iron Skin, while taking little damage in return. CH-ATK and Crit Rate debuffs help reduce damage output in that regard. A small amount of aggro added to help keep up aggro despite the damage loss. Demotivation's %ATK debuff has been increased significantly, and it had %CH-ATK and Crit ATK debuffs added. CD is lower. Damage against squishy targets has been relaxed with the added debuff on Iron Skin, as well as moving some of Frenzy's damage from chakra to physical (adding a small amount of flat ATK) and from Crit Rate to Crit ATK. That along with an increased Void debuff on Clash of Titans makes them overall deal more damage to other tanks. While DE had strong single-target CC, in larger fights their AoE CC would be lacking. Some CC duration was moved from Quicklime to Hurricane. Peeling ability is a bit tricky due to DE's short range in general. While they have decent mobility to help with that, and both Loathing and Steel Impact could be used as long-range stuns, they still have issues getting any actual peeling done. Mobility would largely be used for engaging themselves, and we wouldn't be confident in decreasing Quicklime's CD without dumpstering or removing its CC. Stuns would usually be useless against the one class that most desperately needs to be peeled off, SWs - and one of them is possibly going away anyway. At the moment, we have one skill planned to deal with both self-peeling and peeling for others. Particle skills: as other classes. Scale better. Lower Cynosure CD. Wheel Impact has a smaller damage spread, average damage stayed the same. Whipper Initial main goal here: Turn WH into the queen of AoE. Up until this point, most AoE skills have been capped at 6 targets hit. This is still true for almost all skills on other classes except specific "massive" skills (e.g. PU's Atomic Blast), but WH is allowed to break this rule. Most AoE skills can hit well beyond 6 targets, and can potentially be larger than before. Similar to DE, tankiness has gone up a bit overall. Armor Mastery now has VOID and DEF scales better. Defender's Might's VOID scales better and it received ranks past level 40 to scale to end game. The movement speed debuff scales up rather than down (and starts out much lower), bringing this behavior in line with other self-debuffs and making WH more clearly a low mobility close range tank. SP regen debuff removed. Ultimate Soulshield's DEF and VOID scale better. It also received some Crit EVA for additional damage reduction in synergy with Hardcore Assault. The latter has been received rather poorly, and I think there is some more clarification needed as to which buff does what. Right now they fulfill similar roles. It's possible that the Crit EVA will change to Crit VOID with Hardcore Assault debuffing a mix of Crit Rate and Crit ATK instead, which is more fitting for a tank. Might even move to Defender's Might. Plasma skills: Similar to PU. Damage has gone up a bit, but more importantly other stuff has changed. Flaming Whip: CD 10s → 8s, larger, slightly higher initial damage. Immolation: CD 30s → 25s, longer duration. Rising Tempest: CD 70s → 45s, more targets, duration 10s → 20-28s. Blazing Wounds: New debuff to support a DoT-heavy playstyle. Doesn't do DoT itself but has a decent Plasma Resist and DoT Reduction debuff. Unfortunately, the DoT Reduction debuff only works in PvP, not PvE. That's a bit of a bummer, but doesn't seem to be something we can fix. Various debuffs: Demolition has been extended (previously capped at level 29) and buffed overall. Hardcore Assault debuff scales better. Wrecking Ball: Bonus CH-ACC used to have no effect. It now has an equal amount of ACC added and both are working properly. Small amount of Gravity added to the debuff, other Chakra Resist debuff straightened out. Blinding Tempest: New debuff. Intuition: Now a short Detection self-buff rather than an AoE reveal. Pulls: Lost their stun. So first and foremost, this adds counterplay to already strong skills. A 20+ meter displacement is a powerful form of CC on its own that doesn't need additional CC to function. It instantly turns any engagement into the WH's favor by changing it from the opponent's preferred engagement range to the WH's. In internal testing this change did not hamper WH's ability to follow up with skills - using Sadist's Choice or Electric Tempest after a pull will always go off before other CC abilities, with the exception of a perfectly timed Kumari's Stunning Beauty and various charge skills that are instant (and could previously either cancel a pull or close the gap and leave both cc'd, depending on timing). The only real changes here are that it must be followed up, and it is no longer possible to solo-chain multiple pulls to pull a target further than intended. Also something that needs pointing out apparently: Pulls still cancel queued actions, so it's not possible for other players to use a skill from out of range to have it instantly cast while they're being pulled. The queued skill is discarded and has to be cast again after the pull completes. That said, this testing was done under good ping conditions. It's entirely possible that even proper follow-up doesn't work out if your skills are delayed due to having higher ping than the pulled target(s). That sucks and with only having one server that has to deal with players globally (so ping differences are common), that's something we need to take into account. So if that's the cause, we'll have to incorporate that into skill design since we can't fix it by changing the netcode. Would probably result in something like adding a brief stun for the pulling duration (0.2 seconds or so) to help in those situations. Removing the stuns came at little compensation (mostly extra stun duration on Sadist's Choice), and with Provocation potentially losing it as well there'll be some needed. However, it also means we're more flexible in what to add. Especially pull CDs are much more open to changes. Where exactly we're going isn't set, but some potential changes are: Hook and Sinker: extra ACC, longer range Hook and Sinker II: already received a major buff with the change of targeting style both pulls: reducing the CD on either/both, adjusting the slow Sadist's Choice, Electric Tempest: shorter CD to make up for the CC duration loss and to have them more reliably available as follow-up Hook and Sinker II: The change to it being ground-targeted rather than requiring an enemy makes it so that the maximum pull range can be reduced without nerfing either the range or AoE size into the ground. If we kept the old targeting system while trying to get rid of random 30+ meter pulls, we'd either have to drop the range (making it so you can't pull a single target from very far) or the AoE size (so it's unable to actually pull multiple players at once, defeating the purpose of the skill). So, having this skill ground-targeted lets us reduce those ranges without making it useless. It also makes aiming more precise, letting you choose who to pull and allowing to pull invisible targets and targets on high ground. Shadow Walker Overall, we wanted to push SWs towards playstyle favoring short, bursty 1v1 engagements (that hopefully result in a kill) which they can easily get in and out of. This meant that many skills had their CD reduced and now lie around 30-40 seconds. For focusing more on 1v1 (and partially due to shorter CD on those skills), some CC duration has moved from Twilight Explosion and Flare to Deathblow and Secret Charge. Ghost Walk has been changed to be a more reliable tool for escape. The added cleanse helps remove slows and DoTs (which would break it instantly), and the extra EVA/CH-EVA help against being revealed by random AoE damage. Miss Misery is now mainly used as an offense buff for ACC and CH-ACC. While we wanted to move EVA/CH-EVA to Escape Artist to focus that as a short defensive buff, it became clear that that's not enough to survive in PvE. So EVA has partially been moved back here. Escape Artist now being the main defensive skill has a shorter CD, slightly longer duration, and higher EVA/CH-EVA than before (even with Miss Misery included). The additional Crit-EVA helps with surviving in scenarios where you find yourself in debuff hell or the other team is stacking lots of ACC/CH-ACC. We're still seeing complaints about the tankiness of SWs, from both sides. Which nicely illustrates that there is a problem inherent to massive EVA/CH-EVA buffs - tuning those numbers is hard. We have something planned that results in potentially higher tankiness without the frustration that simply raising those EVA/CH-EVA numbers would bring. Shadow Strike - seems to be well-received, although it's hampered by the Fade bug, which we're still trying to find a solution for. Still, we're seeing interesting gameplay around how it's being used. Calming Essence - despite being turned into a small AoE and coming with a massive healing debuff, it seems to get little use still. Notes on particle skills: Previously Crippler wasn't useful at higher levels due to reaching max rank at level 39, and simply being outclassed by Resurgent Sting, which had more damage, lower CD, and is ranged. Crippler now has a much shorter CD and scales much better into higher ranks and levels, especially its particle damage. Resurgent Sting first had its CD increased to 12 seconds, which has since been brought back to 10 seconds. Its particle damage is still the same on average, but the damage range has become more narrow (e.g. from 500~2000 + 200~700% to 1000~1500 + 400~500% at rank 1) to make it more consistent. Shadow Dance does more damage overall and has a shorter CD now. Cyberblade Overall, that skill tree was a mess with large point sinks and weird cross-requirements, effectively leaving the class with much fewer skill points to freely allocate than other classes. Those cross-requirements have been removed, and Shout trees have been re-organized. CBs are still left with way more basic attack skills than any other class, so we ended up in a situation where two of them - Razor Slice and Armor Breaker - are completely unused. There are currently no plans for them. Reckless/Guardian Shout and Still Metabolism were in a weird spot. They were heavily front-loaded, their last rank was at level 48, and the scalings were all over the place. All of this has been straightened out. Previously, Guardian Shout and Reckless Shout could be used in combination to receive most of both advantages and none of the disadvantages - this wasn't that bad before, after all getting them both was a large point investment, but with both of them moving to the top of their tree this would become more of a problem. Rather than making these skills exclude each other (similar to DE's Frenzy and Iron Skin), we decided to adjust their downsides such that the benefit of using both wouldn't be as large. It might still be a valid choice, but not as commonly or as strong. In the same vein, Still Metabolism no longer completely removes Reckless Shout's debuff. It heals more and lasts one tick longer, but the defensive buff is lower, making it more clearly a regen buff and Guardian Shout the main defensive buff. Both "Ice" skills have been somewhat problematic, although Shockwave less so. Both would debuff 10k EVA for a single point, and in Ankle Attack's case this would be unavoidable. While they serve a purpose as a hard check on SW, and to a lesser degree SE and PU, they simply offered too much power for free, in terms of both skill point and build investment - especially Ankle Attack would benefit a full tank build with zero investment in ACC/CH-ACC way too much against a class built primarily to avoid that. We found the following compromise: the EVA reduction now scales with skill rank Ankle Attack now does physical and chakra damage, and the debuff can therefore miss both skills gain an ACC/CH-ACC extra based on skill rank, making them more likely to hit Shockwave is AoE, but weaker than Ankle Attack in all regards (damage, bonus effect, EVA debuff) So with enough skill points and a proper gear build, Ankle Attack is essentially still guaranteed to hit, but it's no longer a one-point EVA deleter in every situation. Worth noting that in the first iteration we ran into a bug. Both skills used to only have CH-ACC, but we've since discovered that CH-ACC on offensive skills has no effect at all and we'd have to add ACC to fix it. It's essentially the same issue that Crit Rate and Crit ATK on offense skills have. Heart Piercing received Armor Breaker's DEF debuff, along with a VOID and Resist debuff. Round Slash is now available at lower levels (35+). It also had its CD switched with Spread Webs, which was deemed to be a strong AoE disable available a bit too often. Both of these result in Round Slash having slightly reduced damage at all ranks. Although it's Crit Rate and Crit ATK now scale too. Sling Shot and Shock Shot CDs have both gone down. Sling Shot now does more physical damage, Shock Shot more chakra damage. Skin Repair numbers have gone up, although that's mostly since it's now available from level 25 on, rather than level 5 as before, due to Shout tree changes. It also heals roughly the same amount that it buffs. This isn't really a buff as much as a QoL change. It mostly means that the HP doesn't need to be filled up manually - it's not useful as an in-combat heal, you'd have more HP if you used it before the fight. So a neat usability change without actually adding any significant amount of power. Medic First big change here is moving healing power from % healing to flat healing. Previously, % healing was responsible for most of the actual healing done, which has notable downsides: % healing is a toxic stat - not level-bound, consistently effective, zero counters, breaks the game if it gets too high healing output is essentially identical despite radically different skill builds We can't add higher ranks to healing skills if they're centered around % healing. Again, sucks for those who really want to invest in them. Second big change is cutting buff durations. With buffs lasting 10 minutes, this meant that players could bring buffs into BGs without the buffing Medic actually being there - effectively bringing another player, making the fight unfair. Additionally, the buffs were about to become more level-bound (especially Veil of Offense), so bringing high-level buffs into low-level BGs - or dungeons - is another concern. With buff durations being short enough to dissipate before a BG or any meaningful fight starts, this problem is solved. Raw buff Medic accounts are hurt by this as well, but the buffs are still long enough that it's not considered an issue. Related to buffs: CH-EVA has moved from Enchanting Projection to Shadowfoil, and Enchanting Projection received Resists instead. This separates them more clearly, making Shadowfoil an evasion buff and Enchanting Projection a defensive buff Restoration - oof. Firstly, any skill that just instantly heals 40% health for a single skill point is beyond broken. So without any major changes, this one would've had to be gutted. At the same time, this skill used to be of no help when stunlocked until death, the exact situation where it could have been the most useful. So it turned out to be a one-point "broken or useless" skill. Wildly swingy, but boringly so. Such swingy skills can be interesting if they allow for skill expression, either of the user or the one playing against it, but Restoration never did. We end up with a skill that from a perspective of raw power would need to be nerfed into the ground, but from a usability standpoint could use a buff. What to do? We went with a route that can achieve both and is fairer for both sides. Still a strong healing skill, with upsides and downsides. But most importantly, it's interactive and allows both sides to use it or play around it in a skillful manner. For the user: the added self-CC means the upside (heal + regen/defense buff) can be much larger, which is handy in situations where the self-CC doesn't matter - i.e. when you're about to be stunlocked anyway whether you live or die depends on your predictive skill and timing, rather than if your gear is good enough to have survived anyway Playing against it: clearly, it's no longer a massive instant heal since this skill requires prediction, it's possible to bait the player into using it at the wrong time jumped someone and they use it? Save your CC, use it on someone else or engage someone else entirely - your initial target isn't going anywhere anytime soon From a gameplay perspective, the skill is in a much better spot than before. Obviously numbers may be a bit off after such a big change, but from what I've seen most of the complaints are down to comparing it to the old, broken version - who knew a more balanced skill would be "worse" than an overpowered one! Punisher Big change here: Many skills received higher or scaling range, making PU overall the most dangerous class at long range, if built that way. Pure mech builds do not get much of that benefit since it requires actual point investment in those skills. Penetration is now more clearly a tank-buster debuff, reducing more VOID, less Chakra Resist and losing the Crit Rate debuff. Gained a DoT Reduction debuff to help plasma skills. The Crit Rate loss means this is now strictly a defense debuff, which also leaves them more vulnerable than intended. We've got a replacement skill for increased survivability planned. Cocoon CDs now all match Firing Squad's CD - buff for Offense and Detection, nerf to Defense Cocoon, which could have 2 instances active at once, covering a massive area. It now covers a larger area especially at lower ranks, but placement now has to be more deliberate. Offense Cocoon is a bit bigger and some of Firing Squad's Crit Rate has been moved there. Detection Cocoon now has more ranks, where previously it would grant 90 detection with only 3 points invested. This should be much fairer. Atomic skills slow slightly more overall. A-Bomb has been split into two skills. It saw no serious use before due to combining a fairly weak slow with a long charge time and tiny AoE. There are clear use cases for both an instant and a charged skill, so rather than turning it into either, we decided to add both and give the choice to the player. A-Bomb is now a small AoE slow without charge time. Slightly delayed similar to Plasma Bomb. Atomic Blast is a massive long-range AoE slow with charge time. We're aware that the charge time currently doesn't match the description and will be looking into what's causing this. Plasma skills are often considered bad, although this is partially due to direct comparisons to other skills' large crits, where they clearly can't compete. While it's true that the DoT numbers were quite low, it's important to note that they serve different purposes - large crits work well against tanks, DoTs work well against squishies. Tuning DoTs to be in line with those crits would instead turn them into squishy deleters. So, numbers have gone up a bit, but the real changes are in other aspects. Plasma Bullet has scaling range and a shorter CD. Plasma Bomb has a larger AoE and scaling range. Duration is higher, level and skill requirement were reduced. Ultra Plasma Bullet lasts longer and ticks more frequently. Mind over Body: Saw no use and changing it into a skill that restores both SP and CP was a very straightforward decision. At the same time, a skill that just restores a significant amount of CP would be too strong on a class that loves to rely on their mech this much. So instead of granting CP instantly, it only restores SP instantly and adds a buff that matches the skill's overall concept - giving a SP and CP regen buff at the cost of defense. It's heavily incentivized to use this skill in combat rather than as an out-of-combat regen buff. Sentinel Probably ended up with the fewest drastic changes. A big one, as mentioned, detection - affects the numbers on Inner Sight, Detection Mastery and Kumari Armor. Slows got some adjustments. Previously there were large jumps in effectiveness per skill point, with multiple ranks giving no increase at all. They're now straightened out. Atomic Shot is now more clearly a weaker, consistent slow with shorter CD. Atomic Burst is now a stronger, but shorter AoE slow. Photon Trap was a problematic skill, having massive burst potential while locking down a large area. Ultimately we decided that this skill should focus and double down on the area denial aspect, and have its burst damage and availability nerfed. So damage is roughly cut in half, but has more charges → potentially similar/higher damage over the full duration, but drastically reduced burst damage CD is higher, but so is the duration slow now lasts only 3 seconds rather than 10 Skirting Disaster is now more focused on EVA and Crit-EVA, increasing survivability against pure tank-buster builds. It has a small amount of DEF added which is only really relevant at lower levels where the increased EVA alone wouldn't make up for the VOID loss in PvE. Hex used to have a buggy interaction with Vital Enchantment. It used to be blocked completely by a Vital Enchantment rank 3 or higher. Now, they don't interact anymore. Hex is always applied properly. Eagle-Eye can now buff players outside your own party. Particle skills: Similar to SW, they now scale better into higher levels. Evaporate CD is lower. Future Goals As mentioned before, we'll have some work to do on CC, debuffs and cleanses. Some classes have gotten new debuffs, many underwhelming debuffs have received buffs, but overall they're still struggling to be impactful due to being cleansed easily. This especially hurts DoTs, and WH's which face a lot of unattractive skills rather than the rich and varied set of debuffs they are supposed to have. At the same time, cleanses need to be common enough to break the amount of hard CC currently in the game. So, what's possibly happening: overall reduction in hard CC duration - disables, stuns, immobilizes giving higher ranks of hard CC skills lower duration scaling, or none at all - giving them stronger bonuses to damage, other effects etc instead nerf to ME cleanses - where this nerf lands is up to debate, we'll have to figure out whether weak low CD cleanses or strong long CD cleanses are healthier It's very possible that this is delayed until mech changes come around, since some of those CC skills are prime candidates for nerfs. Wouldn't sit well to reduce Arkana form hard CC but keep skills like Stunning Beauty and All Fall Down untouched. One more thing that was largely unconsidered so far (other than not breaking it) - PvE performance. I've touched on it very briefly, but it deserves mentioning on its own. Various stats that have counter-stats in PvP don't have them in PvE. This includes: EVA/CH-EVA: Monsters do not have intrinsic ACC/CH-ACC, so builds reaching 10k+ of either are invincible to almost anything. There are some bosses who buff extra ACC/CH-ACC for themselves, and some boss skills have bonus ACC/CH-ACC as well. But most monsters, especially trash, don't. Crit Rate: 10k is all you need in PvE, monsters cannot have intrinsic Crit EVA. ACC/CH-ACC: While monsters can have EVA/CH-EVA, they don't have it at higher levels. This used to scale fairly well (e.g. TA trash had 3.5k and Mega Shadow had 4.5k each, numbers off the top of my head and may be a bit off), but apparently they just have 0 now. Meaning that classes where low ACC/CH-ACC is a balancing factor do much more damage than they should. VOID/Resist: Monsters cannot have Pierce stats and don't always have appropriate debuffs. 10k+ means being invincible. That's a tough one to fix. Also not just related to skills, gear plays a big role as well. Ye that might be enough for now.
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    Please also stop using our site to promote your youtube channel. There is no reason to be posting your youtube profile link everywhere you go. If you wish to work with us please go to our ticket system to discuss but aside from that please contain it.
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    Pet food! Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food (Pet food) Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food: Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food! Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food: Pet food Pet food Pet food? Pet food Pet food, Pet food! Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food (Pet food Pet food Pet food) Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food: Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food “Pet food” Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food: "Pet food Pet food Pet food." Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food (Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food) Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food! Pet food Pet food Pet food? Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food (Pet food). Pet food: - Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. - Pet food Pet food Pet food. - Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. - Pet food. - Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. - Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food: Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food! Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet Food Pet food. Pet food Pet food. Pet food: Pet food Pet food! Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food: Pet food Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food, Pet food Pet food Pet food. Pet food Pet food, Pet food.
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    Thank you for the feedback we will always be doing whats best for the game and not for our pockets
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    Before I start, I just want to say that the solutions provided in this guide may not always work for everyone and they might vary depending on what sort of PC you're using. There might also be simpler ways to counter the issue than explained below but these are the ways I'm most familiar with myself. So I’ve noticed a lot of players are still experiencing issues with the game not starting after hitting the “Play” button, and I’ve decided to make a continuing guide on some solutions that may solve this problem if the first guide was not successful for you. Part 1 of the guide can be found here: 1. Verify your files. ALWAYS try this before searching for more advanced solutions to your issue. There are many occasions where one of your files could just end up being corrupted and a simple verification can turn out to be the road to success. It does no harm to try it! Press here on your launcher: 2. Run the game as Administrator. Sometimes the game is not being ran in administrator mode by default, which basically means that you’re not approving of your PC to run the application safely. This can then cause the application to not run at all. You can simply allow the app to run with administrator privileges (your confirmation) by right clicking on the patcher/desktop shortcut and press “Run as administrator”: 3. Use the right Launcher. If you recently installed Eden Eternal Vendetta to your PC and you’re unsure how to start the game, NEVER use the file called “_Launcher” or ”launcher” to access the game. That file belongs to the official server and can mess up your game. The file you’re supposed to use is called only “patcher”. That is the only file you’re going to be using to start the game. Right launcher: Wrong launcher: 4. Make sure your Antivirus Protection Program is turned OFF when starting the game (if your PC has one). This also goes for Windows Defender. Antivirus programs are relatively easy to turn off, at least the ones I’ve stumbled upon. You should be able to find a “Disable” button somewhere in the app’s settings or simply by right clicking your Antivirus icon on the bottom of your screen if it shows one. It could look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Antivirus As for Windows Defender, the course of action may vary depending on which version of Windows your PC is running on. I’m not going to list Windows 7 because I assume most people nowadays are running Windows 8 or above and if I remember correct Windows Defender does not work in the same way for Win7 users. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Start screen and type “Windows Defender” in the search bar. Click on the app and enter the “Settings” tab. In the list on the left it should say “Administrator” at the bottom, click on it and uncheck the box that says “Turn on this app”. There should then be a window saying something like this: For Windows 10: Click on the Start menu and select the “Settings” gear in the list. In the settings window, choose the “Update & Security” option and choose “Windows Defender” in the list on your left. Once there, uncheck the box that says “Real-time Protection”. By doing this it means that you’ve successfully turned off your Windows Defender and it’s no longer blocking your PC from running certain programs seen as spyware/malware (such as Vendetta). 5. Add Vendetta Gaming Networks to your Antivirus Programs Exception List. If you have an antivirus program on your PC I’d suggest you to add your Vendetta folder to the exception list to exclude it from any safety shields. **If you do not have an antivirus program you can skip this part**. In this list you can add any files or folders you’d like to avoid in the computer's scanning for potential threats since it may detect Vendetta as one of them. It should look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Free Antivirus 6. Turn OFF your Firewall. Go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. One of the options there should be the Windows Firewall, click on it. In the list to your left there’s an option saying “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”, click it and mark the boxes saying to turn OFF Windows Firewall and then press OK. There’s also a second option in the list saying “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”. If you click on it and choose the Vendetta launcher, it should allow you to run the game through the firewall without having to actually fully disable it. However, I haven’t tried this option myself. 7. Make sure your hardware and graphics card(s) is up to date. Always make sure you’re sitting on the latest updates for your computer, whether it’s security updates, system updates, updates from your graphics card provider, or released updates for programs such as your C++ Library, .NET Framework, JavaScript, DirectX and so on. To access your available updates for Windows, go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. In the list there should be an option called “Windows Update” where you can find available updates to your PC. Installing these and keeping your computer up to date is always worth it. 8. Run your game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (or Windows XP). Making the launcher run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (sometimes it tend to work with Windows XP as well) can have it bypass whatever interference that prevents the game from running properly on your current Windows program. This especially tend to work for Windows 10 users since Eden Eternal is not properly optimized to run on Win10. The compatibility mode can be changed by right clicking on the launcher and selecting “Troubleshoot compatibility”: Then press “Troubleshoot Program”: After clicking it, mark the box that says “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”: Press “Next” and choose “Windows 7” (If this does not work try Windows XP): Press “Next” and click on the “Test the program” button. The launcher will pop up and hopefully so will the game. If it succeeded, click “Next” again and then choose “Yes, save these settings for this program”. 9. Reinstall the game. You might wanna consider removing your EE Vendetta files completely and re-download them with all of your safety protections OFF to prevent any files from being deleted or damaged. There’s a zipped folder you can use for downloading Eden Eternal Vendetta here: 10. Install the game in Safe Mode. If the issue maintains even after reinstalling the game you could try putting your PC into “Safe Mode” before downloading. This means that your operating system will only load the minimum software required for your computer’s systems to work, which in other words means that your PC has less obstacles to get past for your downloaded applications to work correctly (such as Eden Eternal). The path to access Safe Mode looks a little different depending on which Windows package your using, and as before I’m not going to list Win7 below. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Windows Start screen and type “Advanced Startup Options” in the search bar. Click on the app with the same name in the list below. A window called “PC Settings” should pop up. Press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field of the window. Your PC should then restart by itself and put you in the Advanced Startup menu. In the menu, click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. This will take you to the Advanced Options screen. Click on the “Startup Settings” that allows you to start up your Windows with Safe Mode enabled. In the bottom right of the screen there should a restart button, press it and let your computer restart once again. Once restarted you will automatically be sent to the "Startup Settings" screen where you will have to choose which Safe Mode you want to put your PC in - “Safe Mode” , “Safe Mode with Networking” , or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. You will want to choose the “Enable Safe Mode With Networking” option so that you can use your internet to download the game. For Windows 10: Press the Windows Start button and click on the “Settings” gear. Then head to “Update & Security”, and choose “Recovery” in the list on the left side of the window. After entering the recovery section press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field. After restarting you will automatically get to the Advanced Startup menu (same as above), click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. After entering the Advanced Options screen, click on the “Startup Settings” that puts your computer into Safe Mode. Press the “Restart” button at the bottom of the window and let your PC restart again. After restarting, choose the “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” option so that you can use your internet while in Safe Mode to download the game. Note: There are more ways to enable Safe Mode on your PC that you personally might find easier but this is the approach I’m the most familiar with myself. 11. Format your PC. If none of the above solutions are successful for you, you might wanna look into formatting your PC. This can end up being quite advanced, but basically what you will want it to do is wipe all your downloaded files on your PC and bring it back to the state it was when you first got it. This means that any program/background program or files that may stop your game from starting correctly will (hopefully) vanish. Keep in mind: If you want to format your PC and save the stuff you have on it already you will want to use a CD, flash drive, external hard drive or similar to backup your data on. However, I will not mention how this works here. I will also not mention how formatting your PC with a Windows CD works since I assume not everyone has a Windows CD laying around at home. You can research on the internet for more info regarding this. Formatting your PC without a CD: Go to the Start menu on your computer and type “Computer Management” in the search bar. Click on the app and choose the “Disk Management” option under the “Storage” tab in the list to your left. There you can see all your hard drive partitions available on your PC. Choose the one you want to format, right click on it and choose the “Format…” option. A small window (as shown below) should pop up naming your chosen hard drive. Leave the options as “NTFS” & “Default” and check the box that says “Perform a quick format”. Then just click OK and let your computer start the formatting process. Hopefully something out of these alternative solutions is helpful for you. Good luck!
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    Our focus has been implementing 6.2 without any issues and adjusting it for a fair experience for all. 6.2 was launched poorly by GameForge we're trying to avoid that by taking the necessary precautions. We're also attempting to figure solutions out for Caligor as that is going to be a hot mess if you ask me considering the size of the active community and the limits it contains. After 6.2 though my work is being turned straight to more custom content so do not worry it doesn't end there.
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    Who actually wants to come to FK? really? Also, I have characters in both sides, it wasn't hard to get both there as I just transferred gear from one character to the other as I upgraded so that it wasn't too far behind and then after I upgraded my main toon, my alt got new gear. Currently yes, it is at lvl 60 on the RG side due to exp farming is a pain solo because of the nerf that DMHM got with mobs and a lvl 60 player isn't allowed in DS, which leaves farming DV and back to 4 hours of grinding for 10% no thanks. But that is my RG toon and if we are talking about increasing FK numbers, maybe some players need to stop trolling or talking crap when they lose because nobody enjoys playing with people who say crap about them. Also, FK could do a lot less of telling players how to play their character when your character isn't the same. Though numbers after the lvl cap increased on both sides and are back down to where they were before. Janus is active, though AK and NB are RG dominated, but that's because if you play one side with the better hand you are more likely to get loot than fighting it out so nobody gets it, that's the failure of those for being unbalanced. When players pvp right now it's out of delusions of grandeur to think you are hot stuff, not for killing bosses. I asked for players for leveling up those who are joining this cap and I got, there's pvp in Amara need more. Well, how do you expect to increase faction size if you don't help those in your faction to level up? It maybe just me, but wouldn't it serve better to level somebody over pointless pvp that doesn't result in a boss dying? Things players could do to increase FK size. We have a few new medics right now, that are needed on the FK side wanting and waiting for somebody to form a pt and lvl them up. Try doing that as it could increase numbers. Be kind to people and stop thinking you are better than them, most of the reasons you are better is because your character needs a nerf and not because you are skilled. But for those just coming into the level cap, please don't speed level into it. You do need to get gear and not come in with rare or zeta gears and using rank 1 jewels. You will hate life being highly under geared right now and players find you coming in as a food. The GM side can fix a few things. Quest for example are all bugged and rewards changed. Bosses in Amara need specialty items like ancient spanners and jewels. Exp gaining still needs to be improved for the solo players. ME's are going to be a pain to gain exp no matter what somebody does and if you make it easy for the ME's to level up solo then everybody else would have level'd to max cap within an hour. The FC wouldn't be needed in my opinion if the game was fixed and players stop bad mouthing others when they start to lose or not do what you think they should.
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    Reputation is too abuseable.
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    When someone is clearly there it is obviously grief play and as DivineLoli said, that's only for losers.
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    We're considering adding extra channels for the launch of 6.2 don't worry.
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    Been making a lot of rank 2 jewels doing many at a time and can say with some confidence that success rate is closer to 30% than the 50% advertised.
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    Thats right baby, FACTION CHANGE! (FC) It needs to happen, for it has not happened in ages! I know some people will say that "Faction change doesn't fix anything blah blah..." OK fine, however... Not because some people FC for whatever no good reason means that everyone is gonna FC for a no good reason. What about the people who want to FC for the good of all mankind? will the door be forever slammed in their faces because of the actions of people in the past for all we know are not here anymore? There are people who want to FC right now because there is a significant imbalance in the game right now, as usual, there are too many bloody Royal Guards, this is happening at every cap, 29, 39, 49, sometimes 59, and at 65. Now we have the argument that says "well the FKs are online in great numbers they just dont wanna fight..." OK fine. This simply means that there is an imbalance in the amount of WILLING participants in the fights. Fact remains there is an imbalance. The fear is that the unwilling participants now become willing thus shifting the imbalance to the other side. We have options mmk? we dont have to let everyone FC, we can say. Give me 4 good reasons why you wanna FC or in no less than 100 words, tell me why you should get FC. That alone will filter out some of the BS FC, now the people who genuinely want to FC will find the time and the reasons to write their FC application properly. We can let a few people FC, if that doesnt change things we can let through a few more. I know this is work ontop of already existing work, however, I think that FC is an option worth exploring again, just a matter of HOW its done. So to recap: There is an imbalance; more RGs than FKs. There are people who genuinely want to FC for the right reason Filter the FC Any decision made out of fear is almost always the wrong decision. -young don the sauce god 2018-
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    I like the idea of farming powders in a pvp map as it means that you wont be raiding with just any user who may not even be able to use potions or fight sufficiently in the raid, it's like a tiny test of strength but yet raids still fail anyways, when it comes to farming I've found tons of times where the map is free, preferrably when both bars are low or have no raid, currently I have about 4 stacks of x999 powder. But on a personal note I feel like removing the laurena debuff effect will just make things too easy and I really don't want the Vendetta server to just hand everything to us as it would lessen my sence of completion and joy of reaching a goal.
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    The irony of this is that my WH is FK. And I'm complaining as much as anyone. The class is just broken in PvP right now. It can't do its job anymore. Also, isn't 3-4 of any class kind of broken? 3-4 PU's will just instakill anyone if they focus fire. 3-4 SE's can create an impenetrable wall of Photon Trap. 3-4 ME's are completely unkillable. etc.
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    This idea we came up with is the reason why there's a faction specialist in Suer.
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    We discussed the possibility of it being a VGN service, but in all fairness it should be available for all. We might just need to add a lot of restrictions like a month long cooldown for instance. The idea was initially going to be a quest and the back end service would check when the quest is complete and when the player is logged out the db will do the necessary changes so we can prevent the extra skill point and such if necessary with further checks.
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    I personally don't see the point in FC. all it does is allow active pvpers on the currently stronger side change over to the weaker side so they can get some pvp in bg's, they aren't usually in it to help the weaker side, more so for their own personal gains....just my two cents, plus it's so easy to level up a toon on the other side these days, the amount of alt's proves this, and the players with high level alts on both sides usually play on whatever is the winning side for selfish reasons so, i don't think there is any need for fc
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    Faction change is always open. Make new character -> level to w/e cap you want = FC open 24/7 Theres no argument here
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    Hi guy and welcome on my guide for my build with my Demon summoner ! you can give your opinion or advice below ^^ (Sorry my english can be really bad i'm french ^^) Let's start ! On This Build, we use mainly "Vin's assault" for deal damage to the ennemy and Darkness calling (Holy skill) and "Kyle Meteor" for large AOE and Stun (useful for PVP). When you can, after "Vin Riddick Pet" Summon "Ruthless Ruler" for Optimize M-ATK and Elemental resistance. Grimoire we will use is "Holy – Diary of The Ancien creature" (For Holy Skill) and "Evil Eye Rune Grimoire" (+20% M-ATK. Recommended to use only on a lot of ennemy for proc quickly). This Class is very tanky with "Demon Blood" (-30% damage taken) and Evolve skill "Kage Blood" (-50% Damage taken +10% HP regen per sec) The recommended Race for me is Halkin for "dimension flash" (2% to deal double hit) and keep decent base stat. "Dimensional Jump" is very useful for dodge aoe and Small bonus on Dodge stat. Demon summon and Evolve Skill System: You can summon 3 different Demons. Each are special evolve Skill and bonus stat. We focus on the first demon (Vin Riddick) for debuff dark resistance + ACC and the skill "Vin's assault"(Deal Triple hit dark damage around X meters) . Next you can summon the ultimate demon "Ruthless Ruler" this demon give all demon skill, buff, debuff and a new skill "Cage blood" (damage taken -50%, regen +10% and Buff M-atk on hit). Other demon buff: Gass Kyle: debuff fire resistance -15 % and P-atk, M-atk -10% Howie Jobin: debuff Nature resistance -15 % and Mov Spd -15% Stuff: Certificate and class Talent: The class talent focus on cooldown for the skill "ruthless ruler" for summon quickly. Glyph: Messie: Luck Glyph Warrior: Last Resort Glyph Knight: Frozen Knight Glyph Templier: Healing Light Glyph Dragon Knight: Drake Tail Strike Glyph Thief: Cruel Slashe Glyph Martial artist: Meditation Glyph Blade dancer: Noctural dance Glyphe Samurai: Shrine belief Glyph Hunter: Digengage Glyph Engineer: Laser Cannon Glyph / Forcefull fist glyph Ranger: Meteor Shower glyph Inquisitor: Reaper's Shadow glyph Cleric: Death Glyph Bard: Roaming Thunder Glyph Shaman: Rage of Storm Glyph Sage: Aura: Invisibility Glyph Magician: Graviton distortion Glyph Ilusionnist: Meteor storm Glyph Warlock: Infernal Glyph Luminary: Blinding victory Glyph Potion: Recommended: Magician Lv2, Healer Lv2, Complete support potion Lv5, Reality mana knowledge Potion (All HL Pve Donjon except GoP). Optionnal: INT AGI LCK Potion Lv1-5, Malice ward Potion lv1, Mulled vine (HP+10%). Starstone: Recomended: Fire Meteor: M-ATK +5%, Violet starlight Luna Rock: INT et AGI +3%, Sprite Salacious Star Stone: INT +7%. Pet: Battle: Reverant Zachiki Warashi: My personnal recommendation (and very cheap pet) for Nameless aura (débuff Dark resistance -10% - -50% Max.) Put on 1st skill nightmare attack (Resistance obscure -5%) for optimise the pet on debuff resistance. Glitzy Sprite princess: Always great for the heal. Aura: Magic Armored Scorpion: when Crit DMG is Cap at 300% TIP: -Form very good duo with equilibrian and "help" each other (equilibrian on dark stance) -Don't forget to summon your pet. Without him your Dps is very low. -In Gate of pandemonium, Vin's Riddick can one (or two but is rare) shot by Boss skill, after summon Vin's summon quickly Ruthless. Don't worry he is pretty tanky. -Sometime the Demon can Aggro the target in solo -don't forget to debuff with "Give command" Skill (+15% Damage taken). -During the effect "Ruthless Ruler" you can use "Cage blood" 2 time use at your advantage. Thank you for reading the guide ^^ Kwai Edit: French Version (and with more picture !): https://lesguidesedeneternal.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/eevgn-guide-sur-le-demon-summoner/
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    Like I said it doesn't matter how many times I nerf/buff classes there will always be a trend of specific classes that will be seen as a "must" and will be played by a majority of partys. Besides a couple of classes which I have noted down all other classes are in a state of being playable but at the end people want to maximize their effectiveness and if that means playing glacier knight over adjudicator then that's what will happen. The only variances in this is people who have a special liking to certain classes to the point that they will play it over all others either because they like the challenge of playing something more difficult and as GM's we shouldn't really be expected to run around 24/7 tweaking classes up and down to keep changing the meta. I can maybe agree to a degree that with recent gears and achievements that Gravity Manipulator and Glacier Knight have had a small power creep but that's just what happens with MMORPG's, some gears and advancements are better for some classes more than others. My time resources are limited and right now I'm currently waiting on Bash as mentioned in earlier replies before I can keep working on the next patch; however, I hope to be able to continue in the next week as I do want to get this patch out sometime this month. I also wanna focus on bringing back the Normal Class TW that I got flamed for removing as I will hopefully be able to spice that up to make it much more like the original days. I also have a small list of classes that I've had noted down since around December that I'd rather spend my time working on improving rather than nerfing an overplayed class. So unless something jumps out at me and is like completely off the wall broken like the bug that was discovered last week where you could pass the Arch-Elementalist shield to any class you you could use it on a class that likes being hit like mecha and have the bonus -fire resistance. I have far to many things that need to be done before I can do some tweaking again and hopefully once Bash is done I'll be able to pump a couple of nice updates out over the next few months including but not limited to new dungeons, normal class tw's, new gears, further on some awaken weapons, some bigger class changes to some of the underplayed classes, some QoL changes and also one last thing that I will not disclose until the next patch comes out as it should be part of the patch
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    do you know what throw it open let the people go to fk side with no of any good reasson > then rg get unbalanced then old fks joining back ofcourse of winning everything easy again throw fc to close and leave it like that
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    Hi! *Sorry for my bad english* i have been playing as ED, and halfking have Malice bonus on racial passive, was thinking about change to p-heal(15%) or recived dmg (-5%), and Blade Dancer's certificate is -8% malice was thinking to change to p-heal 10%, will not change too much tha game but will buff Elegant Dancer alot, wish this as possible. An little change more to ed is change Eva 1% to 2% on Licence Knowledge,change glyph Nocturnal Dance: +2 sec of Dance force duration to Dance of White Dove -25% cooldown. Shama awaken glyph Rejuvenation : Add 59 p-heal. Edit 1: ED Skill Samba: have 20 sec cooldown and have imunity for 20 sec, what about change it to 15 or 10 sec and keep 3 sec duration, because illu have sleep for 12 sec (i'm not sure) and no cooldown but when recive hit the status is gone, 3 sec ins't too much time as fear of 6 sec duration and 5 cooldown.